tagMind ControlAlien Flashlight Hypnotizes Women Ch. 01

Alien Flashlight Hypnotizes Women Ch. 01


A man finds a magical, hypnotic flashlight in the middle of the road and accidentally hypnotizes his future mother-in-law with it.

"Oh my God," said Brian staring through the window of his pickup truck at a fiery object rocketing through the sky. "What the Hell is that?"

If Brian hadn't seen the flash of fiery light shooting through the sky, he wouldn't have believed it. Stuck in this small, boring town, not use to such excitement, not much happens here and things like this never happen to him. Such an ordinary, albeit good looking, young man, he lived an everyday life in the rural part of Hicksville Pennsylvania with miles of farms and cornfields.

On every other normal day, he just would have went about his business in driving to his fiancé's house. Then, just as he saw the fiery light rocketing through the sky, at first it looked like a comet instead of what he believed later was a passenger jet on fire. Before he could take his eyes off of bright light to return his attention to driving down the road, there was a loud, fiery explosion. Whatever it was hitting the Earth shook the ground and violently vibrated his pickup truck as if he had just driven too close to a roadside bomb.

"Jesus Christ! What the fuck was that? I don't believe this," he said dazed enough by the loud explosion to stop his truck in the middle of the road to rubberneck.

He had to repeat it to believe it. Whatever it was rocketing through the sky hit ground in the middle of a cornfield in Pennsylvania with such loud, violent force that he imagined a meteor or a jumbo jet crashing and hitting the Earth. Ready for the shockwaves to come at him from across the large open field, expecting and bracing for the worst, he feared that he'd be killed right where he was. He fell across his truck seat hoping to cushion himself from the impact.

With a hailstorm of debris falling everywhere, showering the bed of his pickup truck, and bouncing all around him in the road, hoping nothing hits his windshield and/or dented his truck, he stayed right where he was. Fearing another explosion, he wanted to make sure that nothing else falling from the sky fell his way. All he needed was for a piece of a meteor or an imagined airplane engine landing on the roof of his truck to crush his truck and him.

Immediately, he heard sirens and saw flashing lights in the distance, lots of them. He turned back around to look at what he could see from the blown out rear window of his truck. Only, all he could see was a smoky fire. The smoke and the smell told him that fuel was burning. He was lucky. With a debris field long and wide across, if that hit any closer than it did, he would have been hurt or killed from the shock wave or the falling debris of the impact.

Ready to beat it the Hell out of there, a big deal in this small town, he just wanted to get to his fiancé's house as fast as he could to tell her all that happened. Still in shock, something that never happens around here, he couldn't believe all that he witnessed. Only, just as he resumed driving again, he saw something shining in the road. Whether they were dangling earrings, body piercings, sequined blouses, or nipple pasties, he's always been attracted to shiny objects.

He stopped his truck where his headlights could light up whatever it was in the road. Safe to stop his truck here, no one drove down this country road but for the few residents who lived here. He got out of his truck and walked to the object. If only he knew this small object would change his life forever and not for the better, he would have left it where it was in the road.

* * * * *

Curious enough about it to investigate what it was, cautiously he walked over to it and leaned over it.

"What the Hell is that?"

Glowing in the dark, it looked like a light but it wasn't any kind of a light that he's ever seen before. He stood over it and stared at it while trying to see what it was. Afraid to get too close for fear that it may be radioactive or, at the very least, hot from rocketing through the sky, he wondered what it was.

It looked like a small, harmless flashlight that was turned on and shining it's light across the road. No doubt, now that he recognized bits and pieces of a plane instead of a space rock, whatever this was had to come from the plane that crashed. Still working, it was miraculous that it survived without a scratch. He figured that it must be a Maglight, those things are not only indestructible but also they're made in America instead of frigging China where everything else is manufactured.

He squatted down to examine the light before daring himself to touch it. Then picking it up and holding it up to the light of his truck headlights to examine it, it didn't look like any Maglight that he ever saw. If anything, it looked like a futuristic flashlight. Yeah, that's what it looked like a flashlight from the future. Looking at it before turning it off, he put it in his pants pocket. He turned to stare behind him to watch the flames that had set the corn crop ablaze.

