tagNovels and NovellasAli's Art Ch. 06

Ali's Art Ch. 06


On the last Tuesday in January I was walking back to class from the cafeteria when a tall guy in jeans and t-shirt fell into step beside me. From the corner of my eye I saw him glance at me, and I waited to see what he wanted. It happened, now and then - people had heard of Ali or me and were curious, or worse. Sometimes is was OK, sometimes it was a pain in the ass. I couldn't decide which this guy was - he didn't look dangerous, a couple of inches taller than me, broad shoulders, dark hair cut short. He seemed too ordinary to be ordinary.

After fifty paces he still hadn't said a word so I slowed and then stopped.

"Do you want something?" I asked.

"You're Tom Graham, right?"

I nodded.

He hesitated.

"Can I do something for you?"

"It's... well, a bit awkward. My girlfriend said I should talk to you, but now I'm here it feels weird, man."

"Is it about what we do?" I said. "The website?"

"I guess so," he said. He looked away from me, obviously nervous. I didn't really have time for this, I was due back in class in five minutes.

"We're pretty much covered for artists at the moment," I said. "But if you give me your name I'll keep you on file and get back if anything comes up."

"It's not that," he said, and took a deep breath to calm himself. I could see the decision form in his eyes. "Sandy - she's my girlfriend - told me what you do. She knows Ali from a few years back. She thought..." He breathed deep again. "She wondered if you had any use for models."

"Models?" I said, taken aback. "What kind of models?" I looked him up and down quickly. He was well built, broad shouldered and slim waisted. But I wasn't sure we were into taking on models yet.

"Sandy and me, we're saving up to get married, money's real tight, and she thought if you needed models to - you know - do stuff so you could draw them, take photographs, movies, whatever - she said she was up for it and I guess I am too, so..." He tailed off, his face coloring at this speech, and looked at me.

"Wow," I said, then, "I don't know, man." I held my hand up as his face fell. "No, I don't mean no, it's just I'd need to discuss something like this with Ali, you know? And I guess we'd need to meet you and your girlfriend, see how we got on. What we do is not something everyone is into, know what I mean?"

He nodded. "We've looked at your site. We both have a pretty good idea what might be involved, but we're cool with that... Cool," he added.

"I tell you what. I'll talk to Ali tonight and see what she says. Have you got a number I can call you on?"

"Only a shared one. We live in this like really shit house, but the rent's cheap and we're trying to save everything we can."

He gave me his number and I wrote it on my arm.

"I'll call," I said, and held my hand out. He gripped mine and shook it, looked shy again and then turned back up the corridor. I smiled as he walked away - he had a good back as well as a good front. I realized he hadn't told me his name, so I called after, "Hey, man, what's your name?"

He stopped and turned back. "Jack," he said, and walked on. I wrote the name under his number and turned to go to my own class.

By the time I got home it was after seven and I had forgotten all about the earlier conversation. Ali made salad, and as I always did when she produced food I told her I really was going to start cooking as well and after she'd punched me on the chest we sat at the big kitchen table, cross wise on one corner so we weren't too far apart, and talked as we ate.

Afterwards we cleared the table and I rolled my sleeves up to do the dishes. As Ali did all the cooking, I always washed up. As I ran water into the sink I rolled my sleeves back and Ali said, "Got a hot date then, Tom?"

"A date?"

"The number, on your arm," she pointed.

I looked down and remembered. "Oh yeah, that. No, not a date. Weird conversation at lunchtime."

I told Ali about Jack and Sandy. When I had filled her in I finished by saying. "I'd completely forgotten about him, but you know, I think it might not be a bad idea. We can't let ourselves get stale, and some new models will keep us sharp."

Ali seemed to be mulling it over.

"What are they like?"

"He seems okay. I think he'd draw well. I've not met his girlfriend."

"What if she's a real dog?"

I shrugged. "I've not promised him anything, Al. We just say no thanks."

