tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlien Flashlight Hypnotizes Women Ch. 04

Alien Flashlight Hypnotizes Women Ch. 04


Brian hypnotizes Donna, Kathy, and grandma too

After hypnotizing Grandma, Donna and Kathy's mother and Irene's grandmother with the alien flashlight, Brian led her to the bedroom where her daughters, Donna and Kathy were already naked and ready and waiting for him to give them hot sex. Unfortunately, Brian didn't even have a chance to strip grandma naked. Nor did he have the time to pay more sexual attention to Donna's and Kathy's naked bodies. Yet, again, interrupting his sexy fun, someone was at the front door ringing the doorbell.

"Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!"

Figuring, for sure, that it was Irene, his fiancé, at the door, he panicked. Finally feeling guilty for all that he's done with Irene's mother and aunt, he felt like the despicable pervert that he was.

"What do I do? What do I say? How do I explain her mother and aunt naked in her mother's bedroom? How do I explain her grandmother being here too? Maybe I can tell her the aliens hypnotized them and I found them all outside wandering around naked. Maybe I can tell her that they took them to examine them before returning them, the reason why her mother and aunt are naked. Maybe if I hypnotize Irene as soon as I see her, then I won't have to explain anything to her."

Here he was in bed with her naked mother and her naked aunt while he was about to strip her grandmother naked too. What could he possibly say to Irene to save his engagement? Why would she ever want to marry him after he hypnotized her mother and aunt with the alien flashlight for them to strip naked. Why would she want to remain engaged to him when he's had sex with not only her mother but also with her aunt? He was even ready to have grandma strip naked and have sex with her too. On the flipside of the coin, after being unfaithful and showing his fondness for her big breasted relatives, why would he want to continue the charade of marrying Irene?

Obviously, he didn't want to get married. Obviously, he didn't want to marry Irene. Obviously, he didn't love Irene. Obviously, he more wanted to have sex with Irene's mother, her aunt, and even her grandmother than with her. Obviously, he preferred big breasted women to Irene's small breasts. He couldn't help himself that he loved women with big tits.

"Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!"

He left the three women to go see who was at the front door incessantly ringing the infernal door bell. Having gone through this already twice before, first with Kathy and now with grandma. This time, wanting to be prepared, he grabbed his alien flashlight. Definitely, it must be Irene at the door and if it was Irene at the door, he'd hypnotize her before she could ask any questions. With her still being a virgin, if he does hypnotize her, he can finally have sex with her. What did he care if he took her virginity? He wasn't going to marry her anyway. Yet, not really thinking that it would be Irene at the door, why would Irene ring the doorbell when she had a key?

Maybe she forgot her key or lost her key. Maybe it wasn't Irene at the door. Maybe it was someone else. Maybe it was the police or the military going door to door searching for aliens. Aliens? That's preposterous. There's no such a thing as aliens, is there? Maybe it's not Irene, the police, or the military but aliens at his door.

"Oh God. Maybe they tracked their flashlight to Donna's house and are here to retrieve it. Oh, God."

Pressured to answer the door, as if whoever or whatever was at the front door was impatiently waiting for an elevator, they continued ringing the doorbell.

"Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!"

That's crazy. There's no such thing as aliens. The only ones alive in the universe are humans. A fluke of nature, humans are but a sad joke. Compared to everything else in the universe, planets, stars, suns, moons, dinosaurs, black holes, supernovas, quasars, and pulsars, other than the fact that we have a brain and can think, we're powerless. When he thought about it, dogs and cats and spiders and birds are more amazing than humans.

Then, he thought that it was more preposterous to think that we're alone. How could we possibly be alone? With all the galaxies, all the stars, and all the planets, some of them much like Earth, how could we possibly be alone? There's just no way we're alone. Yet, if there were aliens ringing the doorbell and wanting the return of their alien flashlight, any civilization that can make their way to Earth, albeit crashing their spacecraft in the process, are far superior to humans. Other than this alien flashlight, the extent of its powers he has no idea what else it can do, these imagined aliens must have all kinds of weaponry.

"Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!"

