Alex and Emma


Emma Watson awoke with a start. The bright October morning sun shone in her bedroom window.

Wait.........this wasn't her bedroom. It was her brother's bedroom.

Emma shook her head and slid out of her brother's bed sheets when she noticed wrong. Emma noticed

Her breasts were exposed to her awakening eyes, the nipples noticeably protruding out. Emma then

Looked further down and noticed her stomach and pussy were uncovered.

'Wait, does that mean...........................last night..................................'

Emma turned to look at the bed, where she was hoping that what was there wasn't what she was

thinking it would be there.

'Please don't be him.......................................Please don't be him....................................."

She wasn't surprised when it turned out to be exactly the person who she didn't want it to be:

Her brother, Alex!

She walked over to him and slid the covers down to confirm what she already knew: he was naked, too,

His 7-inch cock fully erect and fully exposed to her eyes.

Emma dropped the covers, ran to the bathroom, shut the door behind her, and washed her face of the

Shame she felt. Looking into the mirror, she saw the look of someone who was disgusted, ashamed

and....aroused!?!!? her eyes.

Emma Watson, a 22-year old college student, model, and actress, who clearly knew better, had had sex

With her 19-year old brother!


What led to the fucking of the Watson siblings, Emma didn't know. That night was just one big mess! sweaty.......................and so......................dirty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..................mess.

It all came back to her as she stood there, looking into the mirror, her eyes searching her face for an answer, as if her very soul was crying out why:

Well, to be perfectly honest, none of this would have happened if Emma hadn't opened her door to him about two months ago.

Emma was feeling a void between her brother and her was forming, so to help him with his modeling

Career and to spend more time with him, she gave him the second bedroom to her apartment. Lately,

He had been getting more jobs. Alex would take the photos home so Emma could help choose the best photos he took so they could be put in catalogs and magazines. Alex appreciate the advice and in turn,helped Emma determine her best photos for her shoots.

As Emma helped observe the photos, she began to notice that her brother was handsome, and even

Sexy even. Maybe it was because she just hadn't had sex in a while, or maybe because Alex was just really hot all of a sudden, but Alex really was sexy. A lot of picks showed him shirtless, and Emma couldn't help but admire his nice abs and well-toned six-pack. His biceps were nice and defined. She began to notice his facial features: he had a boyish, but still masculine face that was very alluring and his eyes were hypnotic.

Meanwhile, Alex would observe the pictures of Emma and eventually found himself lusting for his big sis. Her eyes were deep and soulful. Her lips were lush and full. Her skin was flawless. Her hair was long and sensual. Her cleavage was soft and inviting. And those legs could stop traffic; they were so long and the skin was sensually soft.

The two kept their attraction for the other to themselves, making their encounters a little awkward.

To hold themselves over, they would masturbate to each other while the other was out. The first couple of times it happened, both of them felt very guilty, but they began to accept it and even enjoy it.

Which lead them to the night they fucked each other. Emma had just finished her shower and had slid into a white silk spaghetti strap night gown that went to about mid thigh. Underneath she was wearing some white silk panties. She wasn't wearing a bra, so if it got cold, her nipples would be obvious to any man's gaze.

Before she went to bed, Emma wanted to hang out with her brother, so she went to his room. Knocking on his door, she waited for a response.

"Come in."

Emma walked in and saw her brother lying on his bed.

'Oh, that is so not fair,' Emma thought to her.

What wasn't fair was Alex was lying there in only his boxers, leaving that impressive torso to her

admiring gaze. Damn, he was hot!

But Alex got a nice view as well. Emma in that night gown was the sexy thing he had ever seen. If he wasn't careful, he would get a very obvious hard on.

"Hey, Emma. What's up?"

Emma shrugged those sexy shoulders and said," Nothing. Could I hang out for a while?"

Alex nodded. Emma walked over the bed and lied down next to her brother.

Alex began flipping the channels on his t.v.

while trying not to be obvious at staring at Emma's gorgeous body in that night gown. He wasn't entirely successful though. His cock had already begun to get hard, and Emma had started to notice. Choosing to be more subtle about it,

she decided not to draw attention to it, but the more she glanced at it, the more aroused she

became, her nipples now much more prominent to her brother's gaze.

