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byMaggie Red Rose©

This story, while fictional, is based on real life events in the lives of thousands born male with female identity. They are by nature psychologically and emotionally female but anatomically male. It is a matter of gender identity with these individuals. They are not transvestites but transsexual or transgender. In order to correct nature's mistake, as it might be called but not as yet fully understood, many of these individuals choose to have transsexual reassignment surgery, also know as SRS. SRS surgically changes their bodies that lets them identify their female perception of themselves. This transgender reassignment takes years to accomplish, beginning with extensive psychological therapy and then followed by years of individual kinds of surgeries and surgical procedures to complete the transformation. While this kind of surgery is done in places around the world, the small town of Trinidad, CO, has become known as "The Sex Capital of the World" because so many SRSs are done there. It is here Stanley Biber, MD, has done more than 3800 SRSs himself, and Marci L Bowers, MD, joined Doctor Biber to work and operate in the same field of SRSs.

There have been many transgender individuals who have been and are beautiful and talented individuals whose names shall go unmentioned; although, many have been in society's and professional spotlights.

In writing this story I have condensed the time frame needed to complete the whole process of transgender reassignment that includes SRSs, and beyond the specific place and professional names, any resemblance to places, characters, and events is purely coincidental.


Alexandra sat in first class on a Boeing 757 out of Trinidad, Colorado, to J. F. K. International Airport in New York City. It had been eight, long, pain filled weeks since she went to Trinidad, "The Sex Capital of the World," to have sex gender surgery done by Marci L Bowers, MD, who had left her thriving practice in Seattle, Washington, to join Stanley Biber, MD. Now seventy-five years old, he is in the process of retiring, having done over 3800 such surgeries during his practice at Mount San Rafael Hospital.

As Alexandra stared out the window, her mind drifted back to her past when it all began.

No one knew when she was born and named Alex that she was a girl with a boy's body. Nevertheless, in time, as she became older, she felt emotionally that she was a female trapped in a boy's body. Not to be signaled out, however, she did male things because it was expected of her; nevertheless, she was very aware of how she looked at herself and how she felt inside despite what she saw on the outside, and thus she lived a very unhappy childhood. Even her parents felt something was not quite right with Alex, but they had no clue or understanding as to what it might be. Oh, yes, they had taken her to a psychiatrist to see if she could help her understand why she should be more like a boy. All of this was to no avail, however.

Therefore, when Alexandra became twenty-one and was on her own, she sought counseling regarding her being a female trapped inside a male's body. Fortunately, the female psychiatrist whom she saw was well aware of transgender physiological and psychological confusion. Believing this might be Alexandra's problem, she talked with her about transgender identity and her having the choice of having sexual reassignment surgery so that her body would be surgically changed in order for her to look on the outside the way she felt on the inside. Female to female and not female to male.

Upon hearing this, Alexandra's interest was instantaneous, and she asked her psychiatrist to tell her more. She told Alexandra it was a long and difficult process that took years, first beginning with psychological counseling to determine if she were really a case of mistaken gender and, if so, did she really want to make the change since once having the transgender surgery there was no turning back.

If, after it was determined Alexandra was, indeed, a candidate for Trans Reassignment Surgery or SRS, she would begin a series of female hormone treatments, estrogen, to stimulate the growth of secondary sexual characteristics such as breasts; however, with this kind of surgery the developing breasts would most likely require saline augmentation to increase their size, fullness, and shape, the new implants being made to look more like a woman's real breasts rather then the round bowl look. Estrogen would also stop facial hair growth.

The surgery itself was very involved to change Alexandra's body from male to female with many procedures that were painful and costly, the SRS costing about $70,000 alone. However, being young, Alexandra thought it was worth it, and thus she had the surgery and joined the long list of those who had gone before her, many of whom were and are beautiful and famous in various professional fields such as movie stars, entertainers, writers, doctors, and more. Some were so beautiful they could make the centerfold of Playboy magazine.