She sighed. "God Tom, I'm not cut out for these kind of decisions. This is like Personnel stuff, you know? I just wanted to draw dirty pictures and sell them."

She looked so forlorn I put my arms out and hugged her to me and she crossed her arms over her chest and let me hold her.

"I tell you what, " I said. "Let's get them both over tomorrow night. We'll give them dinner - I got the impression they'd be glad of a free meal - and then we'll see what they're like. If we don't like them, they're weird, or she's too ugly we'll send them on their way. There's no more to it than that, Al."

I felt her nod her head.

"So I'll call him?" I said.

She nodded and pushed away from me. "Okay. I'm just being stupid, Tom. This was all my idea in the first place. It's no good complaining about it now."

"And the money's coming in," I said.

"I've been thinking about that," Ali replied. "We've made over $50,000 now since we started. This feels like it's turning into a business. I think we need help with that as well."

I nodded. "Sounds good to me. I hate the business side, you know that."

"I'll ask around," she said. "There's bound to be someone in the Business School who'd like a little extra cash."

"I've been thinking about the IT side as well, Al," I said. "I've about reached the limit of my knowledge now, and I don't want to learn any more, it's just not what I'm into. How about we ask around and see if there's someone wants to help out there as well?"

She nodded and turned away. "I'm going to do some sketching."

I watched her walk across the room and down into the work area, admiring the way her ass moved inside her jeans, then shook the inappropriate thoughts out of my mind and called Jack.

They arrived early, keen and shy, and I shook Jack's hand and then hesitated, not sure what to do with Sandy, then she offered her cheek and I planted a kiss there. Ali was still working over in the kitchen and she half turned and called "Hi," and went back to her preparations.

"Drink?" I asked, walking them across to the big kitchen table. "Beer, wine, I don't think we've got anything stronger."

"Beer sounds good," Jack said.

I looked at Sandy. It was very easy to look at Sandy.

"Wine?" She sounded uncertain, asking me if it was okay.

"Red or White? We might even have some Rose."


I got their drinks, poured a glass for myself and put one down beside Ali, making sure she knew it was there, then sat at the table.

Jack pulled on his beer and sat back in his chair, seeming relaxed. Sandy gripped her glass between both hands, leaning forward and looked nervous. I tried to make small talk, but I'm not really too good at it, and after a while I got up and put some music on. Van Morrison, something pretty old, background music.

When I sat back at the table Sandy had taken a sip from her drink and her shoulders seemed to have unbunched some.

I looked her in the eyes, waiting until hers lifted to meet mine, and said, "Are you OK with all this, Sandy? Jack said it would be alright, but we want to know you're fine with it as well."

She gave a half smile. "I am," she said, "It's just I'm nervous, I guess."

"There's no pressure here, just so you know that."

She nodded and sipped from her glass. I watched her for a moment, amazed at how she looked. She was one of the sexiest creatures I had ever seen. Very occasionally you come across someone like Sandy - they are completely unaware of the vibe they give out, but she broadcast sex appeal. She was shorter than Ali by maybe an inch or two, making her about five-six. Her hair was ice-white blonde and cut short to show her ears, longer on the top but trimmed hard at the neckline.

Her eyes were large, a bright ice blue, with long pale lashes. Her brows were also white, thin and curved. A small nose set above a wide, full lipped mouth. Her cheekbones were shadows high beside her eyes, and her chin framed it all beautifully.

She had a long graceful neck that swept down inside her sweatshirt.

It was difficult to tell what her figure was like because the sweatshirt was baggy and loose. There were definite curves, but it was impossible to tell what they might be like. She wore faded blue jeans which hugged her hips and legs.

Overall she shouted sensuality, but I was sure she didn't know that, and her ignorance of the effect she had made her even sexier. Jack, I thought, was an extremely lucky man.

"This was kind of Sandy's idea," Jack said, and I realized I had been staring for too long and jumped.

