tagMind ControlAlien Flashlight Hypnotizes Women Ch. 02

Alien Flashlight Hypnotizes Women Ch. 02


A man finds a magical, hypnotic flashlight in the middle of the road and accidentally hypnotizes his future mother-in-law with it.

With him having just hypnotized his future mother-in-law with a pocket flashlight that was obviously not of this Earth, now he wondered if that was an alien spacecraft that crashed and not a commercial, passenger plane. For fear that they're be a panic, and of course there would be a panic, maybe that's why there's no news, no TV, and no cell phone reception. Wanting to control the uncontrollable, maybe that's why the Governor called in the National Guard and why the military is involved in not only search and rescue but also in UFO and alien investigation.

Thinking that if there was one alien spacecraft, there may be others. There may be an entire air force of alien spacecraft. Maybe these sightings and crashes have happened before. Maybe these sightings and crashes are happening all around the globe now. Maybe this is something that our government wants kept secret so as not to panic everyone. With them cutoff from communicating with the rest of the world, who would know? How would he know what was happening with no television, no radio reception, no cell phone, and no Internet but for public service broadcasts that have yet to give out any real information?

For all he knew, everyone could be dead. For all he knew, he could be one of the few lone survivors, along with Donna. He could think of worse ways to go than dying in Donna's arms.

Oddly telling that he was thinking more of his fiancé's mother than he was about his fiancé, it was then that his cold feet made him question getting married. If he didn't marry Irene, he could have sex with Donna. If he didn't marry Irene, he could have sex with Donna and her sister, Kathy. Being that his head was already turned by Donna and by Kathy, he shouldn't be getting married to Irene.

Maybe planet Earth is under attack. Maybe these next few days are the last days on Earth he'll have. Maybe this flashlight is the light that the aliens use on people to get them aboard their spacecraft to examine them. Maybe should they show up at Donna's door, he can use the light on them? Only, if they were able to fly all the way to Earth, they'd surely have something more powerful than just a beam of light as their weapon. Maybe, as if she's in a standing awake coma, she can hear him while under hypnosis. He wondered if she could.

Afraid to touch her for fear of awakening her from her hypnotic trance, he snapped his fingers across her eyes and clapped his hands by her ears without receiving any reaction. Truly, she appeared to be in a hypnotic trance. Maybe, somehow, this strange light has magical powers. Maybe this little light has indeed hypnotized her. Maybe with her obviously hypnotized, she's now vulnerable to hypnotic suggestions. Wouldn't that be something if he could command her to do whatever he wanted her to do? Nah. Nonetheless his disbelief that she was indeed hypnotized, he thought he'd give hypnotic suggestion a try.

"Donna, if you can hear me, sit on the couch," he said.

It was a good sign when she turned and sat on the couch, albeit while still staring straight ahead as if she had been hypnotized and was under his spell. Oh my God, he just hypnotized his fiancé's MILF of a mother with this alien flashlight. He still couldn't believe that he just hypnotized his fiancé's MILF of a mother with this alien flashlight. Suspecting and hoping that he was in complete control of her, he needed to know just how much control he had over her. Only, if she was, indeed, hypnotize, how does he go about getting her out of her hypnotic trance? Not really worrying about how to get her out of her hypnotic trance now, an opportunity of a lifetime, he was more concerned with keeping her in her hypnotic trance.

As if a runaway train ran through his mind, he thought of all of the sexual possibilities that he could do with his girlfriend's mother. Moreover, the perfect scenario, with her hypnotized, whatever he did with her, she'd never know. A victimless crime, the perfect crime with him never being suspected of taking sexual advantage of her, how perfect is that? Maybe he could begin where he left off last summer. Just as he did when they were in the pool together, he imagined kissing and kissing her while feeling her big tits.

He'd love to see, touch, feel, and fondle her big tits while fingering and sucking her nipples in the way that her sister, Kathy, allowed him to do. He'd love to command her to undress and strip herself naked. He'd love to command her to fall to her knees and stroke his cock before taking his stiff prick in her mouth. He'd give anything for Donna to suck him before fucking him. Only, way ahead of himself, he first needed to see if she was really hypnotized and if he had suggestive control of her mind before he could take sexual control of her body.

