tagErotic CouplingsAlex and Penelope Ch. 08

Alex and Penelope Ch. 08


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By three in the afternoon, Alex's patio held a hundred people at the least. He hadn't meant for it to get this large when he'd told Jessica to make her list, but he'd assumed with the late notice that most would be busy. But he'd underestimated himself, the crowd he could draw, and with his 2pm start time, they'd just kept filing in.

The morning had been busy for Penelope. Alex's alarm rang early; he'd forgotten to turn it off the night before. It had been too hard to fall back asleep with her excitement over the party, so she'd sat up, but before she could get far, Alex had pulled her back, then made love to her. And really made love; not the fucking she'd received the night before. Slow and soft, with gentle kisses and whispers of adoration. Penelope had thought her heart would burst from her chest.

Once downstairs, Beverly had a pot of coffee waiting. It wasn't long before omelets were fried and Penelope was eating at the kitchen bar. Alex was down just as she finished, freshly showered, to tell her she needed to get a move on. Tell her Jessica had made an appointment for her at the spa to get her nails done and anything else she liked. She rushed up to shower and threw on clothes, then was out the door within a half hour.

Ben was happy to be taking her downtown; it meant a good fifteen minutes with her. He'd been really pissed that Andy had actually received an invitation to the party, but Andy had said he'd been hanging out with Penelope while he worked. Ben hadn't had a chance to spend much time with her, but that would change when he was driving her every day to the U, which was a good thirty minutes away. He was really looking forward to it.

Penelope had never had a manicure before. It had always seemed like an unnecessary expense; why pay when she could do it home for free. But once her nails were finished in a French manicure with gloss, she admired her hands wondering why she'd never done it before. A clay masque was applied to her face and her feet were dipped in hot, bubbling water that smelled like lavender. Once her toenails were painted a rosey pink, a hairstylist sat her down and trimmed her ends, then asked what she wanted. Penelope told her a style seemed silly since it was a pool party, but the woman disagreed, said that; All the women will have their hair done because first impressions are everything. So Penelope shrugged and said, whatever you think, and the woman got to work.

When Penelope left the salon, her blond hair was pinned up above her ear at the side, the rest falling over her shoulders in wide relaxed curls. At the car, Ben told her she looked "really pretty", which had made her beam.

Penelope still had a bunch of bikinis that hadn't seen the light of the sun. She still laughed that Alex had bought that entire rack of clothes at the second store they'd gone to; the rack had been half bikinis! She found a set she hadn't worn yet; black with dime sized white polka-dots. The cups were padded and in a circular shape, while an inch thick strap wrapped behind her neck. The bottoms had a thick ruched hem at the top that was perfectly straight across—no curve—and found it made the slight curve to her hips look a little wider. The back wasn't exactly full coverage, maybe three-quarters, which made her wonder if they looked a little too sexy, but she decided she was thinking that just because she felt sexy after her morning with Alex.

As the guests arrived, there were so many that she'd forget their names a minute later. She tried very hard to remember the names of the guests that were close to her age so she wouldn't feel like an idiot talking to them later. There were no children; it seemed the ages ranged from hers to fifty or so, and they were all smiles.

A large bar had been set up on the patio with two bartenders, and that was where the guests hit first after they'd met her. There were maybe half a dozen waiters walking around with trays of food and a table with even more. Someone was grilling meats. People claimed their territory on lounge chairs and at various tables. Alex's pool had always reminded her of a public pool with how many tables and chairs he had surrounding it, though the pool itself had been like no pool she'd ever laid eyes on.

By three, most of the guests had stripped off their outerwear. Men walked around shirtless and in swim trunks, boxer brief cuts, and even a rare few in speedos. Women wore bikinis in various cuts and styles, and Penelope was relieved to find some were far skimpier than even her skimpiest, usually on women with the biggest breasts of all. One woman, who had been introduced as a stepmother to a son and daughter who could very well be her age, had thick red hair, crazy curves and boobs the size of cantaloupes. Penelope may not know much, but she could spot fake pretty easily, and it seemed at least a quarter of the women here had implants.