For a woman Alexandra was tall at five feet eleven inches and stunningly gorgeous. She had a beautiful face that was long, but her full-lips balanced it quite well. She had long, shining blonde hair that fell to one side or the other and down her back below her shoulders, and when she leaned her head forward or flipped her hair by tossing it with a shake of her head, it covered that part of her forehead and an eye, somewhat like the beautiful 50s movie star Veronica Lake. Her eyes were deep blue set off with dark, black pupils that always seemed to have a speck of light aglow in them, and her nose was straight with a sculptured, round end.

Alexandra had the choice of the breast size she wanted...within the bounds of what the surgeons had to work with...and she chose to be a 34 C so her breasts would match the fullness of her hips that measured thirty-four inches. Her waist was twenty-five inches, giving her a beautifully balanced body, 34 – 25 – 34.

All these memories of days, weeks, months, and years of mental anguish and physical pain weaved their way through Alexandra's mind during the flight until she was rudely shaken out of her reverie when the jet hit hard on the runway, and the Captain reversed the engines and raised the spoilers to slow the plane down to ninety miles per hour before he could apply the brakes.

As always it took quite some time to deplane the passengers since the aisle was full of them getting their carry-on luggage from the overhead compartments and then filling the aisle only to wait impatiently to get off and on their way to wherever. First class passengers had the privilege of deplaning before the coach passengers, one of the perks for paying so much more for their tickets. Yes, first class cost Alexandra more money, but she wanted to have more space and not be enclosed with the crowded seats in the coach section. Since she had only her carry-on luggage and a handbag, Alexandra didn't have to bother going to Baggage Claim and buck the crowds waiting for their luggage to come rolling out on a conveyor belt. She went immediately outside to catch a taxi into the city.

As usual there is always a line of taxis waiting to pick up passengers, so there was one for Alexandra immediately as she went through the set of double doors. A worker opened the taxi door for her, and as she entered the cab, she handed the man five dollars.

"Why, thank you, Mam," he said appreciatively for the generous tip.

The cabbie turned his head slightly and asked, "Where to?"

"To Bleecker Street down town in the Village just a few buildings off Broadway," Alexandra answered. "I'll let you know where to stop once we're there."

J. F. K. International Airport is fairly far out from city center of Manhattan, so the drive was fairly long before the cabbie looked back in his rear view mirror and said, "Here we are, Mam, Broadway and Bleecker."

The cabbie had tried making small talk with Alexandra since she was such a beautiful woman, but Alexandra wasn't in a talkative mood, so he stopped trying and drove in silence.

"Oh, fine," answered Alexandra. "Turn right off Broadway onto Bleecker Street, and stop at the third building on the right.

The cabbie did as Alexandra had said and parked the cab against the curb. So often the cabbies don't get out to assist passengers; however, since Alexandra was so gorgeous, the cabbie wanted to get a look at her legs as she got out of his cab. He, therefore, hurried from his seat and around the back of his cab just in time to open the door for Alexandra. As Alexandra slid her legs around to the side of the seat, her dress rode up on her left thigh, showing a little skin which the cabbie appreciated as he lowered his eyes down her shapely leg to her feet in black high heel shoes.

"I'll get your luggage," said the cabbie as he was going to the trunk where he opened it and lifted out Alexandra's one piece of luggage.

Alexandra, handing him ten dollars, and said, "Thank you. Have a good day."

The cabbie tipped his cap before retreating back to his cab.

Alexandra took her luggage in tow and headed for the door of a two-story building that had on either side of the front door a window with cameras and photos on easels in them. One of the windows had Alexandra's Photography Studio painted on it. She had hired someone to do this before she left for Trinidad to have her surgeries. Her friend and assistant Josie she left in charge to take care of business while Alexandra was at the hospital. Josie was the only person other than Alexandra's parents who knew about her decisions and the dramatic change it would be for her.

Alexandra lived on the second floor that made it convenient for her to have her living quarters and business in the same building.

After pausing for a few moments, Alexandra opened the door to her studio, and a bell rang, letting Josie know someone had just entered the studio.