Just as crazy as it was for him to think that there were aliens it was even crazier to think that there weren't aliens. First of all, if there aren't aliens, then how could he explain the obvious alien flashlight that he was holding, a supernatural flashlight that hypnotizes women? How could he explain the burning wreckage of the alien spacecraft? Maybe it was an unmanned or un-alien spacecraft. If the spacecraft didn't have any aliens on board, then why was the flashlight on board? Knowing a little about space travel, astronauts don't carry a single thing that's not absolutely necessary in their mission so why would there be an alien flashlight onboard an alien spacecraft if there weren't aliens aboard the spacecraft?

"Oh, oh."

Suddenly he was afraid. Suddenly he had a sick sense, a sixth sense that there was someone at the front door other than Irene, the police, or the military. Indeed, what if there are aliens at the door ringing the bell? What if the aliens want their flashlight back? What if aliens were there to take him away because he knows too much after stealing their flashlight?

"Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!"

He really didn't steal it. He found it. He found it lying in the middle of the road turned on and shining its beam across the road. Yeah, that's his story. That's what he'll tell them if there are aliens at the front door. Better to tell the truth than to make up a lie. Right? He'll stick with that story. Only, why would they believe him and surely they don't speak English and with him not speaking alien, how would he even understand them?

Only, what if they weren't regular aliens. What if they were Christian aliens, born again aliens, Jehovah Witness aliens, holy aliens, and/or religious aliens? In case they were Christian aliens, born again aliens, Jehovah Witness aliens, holy aliens, and/or religious aliens, he didn't have to tell them that he used the flashlight to hypnotize Irene's mother, aunt, and grandmother. He didn't have to tell theses holier than thou aliens that he used their hypnotic flashlight for sex.

"Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!"

There's no way that Christian, born again, Jehovah Witness, holy, and/or religious aliens would understand him hypnotizing the entire female family of his fiancé to strip them naked for sex. That's as bad as trying to have sex with a Mormon or an Amish woman. It's bad enough he absconded with their magical flashlight to use it for his sexual pleasure. Then, to tell them that he used their alien flashlight to hypnotize Irene's mother and aunt to strip naked to have sex with them is a sin in any religion.

"Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!"

He's fucked. He's totally fucked. With aliens at the front door, for them to be ringing and ringing the doorbell in that way, they're not happy. The worst kind of aliens are angry aliens.

"Nah, there can't be aliens at the door. For one thing, aliens wouldn't ring a doorbell over and again while waiting to be invited inside. Aliens wouldn't be so politely respectful. Aliens would just laser down the front door and come in uninvited and (gulp) kill him and everyone inside."

If there were aliens at the front door, other than wanting the alien flashlight he was holding, of course, he wondered what else they wanted. Maybe they knew there were women inside, naked women, and they wanted to impregnate them. Maybe they wanted him. Maybe they just wanted their flashlight back. Of course. That's it. Duh. They want their flashlight. If he gives him the flashlight, maybe they'll go in peace.

Maybe if it is aliens at the door and if he hands them the flashlight, they'll let him live. Maybe they won't take him with them. Yet, it wouldn't be bad to go with the aliens if they took Irene's mother, aunt, and grandmother with them too. Suddenly, unstuck in time, if forced to go with the aliens, he'd feel like a character in Slaughter House Five, Kurt Vonnegut's novel. Not that he'd have a choice but he'd freely go with the aliens if he was allowed to have sex with Donna, her sister, and her mother while the aliens watched and observed him behind a glass partition.

"Wow, how cool is that?"

He peeked out the side window of the door to see who it was. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"No way! Are you kidding me? I don't believe my eyes. Pinch me I'm dreaming. I can't believe this is happening to me. I can't believe who is at the door."

* * * * *

Standing at the front door were sixteen supermodels, naked supermodels, albeit all with green hair and a green glowing tinge to them. He recognized them all from reading the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions. With their hair all green, even their pubic hair, and with them glowing a soft green, their eyes, lips, nipples, and fingernails were a bright, vibrant green. If they weren't all naked, he'd think they were wearing Halloween costumes. Only, Halloween had past weeks ago and it's almost Thanksgiving. Besides he's never seen trick or treat partygoers dressed like this. With all of the supermodels naked, either they were dressed or weren't dressed at all for a Hugh Hefner ball, a swingers' Halloween masquerade party, of a special naked version of Victoria's Secret.

'Oh my God,' he thought to himself. 'Are you kidding me? No way! There's just no way. What are they lost? Did their supermodel bus breakdown in the middle of a naked supermodel photo shoot? If these are what aliens look like, then they can take me anywhere. If these are what aliens look like, albeit a tad too green, then I want to be an alien too. If they lead, I'll definitely follow. Forget about Donna, Kathy, Grandma, and Irene, I'd rather have these supermodel aliens.'