* * * * *

"Donna, if you can hear me, cross your right leg over your left leg," he said testing the waters.

Immediately, slowly and seductively, she crossed her right leg over her left leg. When she crossed her legs, she momentarily flashed him her white panties. Her flashing him her panties was so very sexually exciting. Yet, not sure if she was truly hypnotized, he wondered if she flashed him her panties deliberately or accidentally. Nonetheless her flashing him her panties whether deliberately of accidentally, the fact remained was that he saw Donna's panties. Furthermore, acting as if she was hypnotized, he couldn't believe she was obeying his hypnotic suggestions.

'Wow, what the fuck? Are you kidding me? This is great. This is unbelievable.' Afraid to say anything out loud for fear that she'd take whatever he said as a hypnotic suggestion, he kept his thoughts to himself. 'I don't believe this. A sexually fantasy come true, I just hypnotized my future mother-in-law.'

"Now, uncross your legs," he said and she uncrossed her legs in the same way she crossed them before.

While slowly and seductively uncrossing her legs, she flashed him her panties again. He couldn't believe she flashed him her panties again. Being that he was a normal, testosterone filled, 23-year-old, horny man and Irene's mother was a hot 42-year-old, hot, MILF of a woman, he decided to have some real fun with the possibility of her being hypnotized. For sure, if she wasn't hypnotized, she'd never do what he was about to ask her to do. Afraid to touch her for fear that he'd break her out of whatever hypnotic trance she was in, he sat on the floor in front of her. Being that she was flashing him her white panties every time she crossed and uncrossed her legs, he figured that he'd enjoy the free show by taking his hypnotic suggestions a step further.

"Part your knees for me please Donna," he said and she did. "A little more please," he said and she did.

As if he was a shoe salesman in a shoe store and she was his sexy customer wearing a short skirt, he now had a clear view between her legs and of her bright, white panties. He couldn't believe he was seeing her panties. As if he was watching a live video of her, when he leaned forward for a closer look, he could see the impression of her pussy slit in her panty.

'Wow,' he thought without verbalizing his sexual excitement.

"Wider," he said as if he was her gynecologist. As if she was a man sitting on the sofa instead of his fiancé's mother, she spread her legs even wider. "Please open your legs wider so that I may have a better view of your panties."

He couldn't believe he was shamelessly and forbiddingly talking to Irene's mother in such an inappropriate, sexual way. He couldn't believe he was seeing her panties. He couldn't believe she was obeying his every, verbal, hypnotically, suggestive, sexual command. This wonderful little light, whatever it was, actually hypnotized her. He couldn't believe he somehow hypnotized her.

He wondered if she was conscious of all that he was asking her to do. He wondered if she'd have any memory of anything she did while under hypnosis. Even in his wildest sexual fantasy, he'd never think that he'd have total, sexual control over his future mother-in-law. Ready to do everything he sexually imagined doing to her beautiful body, he may never have another chance like this again.

He was so tempted to touch her and to finger her through her panties. Seeing her panty clad pussy, her pussy slit, her camel toe, and her pussy mound, he'd love to lick her through her panties while reaching up to fondle her big tits. Now thinking more of his own personal, sexual gratification than he thought of her sexual satisfaction, he was so tempted to strip himself naked to expose his cock to her. If she was to have a reaction while hypnotized, he'd like to see her reaction to seeing his cock. Maybe her reacting or not reacting would prove one way or the other if she was hypnotized.

Yet, with her in her hypnotic trance, he wondered if she'd even notice his cock. He imagined putting his cock in her hand and/or slowly sliding his emerging erection across her lips. He wondered if he slid his cock across her mouth, taking the hint, if she'd open her mouth and take him inside. Maybe with her not consciously aware, thinking his prick was food, a hotdog perhaps, perhaps she'd bite down on his cock.

Nonetheless the fear of her munching on his prick, he'd love nothing more than for Donna to suck him. He'd love nothing more than to put a gentle hand to the back of her beautiful brunette head while humping her mouth and fucking her face. He'd love nothing more than to cum in her mouth and watch her swallow. He'd love nothing more than to give her a cum bath, to cum all over her tits, and all over her face.

