Alien Cat-duction


I turned. My balls and penis wobbled inches from her face. Cupping them in her hand, she rolled them around in her fingers, sometimes inspecting them, sometimes playing with them. I could hear her tinkle while she fondled me idly. "Harvey?" she mused, staring at her plaything. "Can you get hard again even though you've just done that?"

"Sure," I reassured her. "I gotta rest a bit, but yeah, I'll be ready to go again later." I liked the way she thought.

Looking up at me, she grinned. Her eyes glimmered. I reached for some toilet paper and offered it to her.

"What's that for?" she asked.

"It's to wipe yourself."

"Aren't you going to clean me? I cleaned you."

"Um ... maybe next time. Why don't you try it this way, just so you see how we do it," I suggested, turning to leave. "I'll leave you to it now." From behind me, I heard her murmur, "Ahhh," in protest.

*** Questions ***

I strolled back to the couch and flopped down, exhausted from our fooling around. Soon, Leosa joined me. She climbed over the back of the couch, over my shoulder and nestled into my lap. Curling around my groin, she began to play with her toy again. Her tail slew around in the air in front of my face until I batted it away.

"Leosa, stop it for a minute."

"But I want to see if it'll get hard again."

"C'mere." I lifted her away from her distraction. "Can't we rest for a minute? I want to ask you some questions."

Sticking out her bottom lip, she rose onto her knees, and before I knew it, she toppled me onto my back so that I was lying down on the couch. Then she smiled. She stretched out on top of my body and threw her arms around my neck. "Better?" she said coyly. I could feel her soft breasts on my chest and her wet mane on my penis.

"Yes, if you settle down."

She squirmed her hips, sponging her wet patch all over my groin. "I'm not lying on anything, am I?" she giggled, agitating her hips some more. Her lubricated pussy lips straddled the underside of my cock, which nestled along her slit.

"You're not settling down." I reached to stop her hips with my hands, but as I brushed down her sides, I got caught up in the feeling of the soft fur on her back. Something about the fur made want to keep petting her. The more I rubbed, the calmer she got.

"R-r-r-r-r," she purred, nuzzling into my neck, "That's nice." I could feel her breath on my skin.

"Where did you escape from?" I asked.

"Hmmm?" Her tail snaked up beside my face and tickled my ear. Her hips continued to rock slowly, causing her lips to slide gently up and down my flattened cock.

"You said you escaped. Where did you escape from?"

"Escape?" she said beside my ear. "Oh ... Um ... are you sure you've never heard of Felis before?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"No reason," she replied, propping her head up with her hands, her elbows on my chest. "I live on a planet where the dominant race exploits my race, and ..."

"Dominant race?" I butted in.

"The Tigrinoids. They're horribly striped creatures."

"And you're not a Tigrinoid."

"Heavens no. I am beautifully spotted. I'm a Leopasian." She pinched my lips shut. "You have to let me tell my story."

"Snorry," I mumbled in her grip.

"I was orphaned when I was just a kitten and forced to live in a government pride. The elders used to abuse us all the time. Last week, I reached my age of majority. That's when they sell us off. I was in the transport that was taking me to my new owners, and so I stole an evacuation pod and landed here." Then, with a whisper, she said, "And then you rescued me." She bent down and licked my mouth.

I kissed her back, causing her to rear back. "R-r-r-r-r, I liked that!"

"Leosa," I said, "Where were they taking you?"

She nuzzled into my neck again, flicking at it teasingly with her tongue. "A dirty, filthy, Canid mining colony." She began to rock her hips again. "I was supposed to be a domestic in one of their den barracks." Her pussy lips slid wetly on my cock. "They're awful, and you have to do whatever degrading thing they ask you to do." Up and down, she slid. Up and down. Then she sat up, pressing her pussy down over my cock. "But now you can be my master." She squished along my cock with more force as she rocked.

I was getting wonderfully hard again. "But won't they ... Ohhh, that feels good. ... Won't they come looking for you?"

She lifted her hips and reached down for my penis. After testing its stiffness, she angled it up for insertion. "Let's not talk about that right now. There's nobody looking for me at this moment." She lowered her hips.

*** Humvee ***

Thump-thump-thump-thump. I thought the front door was going to fall into the living room. Leosa sprung onto the floor into a defensive crouch, while I stared the door, stunned. My first reaction was not to answer it, but my jeep in the driveway gave away our presence.

