tagErotic CouplingsAlex and Penelope Ch. 03

Alex and Penelope Ch. 03


Author's Note: This is an erotic novel in many chapters. If you enjoy this chapter, I highly suggest checking my profile and starting from the beginning. This is my first time submitting to Literotica.com, and I appreciate you taking the time to read what I so enjoyed writing. Thank you.


As promised, Alex had made breakfast. Penelope was in another new bikini, purposefully chosen this morning because it had strings. She hoped he'd remove it at some point. The food was already waiting on the table, but Alex was nowhere in sight, so she sat down and waited.

He came outside with a pitcher of orange juice, filled her glass, his, then set it on the table. Before he sat down, he leaned in and kissed her lips. "Good morning," he said.

Penelope smiled up at him. "Good morning," she responded, thrilled that it wasn't going to be strange now. It was morning, and he still liked her. He looked at her like a lover, not like the girl he'd taken in a week ago.

"Sleep well?" he asked.

"Very well," she responded. "You?"

"Oh, very well," he said slyly. His eyes travelled down to a new bikini he hadn't seen, pleased to find it was a string, only this one was black. It did wonders for the tan she'd accumulated over their days in the sun, her skin flawless, the triangle shaped with the curve of her breasts.

They ate their breakfast with less conversation than usual. Instead the silence was filled with furtive glances, each enjoying the sight of the other after what had been shared.

When finished, Alex cleared the plates while Penelope walked over to the chairs they usually sat on. She dropped her shorts just as Alex walked back out, and he paused, staring at her perfect ass. The ass he could now touch freely if he desired.

Penelope sat down and reached for the bottle of suntan lotion, but it was abruptly snatched up before she made contact. She looked at Alex with puzzlement to find him grinning. "Lay back," he said, squirting the cream into his hand.

Penelope did as she was told, watching him rub his hands together. He sat down beside her on the same lounger and rubbed it across her shoulders. She closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of him once more, glad that her night was continuing, her day taking on a new and welcome direction.

Alex worked his hands over her body, letting his fingers dip freely under the straps and into the triangles. He loved watching her squirm, hearing her try to suppress her moans. His vacation was going to be even more enjoyable than he'd imagined; and he'd spent much of the night imagining it all. They'd play again, very soon, but not until he'd spent the majority of the day teasing her.

His hands rubbed her stomach, then he lotioned her legs, starting with her feet. As he worked up the right leg, he could feel her stiffen in anticipation. He watched her face at exactly the right time; just as his fingers hit the hem of her bikini, and he was only on the side of her thigh. Grinning wickedly, he slid his hand around, tracing the line until his fingers were between her legs. She held her breath, but he didn't touch her where she was expecting. This was the tease.

He repeated with the other leg, then had her roll over. He took time massaging her back, then did the same with her legs. When he'd nearly finished, just to hear what noise she'd make, he let the tip of his middle finger dip into the edge of her bikini bottom between her legs. She gasped, loudly, and still he didn't touch her.

Alex patted her ass once, then stood to lotion himself. "Get my back?" he asked when she still hadn't moved.

Penelope rose, shocked she had the muscles to do so. She felt stunned. Stunned and aroused. Awkwardly, she took the bottle and lotioned up his back, then sat back down, at a loss.

She was so enjoyable! Alex loved her reactions; he'd savor them. The noises he could elicit over the smallest thing made everything so much more enjoyable. He could tell by looking at her that she didn't quite know what to make of anything, but that she wanted him badly. He wanted her just as bad, but he wanted the anticipation more. And when it finally happened, it would be magic. From there, he'd teach her everything. Everything.

The played in the pool, only this time they'd hold each other, sometimes kiss. Alex would push her against the wall and hold her there, staring into her beautiful blue eyes before placing his mouth on hers. He'd feel her body pressed against his; those cute little breasts against his chest as his tongue danced with hers. She'd run her fingers through his hair, and as inexperienced as she was, she was an amazing kisser.

In the afternoon, margaritas were made. They were slipping into a routine, though everyday something had been added. Penelope didn't want it to ever end, and wasn't looking forward to next week when it finally would. He'd have to go back to work. And then there was Claire. She'd be home in a little over two weeks. What then? And in a month she'd be attending classes. Then what would happen?

She couldn't dwell on it. Right now she needed to live in the moment, and in this moment, she was alone with Alex. She'd deal with next week when it came.

Alex played with her as much as he could. He'd lay out watching her amazing body, playing out everything he would eventually get to do. When he'd leave to refill their drinks, he'd lean in and kiss her, let his hand brush her breast. Each time she'd moan or gasp, every one of them sounding new and different.

At six, he ordered pizza. While having everyone out of the house was a good thing, he didn't want one minute away from the beautiful woman he had outside, and that meant he couldn't take the time to cook. She deserved more, but he was selfish.

