tagMatureAlexandra Flatly Ch. 03

Alexandra Flatly Ch. 03


Chapter 3. Expanding Options are Explored.

"Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking!"

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All characters are 18 or over.

One day the next week Alexandra dragged me into the Science Lab saying "I can't wait any longer, I need to drink your cum!" Again she mashed her huge tits against me as she kissed me madly.

We were in the storage room, out of sight from anyone when the door to the classroom opened again. In came the Science Teacher, Mr. Feldman followed by Ms. Cropley, my English Teacher.

To my amazement, as soon as they were both in the room they were in each others arms kissing madly! Their hands were all over each other as Alexandra and I watched through the storage room door.

"God, Baby, I'm so hot for it! Gimme that big dick!" she moaned while grabbing for his zipper with frantic hands.

"I have to see your big tits!" he said, trying to force her suit jacket off her shoulders.

"We don't have time! Just fuck me, now!" She spun in place as she said this. Quickly she hauled her skirt up over her ass.

"Crotch-less panties!" I whispered to Alexandra, "Ms. Cropley wears crotch-less panties!"

I couldn't believe my eyes! There, not forty feet from me, my prim and proper English teacher was bent over a lab bench, her skirt pulled up revealing an amazing pair of legs clad in the darkest hose. Her hose was held up by garters and her dripping pussy was revealed by crotch-less pantyhose!

His pants were around his knees as he shuffled up to her. His dick was a hard length of pulsing flesh as he began pounding it to her.

They were fucking like dogs in heat! The only sound louder than his breathing were the moans and cries of pleasure that she made while thrusting back at him as hard as she could.

The entire time she was talking to him. "Your big dick feels so good! Ram it to me, stud! Fuck me hard with that big dick of yours! God, I love it!" On and on she went praising the size of him, daring him to fuck her harder and harder.

His face was getting red with strain while he tried to go faster and harder.

Alexandra breath was hot and moist in my ear as she watched the two teachers going at it. She was jacking me slowly, keeping me primed.

"Damn, if she thinks HE'S got a big dick, she should see what I'm holding!" she giggled. She sank to her knees again and began to suck me off with slow, sensuous movements of her hot mouth.

In the lab things were quickly drawing to a climax. Ms. Copley's butt was shaking from the pounding delivered by the Science Teacher. Her cries were getting higher pitched and he was grunting with effort.

Suddenly she stiffened, her legs locking, her back tightening and her body shivering. As she jammed her hand in her mouth to stifle her screams he pushed forward and remained jammed against her butt as he came into her spamming cunt.

Almost at once they began straightening up.

As he zipped up his pants he looked at her and said "I never got to play with your huge titties! I wish you'd have let me!"

"Oh, lover, you know how long it takes me to get out of this rig, and even longer to get back into it! I'll tell you what, you bring your big self to my place tonight and we'll play for as long as you like!" Her smile was sexy as all hell. I couldn't believe this was my English Teacher speaking!

"I can't tonight, my wife has some stupid plans. We'll get together next week, okay?"

"Sure, whatever." Her voice was chilly with disappointment as they walked out the door.

Just as the door closed Alexandra jammed her index finger up my butt and started to massage my prostrate causing me to erupt into her mouth. I came a bucket-load, fantasizing that it was Ms. Cropley that was sucking my dick.

I had English next to last period. Last period was Study Hall, one of the perks of being a Senior.

As I sat in class my mind was not on the discussion of Herman Melville!

Looking at Ms. Cropley now after seeing her with Mr. Feldman I saw things differently. She always wore skirts and jackets. I had noticed that her upper body was bulky, I had assumed she was chubby or fat. Having seen her legs earlier I knew she was not. What had she and Mr. F meant? He had said she had big tits; "huge" was the word he used. She had referred to her "rig". That it was hard to take off and put on. What did it all mean?

And she looked sexier now. Her lips seemed plumper, her hair shinier. Maybe it was knowing that she was wearing crotch-less panty hose!

I had to try to find out more. If she liked Mr. F's dick, what would she think of my huge dong? Alexandra was crazy for it, maybe Ms. Cropley would be too! How was I to test this theory?

As class was ending I made up my mind.

Approaching her desk my dick was a long thick tube down my pant leg. Not fully hard, it still made an impressive bulge. I made no attempt to hide it as I stood next to Ms. Cropley's desk.