Thump-thump-thump-thump. I jumped up and threw on my boxers. Signalling Leosa to stay quiet, I hobbled to the door, my hard-on wobbling stiffly in my shorts. I opened the door, but just a crack so as to shield Leosa from view.

On the doorstep outside loomed a female soldier in combats, backlit by the headlights of a Humvee in the driveway. She wasn't all that big, but her presence was certainly imposing. Under her disruptive pattern field cap, her dark eyes glared at me, while her fine blond hair strained against the tight bun at the back of her head. Above her disruptive pattern battledress pants, her thin khaki undershirt stretched tightly over a pair of large round breasts. She appeared to be wearing a bra, but her nipples poked angrily out at me regardless. On her arm, the white letters 'MP' contrasted starkly on a black armband.

"Sir, I have to ask you to stay inside while we search your property," she advised me. "There's no need to be alarmed." She scanned up and down my body, and then pausing her inspection at my groin, she cocked an eyebrow. I suddenly felt naked. Turning to her colleague, she said, "Why don't you ... uh ... check the yard. I'll look around inside."

"Okay, Sarge." The figure behind her jogged away.

I was about to ask her what was going on when she pushed past me into the cottage. I panicked that she would come upon Leosa, but when I glanced over my shoulder, the room was empty of cat and clothing alike.

"Excuse me!" I huffed. "What right do you have barging into my ..."

The MP spun around, sliding a nightstick out of her belt in a smooth, practised motion. She placed the tip of the stick against my chest and pushed me back against the wall. "Sir," she said, "I advise you not to interfere." Her eyes bored into me, but when my back slapped against the wall, she softened. She smiled and let up on the baton.

"This is for your own safety," she said in a calmer tone. She let the tip of the nightstick slide down my chest until it caught on the top edge of my boxer's waistband. "I would appreciate any cooperation you can offer." With a smirk, she applied more pressure on the tip and began forcing my boxers down my legs. I grabbed the waistband before it got too far.

"Can I ask you what you're looking for?" I tried to sound more cooperative.

She cocked her head in disappointment and turned around. Pacing around the room, she probed idly under cushions and behind curtains with her stick. "We have been advised that a satellite may have crashed in this vicinity, and we're afraid that there may be fallout from its power supply. Have you seen anything unusual tonight?"

"Yes, there was a flash a while ago," I replied. "Wait a minute. If you're worried about a crashed satellite, why are you searching inside my cottage?"

The MP strode back to me. I reared back, slamming against the wall again. She approached uncomfortably close. I tried to look her in the eyes, but when she was directly in front of me, I had to look off to the side.

She stared at me for a bit, inches from my body, her hardened nipples brushing against my chest. She seemed to enjoy how uncomfortable she made me. Then she hooked the offset handle of her nightstick onto the top edge of my waistband and yanked it down in a swift movement. My boxers whisked to the floor. I tried to cover myself with my hands, but she grabbed my arms and slapped them against the wall. My hard-on wavered in front of me, occasionally catching on the material of her t-shirt.

From the bedroom, I heard a low growl, but the MP didn't seem to notice it. "Please, sir," she said calmly, "the government is just looking for your cooperation. Which direction did the flash come from?"

I looked down at her nervously. She seemed very cool. "Over there," I responded, pointing over her shoulder.

She didn't bother to look. Instead, she rested the handle of her nightstick on top of my erection and slid it out along its length. Then she reached down to do the same thing with her hand when a call came through her belt-mounted radio. "Two-One, this is Two-One Charlie, over."

She backed off and grabbed her mike. "Two-One, go."

"Two-One Charlie. We got a debris field here, Sarge. It's about 600 metres north-east of your position, over."

"Two-One, roger. Set up a cordon, and call it into Two. I'll be there ASAP. Out." She looked back at me and smiled. Sliding her nightstick back into her belt, she turned to leave, but then she returned, grabbed my neck and forced a kiss on my mouth with a loud smooch. "I'll be back to finish the ... search," she said. Her eyes locked on mine. They seemed very wilful and eager. "When I come back, I want you to ..."

She was interrupted by a knock. "Sarge?" came a call from the other side of the door. She grinned, kissed me again and then left. The Humvee sped off down the road.

*** Escape ***

Leosa charged out of the bedroom, hissing. Stopping short of the front door, satisfied with her display, she slinked over to me and threw her arms around my neck. "I was going to attack her," she declared. "I was going to bite her throat and crush her windpipe."