Only, he knew they weren't supermodels from the past and the present standing on the front porch. He knew they were aliens fucking with him and with his mind. Maybe in the way he had hypnotized Donna, Kathy, and Grandma, they had hypnotized him into believing that these aliens were Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition supermodels. Now suspecting that they could read his mind, he figured that aliens could morph themselves to look like anyone he imagined. Only, that's not such a bad trick. He imagined himself being in bed with an alien while imagining himself being in bed with Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Middleton, and even Michele Obama. Anyone he wanted to have sex with, he just needed to imagine.


In four neat rows of four, standing tall in front of the front door, there on Donna's front porch stood sixteen, very tall, and very naked, aliens made look like supermodels. Not one woman had a stitch of clothing on but for their high heel, red, ruby shoes that shined even in the dark. With them glowing green and their shoes glowing red, and with them all being so tall, they reminded him of a stand of Christmas trees, alien Christmas trees.

Not believing his eyes, one woman was more beautiful than the next woman. Only, he had to keep telling himself that these weren't women but aliens. Only confusing him, tempting him, and teasing him with sexual lust, these weren't just any women, these were very special women. These were sixteen supermodels, models from the past and a few from the present. What the Hell are they doing here in Hicksville Pennsylvania? Forgetting that he was staring at aliens, he didn't care that they were aliens. Albeit a big green, they looked like supermodels to him. Moreover, they were all naked.

He couldn't believe his eyes. Maybe he was dreaming. Maybe he zapped himself with his own alien flashlight. There on the porch stood, Czech born, alien look-a-like, Paulina Porizkova naked, Rick Ocasik's wife from the band The Cars. She was naked. They were all naked, sixteen naked women.

At 5'10" and 49-years-old, even after having two children, she still looked amazing. She looked as if she was 30-years-old instead of a 49-year-old woman. Back in her time, she was one of Sports Illustrated 50 top swimsuit models. Matter of fact she was the first woman from Eastern Europe to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and the first supermodel after Christie Brinkley to make consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edit covers, 1984 and 1985. Now here she is standing and posing naked on the front porch.

"Whether real or imagined, what are the odds of that?"

Standing next to her was alien look-a-like, Kate Moss. Even if she was an alien look-a-like Kate Moss, she was naked. Wow! What a body and such amazing tits. He always loved Kate Moss. She was the one responsible for ushering the heroin chic look in the way that Twiggy ushered in the skinny look.

"Frigging Kate Moss. Are you kidding me?"

Before his time, normally, he may have not recognized some of these supermodels from the past but having bought them on e-Bay, he had every Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition magazine ever published squirreled away in his room. He spent days masturbating over supermodels in their bathing suits and bikinis. He spent hours wondering what these supermodels looked like topless and naked while imagining having sex with them. Now he doesn't have to imagine what they look like naked anymore. Here they all are in the flesh, albeit with green flesh, green hair, green eyes, green lips, green nipples, and green fingernails. He could always dye their hair, add lipstick, and paint their fingernails.

Compared to the other models, alien look-a-like Kate Moss was a midget. At only 5'7", height wise, she looked as if she didn't belong standing next to the other giant supermodels but looks wise, she was just as beautiful as any other supermodel standing there. Having only seen Kate Moss in swimming attire before, he couldn't believe he was seeing her naked now. At 40-years-old and after having three children, Kate Moss, even alien look-a-like Kat Moss, still looked like she did when she was 30-years-old.

Then, if he could trust his eyes, standing next to alien look-a-like, Kate Moss was alien look-a-like, Heidi Klum.

"Heidi fucking Klum. Are you kidding me? No way! She's one of my favorites."

At 41-years-old and after birthing four children, two daughters and two sons, she looked absolutely amazing. With her big, natural breasts, better than even he had ever imagined, a real Goddess, she looked phenomenal without her clothes. The woman looked as if she didn't age a day past the age of thirty-years-old. Married to Seal, before their untimely divorce, they were such a power couple, right up there with Brad and Angelina. An accomplished actress, she already has a long list of film roles.

