tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAlex and Emma Ch. 02

Alex and Emma Ch. 02


Okay. I have delayed this long enough. After months of teasing it and conceiving it, I am finally putting this out there. Here it is: the long-awaited Alex and Emma Ch. 2. Sorry for the long wait, but I wanted it too be worth it. Hope you enjoy.

Oh, for those wondering, I WILL finish Soul Mate Siblings. Sorry for teasing you guys like this. I just had to get this one written already. But don't be too concerned: it will be finished.


It was April 15th, Emma's birthday. Emma was still working, so Alex was hanging out at the local discount store, waiting to get her text that she was off work and on her way home.

To buy some time, Alex was looking at Emma's latest magazine shoot she had done for GQ magazine for her new movie, The Bling Ring. Looking at her pictures, Alex chuckled at himself.

That body. He got to do stuff to that body most guys would kill for. He was so lucky.

His phone went off.

'I am off, baby. Are you on your way home?'

Alex texted her back.

'Be there as soon as I can.'

'You better. I want my present from you so fucking bad.'

'Trust me, you are gonna get it. You are a very easy girl to buy for.'

'LOL. You got what I need. Come home. I will be waiting.'

'On my way.'

'You better be.'

Alex put down the magazine and ran out of the store to meet up with his sister. They had both waited for this day for a while. Alex got into his car with an very eager anticipation, and not even the usual obstacles it took in getting home, from bad traffic to having to stop for gas, couldn't wipe the smile off his face.

He finally pulled into the driveway, parked his car, and turned off the engine. He then sat in contemplative silence, just recalling what had got them here.

Alex and Emma had been having sex for six months now. It had been hot and heavy, and Emma was such a great fuck. But for the last few weeks, Emma had asked that Alex hold up on fucking her.

"Why?" he had asked at the time.

"Because my birthday is coming up, and I want you at your best."

Alex shot her a questioning look. "Really? That is all you want?"

"Yeah. I am not a hard girl to please. Just need something hard to please me. You up to the task?"

Alex chuckled at that. "Yeah, I think I can manage."

"Okay. You sure you can handle it. We have been fucking non-stop for a while now."

"Sure. If we can still do oral to each other."

Emma giggled. "Sure. I have no problem with that."

So that is how it went. To hold each other over, Emma would suck Alex's 7-inch cock and Alex would eat out Emma's delicious pussy. Alex would always shoot his load into Emma's mouth and Emma would swallow all of it. Alex would attack her pussy without mercy,lapping up her juices erratically with his tongue and causing her to climax very hard. It had satisfied them, but only for so long.

Alex's recollection was broken by his phone going off.

'I see you car in the driveway. Come inside, or I will cancel.'

Alex got out of the car and rushed inside.


"Took you long enough."

There she was. The very image of perfection. Sitting on the kitchen table, naked as the day she was born. That gorgeous smile, those beautiful eyes, her sexy breasts, that toned stomach, those long legs and her shaven pussy lips.

"Fuck. It has been too long."

Emma purred. "Yeah, it has. Join me, little brother. I am yours to do with you please."

Alex began stripping in front of Emma, which earned him a few wolf howls and some "Take it off, baby" from Emma.

Finally, his naked body was on display. Emma licked her lips at his well-formed abs, strong arms and legs, and his fully erect cock.

"Yummy," she said.

Alex walked over to his sister, wrapped her legs around his waist and hugged her body close to his own. He kissed her lips and begin running his hands all over her body.

"It has been so long," said Alex.

"Yeah, it has. And we have all night. So, let's get started."

Alex kissed her again full force and Emma melted in his arms, happy to be kissing the man she loved again like this.

Alex broke the kiss and looked deep into her eyes.

"You know, there is something I always wanted to try with you."

Emma smiled. "Oh, yeah? What's that?"

Alex gave her a knowing look.

Emma gasped. "Oh. You mean that."

Alex nodded. "I keep bringing it up."

Emma just sighed in admiration at her adoring brother. "Go to the fridge. Get the caramel and hot fudge."

Alex walked anxiously over to the fridge and pulled out the caramel and hot fudge. He bought it over the table, opened them up and smear them over his hands, hot fudge on his right hand's fingers, caramel on his left hand's fingers. He began to smear the sugary liquids all over Emma's body.

"Mmmm. This is gonna feel so good."

Alex nodded. He began licking the liquids off her fantastic breasts. He had put hot fudge on the left, and caramel on the right one.

Alex smiled at her deviously. "You ready?"

Emma nodded happily.

Alex did a slow stimulating lick to Emma's left nipple. Emma squealed in pleasure.

"Oh. So good."

Alex buried his face deep into her cleavage, feeling her soft skin against his face. He placed his hand on her back and pressed her body further against his face. Emma was already gasping erratically, obviously enjoying herself already.

