Alex Ch. 01


Author's note:

This is the first chapter of a story I wrote online with my friend Alex. Alex is a part Latina 18 year-old lady. She is 5'2 tall; slim with brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5'9 with short brown hair, blue eyes and of slim build. When we first met online she was interested in being dominated by a male in a rough way, so that's exactly what we did. Please be warned this does contain forced sex.


PHIL: I am your older brother's best mate, we've known each other for years but nowadays I only really see you in passing when I visit your place. One evening I am around there seeing your brother, Danny, but he is constantly texting and calling his new girlfriend. I get sick of that and take a wander. I see your door slightly open, push it a little bit and enter. I notice you're watching something on your computer, one hand down your pyjama bottoms. I'm just in my jeans and loose T-shirt as I'm only here to hang out really. "Hey Alex what's up. He's on his phone again to his new girl. He doesn't even notice I'm he... hey! what's all this. What you watching?"

ALEX: I'm wearing a pink spaghetti strap tank top, short blue shorts. I gasp when I hear you open the door and quickly shut off my monitor. "Phil! I... uh... I didn't hear you."

PHIL: "What's going on here then?" I come over to the bed trying to see what you were watching but the screen is now blank. "Was that something you really shouldn't have been watching honey?"

ALEX: my face is red, I'm very embarrassed. "No... Probably not... Please don't tell my brother... He'll freak out!"

PHIL: "wow... and your fingers are wet! You've been watching naughty films on there and touching your pussy haven't you! Oh... Alex, I didn't know you liked that sort of thing. I thought only really dirty girls did that. Aww why the red face? I mean your brother is just in his room. I could easily go in there right now and tell him what I've found."

ALEX: my face gets brighter red as you talk to me. I quickly wipe my fingers off on the bed sheets. "No! Please don't. I'm not a dirty girl... This is the first time I've ever watched anything like that, I promise!"

PHIL: "Oh so you're just training to be dirty." I sit down on your bed, moving your laptop away off of your lap and putting it down on the floor. "Well if you're practicing, I can help you out there. I tell you what. I won't tell your brother anything about this, if you suck my cock right down your throat, here and now. How's that?"

ALEX: my eyes go wide and I gasp. "What?! No! I'm not going to do that!" I scoot away from you a little bit.

PHIL: I kneel up on the bed and unclasp my belt. I put a hand either side of where you're lying. "Oh come on Alex, don't be all shy. You've just watched the lady on the screen take a big cock down her throat I bet. I know you want to feel that for real in your mouth don't you."

ALEX: I look up at you, scared, my back pressed up against the headboard. "No... I...I don't want to do that... please," my body trembling a little.

PHIL: "Aww Alex, don't be scared, it's perfectly ok." I whisper to you. I reach out a comforting hand as if to touch your cheek, before clamping it hard over your mouth. I then get really close to you and talk quickly. "Now look here you little bitch. I've seen you walking around in your pyjamas all the time trying to turn me on. You've been trying to tease me. Well now it's my turn to tease you. Don't you make a fucking sound else I will really hurt you bad. In a minute I'm going to take my hand away, and you, my horny little lady, are going to open your lips wide and let me put this thick cock inside, ok?!!"

ALEX: my eyes go wide as soon as you put your hand over my mouth. I grab your arm and try to pull your hand away but you're too strong. I look up at you shaking, my eyes starting to water, and I stay silent, not answering you.

PHIL: "Nod for me if you understand. Nod your agreement that you'll suck my cock. And don't claw at my fucking arm or I'll be forced to twist yours."

ALEX: I'm breathing hard and shaking, but I shake my head no, not believing that you'd hurt me.

PHIL: "Don't' make things difficult for me you little slut." I keep my hand planted firmly over your lips, and take one of your small hands with the other. I clamp my fist around your four fingers and gently begin to squeeze. "Now think about this and answer me again Alex. Are you going to suck my cock down your slut throat?"

ALEX: I wince in pain as you squeeze my hand. a tear falls down my face. I stay silent for a little bit, but as you squeeze my hand harder it becomes too much. I finally nod my head yes, crying a little.

PHIL: "Mmmm that's it. Much better." I let your hand free and quickly unbutton my jeans, pushing them, and my boxers, past my waist and down my legs. My cock stands out straight and I bring it right to your face, before letting your mouth free.

ALEX: I'm still scared and shaking as I watch you push down your jeans. At the same time, I'm moving my fingers around trying to get feeling back into them. I gasp and get more scared when I see how big your cock is. When you let my mouth free, I whimper softly and turn my face away from it.