Josie had been arranging some stock in back, and therefore she didn't see Alexandra come into the studio. However, as soon as she heard the cling-clinging of the bell, she came from the back immediately to wait on a potential customer, either perhaps to purchase an item or schedule an appointment to be photographed after Alexandra's return. When she saw Alexandra standing before her so fantastically beautiful in a green blouse that had lapels cut down to her cleavage and was accentuated by a gold charm suspended on a gold chain that stopped at her cleavage; a short, white skirt that came seven inches above her knees; and her long legs that ended with her feet in green, medium heel shoes, she immediately took in every detail of her from head to toe, and her heart skipped a beat as she silently inhaled a gasp.

Alexandra was a vision of loveliness, and since Josie was a lesbian, she couldn't help but admire her beauty and, yes, even desire her. However, in the brief seconds it took Josie to admire Alexandra, she cleared her throat and said, "Good-day, Ms, or is it Mrs.?" Josie said.

"It's Ms," Alexandra answered casually.

"How may I help you today?"

Alexandra smiled warmly at Josie and said, "Don't you recognize me, Josie?"

Josie stared hard and long at Alexandra, but she couldn't place the face in any of her memories, and she knew she'd never have forgotten one such as beautiful as Alexandra.

"It's me, Josie! Alexandra," she said with pure delight.

Josie stood dumbfounded, not being able to say a word. She also looked at Alexandra questioningly. "No, it can't be you, Alex+andra," Josie stumbled with her words.

"Yes, it's me. The real me. The female me," she assured Josie. "So come here and give me a hug."

Alexandra let her luggage stand on the floor and walked over to Josie as she was coming from behind the counter. They came together, and Alexandra wrapped Josie in a warm embrace. She then moved her head back and said, "Do you believe me now?"

Josie finally smiled back and said, 'I can't believe it, Alexandra. This is going to sound silly, but you look so different."

Alexandra laughed heartily. "Well, silly, that's what my surgery was suppose to do. Make me look different. Now, I not only feel like a woman inside. I also look like a woman outside. Do you like it?" Alexandra asked turning around full circle.

"Like it? I love it. I wish I looked as beautiful as you," Josie replied.

"Good. Then my $70,000 + wasn't spent foolishly," Alexandra said.

Josie looked stymied for a few seconds, "You mean it cost you more than $70,000?"

"Exactly. That was the total cost for all my surgeries and everything that had to be done to change me from male to female. However, the SRS didn't cover the cost of my two years of psychoanalysis, my breast augmentation, my facelift, the work on my nose, and the scrapping of my esophagus so it wouldn't be so large. Add those and the cost was closer to $100,000, " Alexandra assured Josie.

Laughing but in a serious way, Josie looked at Alexandra and said, "Alexandra, $100,000! You are almost another million dollar woman!"

Alexandra leaned into Josie and gave her another big hug, and when she did, Josie felt Alexandra's firm breasts pressing against her, and a quick warmth of sexually aroused heat passed through her, a warmth that generally comes over her when she becomes sexually aroused. Because of this sexual-generated warmth, Josie's face became flushed, changing her pale complexion to a rosy color as often happens with the Irish.

Strangely, in one way but not in another, Alexandra felt the same kind of warmth as had Josie. She had always been interested in other girls, but she could never do anything about it. Alexandra had been not only a transgender, a female in a male's body, but she was also attracted to women and not men. That, she thought, would most likely mean she was a lesbian, desiring to make love with other women.

"But where and how?" thought Alexandra. "I've never had such an experience even though I know how two women make love with one another, and I've envisioned myself in such ways. However, it seems so strange now since I have the right body with which I can become sexually involved with another woman or with a lot of women."

"Alexandra," Josie broke into her deep thoughts. "What are you thinking about?"

"Oh, nothing, Josie. Really, nothing," Alexandra denied, not really knowing how to answer her friend Josie whom she knew to be a lesbian for a long time.

Josie looked up at the clock on the wall and said to Alexandra, "Well, it's five o'clock and time to close things up. All I have to do is check out the cash register receipts and put them and the money into the safe. I'll deposit the money in the bank tomorrow."

Alexandra walked away from Josie as she said, "That will be fine. I'm going to turn the sign around so people will know we're Closed, and then, how about our going out for dinner to celebrate my homecoming? The treats on me."

Josie's eyes lit up and she smiled brightly. "That'll be swell, Alexandra. Sounds good to me, but answer me this: Do I call you Alexandra or Alex for short?"