She looked down at her own breasts and felt out of place, though she'd never have surgery.

Alex stayed close to Penelope, directing all subjects of conversation to her with the people they talked to. He tried to steer her around to those in their twenties, avoiding the wives that were in their twenties. The last thing he needed was Claire's friends around Penelope, and there were plenty here. She'd gone to Fiji with her three best friends, and two of them had husbands here today because they had adult children.

And Alex was immensely pleased he seemed to be making progress. He and Penelope had been talking to two girls and a guy for a long time. Clinton Patel was probably twenty-three by now and a nice guy, despite his parents. Kathleen Hanson and Britney Pierce had been best friends for years, both twenty-one now, and were very friendly. It wasn't long before he realized he could leave Penelope to get to know them by herself, so he excused himself by saying he needed to check on things, and left.

Penelope really liked the three already. They were far from her friends at home, but excitable and fun, and seemed to like her.

"You really should come out for drinks and dancing with us this week," Kathleen cried, grabbing Penelope's arm. She had brown hair, stick straight. She was an average build, which looked wonderful on her. It made Penelope feel like Kathleen was normal, like her friends back home who weren't having some sort of plastic surgery for their sixteenth birthdays.

"Oh yes!" Britney agreed, bouncing with her drink. She took a sip of the martini. "There's a club downtown; hottest guys you'll ever see because they totally let people in based on how they look."

"Yeah, but I'm not twenty-one," Penelope said, blushing.

"That soo doesn't matter," Kathleen said, hooking her arm now in Penelope's and leading her toward the bar. "You're one of us now. You'll never see a line and you'll never be asked for ID."

"It's true," Clinton added. "I've been going to clubs since I was sixteen based on my name alone."

Penelope agreed she'd give it a try, and they set up plans to meet Wednesday. The conversation was far from over, and the four decided that now that people were swimming, they should go play in the pool. They joined in a game of volleyball in the water. Penelope spotted Andy and waved him in to join.

Eventually they started playing chicken, something she'd never even heard of, which involved getting on the shoulders of a guy and trying to knock the person over. She tried on Andy's shoulders first, then on Clinton's. They had a large group now hanging out.

While talking to a group of people over hamburgers, Alex kept a close eye on Penelope, finding his work complete. She'd made friends and was having a fantastic time. They'd splash and laugh and smile. He noticed his favorite twins had joined in; Chelsea and Madison Hamilton. Both girls had bleach blond hair and enormous green eyes, though they didn't look much like twins anymore. Chelsea's hair was long, and she'd enlarged her breasts, looking like a pornstar. Madison's hair was just below her ears and had gone through a nose job. They were both nineteen now and went to the U that Penelope would be attending soon. Before he'd met Claire, he'd been counting down the days to their eighteenth birthday with the plan to seduce them both, but he'd married Claire a month before it had happened. He'd still fantasized about them in his unhappy marriage, but now that he had Penelope, they didn't register. Much.

The games slowed down and Penelope was with a crowd of nine now. They made their way into the cave and sat down to relax and catch their breath, just to hang out privately. She'd actually made friends, some of whom would be classmates. But she was happy she now had people who wanted to do things with her and knew that her days wouldn't be quite so lonely while Alex worked as they promised to take her shopping, out to lunch, out for drinks and go clubbing. Some even invited her over just to hang out, and in turn, she'd offered the same.

She was starting to feel like she belonged here. It was nice.

"So you have to tell us what it's like living with Alex," one of the twins asked. Chelsea, if she recalled correctly, since she had the longer hair.

"It's been fine," Penelope responded. "He took me shopping. He actually took some time off work right when I got here to help me get settled in and make sure I wasn't too lonely."

"God, the man is so fucking hot," her sister said, tossing her head back against the rocks. "We met him when we moved here. What were we, fifteen?" Chelsea agreed with a nod. "Thought he couldn't be more than twenty-three. Have you caught him naked yet?"

Penelope blushed, feeling extremely uncomfortable now. "Uhm, no . . . that would be sorta weird, right?"

Chelsea shrugged. "Meh," she said. "Madison and I fought over who would marry him, but he ended up with that bitch, Claire, when we were seventeen."