Alex was unsure of what to do, but seeing Emma like this, he began to think less with his head

And more with his cock. He flipped the T.V. to a porn channel, which caught Emma's attention.

Alex laid back as Emma looked at the screen, stunned.

"You just gonna leave it here?" she asked.

Alex decided to screw with her, and said, "Yeah. Why? Does it bother you?"

Emma decided to play along, and she found herself beginning to flirt. "No. In fact,'s kinda hot!"

Alex's eyes shot out of his head. "Really? You

watch porn?"

Emma said, "A little bit. Mostly hardcore."

Alex decided to push it. "Do you watch, like, the real dirty stuff?"

Emma looked at him, smiling sensually. "What do you mean, dirty? Like really, really hardcore,

or"................she was testing him with the next word....................."taboo?"

Alex's mouth dropped lower. "Do you watch taboo?"

Emma gave a sexy chuckle. "Yeah, a few times. My favorites are brothers........................and sisters."

Alex was sweating hard. "And what do they do, in these videos?"

Emma surprised herself and leaned in to whisper in Alex's ear: "They fuck."

Emma's eyes locked with Alex's, the heat between them so hot it could melt Alex's bedroom.

Alex worked up the courage to ask the question that had the potential to change their lives


"Who is older, the sister or brother?"

Emma said, in a breathless voice,"Oh, the sis is about two years older, usually. They are both old

Enough to know better, usually, but, in the end, they can't deny their animal natures."

Alex leaned in to kiss her. " And how long do their sessions go on for?"

Emma came the rest of the way. "All night."

Their lips locked and all the built up passion came out as they two kissed with a passion they had never shared with another person before.

Alex broke from the kiss and grabbed the sides of his boxers, sliding them down as fast as he could.

Emma gasped. His 7-1/2 cock was revealed to her gaze. It was the longest, thickest cock she had

ever seen. It was magnificent, and Emma felt privileged to see it, along with his large testicles that could fertilize Emma's womb for years.

Alex lied back on his bed, and began stroking his cock. Emma wanted to thrust that member into her

mouth and suck on it all night long, but Emma began having second thoughts. If they did this, there would be no going back. Emma ultimately realized:

"I can't do this."

Emma got off the bed and began to walk away. Alex looked at her walking away, and he just lied there


Emma turned back to look at him. He was so sexy.

She wanted that cock so bad. She wanted him to

fuck her pussy so hard that would scream and cry

in ecstasy. She wanted to feel a hunger never before experienced.

But he was still her brother. What would this do to their relationship? Emma couldn't bear it if

One night of passion would ruin almost 20 years of sibling love.

Emma then decided if she was gonna do this, she had to toss that other life she and Alex knew aside.

Tonight, they were not brother and sister. Tonight, he would fuck her...............hard!

Emma reached for the straps of her gown and slid the gown off her gorgeous body . After her gown fell to the floor, she slid her panties down and tossed them at Alex.

Alex grabbed them and inhaled their scent as he stroked his cock with his free hand. He then tossed the panties to the floor as he took in the breathtaking sight of his naked big sis.

Her breasts fit her frame perfectly. Firm and perky. Soft and full. Her tits were fucking cute as hell. Her stomach was curvaceous and sensually soft. Her pussy lips were so sexy, so full and plump. And those legs....................................damn, those legs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen!" Alex shouted.

Emma smiled sweetly, then walked so sensually to her brother's bed, her hips swinging seductively in her brother's direction.

She sat down on the bed and looked deep into his eyes.

"69?" She asked, sensually.

Alex didn't have to be told twice. He wrapped his arms around her and threw on the bed. He then got a surprise as Emma threw him down on the bed, grapping his shoulders and throwing him down like a rag doll. Emma then kissed his lips and moved her body so her face faced his cock and her beautiful ass faced Alex.

Emma reached down and began sucking Alex's cock, happy to finally get the huge member into her hot

mouth. Alex gasped in pleasure and realized he wanted in on this, too. Emma's beautiful pussy was directly in front of him, so he began rubbing his tongue up and down her plump lips.

Emma would have sighed if it wasn't for Alex's large cock in her mouth. Damn, his tongue felt good. His tongue probed her real good, making sure it licked her outer lips, inside her warm pussy, and especially her very sensitive clit, which caused Emma to shout out loud.