Alexandra looked intently into Josie's eyes and said, "Call me Alexandra, Josie. Alex is dead. He no longer exists and, in fact, never really was."

"All right, Alexandra it is," Josie said with certainty.

Alexandra rolled her luggage behind the counter so it would be out of sight, and then coming around the counter she took Josie's hand and said, "Well, then, let's go get something to eat."

There was a very good, natural food bistro not far from Alexandra's store on Broadway Street, so the two headed for there since Josie was a vegan who never ate any meat, eggs, milk or anything being an animal or coming from an animal. It was tofu, soybeans, soymilk, all kinds of sprouts, nuts, fruits, and veggies.

The two had a wonderful meal and talked about many things; however, when it was time to go, Alexandra reached out and took Josie's hand into hers and said, "Josie, I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but...would you consider spending the night with me? I got so used to having support friends at the hospital that I don't want to be alone, especially on my first night home."

Josie looked questioningly into Alexandra's blue eyes and answered, "No, Alexandra. I don't mind at all. In fact, I think it will be fun having a 'slumber party' at our age."

Both Alexandra and Josie giggled like two little schoolgirls.

That being settled, Josie and Alexandra left the restaurant, went back to the studio, and climbed the stairs to Alexandra's living quarters above the shop.

While Alexandra unpacked and put away her clothing where they belonged, Josie went to shower and get into her sleeping teddy. By the time she was coming out of the bathroom, Alexandra had gotten undressed and had a mid-thigh robe on tied together with a matching sash.

"Girl, that was fast," Josie said.

"Well, I didn't have to take too many clothes with me since most of the time I wore hospital gowns...Yuck! You know, those sexy kind," Alexandra laughed, and Josie joined in her laughter.

"All right then, I'll go turn down the bed while you go get your shower," said Josie. "I'll watch a little T.V. Maybe catch some of the news and weather for tomorrow. The days have really been scorchers."

"Sounds all right with me," Alexandra said as she went into the bathroom, undoing her sash and taking off her bathrobe so that Josie caught a glimpse of her naked backside. Grabbing the doorknob with her left hand, she shut the door behind her.

Josie heard the water running and Alexandra humming Moon River while she showered, and then she heard the water being turned off. It was about five minutes before Alexandra came out of the bathroom, and when she did, Josie couldn't help but look up at her.

"God almighty," Josie sighed within herself. "Alexandra is even more beautiful without her clothes on...well, except for her shear, black teddy...and I can see the image of Alexandra's body through it."

Alexandra couldn't help but notice Josie looking at her and wondered what she was thinking and how she thought about the new Alexandra look.

As if reading Josie's thoughts, Alexandra struck a pose. She bent her right arm at the elbow and held her hair between splayed fingers, and her left hand she rested on her hip. Her right leg was straight, but the left one was bent towards the right one, throwing her shapely ass slightly out behind her.

"How's this?" Alexandra quipped.

Josie playfully scrutinized Alexandra before giving her an answer.

"Wellllllll, you look ravishing, Alexandra," Josie answered seriously to let her know she meant it. "It's still hard, almost impossible, for me to realize you are not the same person whom I knew before you went away."

"Oh, Josie, I'm the same person inside. That didn't change. It's just that I look different on the outside. Anatomically I finally look the way I feel inside. I look like a woman. That's all," Alexandra tried to help Josie understand her transformation.

Josie answered Alexandra in a way that wasn't negative. "It's just going to take some time for me to get used to the new Alexandra. That's all. Other than that, everything else is the same. Maybe it won't even take much time at all," Josie added suggestively.

"Fine, now move over and give me some room on the bed!" Alexandra chided Josie.

Josie moved slightly away from the middle to the right side of the bed but not all the way while Alexandra, when she got into bed, came more to the middle, leaving just a small space between them.

Minutes passed as each pretended to watch the weather report on TV, but neither one was really aware of anything but the sensual nearness of the other. In fact, from time to time each one caught the other taking side-glances at her. They were like chess players who made only passive moves rather than offensive players who moved their pieces in an attempt to win the game. However, both Josie and Alexandra felt uncomfortably awkward lying beside one another as they were.

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