After dinner while cleaning up, he escaped inside the office and booked a bed and breakfast out by a vineyard a few miles away. Once finished, he called Reuben to tell him to take his wife on a romantic getaway on his dime for the rest of the week. They'd been out again all day, but he didn't want them catching what he was doing. Sure, they'd seen him do a lot, even cheat on his first wife. But he wanted what he had with Penelope to remain sacred as long as he could.

Reuben was thrilled. While out on the patio, he saw them drive up to their house. They left an hour later with suitcases in tow.

The sun hadn't set yet, but the sky was turning orange. "You know what that means?" Alex asked Penelope, gesturing toward the horizon.

Penelope smiled. She loved their routine. "Hot tub time!" she cried, then sat up.

Alex followed behind over to the hot tub. As Penelope started to climb in, he gripped the string at the nape of her neck and pulled.

Penelope felt the tie release and whipped her head around to find Alex grinning slyly. She smiled, a mix of embarrassment and pleasure. He stepped forward and pulled the ties apart, then quickly did the same with the ones on her back. The top cascaded to the tile at the edge of the tub. To cover herself, she climbed into the water without looking back and sunk down into the seat, the water up to her neck.

Alex climbed in, but didn't move to his usual spot. He approached Penelope, then lifted her to the side. He sunk down where she'd been sitting.

"Well, that wasn't very nice," she chided good naturedly.

"Probably not," he said, then gripped her again before she could make her way to another corner. "But this will be."

Maneuvering her onto his lap with her knees on either side of his legs, he kissed her deeply. She melted into him, draping her arms around his neck. Alex moved forward, using his hands underwater to get her to wrap her legs around him. Once there, he leaned back again, careful not to make her feet uncomfortable against the wall of the tub.

Penelope loved kissing Alex. She could do this for hours and never come up for air. She giggled as he'd nibble on her neck, moan when he sucked her earlobe. As he'd work his way down, she'd lean back to give him better access. She felt his hands grip her ass as he lifted her up so he could latch onto her breast and play with her nipples.

Alex alternated between them while she laughed, her voice like a bell. While nibbling her tits, he groped her ass cheeks, enjoying how they felt in his hands. Then he rose just enough to push her across the tub onto one of the higher shelves; still a seat, but not quite as deep. The water rose only just above her belly button, so he had a perfect view of her for what he'd planned next.

"Lean back," he said into her ear, physically moving her elbows so they rested against the tile behind. After a kiss, he moved away to see what this had achieved. Her chest was pushed out into the air, her chin low as she stared at him. He was still positioned between her legs. He loved how easily she complied. How he'd move her and she'd stay, waiting. She was entirely his to play with, and he was ready.

Placing his hands near her knees, he rubbed his hands up her thighs slowly, watching her face. Neither of them smiled; Penelope too into her wonder of what would happen to grin. Alex taking his time with every motion, watching her body for the smallest change. When he met the base of her hips, his thumbs pressed against her bikini-clad pussy and her chest rose with a deep inhale.

He lightly massaged her lips through the fabric, his eyes locked in hers. She seemed afraid to breathe, but didn't move, which was exactly what he wanted. Of course if she said no, he'd stop everything, but if she did move, he'd stop until she was still.

Sliding his hands around, he gripped the strings on either side of her hips and pulled. Once he had the bikini bottom released, he held it up to her, letting it dangle between them as evidence of what he'd done.

Penelope watched the bottoms swing, then it was launched aside. There was no turning back; not that she wanted to. But a hand would be where no other hand had been soon, she knew. No other hand than hers.

She felt his hands on her thighs again, slowly rubbing upward, and held her breath. When they met the top of her thighs, his thumbs touched her lips. Just this caused her head to fall back, feeling far too heavy to continue holding up. She wished she had a headrest, but the thought was quickly forgotten when his thumbs slightly parted her lips, the pressure of a jet hitting her just right.

Alex looked down through the water and smiled. Blond, as he'd hoped, though darker than her hair. And she did shave; just a tiny strip of hair covered her slit. She was perfect. He removed his thumbs so he could use one hand to part her lips. With the other, he traced his forefinger between them and her hips bucked against his hand as she let out a cry.

She definitely had never been touched like this; no woman that had would have had that reaction, and it thrilled him. His hands froze in place as he waited for her to relax. Once she had, he repeated. By the fourth time, he was able to rub down, then back up with only her moaning loudly in pleasure, and he smiled.

And god, she felt amazing. Even through the water, touching her folds was heaven. He'd have to do this again once they were dry; probably later tonight. But for now the water was good. It provided lubrication, his fingers able to move with ease. He was able to feel her arousal through the hood, the hard nub begging to be touched.

But that would have to wait.