I hugged her. Petting my hands up and down the fur of her back, I tried to calm her down and managed to comfort myself at the same time. "Well it's a good thing that you didn't," I said. "It sounds like they have a whole unit in the woods looking for you. We're going to have to get out of here."

I threw my clothes on, grabbed the car keys and hustled Leosa outside and into the jeep. Keeping the headlights off, I backed us slowly onto the gravel road. Leosa fidgeted on the passenger seat. "Get down in the foot-well," I instructed, pointing.

I drove the jeep away from the direction of the crash site, keeping the speed down so as not to raise a dust cloud or make too much noise. "Shit," I exclaimed. "Where's your suit and helmet?"

"In the cottage," she replied. "I don't need them."

"No, but they'll find them there. Shit!"

In the rear-view mirror, I could see flashlight beams dancing through the trees and the glow of large portable lights set up on the ridgeline. It was too late to turn back. I angled us up a dirt track that I knew led to the highway. With any luck, they won't have closed off all the roads yet.

Leosa didn't seem able to stay still. She fussed in the foot-well, trying to get comfortable. Then she began tickling my leg. "Settle down," I told her. "We're not out yet."

"It's dirty down here," she complained, "and you're making it too bumpy."

"Just relax, will ya?" We broke through the tree-line and crested the ditch beside the highway. I shut the jeep off and scanned around. Dark shadows and chirping crickets settled in around us.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing. Shhh." There were no other movements or noise. No one had followed us down the trail, and there were no roadblocks in either direction on the highway. I flicked on the headlights and merged onto the road.

Leosa noticed my smile. "Did we escape?" she asked, emerging from her refuge.

"I don't know. I think so." I made a mental note to drive under the speed limit so that we wouldn't get pulled over.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"To my house in the city."

Leosa began to fidget again. She turned and pulled every knob on the dashboard, forcing me to either undo or retrieve each one she touched. Then she slipped between the bucket seats into the back.

To our front, the highway was empty. The outline of the forests on either side of the road looked only slightly darker than the night sky. I kept my headlights on low beam though to remain as inconspicuous as possible.

Something brushed my cheek. I batted at it, but hit nothing. Then I felt it again. It tickled my ear like a feather. After a moment, I looked into the rear-view mirror and watched the end of Leosa's tail snake up to the side of my face, tickle me and then whip away.

"Leosa! Stop it! I'm driving here."

Leaning over the back of my seat, she reached around and began to unbutton my shirt. "R-r-r-r-r," she purred, her mouth next to my ear. "Turn the autopilot on, and come back here with me."

I tried to fend off her hand, but I couldn't halt her progress. Soon my shirt was completely open. "I can't. Cars don't have autopilots."

"Ohhh," she whined, sucking my earlobe into mouth and then chewing on it. She rubbed her hand all over my chest.

"Leosa! Please! We're going to go into the ditch!"

She slid back into the front seat. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched her breasts jiggle as she contorted into position. "Why would we do that?" she asked coyly, shifting around to face me.

"Because you're bothering me."

"Bothering you?!" She placed her hand on my thigh and began to slide it up towards my crotch. "I'm not really bothering you, am I?"

I could see where this was going. I tried to grab her wrist, but she got both hands on my zipper before I could stop her. She unzipped me and fished around in my fly for my cock.

"Leosa! Stop it!"

"I just want to see if you're hard again." She lowered her head into my lap. I could feel her hand grasp my penis and pull it out. "Hmmm. Not yet, but I think I know what to do."

"No! Don't!" My cock entered her warm, wet mouth. "Ohhh, geez! Leosa?!"

"Yes, sir?" she replied playfully but then went down on me again.

Realizing that the car was drifting across the road, I had to jink it back into the lane. "Leosa! Stop!"

"Yes, sir," she said but kept bobbing her head slowly up and down on my shaft. She was relentless. Up and down. Up and down. At the end of each withdrawal, she slurped back on her saliva, then she went back down again. Up and down. Up and down.

I probably should have pulled off the road, but I was caught up in it. Occasionally, I'd close my eyes in enjoyment and then have to jerk us back into the right lane. Up and down. Up and down.

Then, cresting a far hill, an oncoming car approached. I felt my balls churn. My cock got really hard. Her mouth was hot and wet. Up and down. Up and down. The headlights got closer. I forced myself to focus on our lane. Up and down. Up and down.