He then traveled further down over her delicious belly, licking the liquids off as erratic as he could. He then left her stomach and went up and down her long legs, taking more time than really needed, but she tasted good and Emma didn't seem to mind.

Finally, he was on his way to Emma's delicious pussy. Licking up to her pussy was a slow, teasing exercise. But he finally reached his goal and gave her a nice, long lick.


Her pussy were coated with the sugary substances, too, so, as her pussy tasted of hot fudge, caramel, and her own natural taste. She tasted so good, and to show her how much he enjoyed it, he shoved his tongue as deep into her pussy as it could go.

Emma was gasping erratically. She locked her legs against his head, but Alex didn't mind. He didn't want to stop pleasing like this for anything.

It wouldn't be long until she came. From the same of things, it was gonna be a big one.

"Yes, Alex. Lick that pussy. Faster. Faster! Oh, I am gonna cum hard!!!"

It hit hard. Emma's long legs squeezed like a vise, and Alex loved it, knowing it was because of him she was getting off.

Emma's beautiful body shook itself to nine glorious orgasms and fuck, did it feel good. She was sweating very hard, and the room was becoming very dizzy, but she wanted more.

She let go of Alex's head. Alex looked up at her.

"Fuck me, Alex. Fuck me like you never have before."

Alex smiled. Wrapping her legs around his waist again, he lifted her off the table and lined his cock up with her pussy. Shoving his entire length into her hot snatch, he began to fuck her standing up, something he had never done before. Emma rolled her eyes back in her head and threw her head back, squealing to the heavens for the pleasure she now felt.

Backing her against the kitchen wall, Alex fucked her very hard, barely allowing her to catch her breath. It seemed like seconds where minutes, and minutes like hours. He buried his face into her neck, leaving several hickeys there.

'Great. Gonna have to cover those up tomorrow,' Emma thought to herself, but being fucked this good made it less of an issue, so it slid under the rug quickly.

"Take me to the bedroom, Alex. Fuck me where it all started."

Alex lifted her up, kissing her lips, fucking her cunt and still managing to walk to the bedroom was quite a challenge, but oh, so satisfying.

They reached the bedroom and Alex threw their heaving bodies on the bed. Alex slid out of her and repositioned her on his lap.

"I love this position," said Emma.

Alex smiled as he buried his face back in his sister's cleavage and bit down hard on her nipple.


Emma wasn't really into that, but Alex made it work, and as he sucked on her heaving breasts, managing to get almost her entire breast into his mouth, Emma's pussy began to tighten more and more on his cock.

Emma dug her fingernails into his back, almost making him bleed. Alex didn't mind it. She could rip a layer of skin off his back; as long as that tight pussy engulfed his cock, he was satisfied any way.

Further torturing her, Alex use his free hand, the one that wasn't holding her for support, and began rubbing her clit erratically. Emma squealed, sighed, moaned, groaned, giggled, and screamed at the top of her lungs and, if possible, for his reward, she made her pussy even tighter for her loving brother.

Alex gasped. He wasn't expecting this. He didn't know Emma could get so tight that he almost couldn't stand it. It was so much for his cock, but fuck it, he wasn't about to slow down now.

He began to move her body with his, lifting his ass off the mattress in synch with her movements. Emma grabbed his ass for support, pushing him as deep as possible in her near orgasmic warmth.

The sensation was beginning to hit. Emma didn't have time to warm her brother.

"Alex, I......FUCK ME NOW!!!!!!!"

Her pussy achieved maximum tightness as her body shook itself to the now familiar sensation of her brother getting her off. It never got old, and this time had been the best time of all. Alex began sucking at her neck, furthering her orgasmic bliss for a while longer.

Alex didn't mind warming Emma either. As soon as his orgasm hit, he slammed Emma's body down hard on his cock as she was in mid-orgasm, shooting a massive load into her spasming, taboo pussy.

Shooting off a their record nine times, Alex gave her his all, thrusting and thrusting until he had nothing left.

After breathing harder than ever before, Emma and Alex just looked at each other and laughed.

"Hell of a birthday gift," said Emma.

"Happy birthday, sis. Although I still planning to get to lick your cake off of you."

Emma gasped. "Really?"

Alex shrugged. "Why not? We have all night after all."

Emma smiled at her brother. "I love you."

Alex smiled back. "Right back at ya."

They hugged each other, basking in their taboo bliss.

"It looks like I have a lot of planning to do," said Emma.

"What do you mean?"

Emma smiled to herself. "I have something special planned for your birthday."

Alex gave her a look.

"What's on your mind?"

"Well, let's just say I know a girl I would love to have a threesome with."


"I give you a little hint. She may not be what she seems."

Alex began pondering that when the answer finally hit.

"You mean....?"

Emma smiled deviously. A plan to seduce another famous young witch was already beginning to form.

Alex couldn't wait till December.

The End!

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