tagErotic HorrorAlien Panties Ch. 01

Alien Panties Ch. 01


One evening not far from Patterson University it was a clear cool night. There was a few inches of snow on the ground. It was quiet and peaceful as the land near the school was mostly forest.

The silence was broken as something bright began to fall from the sky smashing in to the ground with a loud bang that was heard for miles however nobody payed much attention to it. A fire crater was left in the middle of a small field with a few small patches of fire around it which melted some of the snow.

A shattered rock laid in pieces in the crater. Everything seemed still until something began to leak out of them. This creature had been frozen in the vacuum of space for many hundreds of years but the fire from the collision finally warmed it enough for it to start flowing together in to a mass of what looked like black blob of tar that began to crawl out of the crater. It touched some snow and pulled away in pain. It new it had to find a warm host soon.


Less then a mile away Anna was in her dorm room with her boyfriend Chris. Anna was an attractive brunette and her and Chris had been together for a few months. They were waiting to have sex until they were both ready which was starting to get hard on Chris but he knew she was worth the wait.

They were in her bed making out. Chris ran his hand up under her shirt to which she grabbed him by the wrist pulling it back out."Now Chris we talked about this, if you want it that badly you have to be willing to wait for it."

"Yeah i remember, its just........ you are so f'n beautiful Anna, hard to keep my hands off you!"

She smiled and gave him another kiss before saying "that's sweet, but don't worry, it'll be worth the wait!"

"Ok, well time for bed i guess, see you tomorrow?"

"Of course! Night babe!" She said as he got up and headed for the door.

Anna took off her jeans and her bra getting ready for bed. She played with her phone for a little while before she turned off the light and went to sleep.

Outside her window which was open a little to let a cool breeze in to help her sleep was a small black blob wiggling around in the snow looking for warmth. It started to crawl up the wall and force its way through the screen and plop on the bedroom floor. It then crawled around until it heard Anna make a slight cough in her bed and it froze and flattened against the floor to hide. It soon realized it needed to find a place to camouflage itself somewhere where it could stay hidden while at the same time preparing a suitable host for itself. It could feel Anna's warmth and decided to crawl up the bed and investigate.

As it slithered it way up it moved under the covers getting closer to her leg feeling her body heat. To further up it went the warmer it got so it moved closer to the source until it found a thin piece of cloth around her crotch. It didn't take long for it to reach out and begin to bond with her underwear taking over the whole piece and mimicking the fabric in order to stay warm and begin its work on her.

Anna stayed asleep and was completely unaware of the alien creature that had bonded with her panties and was even starting to make changes to her as well.


Hours later Anna awoke to the sound of her alarm clock going off. She stretched and rolled out of bed ready to shower and get ready for the day. Before she jumped in she pulled out a new pair of panties and a bra throwing them on the bed before removing the pair she was wearing and throwing them in the hamper.

After Anna left the room the creature knew it needed more time to prepare her and abandoned the underwear she had thrown and headed for the bra and panties she had thrown on the bed. It climbed out and shot out tentacles of slime grabbing them both and bonding with both mimicking the fabric again. It then waited for Anna to return.

As Anna got out of the shower she wrapped a towel around herself before walking back in to the room. She dried herself off and threw the towel done before grabbing her underwear and slipping both pieces on still unaware of what had happened to them or what was happening to her.

Anna went through her day like normal going to every class and meeting Chris for lunch. Only thing that seemed odd to her was she would start to get horny randomly throughout the day, especially when she was with Chris. As they ate lunch together she couldn't help but think about jumping his bones right then and there.

At one point she had even slid her hand under the table while they were eating and began teasing his crotch with her fingers. He did not mind as it was the most attention he had gotten from her but he wasn't sure what had suddenly come over her. He looked around the cafeteria to make sure nobody was noticing what was going on to which nobody seemed to. He felt his zipper suddenly slide down as her hand was sliding in to his pants.

"Woah there Babe? What's gotten in to you?" He asked.

She leaned in close to him before she said in a soft low voice "I was thinking maybe tonight you could come over and get rewarded for you patience."

Chris couldn't believe what he was hearing but he was also very excited. He tried to keep his cool but it was difficult as her hand was still in his pants playing with his member and if she wasn't careful he would blow a load before he had a chance to have sex with her.

"Yeah that sounds awesome, so I'll see you around 8:00?" He said.

"why so late? I was thinking my last class is at 4:00 so be there at 4:30!" She said as she released her grip of his cock sliding her hand back out before she stood up and walked out of the room while Chris sat there confused but excited. He went to stand up but soon realized his erect cock was now poking out of his pants. He quickly tucked it back inside zipping up his pants before he headed to his next class.