Standing next to Heidi was alien look-a-like Linda Evangelista. At 5'10" tall and 49-years-old, she didn't look a day older than 30-years-old either. She's graced more than 700 magazine covers. A rare beauty who always looked different every time she was photographed, there was something so intoxicating about her. He felt like such a pervert staring at Linda's naked body but if she didn't want him to look, she wouldn't be standing there naked. Actually, being that she was an alien instead of the real woman, she didn't have a choice as, obviously, his imagination dictated how these women or aliens appeared to him. Then, again, perhaps coming to him naked was to show him they meant him no harm.

In the second row standing behind alien look-a-like, Paulina Porizkova, stood big breasted, alien look-a-like, Kate Upton.

"Oh, my God! Kate Upton!"

Katherine Elizabeth Upton, nearly his age, at 24-years-old, looked superhot without her clothes. At 5'10" tall, she was the only supermodel, albeit alien supermodel, so young and the only one not married. Oh, yeah, forget about marrying Irene, Brian wouldn't mind marrying her, Kate Upton. With him unable to marry the real Kate Upton, he'd settle for marrying the alien look-a-like Kate Upton. Only, he wondered what these aliens really looked like when not appearing to him as naked supermodels. He didn't want to know. After watching the movie Alien enough times, he could only imagine.

Next on the porch was alien look-a-like, Tyra Banks.

"Tyra frigging Banks. Oh, my God! Damn, look at the big, natural boobs on her. She has spectacular tits, better breasts than Halle Berry who has fabulous knockers of her own."

Having heard rumors about her being an in the closet lesbian, there's been lots of stories of Tyra enjoying threesome sex with a man and with a woman. He'd love to be a fly on the wall in that bedroom. With them perhaps being lesbian lovers, Tyra being lesbian would explain why Oprah gave her a talk show of her own. No one gives anyone anything for nothing. In the way Oprah gave Gayle King, a rumored lesbian, and Suzie Orman, a confessed lesbian, talk shows of their own, she gave Tyra her own talk show too. Now he wondered if Dr. Phil was a closeted gay man too. Actually, he could see Dr. Phil being a cross dresser.

Apparently to make it in Hollywood one must be Jewish, gay, and/or lesbian. If a man is Jewish and gay or a woman is Jewish and lesbian, they are guaranteed success. Just look at Whoopi Goldberg. She's lesbian and Jewish, I think, isn't she?

Oprah and her long-time lover, Gayle King, still haven't emerged from their secret lesbian closets yet. Why are they still waiting to go public? It's time they embraced their lesbianism and marched in the gay and lesbian parade. It's time they told the truth about their secret, sordid, sexual, lesbian affair.

Only, even if Tyra Banks is lesbian, who cares if she's a lesbian? Look at her. Just look at her. She's spectacular especially when naked as she is now. Actually, Brian would love to watch her having lesbian sex with another woman any day, so long as he could have some sexy threesome fun too. At 5'10" and 40-years-old, she doesn't look a day older than 30-years-old.

Standing next to was alien look-a-like Tyra Banks was alien look-a-like Christy Turlington.

'Wow! She's still so frigging gorgeous,' he said to himself.

Still modeling for Mabelline and Calvin Kline, at 5'10" tall, she's 45-years-old. If he didn't know her age, he wouldn't believe she was 45-years-old because standing here naked now, she looked 30-years-old. With all of these women defying wrinkles, obesity, and the need to have plastic surgery, all of these women seemed ageless. They all looked the same now as they did when before they retired and when they were modeling.

Standing next to alien look-a-like Christy Turlington was alien look-a-like Naomi Campbell. At 5'10" tall, seemingly the preferred height of female supermodels, she looked good, real good, for her 44-year-old age. As did all of the rest of the models, she didn't look a day over 30-years-old. The bad girl of modeling, she's been called an out of control bitch more than once. She has one of the most recognized names and faces in the world. Yet, with most people forgiving the actions of a stunning supermodel, especially one who looks like her, she was so beautiful. In the way she looks so beautiful, the same way he always felt about David Bowie's wife, Iman, he always thought she was an alien anyway.

Being that she hasn't married and didn't have any children, he wondered if Naomi is playing on the all-girls team with Tyra, Suzie Orman, Oprah, and Gayle King. Certainly, there are plenty of lesbian celebrities that they could start their own lesbian, celebrity, softball team and their own lesbian, celebrity, softball league even.

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