"Ms. Cropley," I began, "I wonder if I could arrange to get some tutoring in English. I'm having a hard time in class."

"Tommy, I'm sorry. I don't tutor. And your class work is fine! You don't seem to be having a difficult time at all!" She replied without looking up.

I gulped nervously as I went for broke.

"Well, you see Ms. Cropley, sometimes things are harder for me than you can imagine. Like earlier today when I was sorting some chemicals in the Science Lab, you know, around 11:15?"

Her head snapped up. "Elev... Eleven-Fifteen?" She stammered. Her face went pale and then pink. "You were in the Science Lab then?"

"Sure was, and things got really hard for me, too! I was hoping you could help me out!" I sensed that I had her on the ropes, and I had to keep her off balance.

"What, um, that is, um, what do you want?" she quavered.

"I just want you to help me with a hard problem I'm having." I leered at her as I shifted my books from one hip to the other.

The movement brought her attention to my crotch. I saw her eyes widen in shock as she saw the size of the bulge in my chinos. She moistened her lips unconsciously as she gazed at me.

"A hard problem? Yes, you do have a hard problem" she murmured.

"I know you like to work on big problems. Do you think you could help with a problem as large as I have?" I asked playfully.

"I don't know," she replied, "but I'd like to try!" She seemed to be over her concern as she continued to stare. The more she stared the harder I got. My dick almost reached my knee and it was almost at full strength.

"Yes, some tutoring might be the best thing for me, I mean you. I really want to help you solve your problem." She was smiling now as she glanced into my eyes. The shift in her attitude was complete as she returned her attention to my stretched out chinos.

As we drove toward her place she encouraged me to sit as close to her as I could. Her hand rested on my leg, agonizingly close to the rock hard dick in my pants.

As she kneaded my leg I tried to slip a hand under her jacket. The many references that she and Mr. Feldman had made to the size of her breasts had me mad with curiosity. How big WERE her tits?

"Oh, honey, don't waste your time," she scolded me. "You wont be able to feel a thing under this rig I'm forced to wear, wait until we get to my place! I'll have a couple of big surprises for you once we are inside!" Her voice was dripping with promise.

I slid my hand down onto her knee and began to work my way up her leg. She didn't protest. Indeed, she inched her thighs as far apart as she could encouraging my explorations. Finally I jammed one and then two fingers into the sopping wet slit I found exposed by her crotch-less panties.

Slowly, agonizingly, her hand moved closer to my dick as she continued to caress and knead my leg. Finally she slid her fingers over the shaft of my dick that was trapped against my leg in my now skin-tight chinos.

"My God, child! You're as thick as a baseball bat! The working end!" Her voice was hoarse with passion. "I've never felt one so thick!"

Her hand remained on my dick for the rest of the journey. Molding the saturated fabric tightly to the shaft and head. Her efforts concentrated on the head of my dick. As she worked, my dick-head pulsed with each beat of my heart, growing bigger and harder under her gentle ministrations.

Once at her place she giggled at me as I tried to walk from the car to the front door. I could barely stand. My dick was so hard and ran so far down my pant leg that I had to bend at the waist like an old man in order to move. I shuffled slowly into the house as she watched.

"Oh, babykins, that must be painful! Well you just hop up on this barstool and I'll try to relieve the pressure!"

She helped me up onto the stool. She was correct. I could not have sat down on the sofa, my dick would have snapped off, it was so hard!

"MMMMhhhmm, Babykins, I can hardly wait!" Her hands were both on my dick, squeezing and caressing.

I leaned forward and kissed her, sliding my hands under her jacket. I found that I couldn't reach around her. It felt like holding a tree trunk or a oak cask. There was no give at all, no clue as to what was hidden under her clothes. I think my disappointment must have shown on my face.

"Honey, I told you! You can't feel anything just now. Wait a few minutes and I'll change. But right now..." Her voice trailed off as she slowly slid to her knees in front of me.

She made quick work of my belt and zipper. Urging me upright she slid my pants down out of the way. With a groan she reached into my boxer shorts and grasped the steel hard shaft.

"I've never felt such a hard dick! And so hot!" Her voice was quivering with lust. The look in her eyes was ferocious.

