Alex & Alexa Ch. 09


She giggled and poked my nose. "You are such a male," she teased. "Okay, I promise to have as much fun as I possibly can and I'll take lots and lots of pictures and videos for you."

"Now who could say no to that?" I laughed as I pulled her down to kiss her.


I'd been invited out to hang with some friends, but begged off as not feeling well so I could stay home and play games. Not because I wanted to play video games, but because Alexa had been bombarding me with pictures and videos all night of her date with Jeanie and I sure as hell didn't want to be out and distracted while that was happening.

My game spent at least half the night on 'Pause' as I gaped at my cellphone screen. Jeanie had come by in her car and picked up my aunt, with Alexa and I feigning familial disinterest in one another's goings-on. But soon enough, I began receiving pics of the two of them while they were out. As the evening progressed, though, the pictures got more intimate, seemingly. She sent me several of the two of them kissing or fondling one another's breasts through their shirts since they were still in public.

They apparently had gone to a club because Alexa sent me pics and video of the two of them on a noisy dance floor, squirming and grinding on one another. One video evolved from dancing into a very deep and involved tongue kiss.

Some minutes later, in the darkness of Jeanie's car, there was a video involving lots of kissing and moaning as they groped one another feverishly. I watched as Jeanie pulled Alexa's top down and sucked her nipple into her mouth. My aunt shuddered and clasped Jeanie's head, but looked at me directly while she filmed, her eyes glassy with need. My cock, quite pridictably, got hard and I pulled it out as the pictures and videos kept streaming in.

Upstairs, I heard the door close and footsteps, my parents talking with one another. My father's voice boomed down the stairs.

"We're back," he announced. "Heard from your aunt?"

"I got a one text message from her, just checking in," I said, telling the truth. I'd only recieved one actual text message, the rest were pics and videos. "So I guess she's fine."

"Yeah, we got the same message, so I guess she just sent a blast," dad replied. "Well, good she's having fun. We brought home Indian, y'want some?"

"I'll get it later," I answered. "On the Ogma Infinium quest at the moment." That was also true, it just happened to be paused.

There was a pause and then dad spoke again. "Your mom says the bathroom smells like her scented oils. Did Allie borrow some for a bath?"

"I think there was something about that, I told her where to find it," I replied. "Probably wanted to smell all pretty for her date. I think some candles got used, too. Want me to ask when I see her?"

"No, it's not a big deal," dad said. "Your mom just wanted to make sure she wasn't having olfactory hallucinations. Have a good night, Alex."

"G'night, dad."

With my parents thrown off the scent, I returned to my cellphone, which had taken in three more pictures and two more videos during my brief conversation with my dad. I saw Alexa and Jeanie kissing just inside a front door, which I could only assume was Jeanie's place. Videos of them getting undressed as they kissed and staggered toward an apartment bedroom followed until they were both naked.

I wondered how on earth Jeanie was cool with Alexa doing this constant filming, but then it occured to me that my aunt had probably told her she filmed as much of her life as she could anyway. Jeanie also struck me as the type who probably didn't care about being flimed and if she asked if she was sharing, Alexa could simply say that she was sending them to Freja, no harm done.

The next half hour of pictures and videos were a jumble of slippery activity where they were lying on Jeanie's bed, kissing in a tangle of limbs, sucking on one another's breasts, licking and fingering one another's pussies while they both came several times. I was rapt as I watched Alexa's glorious body, gyrating and squirming, glistening with pleasure. I'd been stroking my cock for some time now, my head almost spinning. I couldn't believe how much watching this was turning me on.

I watched as they pressed their slippery pussies together and began writhing and grinding, both girls panting and moaning loudly. I knew from talking with her that Alexa loved this more than just about anything and you could tell from her eagerness that she was in her element. Their wet netherlips mingled and clits kissed, the camera zoomed in as Alexa tried to keep it steady while she girl-fucked Jeanie.

The orgasm they had was so intense that they both screamed, causing me to hastily turn down the volume on my phone in case my parents heard it and thought I was watching porn. A few seconds later, another video followed, showing their pussies glued together, undulating gently in their post-ogasmic bliss. The camera trailed up Alexa's lovely body to her face and she smiled at me tiredly and blew a kiss.