"You say that like you haven't tried anyway, slut," Kathleen said good-naturedly, splashing her. Penelope laughed like it was expected of her, but she didn't really feel it. "I saw him naked. He fucked Katie Spaulding at a party my parents threw before she was married to that icky old guy."

"In front of everyone?" one girl asked, Penelope thought her name was Rainy or Rahni or something like that.

"Well, sorta," Kathleen said. "It was in the hot tub and they were alone. You know how our hot tub is sorta set back with those three walls?" There were collective nods. "Most of the people had cleared out, and it was dark. I was trying to find my shorts before I went to bed."

"So . . ." Chelsea prompted excitedly. "What did you see?"

Kathleen giggled. "Not much. He had Katie up on the side, so I could see his ass out of the water."

"What was it like?" Madison pleaded, her eyes wide, then turned to Penelope. "Unless it makes you uncomfortable . . . I know he's like, a friend of your family or something."

Penelope shook her head and shrugged, trying to feign nonchalance. "Whatever," she said coolly.

"It was pretty fucking hot," Kathleen said, an edge of conspiracy to her tone. "I mean, his ass was hot . . . you're right, he does not look like he's in his thirties. Katie was soo loud, which I guess makes sense. Didn't she do porn?"

"Yeah, she's a slut," Clinton said casually. "My uncle dated her for awhile."

"Okay, fine, Katie's a slut," Madison said with a wave of her hand, brushing him off. "But what was it like?"

"Well, I didn't watch for too long," Kathleen continued. "I didn't want to get caught, but they were far too into it to even notice. But he was really fucking her. Like, the walls of the enclosure shook."

Penelope listened silently. It didn't really bother her; she'd been told he'd been with a lot of women. She could have guessed that without hearing it. It was just that she was once again feeling inadequate. She had to remind herself that he wanted her; wanted to teach her, and that made her feel a little better.

It was also kinda interesting that it seemed all these girls found him so attractive. It seemed everyone wanted him, and it warmed her that she actually had him, even though she always felt like she could lose him at any second.

Britney was getting a little frisky with a guy named Dillon in the far reaches of the cave, and the conversation shifted once everyone noticed to making fun of them.

"Let's leave them to it," Kathleen whispered, her eyes wild.

They left the pool and loaded up plates, then sat around on some lounge chairs to eat. Andy stayed close to Penelope, and after seeing Britney and that guy, he was sorta hoping he'd get the chance later to fool around with her. He'd felt a little out of his element at first, but recognized the twins from some of his classes, which had helped. But Penelope was really kind to him, making sure he was included in everything, and he wondered if it was because she liked him. Like, liked him, liked him.

Alex was talking about stocks and investments with some of the guys while they smoked cigars as the sun began to set. He knew he should probably check and see how Penelope was getting along, but the times he'd looked over, it seemed she was really enjoying herself. While there was a small part of him that wanted to keep her to himself, she needed to make friends. He just couldn't give her the time she deserved.

The party went well into the evening, and Penelope crammed into the hot tub with her new friends; a hot tub that comfortably fit eight, and there were only six of them left; Chelsea, Madison, Andy, Clinton, and Kathleen. Britney and Dillon had left together, and about twenty or so other guests were still lounging around the pool with their drinks, two even still in the pool. Chelsea and Madison's parents had long gone, but Clinton and Kathleen's were still around, quite drunk

Penelope and the rest of her hot tub buddies were also quite drunk, as was everyone still left at ten PM. She was squished between Andy and Clinton, oblivious to the looks they'd been giving her, and each other.

Alex was ready for his guests to clear out, but wouldn't dare tell them to leave. He did dismiss the waiters and the cook, though kept the bartenders on hand, figuring it would be midnight before the rest left for the evening, which was fine. He was pretty drunk himself, but no matter what happened, no one would be staying over. Those that were left were coupled up and cuddling, kissing, touching, as parties like this usually ended up. He'd get them out eventually. He needed his nights alone with Penelope before he no longer had them.