Laughing gaily she spun out of my embrace. "You just wait, though! You'll be pleasantly surprised I think!"

Speaking to me through the almost closed bedroom door she said, "Tommy, given what I truly hope is going to happen soon you should call me Veronic, that's my first name."

"Okay, Veronica, I will."

"Are you going steady with that new girl, Andrea?"

"Alexandra?" I asked.

"Yeah, that's her name. She's really got a terrific little figure, doesn't she?"

"She sure does! But I'm not sure that "little" is the word I'd use to describe her." I exclaimed.

"Well, everything is relative. You never dated anyone with bigger tits?" Her questions caught me off-guard.

"Um, no, of course not!" I stammered.

"What is she? About a Double-D?" The question seemed strange. Why did Ms. Cropley, I mean Veronica, care what size breasts my girlfriend had?

"Um, she said 36-F," I responded.

"That's pretty big," she admitted from the other room. "Do you like girls with big titties?"

"Sure, who doesn't," I said. "All the guys watch her in the hall!"

"I'm sure that they do!" Her voice was muffled as if her head was under some clothing. I tried to picture what she was doing, but had no idea. Why did she want to change her clothes?

I was about to get off the stool when she spoke again. "Are you still sitting down?"

"Yeah," I replied as I eased back into the stool.

"Good. I don't want you to fall over!"

And then she swung around the door and into my view!

"Holy Shit!" I exclaimed! "Jesus H. Christ!" I was almost shouting in suprise!

Her smile broadened and she stopped several feet away from me - allowing me all the time I needed to take in what I was seeing. She seemed to soak up the wide-eyed stare I was giving her.

I literally did not know where to look first.

Those tits! Her legs! Those tits! That cleavage! Those hips! Her feet in the tallest spike heels you can imagine! Those tits! Her makeup that completely changed her looks! That massive, endless cleavage! That skin tight skirt! Those TITS! My eyes were bugging out, my jaw had hit my chest, I'm sure I was drooling!

Her feet were strapped into a pair of high heel shoes that lifted her up at least five inches. Her legs were still encased in dark hose. I could just barely see the beginning of the dark welt at the top of her hose and the impression made by the garter snaps under the clingy black skirt that stopped closer to her crotch than her knees. Her hips were accentuated by the tight skirt as was her microscopic waist. Her breasts surged out of a deeply cut bodice like two rising loafs of bread! I could see every seam and stitch of her bra under the low cut white spandex t-top that she wore. Her boobs looked like they had been vacuum packed they were so tightly encased! Every time she breathed her boobs would billow upward, her cleavage deepening in response.

Smiling at my response she slowly pirouetted in place allowing me to see her from every angle.

From the back I saw that her ass was tightly gripped by the black skirt, her cheeks each limed by the dark satin. And if the frontal view had been staggering the profile that she offered was mind blowing. Her tits projected so far outward that I could not even guess how far in front of her they were! The lower curves ended just above her waist. Each breast was bigger than her head, twice as big, at least!

"Now you can say you have met someone bustier than Alexandra. 'Cause I'm bigger than her. A LOT bigger!" The bragging tone in her voice was obvious.

"Now watch this!" She giggled as she turned again to present her profile to my bug-eyed stare.

She kept her head turned toward me as she stood up as straight as she could. Still watching me she pulled her shoulders back while inhaling deeply! My God, her breasts rose and rose and rose. Surging upward, they untucked her T-top from her skirt. The cleavage that had been so obvious grew to overwhelming proportions. It looked like her tits had tripled in size! I was completely mesmerized by the sight. I had never seen such an over-awing sight in my life!

Her hands roamed over her bosom. She had a look on her face as if she could not believe just how big her own tits were. And neither could I!

Reaching out, I pulled her toward me and added my hands to hers. Even with four hands caressing them her breasts were so large that those hands seemed inadequate for the job. I leaned forward and began to run my tongue over her canyon-like cleavage.

"Ohh, " she moaned. "I love that! Use your tongue, use your tongue! Lick my huge titties!" I was happy to do so. For the next few minutes I was in titty licking heaven, licking, hefting, and trying to smother myself in her bosom.

Finally I felt her hands on my shoulders as she pushed me gently away. Looking down in to my eyes she husked, "Its time to move on, honey. I want to see your huge dick. I've waited long enough!"