That was the last video for nearly half an hour. To be honest, I was okay with that, because I now had the chance to transfer all the pics and videos onto my laptop and watched them in sequence, jerking off furiously. I grunted and came hard as I watched Alexa and Jeanie cumming while scissoring, catching my desperate load in an old towel. Breathing heavily, I lay back on my bed and stared at the ceiling, thoroughly spent. I couldn't believe how hot that was.

The next video was a complete surprise- Jeanie's face appeared on my screen and she was grinning wickedly.

"Hi, I think you're name is Alex?" she said. "I conned your aunt into giving me her phone for a moment and telling you that we're doing all sorts of nasty things to one another!"

And then as if I needed proof, she showed herself kissing my aunt, their tongues tangling as they lay together, heads on a large pillow. This continued for a about ten seconds before the phone was pointed somewhere randomly and I heard Jeanie ask. "Oh, hey, he's eighteen or older right?"

I heard Alexa mutter something and then lots of shifting before the video ended. I blinked and shook my head for a moment as I tried to figure out what had just happened- had Alexa told Jeanie about us?

No, that didn't seem likely. There was way too much at risk. Which meant the obvious conclusion was that Jeanie, wild space cadet that she was, wanted to troll someone and asked Alexa if she could try to give me the jibblies by showing her having sex with my aunt. There was no need to inform her how that would backfire now, was there?

Pictures and videos began arriving again soon after, showing them in the various stages of heated fucking, like Alexa wearing a strap-on and sliding it in and out of Jeanie's pussy or ass, the two of them locked in a trembling, sweaty 69 or Alexa shaking and gasping while Jeanie tongued and fingered her rosy little knot.

The location finally changed from the bedroom to the bathroom, where they were laughing and taking silly videos of Jeanie peeing and then inside the shower. Thank God for Alexa's European, water-proof phone. They lathered and cleaned one another, along with kneeling to suck on and finger one another's pussies until they came. Alexa favoured me with another video of their pussies squirming together wetly, covered in shower gel as the water beat down on them.

Then another Jeanie video, this time showing Alexa out of the shower and still gloriously naked but holding a towel and looking at the camera, seeming not pleased.

"So, this is what your aunt looks like naked, Alvin," she said. "Whaddya think?"

"First of all, his name is Alex," Alexa said, trying to sound annoyed. "And second of all, are you trying to kill him?"

"Hey, he's a big, strong boy like his dad, right?" Jeanie chided, still filming and getting closer to my aunt. "He should be able to survive seeing his hot auntie naked. You might as well put on a show now, he's seeing all this."

Alexa, who had been in the process of wrapping the towel around her body, rolled her eyes and sighed, opening it back up to expose herself. Jeanie got up close and panned down Alexa's body over several seconds, finally focusing on her smooth, bare pussy. Alexa had her legs pressed together in some attempt at modesty, but Jeanine was apparently having none of that and coaxed them apart.

"So yeah, that's your aunt's cunt," Jeanie remarked from behind the camera. "Really pretty, really wet, really tight and really, really tasty..."

To emphasize her point, she poked her head into the shot and showed herself flicking her tongue up and down Alexa's lips. One of Alexa's hands came to rest gently on her lover's head. Finally, Jeanie stood and nestled up to Alexa, the two of them smiling at the camera.

"So she's here with me, doing this and you're apparently back home playing Skyrim or something." Jeanie teased. "Which of us is having the better night?"

The video ended with the two of them kissing again.

I put my phone down and rubbed my face for several seconds, trying to banish the disbelief from my brain. I sure as hell had no objections to what I'd seen, I just hoped Alexa knew what she was doing.

There seemed to be no further pics or videos, so I returned to playing my game until I got drowsy and shut off the system. I transfered all the files to my computer and then shut out the lights and settled in to sleep.


I heard someone quietly come inside, followed by some whispering and giggling. Then there were quiet 'goodbyes' and the door softly shut. Feet padded through the kitchen and the door to my cave opened. Alexa quietly came downstairs in the dark and crawled onto my bed. I reached out and pulled her into my arms, kissing her deeply. She sighed and melted against me, almost in relief, back where she belonged in my embrace.