Already knowing the reluctant, lousy blowjob he seldom received from her daughter, and with Irene never allowing him to cum in her mouth, he'd love to know if her mother was any better at sucking cock. Imagining that she was much better at sucking cock and giving blowjobs than her daughter was, he wondered if Donna and/or Kathy would allow him to cum in their beautiful mouths in the way that his fiancé didn't allow him to cum in her virginal mouth. A sexual fantasy come true, he was alone with Irene's hot mother for hours, maybe even days. Especially with her under hypnosis and under his sexual control, he couldn't even imagine all that he could sexually do to Donna in that time.

"Unbutton your blouse Donna," he said.

* * * * *

More unbelievable that he was asking her to remove her clothes was the fact that she was removing her clothes. Immediately, she began unbuttoning her blouse. Such a sexy show to see, he couldn't believe it when his girlfriend's mother started unbuttoning her blouse. It was one thing to see her topless in the dark while in the pool but it's quite another thing to watch her strip off her clothes in the brightly lit living room.

He watched her unbutton one slow button of her blouse at a time. What a night? What an unbelievable night? First the airplane or alien spaceship accident and now this. He couldn't believe his eyes. As if he was hypnotized, he stared at her mesmerized at all that she was exposing to his horny eyes and at all that he was seeing.

Obeying his every command as if he was a hypnotist and she was someone from the audience, he'll be masturbating over this moment for the rest of his life, especially after she becomes his hot, sexy, MILF of a mother-in-law. This wasn't just any woman. This was Irene's mother. Oh, yeah, a sexual fantasy come true, Donna was his future mother-in-law. Oh, yeah, baby, without a doubt, big time, he'll be masturbating over this moment for the rest of his life.

Wishing he was unbuttoning her while kissing her and feeling her breasts through her blouse and bra, he watched her unbutton one slow, sexually exciting button of her blouse at a time. Only not daring to touch her, not even wanting to speak to her unless he was giving her a hypnotic suggestion, he didn't want to awaken her from whatever hypnotic trance she was in. Committing her unexpected striptease to memory, first he saw the tops of her meaty, D cup breasts. Then he saw her long line of sexy cleavage. Finally, he saw her lacy bra when she unbuttoned all the buttons of her blouse.

'Oh, my God, she has quite the rack,' he thought to himself. 'Oh my God, she's so hot. I can't believe this is really happening.'

Sitting there with her legs still spread wide open, he couldn't believe he was not only seeing Donna's panties but also seeing her bra clad breasts. As if he was dreaming this, as if he was sexually fantasizing this, he was living out his sexual fantasy live and in full color. Life doesn't get any better than this. With Donna continuing with the reality of his sexual fantasy, with him figuring that she'd snap out of her trance and his fun would stop at any moment, he continued giving her hypnotic suggestions. Before she pulled the plug on this dream state, he was hoping to see as much of her naked body as he could.

"Take off your blouse," he said as if he was a hypnotist and giving her a hypnotic suggestion.

He remembered reading somewhere that someone who was hypnotized wouldn't do something that she wouldn't ordinarily do if she wasn't hypnotized. With that thought in mind, now he wondered if she'd readily strip naked in front of him without being hypnotized. As if she was his fiancé instead of his future mother-in-law, he watched her remove her blouse as if she was undressing for bed with him standing in her bedroom and watching her. Still in shock over this incredible night, he couldn't believe it when she removed her blouse. With her sitting across from him in her bra with her legs spread wide open and her white panties exposed to him, Irene's mother removed her blouse.

'This is unbelievable,' he thought to himself.

"Now stand and remove your skirt," he said in the same unemotional, soft spoken voice he used when asking her to remove her blouse.

He stood from his sitting position on the carpet in front of her to stand to watch her strip off her short skirt. He couldn't believe it when she stood and reached behind her to unbutton and unzip her skirt.

'Jesus. Fuck me,' he thought to himself. 'And to think that I'll be alone with her for hours, maybe even for days.'

Oh, my God, a sexual fantasy come true, as if awaiting further orders or as if she was his own personal robot that he needed to instruct before she'd service him, she stood before him in her panty and bra. Implanting this vision permanently in his brain of her standing in front of her in her bra and panty, with him having hours and perhaps even days alone with her, he didn't want to forget the first time seeing Donna in her panty and bra. If these were going to be his last days on Earth, he couldn't think of a better way to spend them than to spend them with Donna.