She sank to her knees in front of me, taking care to rub her tits into me as she did so.

My rock hard dick was still standing at attention, saluting her ridiculously over developed figure. She sighed as she wrapped both hands around as much of my dick as she could.

"This is just freaking huge," she exulted as she smooched the dick head all over her face. Drools of precum were left behind on her forehead and cheeks while she bestowed butterfly kisses to the head and its gaping slit. Her lithe pointy tongue coaxed more drops of precum which she swallowed with evident enjoyment.

"Wow, how big is this dick?" she breathed, looking up at me again.

"Um, I'm not sure," I replied.

"Do you mean to tell me that that busty tramp has never measured this freakishly huge cock?" Her disbelief challenged my statement.

"Well, yeah, she said it was more than 14 inches long. She never told me just exactly what the measurement was." I replied.

"GOD DAMN! More than 14 inches long? That's a record, for sure. I've done a lot of research on this, I'm kind of a size freak, you know, what with my own over abundance of titties!" Again she arched her back to display her massive feminine charms. "And as far as I could find out the longest dick recorded was about 13 1/2 inches long. And yours is not only longer, it is so, so thick." Her hands were lightly floating up and down, just barely touching the skin of my cock.

Her mouth drifted down, her lips parting as she began to worship the longest, thickest hardest fuck stick she had ever heard of. After a few minutes I was throbbing so hard you could watch the pulsing, surging beat of the blood in my dick.

From somewhere she produced a tailor's measuring tape. Applying it deftly she carefully measured from root to tip. "My God, fourteen and, um, fourteen and a half inches! What a whopper! And," she quickly repositioned the tape, "Holy Crap! Almost 9 inches around at the thickest point! Jesus, what a record breaker! But, well, I always was greedy!" As she spoke she wrapped a velvet ribbon several times around the base of my missile.

"What are you doing?" I moaned as she continued to stroke my dick.

"This is kind of a cock ring, it will allow blood into your dick, but not out." she explained. "I want to see just how large I can coax this monster!"

As she spoke she was again making my dick surge by licking and lapping the cock head. Under her ardent worship it swelled even larger. Using lots of saliva as lubricant her hands flew up and down the majority of the dick that she could not take into her mouth.

"Oh, God, that feels good!" I moaned as she worked. "You're amazing! Not even Alexandria can make me feel like this." High praise indeed given what a cock sucker she was.

"She hasn't had enough time to learn all the tricks I know!" she gasped as she drew back from my massively erect dick. The skin on my dick was growing tighter with each second. Looking down I could see the velvet ribbon digging deeper and deeper into the root of my dick.

"Oh GOD, Tommy, you're still getting bigger! I can't even get your dick head into my mouth." She giggled as she kept ministering to my rock hard dick.

"It hurts," I moaned. "It's too tight! Please, Ms. Cropley..." I fumbled with the ribbon at the base of my cock, trying to release the pressure. I could feel every beat of my heart as the ribbon dug ever deeper as my shaft expanded and lengthened.

"Now, I told you, call me Veronica, or Ronnie!"

"Please, Ronnie, please, it's too tight. It hurts now!" Again I reached down...

"Let me," she gasped, reaching again for the tape. Again she measured my length. "Oh, this is incredible, look at how long you are NOW!" Her voice was filled with excitement as she gaped at the reading. "Seventeen and a quarter inches!" she crowed. "Almost another three inches! And bigger around than I can reach with both hands. Look at that, just over ten and one half inches around!"

Laughing gaily she loosened the ribbon and as I started to explode she directed the massive spurts over her breasts, her neck and face. Several ropes of semen landed in her hair and then she sucked the tip of my cock into her mouth. As quickly as that her mouth was over flowing with jism and excess strands were sliding down her chin and then dripping onto her tits. She dropped my dick and began massaging the cum into her tits while I jacked another several wads onto her upturned face.

I was groaning with relief, the pleasure was unendurable as I sagged back onto the stool.

"Come on stud, you're not done yet are you?" she asked as she reached out to again claim my dick. "Lets get to the bedroom. I need to feel what it's like to be crammed with the biggest dick in the whole world!"

My head was reeling as she tugged me up and led me to her bedroom. Her desire was unslakable and her massive breasts rock and rolled as she drew me onward with her tight clasp on my cock.

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