PHIL: "No don't start all that acting coy again Alex. Open wide and take what you deserve." I idly slap your face with my fully erect cock, nudging it at your lips. "Now open fucking wide!"

ALEX: I whimper again when you slap me with your cock. Slowly, I turn my face towards you again, looking up at you, tears going down my face. I very, very slowly open my mouth in front of your cock.

PHIL: I smile broadly as I see your lips part. "Mmmm now that's much better. Now suck it bitch." I push forward shoving a good few inches of my cock into your mouth. I look into your eyes, seeing the terror in them, but it only drives me on further. I grab a fist full of your hair and start to pump my cock further into your mouth, feeling it bumping against your throat, making you splutter.

ALEX: I cringe when I taste your cock, but stay still, wrapping my lips around it. I try to scream when you grab my hair, but I can't with your cock in my mouth. I gag on it when I feel it hitting the back of my throat. As soon as you make me choke on it, I try to get away, but you're too strong and I'm helpless as you fuck my mouth.

PHIL: I let out low moans as I continue to ram it deep. "Mmmm Alex, I knew you could suck cock well, that's it, swallow every inch. I think I'm going to have to come around here more often aren't I and creep in your room to fuck your pretty little mouth." It really turns me on how your throat is gripping at the tip. "Consider this your first slut lesson. I'm going to make you my perfect cock-hungry bitch."

ALEX: I keep struggling, tears streaming down my face as you choke me with your cock. I look up at you, my eyes begging for mercy. I keep trying to pull away but can't. Your cock's now soaked with my saliva and I'm drooling a little down my chin.

PHIL: "Aww poor little Alex with her damp face. Stop crying and enjoy it. It's a nice thick cock, you should be learning to love it and swallow it all down!" It slides in so easily now you've made it so wet, and I'm really starting to pick up the pace with my movements, my balls slapping against your wet chin. With my free hand I push a pink strap down over your shoulder and shove my hand into your thin top. "Mmmm you're getting a really nice pair of tits here too aren't you. Just what a slut needs to please her man." I hungrily squeeze and fondle your firm breasts, pinching the erect nipples between thumb and forefinger.

ALEX: I'm still sobbing, and choking on your cock. My face a mess of my tears and spit. I close my eyes tight as I keep gagging, wishing this wasn't happening. I whimper when I feel you squeeze my breast. As soon as you pinch my nipple, without thinking about it, I push your hand away.

PHIL: "What the fuck did you do that for! Obviously the naughty little bitch hasn't learnt her place just yet." I smack the back of your hand forcefully before returning to your nipple, gripping it hard this time and pulling it away from your chest.

ALEX: I whimper in pain as you smack me. I grip the bed sheets tight, trying to make sure that they stay on the bed, not wanting to do something to anger you more. I'm crying harder now as you keep hitting the back of my throat with your cock, keeping my eyes shut as I feel your balls slap against my chin over and over.

PHIL: "Don't you get it already? You're going to be my fucktoy. My obedient little fucktoy. It's not your place to try and stop me touching you, or fucking your mouth. I was pulling on your nipple to try and make them grow a bit! Now behave yourself." I kneel up, my knees on your pillow, tipping your head right back so I can plunge my cock downwards in a straight line. It opens your throat right up so I can fuck it much more easily.

ALEX: I'm choking hard now, and can't breathe. I put my hands on your thighs and desperately try to push you away but I'm not nearly strong enough.

PHIL: I keep testing you by dipping the fat tip past your throat and holding it there for a few seconds before extracting it again. Looking down at you, seeing how amazingly sexy you look with my cock continually disappearing between your lips. Your eyes are puffy and your cheeks red and tearstained, and that's just how I like to look as you blow me hard.

ALEX: I push my hands harder each time you slip past my throat. I'm even more desperately trying to get you away from me. Pushing at you while trying to move my head away, but you are too strong.

PHIL: I use a clenched fist to bash your wrists away, stopping you trying to push at my legs. When it looks like you can't take any more I force it right down for three whole seconds, before bringing it out completely and slapping both your wet cheeks with it. "Mmmm now look, you've made it all wet, it's as drenched as your face here."

ALEX: I cough hard, over and over again when you finally pull it out. Hanging my head down as I'm coughing, my drool dripping off my face onto the bed. I can't say anything back to you as I keep spluttering and gasping for air.