It was hard for Chris to concentrate through the rest of his classes as he was so excited that him an Anna were finally going to have sex. Time seemed to crawl as he waited for the end.

Anna was back in her room right after 4:00 waiting for Chris. She removed her clothing and stood in front of the mirror examining herself in the sexy black underwear she was wearing. She actually didn't remember buying a matching set like this before but paid it little mind. She laid down on the bed and waited while her hand slid under her panties and she started pleasuring herself.

Anna wasn't sure what had come over her as she seemed content waiting to have sex with Chris but today it was almost all she could think about.

Chris was finally on his way to her room being done with all his classes. He walked up to her door and knocked before opening it and stepping in. He was almost floored when he saw Anna laying on her bed in a very sexy pair of black underwear pleasuring herself until she looked over and signaled him to come closer. He was blown away with how sexy she was. Anna was always an attractive girl but she always had more of the cute girl next door look but damn if she didn't look sexy as hell in his eyes right now.

She crawled towards him pulling him close after grabbing the brim of his pants and pulling him down for a kiss as her hands unbuckled his belt and removed his jeans. Everything was happening so quickly Chris was almost in a fog. she began stroking his cock gently caressing it with her hands making it harder before she pulled him down on the bed with some force and crawled on top of him kissing him again.

She slid her panties down by her feet but they hung on her foot never leaving her body as she lowered her aching pussy down on Chris's cock.

"Holy fuck! What about protection?" He said as she was already riding his hardened member. She ignored him and he soon stopped caring about a condom as her pussy felt amazing and warm. He reached around trying to unhook her bra but before he could the front seemed to pop open showing him her amazing breast's. The bra stayed hung to her shoulders never leaving her. "Holy shit Babe? Where have you been hiding these?" He said before placing his hands on them massaging them with his palms as she squeaked out in pleasure.

Chris began to feel a little strange all of a sudden. He noticed an odd tingling sensation throughout his body and a feeling of warmth building inside him. It didn't bother him at first but he then felt something weird under his hands. It felt like her nipples were sucking on them. He knew it was crazy but when he went to pull his hands away he realized they were stuck to her breast's.

"Uh.... Babe?.... something uh..... something it wrong here?" He said but his words fell on deaf ears as she continued to ride his cock harder and faster as if she was in her own orgasmic fog. He tried to pull away but her breast's would not let go of him. His arms began to tingle as well which was starting to alarm him. "Babe! What the hell is happening?" He yelled out but she still ignored him.

It wasn't long until he felt his orgasm start to build making him buck his hips at the immense pleasure and warmth building up in his body. He couldn't help but enjoy the sensations he was feeling and soon he had no choice but to give in before he yelled out in orgasmic delight as his cock erupted inside her followed by this intense warmth that seemed to be flowing from his body in to hers. She yelled out in her own pleasure as she absorbed everything flowing out of him.

Chris began to feel cold and his skin started turning blue. He was shivering as Anna pulled every ounce of heat from his body causing him to freeze. He felt like she was killing him but the pleasure felt so good he could almost die happy.

Anna finally calmed down as her orgasm subsided. She put her hand on Chris's chest and pulled back quickly as he was very cold. She looked down and saw him barely able to breath and shivering as he looked like he had been left naked in the snow.

"Oh my god Chris? Holy shit are you ok? What happened?" She said in a panic. She jumped off of him leaving his cock which seemed to be the only warm part left on his body. She covered him with a blanket and ran to soak a towel under warm water. Her panties and bra re-positioned themselves back on her without her even noticing as she worked to save her boyfriends life.

She warmed a towel and placed it on his head before climbing under the blanket with him and holding him tight trying to get his temp back up. He was freezing against her skin and it made her feel a strange pain that she couldn't describe. She also could have sworn she heard a sort of animalistic scream in her head when the cold temp touched her but she didn't care about that or the pain as she was just trying to warm Chris back up.

It took a little while but he soon stopped shivering and she wrapped him up and brought him to the hospital. She didn't give a lot of details as she wasn't sure how to explain how he almost froze to death during sex. He was suffering from hypothermia so they admitted him for observation.

Anna didn't know what was going on. She felt confused, scared, even guilty wondering if she had done this to him but she didn't know how. She was also confused by the fact that she had been so horny all day and all of a sudden her boyfriend was in the hospital after they have sex for the first time. What was happening to her

The creature enjoyed the warmth she had absorbed from Chris raising her body temp enough to keep it happy for now but it needed to make a few more changes to her and would soon need more warmth from whoever was available.

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