"We were messing around a while ago now. Six months, maybe, yeah?" He looked at Sandy for confirmation and she nodded. "And I said to Sand that she was too gorgeous to keep to myself and we ought to screw out on the landing so everyone could see. I thought she was going to punch me out, but she said something really wild. Tell Tom what you said to me, Sand."

She looked down into her glass and I thought she wasn't going to speak, then she said, very quietly. "I said I'd find it a real turn on if someone was watching."

Jack laughed and emptied his beer. I got up and opened another bottle for him.

"I thought she was pulling my chain," he continued, "But she said no she really did get turned on at the thought of someone watching. So we talked about it a bit, worked away around the edges of what she meant, but we haven't done anything about it before now. Then when I heard about you, well..." he shrugged.

Ali had finished cooking and started piling food on the table in large white bowls. Salad, chicken, noodles, various sauces. She put the half empty bottle of wine on the table together with an unopened bottle.

"Help yourself," she said. They did and started eating.

After we had filled out plates, Ali said, "So you really wouldn't mind us taking pictures?"

Sandy shook her head. "Like Jack said - I think I'd get off on it."

Ali nodded and glanced at me. I gave a little nod, but we weren't all the way there yet.

The conversation moved to less emotive topics and we found out they both came from the Mid West, had been high school sweethearts and didn't want to split up so came to college together. They wanted to get married, but money was tight. It seemed both their parents were dead, or weren't around much, they were a vague about that, but whatever the truth was there was no help coming.

Jack was studying Journalism and Sandy Accounting. Someone less like an accountant I couldn't imagine, but she seemed genuinely into the subject.

We took our time over the food, talking, getting to know each other. I opened the second bottle of wine, then another as Jack started drinking it as well.

We left the dishes on the table and I pointed them to the couch, pulled up a chair and sat to the side.

Ali came across with her camera and said, "Would you mind if I took a couple of shots? Just to see what you come across like?"

They were both pretty relaxed now and laughed. "Do you want us to get naked as well?"

"If you want," Ali said.

They continued smiling, unfazed.

"It would be good to know you haven't got any weird tattoos or piercings or anything. Or a huge scar somewhere," Ali said.

"Nothing like that," Jack said, laughing again, and stood up. Without any hesitation he pulled his tee shirt up over his head. I heard Ali taking shots as his torso came into view. It was worth taking a record as he undressed so we could study him at all stages later on.

Sandy joined him and repeated his movements, tugging her too big sweatshirt up over her head. Her breasts were large and rounded, filling a tight white bra that was designed more for support than beauty.

Jack unbuckled his belt and pulled the zip down on his jeans. Sandy matched him.

Jack tugged his jeans down and kicked them off. Sandy slid hers down over her hips, having to wriggle to get them over, then she too kicked them away.

Jack had just gray briefs on, Sandy her bra and a pair of sensible white panties. Both of them seemed completely unfazed stripping if front of us, or of Ali snapping each stage of their disrobing.

Jack put his hands inside his short and Ali said, "No need for that if you don't want to. I think we've seen enough to know you'll do."

Jack laughed and pushed his briefs down. "It's cool. Besides, for all you know I might have a ring through my cock."

Her straightened up and I heard Ali gasp and whisper, "Holy fuck!"

He had the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was not hard, but even so it looked to be about six inches long and hung heavily down between his legs, swinging slightly as he straightened up. He looked down at himself and grinned, "Oh, yeah, maybe I should have warned you about that."

I stared, then forced myself to look away in case he got the wrong idea. Ali was always telling everyone I was gay, and I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable - or me.

Sandy reached behind and unclipped her bra, drew it down over her arms and tugged it away from her breasts. They shook free and swayed, large and firm, heavily curved underneath where they dipped slightly onto the top of her belly, very pointed where they peaked at her nipples. She had very large aureoles, but they were extremely pale and could barely be differentiated from the skin of her breasts. Her nipples were large, pink and puckered. Pale blue veins showed through the smooth skin along their heavy curved sides.