Using his middle finger, he slid the tip slowly inside. He didn't want to go too far, lest her hymen be broken if it was still intact, so he was very careful, worried she'd jerk down. But she didn't. Her moans were softer now as she acclimated to his touch, and he traced her entrance, dipping in no further than to his first knuckle.

Penelope wanted that finger. She wanted him to move it in deeper. She wanted him inside, period, but right now he had his finger there, and it needed to be inside. Nothing had ever been inside. She had a vibrator, but she'd been too afraid to really use it. Now she wanted to be filled.

Alex removed his finger and placed his hands on her hips, gently urging her up. Once her pussy had crested the water, he held her there and sunk down. It was tricky, but he managed to get an arm around her back so she stayed there, the buoyancy of her body in the water helping. With his other hand, he was able to part her lips once more. Now he could see everything. Without further hesitation, he brought his mouth down and covered her.

Penelope brought her head up to see Alex's mouth between her legs. It shocked her at first, but when his tongue lapped, her head fell once more. She couldn't watch; it was too much. The sensation alone was too much, but oh, how good it was. His tongue alternated between drawing a line up and down, then moving around in circles. She'd never been in this sort of bliss, and she worried she'd lose consciousness.

Despite the water, Alex could taste her. Sweet, slightly tangy, absolutely sublime. He'd never really been one for going down on a woman, usually doing it more out of obligation, but he could do this all night. The view of her breasts was incredible; how they'd rise and fall with each moan. He had always enjoyed listening to the different moans he could elicit with different actions, and Penelope was no different. She was better.

He was hard as a rock, but he'd take care of himself later. Right now, he was going to take care of her. Using a finger, he was able to lift the hood and locate her clit. He stared at it for a moment, knowing what would happen. He wanted to savor the moment.

Finally, he brought his mouth back down, placing his lips directly on it and pinched them tightly together.

Penelope's hips bucked, she couldn't stop them. Her moan was more of a scream, but not of agony; far from it. Wave after wave of pleasure cycled through every muscle in her body as she climaxed. As soon as it was over, her elbows lost their grip and she crashed down into the water into Alex's arms.

He held her to him, kissing her neck as she panted against him. The reactions he was receiving was all the payoff he needed. Of course he needed his own release, but that was, surprisingly, only background. Holding her naked body against him as she calmed was all he wanted now.

"How are you?" he whispered into her ear.

"I . . ." Penelope began. How could she ever come up with the words? She felt alive and exhausted all at once. In Alex's arms, she never wanted to let go. "Wow," was all she could come up with.

She felt his chest move as he laughed. "That sums it up nicely," he said. "Shall we go inside."

Penelope nodded, finally releasing her grip. She was unsteady as she climbed from the hot tub, but with Alex's hand, she made it to her feet. He brought her a towel and wrapped her up in it, then grabbed his own. They dried off as much as they could outside, then walked into the house.

"Up for a movie?" he asked, not wanting to deviate from their routine.

"Of course," she said. "I'll just go up and get dre—"

Alex yanked her against him before she could get away. "No," he said strongly. "I want you naked."

Penelope looked up into his eyes, finding him serious. She nodded. "Okay."

Popcorn was popped, beers were retrieved, and they made their way into the living room. Penelope sat down on the couch, clutching her towel while Alex crashed down, still in his wet shorts beside her. He looked over and cocked his head. "Naked," he laughed. "I think that's what I said."

He removed her hands and unwrapped the towel. She had to tilt to the side to release it from under her, and she wondered if he really meant she'd have to sit here completely naked. She was relieved when he grabbed the blanket and covered the both of them under it.

Tonight it was a comedy, and they ate their popcorn and finished off their beers. Once the bottles were set aside, Alex grabbed Penelope's legs and swung them across his lap. She laid back against the armrest of the couch, watching him, the movie forgotten.

He parted her thighs so her right leg foot fell to the floor. Without looking at her, he pretended to be very focused on the movie as he let his fingers lightly trace her pussy, toying with the hair.

Penelope couldn't believe it was happening again, and while he was watching the movie! How he could focus was beyond her. All she could think about was what was going on under the blanket, and it was fantastic.

The remainder of the movie was spent exploring her folds once more, now wet from a different source. He didn't look at her once, but heard her moans, simply enjoying the power he had over her body. When the movie was over, he stopped, moved her legs and stood up.

Penelope didn't know what to think, but that wasn't saying she hadn't enjoyed it. He could play with her every second of the day. Frankly, she hoped he would. He held his hand out to her to help her up. She took the blanket with her as he brought her up to her room. When she laid down, he removed the blanket, and Penelope settled in for more playtime.

But Alex covered her with the blankets, leaned in and kissed her lips, then brushed her hair with his hands. "Sleep well," he said, then left the room.

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