For a 42-year-old woman, she had a magnificent body, just amazing. As if she was a mixed martial arts fighter, he knew that she did Pilates and Yoga but whatever else she was doing, he wished Irene would do it too. If that's what it took for Irene to get the same body, but for the big tits, he only wished Irene would take up Pilates and Yoga to hopefully get the same shapely figure her mother had. On second thought, forget her long, shapely legs and her round, firm ass, he only wished that Irene had her mother's big tits.

A sight to behold and a vision to see, not yet ready to give her the next hypnotic suggestion, he just wanted to admire her standing there in her bra and panties. In the way that most people don't look good naked, she looked phenomenal in her bra and panties. In the way that some coma patients have memories of people visiting them while they're in a coma, he wondered if Donna would have any memory of him asking her to strip off her clothes. He wondered if she'd remember posing for him in her bra and panties while he ogled her hot body. Not totally convinced, he wondered if she was really hypnotized or just pretending to be hypnotized. She seemed hypnotized but how would he really know if she was or not. For sure, if only to determine if she was hypnotized, his feeble justification should she awaken when she was naked, he'd have to take this sudden striptease a step further.

Only taking a moment to enjoy the view, before continuing with his hypnotic experiment, he continued ogling her standing there in her bra and panty. If he thought that she had a shapely body before, now seeing her without her clothes, she had a shapelier body than he thought she had. Going beyond the point of no return, he was about to do something he could never take back. He was about to ask her to do something that he could never apologize to her enough for sexually taking advantage of her. He was about to ask her to do something that conceivably could ruin whatever relationship that blossomed between him and his intended now and in the future.

Yet, ready to ruin whatever love relationship he had with Irene, he didn't care. Ready to even give up Irene for her mother, he didn't care. Ready to end his engagement to her daughter for the chance of seeing Donna naked, the only person on his mind right now was Irene's mother. Unable to really get a look at them in the darkened pool, he needed to see her big, beautiful breasts. As if her bra clad breasts hypnotized him, he needed for her to remove her brassiere.

* * * * *

"Remove your bra. Show me your tits. I want to see your big breasts Donna," he said.

As if she was a paid stripper to strip for his private birthday party, he watched her reach her hands behind her back. When she reached around herself to unhook her bra, as if she was his very own sexual slave, he couldn't believe she was obeying his every hypnotic, suggestive, sexual command. With all of this so surreal, as if her undressing was happening in slow motion, one slow bra strap at a time, he watched her removing her bra, first one cup and then the other. As if there was a drumroll, he imagined he heard stripper music before he watched her holding her bra in her hand with her arms positioned by her sides.

"Oh, my God," he whispered to himself. 'She has spectacular breasts.'

She was topless. Irene's mother was topless. His future mother-in-law was topless. Donna's tits were right there in front of him for his personal inspection and personal enjoyment. He couldn't believe Irene's mother was topless and dressed in only her panties. If space aliens were to kill him now, after seeing Donna's tits, at least he'd die happy with an erection and a big, sexy smile on his face.

"Are you kidding me? I don't believe this," he said under his breath and too soft for her to hear.

He didn't want to confuse her. He didn't want her to think that he was giving her another hypnotic suggestion by her hearing him talking to himself. After yearning to see her topless, now he wanted to see her naked. He needed to see her pussy and her ass. Wanting her to take it off, take it all off, he couldn't wait to see Donna naked.

Taking a minute to enjoy the moment after enjoying the striptease show, he couldn't believe her tits were right there before his horny eyes. If he so dared, he could reach out and touch them, feel them, and fondle them while fingering her big nipples. Only for fear of awakening her from her hypnotic trance and not wanting to ruin the chance of seeing her naked after seeing her topless, even though he so wanted to touch her and feel her, he didn't dare touch and feel her.

What would he say if she awakened from whatever hypnotic trance she was in from the mere shine of his alien flashlight? He couldn't believe he saw her in her bra and panties. He couldn't believe he was seeing Donna's tits. He'd love nothing better than to touch her breasts and feel and fondle her tits while fingering and sucking her nipples. Only, in case this is all the sex he'd get from her, he needed to see her naked before planning his next sexual move.

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