"YES, ALEX! TONGUE FUCK MY CLIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WAITED TOO

FUCKING LONG FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Meanwhile, Emma made sure to run her tongue all over his shaft: the underside, the top layer, the head,the slit where his cum would shoot out, even where his cock connected to his balls: nothing would escape her tongue.

Alex began to use his fingers instead of his tongue, inserting his digits deep into Emma's quivering pussy.With every figure he put in there, it only made him hungrier to put the real thing in there.

As he rubbed her pussy lips and clit with his left digits, he began to move Emma to his lap as she sat on his lap and he groped her soft breasts and tits with his right hand.

Meanwhile, Emma kept her own right hand busy, stroking her brother's cock as fast as she could. Alex couldn't believe how good it felt.


In response to that little statement, Emma stopped stroking her brother. She moved his cock ever so slowly to its target: Emma's hot, wet pussy.

Emma turned her head back at him as if asking the question: "You were saying?"

Emma raised her body up and slid down on her brother's cock, managing to get the entire length

in there with one thrust.

The two let out a shared groan. Emma had never had a cock so large and so thick in her pussy before.

Alex had never been in a pussy more wet, more tight, or more warm than Emma's.

Emma began moving her body slowly on his cock, as he met her thrusts back with his own, fucking her

cunt with a speed and intensity he had never experienced before.

Alex groped her breasts and kissed her neck as he hammered deeper and harder into her pussy, as

Emma tightened her pussy walls to get more of a reaction from her hot stud of a brother.


Obviously, she got the reaction she wanted.

She moved ever more sensually on his cock, rubbing her ass cheeks all over his hips and tightening her vaginal walls as tight as they could go.

Alex felt the familiar sensation moving from his balls to the length of his shaft. Emma felt her own climax rapidly upon her.

"EMMA, I'M GONNA........................."



A few more thrusts ought to do it. After pounding her as hard as he could, and groping her tits a few more times, Alex shot his powerful load into Emma's pussy. It triggered Emma's own orgasm, and

Her pussy spasmed as tight as it could on her brother's cock.

"ALEX, FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Alex gave her a few more thrusts before going down from the best orgasm ever. Emma soon followed, collapsing on the bed below her.

Emma lied on her side while Alex lied on his back. They both were exhausted from screwing like rabbits, and soon, Emma passed out, leaving Alex alone to his thoughts.


Alex then woke up, recalling a pleasant, but bizarre dream. At least I thought it was a dream. He was so drowsy, he clearly wasn't thinking clearly. What had happened last night felt too good to be real. Alex rested on his bed with his hands behind his head, thinking about what had happened last night. Had it be real? Did he really...........fuck his sister?

Alex then heard the shower start up and so, he decided to go to the bathroom to talk to Emma.

Looking over the room, he saw his boxers from last night and Emma's night gown and panties

were on the floor. That confirmed what he was speculating: they did have sex! Alex had to talk

to her. He decided to forget boxers, despite he was fully hard from thinking about Emma, and went to the bathroom.

He knocked on the door. No answer. He turned the knob. It was unlocked. He walked in.

Alex tried to come up with something to say to get Emma's attention, who seemed lost in her shower.

Suddenly, Alex felt the urge to pee. He walked over to the toilet and aimed his cock above the bowl.

It was hard to pee with a massive hard-on, but he managed and began to empty his bladder.

Emma was standing under the shower head, trying to wash away her shame. She had fucked

her brother, and worse, she had enjoyed it. How would Alex ever forgive her?

'Well, to perfectly honest, he seemed to enjoy it as much as I did,' thought Emma to herself.

'It doesn't make it any less wrong,' another part of her was thinking.

Her thought process was broken up by the sound of someone pissing. She knew it was Alex.

She had to talk to him. She stuck her head out as he was finishing up.

Alex turned to look at her.

"Hi, Emma."

The look on his face was one of excitement and unease. She was afraid of this, but at this moment, she didn't know what she feared more: the uneasiness or the excitement.


Emma took a minute to find her words, and check

out of his cock, but that is neither here or there.

"How are you feeling?"

Alex shrugged. "Okay, I guess. To be honest, I just am more interested if you are mad at me."

