Alice Manipulated Ch. 02


Bernie reaches for her love box -- his lunch box and her satin-like icon of femininity is there to be taken. Eaten and he is hungry for her. He grasps his large hands under the cheeks of her arse and lifts her widened thighs up off the bed, pulling her into his face. Alice is moaning louder and louder feeling what is happening, imagining her make-believe girlfriends' pussies are very wet while they secretly watch her being taken.

The expectation is making her tremble with excitement, yet she keeps pretending to be asleep to add to his enjoyment. He is now so hungry for her he gobbles her entire pussy into his mouth and is sucking her clitoris and vagina lips hard and fast. She moans louder, the mumbled words "take me daddy" are almost inaudible as she feigns her deep sleep while he probes, munches, sucks and tickles her sweet scented vulva in a tongue lashing she will remember for many years.

Her thick puffy nipples stand up like missiles ready to be launched. She is wet, wet,wet inside and her body is shaking now in a more uncontrollable way She is about to reach a mighty orgasm, her pussy still in his mouth as he feels her body stiffen, slow at first, then suddenly go stiffer, her back arching back away from him as she lets out a long screech and goes limp.

He stops and looks at the exhausted, lithe curvy shape lying nude before him. His penis aches from being so rigid for so long as he moves it to the entrance of he vagina, the lips still separated, the outer labia swollen and full. His thick knob pushes aside her vagina lips like pearly gates opening to heaven for his manhood and slowly slides the trunk-like bulk of his penis all the way in until it will go no further. Alice, eyes shut feigning sleep, lets out a long oooooohhhhh. as if she were having a sexy dream.

Alice is not asleep, and he knows it. He is mighty thankful she is allowing him to work out one of his greatest fantasies as if turning back the clock. What a wonderful,considerate woman she is. He is enjoying this immensely, not just the hard sex but the powerful psychological impact of seeing her under him, so small, so vulnerable, so young, so willing, taking his full erection with ease. His adopted daughter was taught well by the doctor how to make her mind a powerful force in enjoying sex and she is switched on and going into overdrive thinking dirty.

Now, in the sustained eroticism of their urgent lovemaking, she wants to role-play for him -- and herself -- the tiny daughter fantasy. He pumps her hard and long, as she whimpers and moans supposedly in sleep. He can't believe he can get such a tremendously hard and sustained erection at his age and keeps putting it down to his long restrained lust for her.

Yes, it must be the reason, he thinks, for he has never been this hard and able to maintain an erection for so long since his early 20s. The good Lord is rewarding him for being patient, he thinks. Alice is going to climax again any moment, he senses, with her body giving an ever-quickening series of short upward thrusts, her mouth now open panting like a dog on heat, her tongue swivelling about through her parted lips. Her vaginal orgasm arrives with shuddering force for such a small girl, her arms flailing about. It matched at least her clitoral orgasm when he sucked her pussy only a short while earlier. She is momentarily incoherent

They spent the rest of the night in close embrace. It is father and daughter in love. Incestuous harmony. Nothing will ever separate them.

Uncle Bernie and Alice maintained an unusually strong loving relationship. They tried many variations of sex to push the boundaries of erotic imagination. Alice never left home to find love elsewhere; she found in her adopted father all the love she could ever need and consume.

To be continued: A devious couple sexually exploit Alice's innocence in a new job while her Uncle Bernie is overseas for six months. Literotica will make sure you'll be licking your lips!

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