He decided to finally see how Penelope was getting along; make sure she was genuinely being included. So, after a refill of his drink, he sauntered over to the hot tub. "Mind if I join in?" he asked.

There was a chorus of no's and some shifting. Penelope slid closer to Andy and away from Clinton, but Clinton followed, pressing his leg up against her. Alex climbed in, spun in the middle and found space between the twins, which was fine enough. He didn't want to be close to Penelope right now anyway for fear he might be unable to control himself. Though he didn't love that Andy and Colton were beside her; he could see their interest.

But her eyes were on him only, and he remembered that she was his, completely and wholly. He sat down and took a long swig of his drink. "Been having a good time?" he asked the crew.

"Hell yeah," Clinton exclaimed.

"Yeah, thanks for throwing this," Kathleen added, taking a drink of her own. "Nothing like a day in the pool with friends . . . and liquor."

Alex laughed, holding his drink up. "Cheers to that!" he cried. Everyone clinked their glasses in the center. After a collective drink, he eyed the group. "I hope you've been good to my new guest," he said with mock warning.

"We love her," Kathleen squealed honestly. Penelope smiled. Would her happiness ever end? She'd been missing her friends, and had e-mailed them and called them, though not as often as she probably should have. She'd been otherwise occupied. But she was at her happiest; she had Alex, she had new friends that liked her, she was starting college. Everything was amazing.

"We're gonna take her out Wednesday," Clinton expanded. "Kathleen and Brit want to take her to Echo since they always get the VIP room."

"Ooh, that sounds like fun!" Chelsea cried, leaning forward. Alex felt her hand on his knee and gave her a sideways glance, but figured it was just to propel her forward. The top of her tits were floating, he noticed. Not that it mattered. "Mind if we join you?"

"The more the merrier," Kathleen said. "Though I swear to god, if you hit on Vince the bartender, I will knock you six ways from Sunday."

"Noted," Chelsea said, grinning slyly. "Vince the bartender. Off limits." She settled back in against the wall of the tub, but kept her hand on Alex's knee.

Alex didn't mind her hand there; it was benign enough. Maybe if he wasn't so drunk, he'd move his leg casually away so she wouldn't be offended. But the jets were on full and there was no seeing through the water. No harm done.

"So we were thinking drinks at the Met beforehand," Kathleen told the twins. "Sevenish?" She glanced at Penelope. "Will that work for you?"

Penelope was torn. She absolutely couldn't turn down the invitation, but this was her last week alone in the house with Alex. Still, he often worked late; she'd gone to bed without even seeing him a few nights this last week. And she was excited to make new friends; friends she desperately needed. "That'll be fine," she decided, then looked over at Alex. "Think Ben'll drive me?"

"I'll make sure he does," Alex said, then took another long swig.

"Don't worry," Chelsea said, leaning into Alex, and gave his knee a squeeze. "We'll take good care of her."

Alex laughed loudly and narrowed his eyes. "I'm not sure what that means coming from you, Chelsea," he teased, but meant it.

"You're right about that," Chelsea agreed, letting her hand slowly dance up his thigh. "We may be wild," she said, adding a little seduction to her tone, "but we'll make sure no one takes advantage of her."

Alex was noticing her hand and he was getting hard; though not from Chelsea. Well, maybe a little from Chelsea. The girl was gorgeous, as was her twin. He half smiled about his former fantasies of getting the sisters in his bed. But mostly he was getting ready to take Penelope the second everyone had left. Show her some new things.

Yes, he was definitely getting hard.

"She'll be with us," Clinton said, reassuring Alex. "They might be wild, but I'm a gentleman. I'll keep an eye on her." Clinton smiled, his offer meant fully. He'd be looking at no one else Wednesday, he was sure of it.

"So there you go," Penelope said to Alex. "We'll just have a fun night out. It'll be good for me." She knew whole heartedly that Alex felt bad that she was left alone all day; that he'd thrown this party just so she could make some friends.

"So Britney and Dillon, huh?" Madison giggled. "Sure as shit didn't see that one coming."

"Me either!" Kathleen cried, shocked over her best friend leaving with Dillon. "She'll regret it. He's not that hot."

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