He wondered how many people were aboard the plane. He wondered if there were people still alive from the crash. He wondered if someone needed his help but when he was out of his truck and standing in the middle of the road while staring off in the distance behind him, he didn't see anything except for the fire.

Besides what could he do? He felt so helpless. He wasn't an EMT and even if he was trained for medical emergencies, he didn't have any medical equipment. All he could do is to hold their hand and tell them they'll be okay to comfort them until the police and fire departments arrived. Only if that was a passenger jet that crashed, there'd be a couple hundred people, too many people for him to comfort.

He stood there in the dark and listened but he didn't hear any screams. A God fearing man, he would have offered his help if he could and if there was anyone he thought was still alive. Figuring there'd be nothing left of people other than body parts, he couldn't bear to look. Such a terrible way to die, a plane on fire plunging from the sky in a fiery explosion, with him already having a fear of flying, now after this, he'll never board a plane. If he was going to die, he'd rather die in his pickup truck than on a plane.

Other than the sound of the crackling fire, everything was so eerily quiet. Other than the light of the fire that illuminated the night's sky and burned the corn crop, everything was dark, so very dark. He imagined the corn roasting like popcorn. He imagined a field of popped corn instead of a collection of corn earmarked for the vegetable stand and/or the grocery store. He imagined the poor farmer losing his crop, a personal setback enough to ruin his year. Only a farmer losing his crop was no comparison to those poor people losing their lives. Of all the things to wonder at a time like this, he wondered when set ablaze like this, if corn on the cob could pop in the way that corn in a bag popped when making popcorn.

Part of him wanted to get back in his truck and flee. Part of him wanted to run through the cornfield to see if there were any survivors. With the crash a good mile away through an eight foot high cornfield, no doubt the rows of tall cornstalks shielded him from the shock wave of the explosion. He couldn't imagine himself making his way through all of those cornrows in the dark as if making his way through a dense, Viet Nam jungle in the way his father told him he once had. Between the bugs, the rodents, and the snakes, he wasn't about to run through a cornfield that could burst into flames at any moment. He didn't want to get any closer than he was should there be another explosion.

* * * * *

Generally pitch black out here at this hour of the night, the night was dark but for the bright, shadowy flames that burned behind him. It was a smoky fire that stunk of fuel, melting plastic, and burning flesh, he imagined. Figuring all those souls who were on that flight were dead, he bowed his head, closed his eyes, and said a silent prayer for the departed. He got back in his truck and drove away before the police came and questioned him all night about what he saw and what he heard. Intent on seeing his fiancé after not having seen her for a week, he just wanted to continue on his way. Totally rattled, so that he could continue driving without having an accident, he needed to take a breath, relax, and put what he had just witnessed out of his mind until later when telling Irene all about it.

Only, instead of thinking of something to relax him, he thought of something that sexually excited him. Instead of thinking of his 21-year-old fiancé, Irene, he thought of his girlfriend's 42-year-old, MILF of a mother, Donna. Oddly enough, instead of sexually thinking of Irene, he often sexually thought of Donna when horny and/or when masturbating. Donna was just as pretty as her daughter. When he thought of her mother, he hoped when Irene was her mother's age that she'd look like her. If it wasn't that he was engaged to Irene, he'd make a pass at her mother. Only, if he wasn't engaged to Irene, he never would have had the good fortune of meeting her mother.

Where many men sexually fantasize about having sex with their mothers-in-law, with Donna not yet his mother-in-law, he wouldn't mind getting with her sometime later in life. Irene's mother looked like a younger and bustier version of Catherine Zeta Jones. Having already seen her in her bikini, albeit at night and in the dark during a drunken pool party, he knew she had a hot body for an old broad.

Wishing he could better compare her to her daughter, he wondered what she looked like in her panty and bra. He wondered what she looked like topless. He wondered what she looked like naked. He wondered what she felt like in his arms when they were both naked. He wondered what it felt like to kiss her while feeling her everywhere. He wondered what she was like in bed. He wondered the noises she made when she was having an orgasm.

"Oh, my God. What's wrong with me? I need to stop thinking about my fiancé's mother. Suddenly I'm so horny," he said while driving.