"Well, if my inbox is any indication, you had a wild evening." I said, grinning in the dark and poking her nose. She giggled and nodded.

"I have to admit, the lesbian sex was great, no question, that girl is a perv. But I also have to admit, that whole time I was missing you."

"I'm flattered," I said, holding her to me, letting her bury her face in my shoulder, kissing me. "Because I was really enjoying the show. Think you'll see her again?"

"I... no, probably not," Alexa sighed. "Not that way, anyway."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because she's fucking your dad and your mom." Alexa said flatly.

"Which means that it feels like you've almost fucked your sister and your brother-in-law." I concluded. "Brutal. You sure you're okay fucking me?"

She giggled. "That's different, I'm in love with you. But I can't get my head around that her pussy has had my sister's tongue in it or that her tongue's been in my sister's ass and Mike's dick has pounded that it."

I made a wry face I'm sure she could see even in the dark. "Yeah, I won't be able to see her as sexy or fuckable anymore either. I have a hard enough time remembering that I came out of the vagina my dad's been in."

"Ew!" she squeaked, giggling again. "I'm so weirded out, Karen, Mike and I have shared a girl, even if it's only indirectly. And they knew I was going to date her and probably knew she'd put out and they let me do it anyway."

"Yeah, they're real free spirits, my parents," I sighed, holding her close and trying to not think of that quadrangle. "Should we delete all the videos and pics?"

She shook her head. "No, that sex was damned hot, we'll watch it together, at least when we can stop remembering that she fucks your parents."

"Gonna be a while then," I muttered. "I was a little confused when she began messaging me."

Alexa nodded. "She wanted to troll you. She may not know your name occasionally, but she thinks your hot, especially since you're over eighteen, although I'm not sure she would have waited if you weren't. She asked me if she could fuck you and I said to leave me the hell out of that dirty litle equation."

"You and me both."

"She also thinks that you and I fucking would be hot," she added. "Or a threesome between us would be spectacular. I expressed what I can only describe as a grossed-out horror I wasn't actually feeling. I made it seem like fucking my nephew was the worst idea I'd ever heard. She laughed and dropped the subject. I think once she was done teasing you for the evening she went on to her next amusement."

"Well, as long as there's no fallout from it, no harm done and you got laid," I concluded, kissing the top of her head. "I think Freja knowing is more than enough."

"Hm, no argument there," Alexa mused. "I wouldn't trust Jeanie with a secret if she was the only other person on earth. She's a demon in the sack, but they do come smarter."

"Her parents must've made a huge contribution to the university to keep her in my parents' courses," I sighed. "I'm just glad you're back in my arms."

"I agree," she purred. "So... want to fuck me?"

"I dunno," I said, sounding wary. "That pussy has indirectly touched my mother's..."

She almost laughed out loud as she thwapped me.


Wednesday night came around and I was on my date with Heather. Predictably, her panties had come off relatively early in the evening and we were in the back seat of my car with her impaled on my cock. She groaned lustily as she ground on my lap, staring down at me.

"Gnnnn, fuck, you feel just how I remember, Alex," she panted, bouncing up and down, her hands around my neck. "You and that big fucking monster dick of yours. I love how you tear me apart."

I nodded and bit her shoulder so that I didn't have to talk. Our sweaty bodies slid together feverishly in the darkness of the empty lot outside High Park. Heather's body wasn't an erotic fantasy, like Alexa's, but there was certainly nothing to complain about. Her heavy breasts were lush and soft, caressing my chest while she squeezed me with her wet pussy. My fingers dug into her meaty ass cheeks as I pulled her tight against me, her wetness glistening on my fingers.

The date had gone smoothly enough up to this point, with my parents sending me out the door and Alexa waving absently from the living room, where she was reading a book. We'd already said our heart-felt goodbyes a few minutes earlier in private. We both knew I was going to fuck and she made me promise to try and take pictures or video if Heather would allow it.

We'd gone to dinner at a local pizza joint, where Heather had made it clear we were going to fuck before the evening was out and discussing where. We then had gone to see an action movie and sat in the back row, where she leaned over my lap, pulled my cock out and sucked on me ardently, to make sure I was ready to go. I then drove us to High Park and was ready to get out and go find a dark corner of the huge expanse, when she expressed the need to fuck right then and there in my car, she wasn't willing to wait.