The other car was almost upon us. My groin clenched. Leosa plunged her mouth onto my cock. The other car was almost beside up. I thrust my hips into her face. "OHHH!! UNNGGGHHHH!!" Spurt after spurt went into her mouth. Our jeep drifted across the centreline. The oncoming driver blared his horn and swerved to avoid us. Leosa forcefully sucked up my cum. I jammed on the brakes. We slid sideways, finally halting in the middle of the road.

"Oh my gawd!" I exclaimed, my heart pumping fitfully. "You can't do that when I'm driving! We're going to have an accident." Through the side window, I watched the red taillights of the other car recede into the night as the driver gave me another blast of his horn for good measure.

Sitting back on her haunches in her seat, Leosa grinned at me proudly with her cheeks puffed out. She began to say something, but then some cum dribbled onto her chin, and so she had to swallow her mouthful. She broke out laughing and flopped back in her seat.

I manoeuvred the car back into our lane and headed off again. Suddenly, Leosa pounced on my neck. "No! Don't go! Pull over! I want your tongue," she whinged. "It's my turn."

I scowled at her and continued to drive. "Ohhh!" she moaned, plopping into her seat and crossing her arms. We drove on in silence.

Leosa stared out the window for a while, but she just couldn't stay still. She snaked around the stick-shift, stretched out on my lap and turned her body up to face me. Then, she grabbed my hand and moved it onto her vagina. I combed my fingers through her patch of mane and onto her wet lips. Her juices oozed between my fingers.

I traced around her vagina and then slid my middle finger along her crack between the lips. As I rubbed, she stretched out her body, growling contentedly. Her tail curved around my arm in a furry caress.

I moved up to her clit and began flicking it with a fingertip. I vibrated on different spots and with different speeds until I found a combination that she really reacted to. Then I concentrated on maintaining it, flicking and flicking and flicking.

She squirmed under my attention, her body writhing, her hips rolling. The soft fur on her back buffed my exposed cock. She responded in cycles, building up with lots of growling and gyrations and then settling down to contented purring. But at the height of each new cycle, she reached a more intense plateau.

I turned onto a busier highway and merged into sporadic traffic. I had to pay more attention to the road now, but I was fascinated by how much she was enjoying my touch. I flicked and flicked. Suddenly, she grabbed my arm but then settled back down. In no time she grabbed it again, then settled down. Her cycles were getting shorter. So I decided to push her over the top. I inserted my finger into her vagina.

She bucked her hips at the surprise. "Ahhhhh!" she screamed, grabbing onto my arm again and clamping my hand firmly against her. Her pussy was amazingly warm and wet. Its muscles clenched my finger almost as if she had a hand inside her grasping onto it. I fought against its incredible grip to slip my finger in and out. Luckily, she was wet enough to let me pump a bit.

She growled loudly and dug her claws into my arm. I could no longer drive, so I pulled off onto the shoulder of the road. When I finally got the car stopped, I focused all my attention on her, pummelling her pussy mercilessly with my finger, fighting against her internal grip. Pump, pump, pump. She writhed and curled on my lap. Pump, pump, pump. Juices started to spritz out onto her seat. Pump, pump, pump.

Suddenly, she went rigid. Inside her pussy, her wet muscle spasmed around my finger. Juices soaked my palm. "R-R-R-RARR-R-R!!" she snarled loudly. Then slowly, she relaxed her body until all I could see moving was her chest, as she panted rapidly to catch her breath.

Eventually, she rose from my lap and crossed her arms limply around my neck. She had trouble keeping her eyes open. "When we get home," she panted, "I am going to mate with you until you beg me to stop." I swallowed. "Then I'm going to keep going."

She licked my mouth and then crawled into the backseat, where she curled up. I threw the car blanket over her and watched her fall asleep, then I merged back onto the highway and dashed for home. I disregarded my earlier decision to stay under the speed limit.

*** Master ***

I clicked the garage door opener. Scanning the suburban cul-de-sac, I was glad to see everything dark and quiet. I slipped the jeep inside and lowered the door behind us. Leosa purred contentedly as I lifted her into my arms and carried her into the house. In the darkness, I felt my way carefully around chairs and corners, heading to the bedroom.

She stirred. "Where are we?" she muttered, keeping her eyes closed and head on my arm.

"Home," I replied.

"Tigra? Is that you?" she mumbled.

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