Strangely enough, as if the light in his pocket confessed his sexual thoughts, the light brightly glowed in his pocket and through the material of his jeans whenever he had such sexual thoughts of Irene's mother. He discounted and disconnected the reason for the glow of the light as ridiculous that a mere light could be a barometer to his sexual feelings. Yet, happening every time he thought of Irene's mother, as soon as he sexually thought of Donna, the light would glow in the way that his cock would stiffen.

As if this light was his personal, sexual lie detector, testing instrument, somehow his libido powered the light to glow again. The more sexually exciting his thoughts where, the brighter the light glowed. Whenever he thought of seeing Donna naked and having sex with her, the light glowed brightly. Perhaps because he's already seen her naked and perhaps because she's a virgin who refuses to have sexual intercourse until after she's married, it was odd that the light didn't glow whenever he thought of Irene. Sadly, he didn't lustily think of his fiancé in the way that he thought of her mother.

Only, even though he loved her daughter, he wished Irene had her mother's shapely body and her big tits. Small breasted and not as sexy and curvaceous as her mother, Irene was too thin. Maybe once she gained some weight and maybe after they married, she'd suddenly develop larger breasts. Nonetheless whether she had big tits or not, with her having her mother's fun personality and quick wit, he loved her. Yet, after kissing and feeling Donna while she felt him, he felt torn. He felt stuck with Donna's daughter when he really wanted Irene's mother.

Just a sexual fantasy that he enjoyed having when masturbating, and, certainly, something that would never happen, he found it sexually exciting to imagine having sex with Irene's mother. The thoughts of not only seeing Donna naked but also having sex with Irene's mother sexually excited him. Oddly enough, with his pocket light concurring with his sexual arousal for Donna, when he looked down, as if he had a noticeable erection, the light in his pocket was brightly glowing the evidence of his lust for Irene's Mom.

* * * * *

He remembered last summer when Donna had a drunken pool party. If only he wasn't engaged to Irene, he would have gotten lucky with not only Donna but also with her 38-year-old, kid sister, Kathy. They were all over him when he was in the pool. Kissing him, touching him, and feeling him, Kathy even stuck her hand down his bathing suit and wrapped her fingers around his cock.

Oh my God, having never received such sexual attention from an older women, he couldn't believe when Kathy stuck her tongue in his mouth. He never experienced an attractive, older woman acting so sexually brazen to grope him in the way that he so wanted to grope her. Normally it's the men groping women and not the woman groping men. With Kathy having tits as big as her sister's tits, he would have done her in the way that he wished he could do Donna. If only Irene wasn't there, with him drunk and horny enough, he may have taken more sexual liberties with not only her aunt but also with her mother.

A good fifteen years older than he was, Kathy already had the makings of a sexual cougar. Not one to turn down a sexual invitation, especially from a MILF of an older woman, he moved her to the darkest and deepest far corner of the pool. Once there and hidden in the dark, he returned her French kisses before feeling her big tits through her bikini top and before lifting her bikini top. In the way he wished he could kiss and feel Donna's sexy body, he was all over Kathy's big tits.

Feeling her breasts, he fondled her tits and fingered her nipples before sucking her big tits. He couldn't believe he was having his wicked, sexual way with Irene's hot aunt. A breast man, if only Irene inherited her mother's big boobs, he'd be so happy. Only, breast size didn't matter when falling in love with someone. Then, again, if he truly loved Irene, he wouldn't be fooling around with her aunt while lusting over her mother.

"What's going on here?"

When he looked up, Donna was in the pool right beside him.

'Oh Shit. Oh my God,' he thought. 'Where did she come from?'

"Sorry." With nothing to say in defense of his inappropriate sexual actions, sorry was the only thing that he could think of saying. "Sorry," he said again.

He didn't think he was drunk enough not to notice Donna, the woman he's been lusting over, swimming up behind him. He didn't think he was drunk enough for Kathy to take sexual advantage of him at the peril of losing Irene by cheating on her with her aunt. He never saw her or heard her swimming over to them. If it wasn't so dark, she would have seen the color drain from his face along with his erect cock shriveling with shame.