So here we were, rutting like animals in my car, and try as I might to do the right thing by my date, I just could not keep imagies of my lovely aunt from entering my head, unbidden. It made me fuck Heather harder, not that she was complaining about the results. I crushed her against me and she was wracked with spasms, moaning loudly and cumming. I bucked my hips beneath her and came, thankfully wearing a condom. She collapsed against me and was breathing heavily, almost in a swoon. I kept my arms around her and kissed her neck.

She finally sighed and listed her head to smile at me. "It's a good thing you're so smart, or I'd be in real trouble here."

I blinked and looked at her quizically. "Come again?"

"Soon enough, I just need a minute," she quipped, winking. "I just meant that you're too smart for me, Alex de Bourne. I plan to marry rich, get a divorce and live off the alimony. You're too smart to fall for that and you're too smart for me to fall in love with you, I wouldn't be able to marry you."

"That's an interesting reason to not fall in love." I allowed.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm totally in love with sex with you," she added, trying to make sure she hadn't hurt my feelings. "I love your cock and you're an amazing fuck, but I think that's what we can be, fuck buddies. Would being a booty call bother you?"

I raised an eyebrow, giving her the chance to continue.

"You're too smart for me to date," she sighed. "I don't want to disappoint you by dating you and coming up short. But I think our sex is hot enough for us to agree to exercise our bodies on one another, you know? We can be casual friends and hook up, we just shouldn't seriously try to date."

"I know what you mean," I said finally. "We can certainly talk about it, Heather. I've certainly had worse proposals that 'fuck-buddy' thrown my way."

This answer seemed to suit her very well and she smiled naughtily while pulling herself off me, slipping off the condom and sucking my cock eagerly, licking me clean. We went on to fuck twice more that evening, with the last time seeing me fuck her ass and cum deep inside her. I'd promised Alexa I would take pictures and videos, which I did, with Heather's permission. She said as long as I wasn't showing it off to any guys, she had no problem with it. I guess it never occurred to her I'd be showing them to my aunt.

I pulled up into the driveway of her house that she shared and she pulled herself onto my lap and we made out for several minutes before she finally exited my car and went inside. I could see two other girls in the house greet her at the door and they seemed to be eagerly asking questions. I drove off, shaking my head and wondering what I was going to do.

Heather was a nice girl. And the sex was great, it felt really good, she was a great fuck. But she just didn't compare to Alexa- not in terms of looks, not in terms of her sexual skills, not in terms of how she made me feel. Alexa made everyone else seem like goldfish food.

And that was a problem. I just wish I knew what to do about it.

Of course Alexa felt this way too. We both had thrown ourselves into dating other people with all the energy we could, desperate to find an alternative to the agonizing bond between us, something that would allow each of us to ease away, with as little pain as possible, leading full and fulfilling lives with other people.

Nothing. I couldn't even fuck another girl and keep my mind off Alexa. I wanted the girl I was fucking to be her. And the girl I was dating, whoever she happened to be, didn't deserve this from me. I was very glum on the way home, considering I'd just gotten laid repeatedly by a hot chick who liked to fuck.

The house was dark except for a dim light in the living room. Alexa had told me that would be the signal if she was awake and alone. My insides were quite confused, because I was eager to see her, to hold her and kiss her, but I didn't know what to tell her. I didn't even know why I was so reticent about this. I fucked a girl and felt nothing except my continued love for her.

And against all possible logic, that was a problem.

I came in quietly and looked in the living room. Alexa was reading the Decameron while lying on the couch and saw me. She smiled warmly, put the book down, and held her arms out for a hug. I walked over and knelt down, taking her in my arms and kissing her deeply, lovingly, with everything I had. She sighed into my mouth, returning the kiss with such incredible devotion that I was instantly lost in her. She was like my own private universe.

She pulled back from the kiss and smiled, her eyes shining with love and kindness. "No luck, I take it?"

I shook my head. "Nope, still in love with you and only you."

"Well, drat," she said, winking. "You had no more luck than I had. I fucked Jeanie near to death and I am still only in love with you. We must be going about this wrong."

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