PHIL: "Haaha, oh come on, you must do better than this. You have to take cock like an expert! We'll just have to practice that won't we."

ALEX: I finally am able to catch my breath enough to talk. I look back up at you. "Will you please leave now?" I ask. My face still a complete mess of tears and saliva.

PHIL: I can hear your voice is quite hoarse from deepthroating my cock. "You must be kidding! We've only just started. Unless you want me to put my jeans back on and go and tell your brother what his little sister has just been doing?"

ALEX: I sob again. "No... don't" I say, hanging my head down, not looking at you.

PHIL: I playfully pinch your wet cheek. "Haha and stop that stupid crying. You're a slut in the making and you're doing brilliantly. You should've learned by now, you're going to do just what I say here tonight. Now let's see you strip those clothes off for me."

ALEX: I look up at you. " I have to?"

PHIL: "Well, unless you want me to rip them off of you yeh!"

ALEX: I sob again, but slowly cross my arms over my tank top, and take it off, showing you the light blue lacy bra I'm wearing underneath.

PHIL: "Mmmm not bad. I pull down a cup of your bra and flick the nipple. Now get this off." I pull at the garment between your perky breasts, making the clasp strain at your back.

ALEX: I wince in pain but do as you ask. I'm still sobbing, but reach around my back and undo the clasp, then let it slide off my shoulders, but I quickly cross my arms over my breasts so you can't see them.

PHIL: "Hey! what the fuck!" I clamp my strong fingers around one of your wrists and begin to yank at it. "I want to see those tits. Now show me!"

ALEX: I'm too weak to resist as you pull at one of my arms. Slowly, I take away the other arm too so you can see both of my breasts.

PHIL: "Now that's better... Much better," I put each of my hands on yours, holding them down onto the bed. I duck my head and eagerly suck on each nipple in turn. Pulling them hard into my mouth and nibbling on them with my teeth. "Mmmm not bad for a slut in training. They'll do for now"

ALEX: I squirm under you as you hold me down, trying to get my hands free but it's no use. I whimper as I feel your teeth on my nipples.

PHIL: I let go of your hands only to pick up your bra from the floor. I run one of the straps between my fingers. "Mmm this'll do." I grab one of your hands, squeezing the fingers in my vice-like grip as I secure the bra strap over your wrist and lift the other end over one of your bedposts. "See I still think you want to resist me, but I want you to be my little toy. And I can only do that when you can't move your hands." I pull the strap tight so it digs into your wrist.

ALEX: I struggle as you tie up my hand, cringing in pain when I feel it digging into my wrist. I pull at it but I can't get away. "Let me go!" I scream, hoping that you'll have mercy but knowing you won't.

PHIL: "Shut up bitch." I slap one of your pert breasts letting my fingers sting the soft flesh there. "Now you're going to show me that little pussy of yours aren't you." I roughly grab the waistband of your little blue shorts.

ALEX: I use my free hand to try to push your hands away from my shorts but it doesn't work.

PHIL: "Haha poor little bitch. Doesn't want to show me her pussy? doesn't want to get naked. Too, fucking, bad." I wrench harder at your shorts and panties, scraping them down your legs. "Just keep fucking still. And keep your legs shut so I can get you naked. You'll have plenty of time for spreading your thighs soon enough."

ALEX: I keep trying to kick at you as you pull down my shorts and panties so that you can now see my completely shaven pussy. I'm now lying down, completely naked under you.

PHIL: I completely remove your shorts over your feet, having to grasp your ankles hard to keep each one still. I quickly put your free wrist through one of the holes in your panties, before putting the other over the bedpost, tying a knot to secure it. I sit back to admire my work, holding your ankles in my strong hands and spreading you wide apart before me. "Just gorgeous" I whistle quietly. "A perfect little naked slut, ready to play. And she's even shaved! Mmmmm what a naughty bitch."

ALEX: I pull my arms, trying to get them away. struggling trying to get my ankles away from your strong hands. my entire naked body squirming and helpless. My face still stained with my tears.

PHIL: "Ah stop wriggling about! You're already my little fuckdoll. Mmm oh I wish I'd known sooner what a horny slut you were." I leave one of your ankles to rub my fingers up and down your pussy lips. "Mmmm and already totally dripping wet. That was turning you on wasn't it, being my cockhungry bitch. That was really turning you on being so dirty." I roughly dip two fingers past your opening and inside you.

ALEX: I squirm when you touch my pussy, and blush when you notice that it's wet. I can't help but moan a little bit when I feel your fingers inside me, but I keep struggling, but a little less.