"Were you cheating on my daughter with my sister," she said so angrily. Worse than putting the fear of God in him, she put the fear of an angry, future, mother-in-law in him. "How could you to that to Irene? How dare you do that to my daughter? What's wrong with you for you to take sexual advantage of my poor, sweet, innocent sister?"

Caught red handed, he was so embarrassed. He didn't dare tell Donna that it was Kathy who made the moves on him and not the other way around. Taking two to tango, what good would that do now? He didn't know what to say. What could he possibly say to salvage his engagement to her daughter? There was nothing that he could say or do. He felt like such a pervert fooling around with Kathy. He was so very ashamed. Figuring that his engagement to her daughter was over, he didn't know what to say in defense of his inappropriate sexual actions with Irene's aunt, Donna's sister.

"No, um, we, um, were just talking," he said.

Instead of looking at him with shame and instead of asking him to leave her house and leave her daughter, Donna looked at him as if he was a stripper at a bachelorette party. She put her arm around his waist and pulled him close enough to hump. Then, reaching her hand down behind him, she squeezed his ass. There was no misinterpreting her sexual move that she wanted him to stay.

"Talking?" She gave him a sexy smile. "You can talk to me," she said taking his face in her hands and kissing him square on the lips.

Then, when she parted his lips with her tongue and French kissed him, he couldn't believe his sexual fantasy was coming true. Donna, Irene's hot MILF of a mother was French kissing him. Not wasting any time should Irene suddenly appear in the pool in the way her mother suddenly did, he returned her passion with his kiss while feeling her big tits through her bikini top. Then, with her offering no resistance to him feeling her big tits, in the way he felt Kathy's big tits, he lifted up her bikini top to expose her big breasts to his lustful eyes and horny hands.

In the way that his horny hands were all over Kathy's big tits, his horny hands were all over his future mother-in-law's big tits. As soon as Kathy swam away to give them some privacy, Donna moved his hand between her legs to her pussy while she felt his cock through his bathing suit. Where Irene barely had B cup breasts inside of her padded bra, Donna definitely had D cup breasts inside of her unpadded bikini top. As big and as firm as Kathy's big tits, Donna's breasts were so big and so firm. Feeling her tits and fondling her breasts, he continued fingering her nipples while she continued feeling his cock through his bathing suit and while kissing him.

His fiancé's mother was kissing him, French kissing him. He couldn't believe his future mother-in-law was making out with him and giving him the tongue while allowing him to feel her tits as she felt his cock. So very happy, he couldn't believe that he was going to marry into a family as sexually promiscuous as this. His sexual fantasy come true, he only wished that Donna had more sisters. Maybe Donna's mother is just as slutty and horny as they are. Wouldn't that be something to have sex with three generations, daughter, mother, and grandmother with the aunt thrown in as a bonus?

Prematurely ending as quickly as it began, the sudden, sexual intimacy ended when Irene appeared on the patio after disappearing in the house to use the bathroom and to make herself a drink. With her gone a long while, he wondered if she was sick or had been resting. Already, he felt so guilty having cheated on her with not only her aunt but also with her mother. If Irene hadn't disappeared in the house, not that he was blaming her for his inappropriate, sexual behavior with him making out with her aunt and with her mother but this unfortunate incident, albeit sexually exciting incident, may not have happened. A petite woman who couldn't hold her liquor, had Irene not been drinking and wasn't so drunk, she may have noticed him making out with her aunt and/or with her mother.

Only, just as he was ashamed of what happened, he was glad that it had. He shall cherish the sexual memory of making out with her aunt and her mother for the rest of his life. Still thinking of them groping his cock, he still masturbates over seeing and feeling their big breasts while French kissing them. Never has he ever felt such sexually excitement when being wanted not only by Irene's aunt but also by her mother too.

Even though that part of his life was over now, cheating on his fiancé with her aunt and her mother, the memory of making out with Kathy and Donna and feeling their big tits while they felt his cock, gave him masturbation material for months. Forever after that, he always felt a connection along with a great sexual desire for Donna as much as he did for Kathy. Now whenever he was horny, instead of thinking of Irene, he thought of Donna and Kathy. No doubt, so long as Irene didn't find out, if ever he had the opportunity again of seducing Donna and/or Kathy, he'd jump at the chance.

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