Emma began to feel a sense of pity for him. "Alex, I have no right to make you to feel guilty.It's not your fault." She placed her hand on his cheek. "Besides, I am way more responsible

for what happened than you are."

Alex chuckled and shook his head. "No. Don't do that."

Emma shot a questioning look. "Why?"

Alex said, "We are both equally responsible for own actions. We knew what we knew what we were

doing. We could have stopped at any time. I think it was just a long time in coming."

Emma nodded. "Yeah. I guess we should have seen it coming. I guess I asked for it, lusting after your modeling photos."

Alex nodded. "Same here."

The two got really quiet. Then, Emma to break the tension, asked: "So, do you want to come in here

With me?"

Alex shot her a look. "What? Do you think that is a little creepy?"

Emma smiled. "Alex, considering what happened last night, modesty is out the window. Besides,

You aren't really coming across as modest right now, little brother. Although I don't think that title does you justice."

Alex chuckled. She had a point.

"Okay. I will."

Emma pulled the curtain back as he joined his sister in the shower. Alex didn't think his cock would ever return to its original size; Emma's body looked even better wet!

"Uh, Alex?"

Alex looked up at Emma.

Emma chuckled. "Didn't you get a good enough look last night?"

Alex shrugged. "Says the girl who can't stop looking at my cock."

Emma scoffed playfully, then turned back to face the shower head. Alex walked up behind her. Emma

Thought Alex would grab her from behind and fuck her against the shower wall. Instead, he just reached for the shampoo bottle that was on Emma's left.

Alex began shampooing his hair as Emma grabbed her sponge and body wash.

Finally, Alex asked her the question she had been anticipating:

"So, was it any good?"

Emma looked back at him, squeezing her body soap into her sponge.

"I don't want to talk about it."

Alex titled his head, bewildered by her response. "Why?"

Emma turned around to face him as she began to wash her body. Her sponge covered in body wash, she began to wash her neck.

"I don't think I need to explain it." She said, as she move from in front of the shower head so Alex could wash his hair.

Alex washed his hair as he watched Emma washing her breasts. The urge to grab his cock and start

stroking it was strong, but he resisted the urge, for now.

"Em, I not afraid to admit that I enjoyed it. You are a great fuck."

Emma, washing her slender legs, scoffed at his comment. "Look, it's bad enough it happened. Don't

Make me................"

Alex interrupted. "Don't make you do what?"

Emma paused in mid scrubbing and looked into his eyes.

"Alex, just don't."

Alex walked over to Emma as Emma backed into the shower wall.

Alex ran his hands down her hips, locked his hands behind them, and lifted her up around his waist.

Alex looked right into Emma's soul with his intense gaze. Fuck, was he sexy!

"Tell me you didn't enjoy it. Tell me you didn't enjoy it when I hammered your cunt with my cock.

Tell me you didn't like it when you groped your breasts." He reached down and licked her right nipple with his tongue, causing her to shudder against the shower wall. "Tell me you didn't like it when you sucked my cock."

"Alex, please..............don't make me.............say.................."

Alex cut her off as he kissed her lips, which made Emma happily kiss him back. They kissed for several minutes, Emma locking her hips tighter around him as he groped her breasts with his hands.

Alex broke apart the kiss. "Don't make you say what?"

Emma ultimately realized the man standing before her was everything she wanted: he was smart, funny,sweet, courageous, and unbelievably hot. And what a cock! She could only hope he thought she was the perfect woman as she thought he was the perfect man.

Emma smiled sensually at him. "Don't make me say something you already know the answer to."

Alex smiled at her. He kissed her passionately, ecstatic she was kissing him as happily as he was kissing her. She was the perfect woman: smart, funny, passionate, loving, adorable, and sexy as hell.And damn, that body! And it was his, all his.

Emma broke apart their kiss and asked, "So, how about we finish this on my bed?"

Alex let her down, shut off the shower, and opened the curtain so they could walk out together. When they were out of the shower, Alex picked her up and carried her to her bedroom. He backed her against Emma's bedroom door, where he began kissing her breasts more passionately than before. Emma sighed and groaned as she struggled to find the doorknob. Finally, her hand found it and she opened the door to her room and the two walked into the bedroom.

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