PHIL: I keep my eyes fixed on your flushed face. "Feels good doesn't it. You don't need your hands free now that you've got me to touch your pussy." I start to slide my fingers further up into you, rubbing my thumb over your throbbing clit. "Naughty little girl likes to have fingers fucking her pussy doesn't she." I breathe harder as I add a third finger. "Oh stop struggling, if you pull at those bonds they'll only get tighter."

ALEX: I keep struggling. I shake my head no, wanting you to stop. "I'm not a naughty girl... I'm...I'm not." I gasp when you add in a third finger, and bite my lip to keep from screaming. "I'm not naughty" I say again, but you can tell I'm becoming less sure.

PHIL: "Not naughty!" I laugh at you. "Have you seen yourself. You've let me in here, sucked every inch of my cock down your throat, and then showed me your little tits. And now you're lying here with your panties off letting me finger fuck you. And all of it has made you dripping wet. I'd say that makes you a very very naughty girl in deed." I move my fingers inside you in time with my words, plunging them nice and deep now. With my other hand I start to stroke my cock, still soaking wet from your saliva.

ALEX: I've stopped struggling and look up at you as you talk. I cringe when you say the things I've done, feeling ashamed of myself. But I still can't help but moan as you finger me. my eyes get drawn to your cock as you stroke it, unable to take my eyes off of it.

PHIL: "You want this don't you," I say, smiling at you. You look so helpless and weak, all cried out and tied up. "You want this cock inside you don't you. Want to feel it slipping right up into you. That's why you sucked it so well wasn't it, to make it as hard as possible. Ask me to fuck you and I will." I continue to smile, my fingers gently working up and down my shaft, over and over, almost hypnotic in my movements.

ALEX: I look back up at your face and stare at you, not saying anything. I shake my head no slowly, still trying to fool myself into thinking I don't like this.

PHIL: I plunge my fingers far into your tightness and gently tap your sensitive clit. "I said, ask me to fuck you, and I will. Just two little words and you can have this cock deep inside you."

ALEX: I moan and squirm, my legs shaking. "I... won't say it" I say, breathing hard.

PHIL: I pull my fingers out of you and look at them. "so naughty." I reaffirm as I crawl up the bed. My cock moves further and further towards your pussy as I advance on you. I hold myself up on my hands and look decisively into your face. My cock rests just between your legs, pointing at its desired target. "Tell me what you want bitch before I have to force it out of your slut mouth."

ALEX: I shake my head and turn my face away from you. "no" I say, feeling embarrassed and blushing heavily, my hips trying to move to get closer to your hard cock.

PHIL: I take my erect cock in one hand and drag it up and down your pussy lips, nudging at your swollen clit every time I reach the top. I then use it to slap your wet thighs. "Even your thighs are wet, wet and spread wide to be fucked." I reach up to one of your perky breasts to pinch and twist the nipple. "Poor little fucktoy can't tell me what she wants. You don't want to get your pretty face stained with fresh tears now do you slut."

ALEX: I squirm more and moan as I feel your cock run across my clit and lips of my pussy. I stretch my hips more, trying to get your cock inside of me but can't. I whimper when you twist my nipple. At the thought of you making me cry more, I finally mumble "fuck me" very quietly so you can barely hear me.

PHIL: I grit my teeth "Oh come on now. You can do much better than that. You think you're going to get my cock for that pathetic attempt. Louder! and with feeling." I'm twisting your nipple, in each direction until it won't go any further. I look down to see the flesh around it rapidly turning red and hot. I look back at you fixing you with my stare once more.

ALEX: I scream out in pain as you twist my nipple, my eyes watering and another tear escaping as you keep doing it. "fuck me!" I yell loudly, my nipple hurting a ton.

PHIL: "Mmmmm better... With what? With my finger maybe?"

ALEX: I squirm again. "Y...your cock" I say.

PHIL: "Mmmm yes? So you want to be fucked by my nice thick cock?"

ALEX: my nipple hurting so much now I can hardly talk, more tears going down my face. I quickly nod my head yes.

PHIL: "Good... That's what I thought you wanted." The fresh tears are making me harder than ever. I grasp the base of my cock with one hand and bring the tip to your warm entrance. With one deliberate movement I push forward. The tip of my cock spreads your tight pink petals open wide and reaches deep. I keep my eyes focussed on your face, watching the expression as you feel every inch glide firmly into your empty waiting pussy.

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