She leaned forward and her breasts dipped and swayed as she slid her fingers inside her panties and tugged them off. She straightened, showing us her perfect pussy, legs slightly parted as though to display herself that much better. Her pubic hair was trimmed but not shaved and was as white as the hair on her head. The outer lips of her pussy were very full and pushed together so the slit between was tight. She turned to display herself, turned so we could see her ass, then turned back. She was an unbelievable package.

"So how big does that thing get?" I said, finding my voice.

Jack looked down, swung his hips so his cock moved. "About nine inches."

"Nine and a half," Sandy said. "I measured him only last week."

"Yeah, you did," Jack laughed. "That was fun."

Sandy smiled shyly. "It gets really thick, too, when it's hard. Too thick for some things I wanna do."

"So," Jack said. "Do we pass the audition? Or we could fuck for you, if you want? Sand would like that." He glanced at her and she looked down, blushing but saying nothing.

"That's OK," I said. "We'll save that for when you come back."

Jack shrugged. "Cool. But we will if you want."

"You can get dressed now," Ali said.

Jack's face fell at her tone, and Ali realized she had sounded cold and went on, "Sorry Jack, Sandy, that didn't come out right. I just thought you'd be more comfortable if you were dressed. We definitely want to use you, if you still want to do it."

Jack grinned and Sandy smiled. "Great," he said. Sandy nodded.

They started to pull their clothes back on. I noticed Jack's cock had filled since he took his shorts off, still hung down but was now over seven inches. They dressed quickly. Sandy left her bra off and pushed it into her shoulder bag.

"When do you want us to do this?" Jack asked.

"This weekend?" I said. "Saturday or Sunday, whichever's best for you."

"Saturday," Sandy said. "Saturday's good."

I nodded. "Okay."

"We haven't talked money yet," Ali said. "Do you want to know how much we'd pay you?"

"Sure," Jack said. He was trying to look cool about it, but it was obvious the money was important.

"How does two-fifty sound?" Ali said.

"Two fifty bucks? Fuck yeah!" Jack said, and Sandy grinned and nodded. "We'd do fucking anything for two-fifty bucks, man."

"We should talk about that as well then," Ali said. "We only want you to do whatever you're comfortable with."

They both nodded.

"So if there's something you particularly want, or don't want, just say."

"Hey, we're cool with anything," Jack said.

"Oral?" Ali asked.

This time is was Sandy who nodded and replied, "Sure." She seemed to have found her confidence now and continued, "I love blowing Jack. And fucking, or course, you'll want us fucking. And we're both into anal if you want that too, although to be honest that's tough because Jack's too big really."

Ali just nodded and I coughed and said, "We'll see what you feel like Saturday, yeah?"

"Sure," Sandy said, and she turned to Jack and said, "And we'll not fuck until then, so you get a chance to build up a good head of cum, yeah?"

Jack shrugged, "I guess." It was only just over two days away, and I wondered how often they fucked each other. But then, if Sandy was my girlfriend, I'd probably fuck her four times a day.

We agreed that they would come back on Saturday at 2 p.m., but of course they arrived early. Ali and I had worked up a couple of story lines because we wanted the sequence to appear as though there was a plot involved. Ali had also gone shopping and came back with a new outfit for each of them.

After consulting with Ali, my Mom had bought me a new digital camcorder for Christmas, and we had talked and decided that this would be a good time to try it out. The Nikon was good, and my own smaller compact was also fine, but we had both become aware that we were missing potential scenes because we were relying on our own judgment when to press the shutter. The camcorder would capture everything, not in such high resolution, but for our purposes it was more than adequate.

We sat them at the kitchen table and handed the few story ideas we had come up with to them and went through what we wanted.

"We're going to do this as though you have just come home. Pretend you live here," I said.

Sandy looked around wistfully and Jack said, "Cool."

"Ali's got some clothes we'd like you to wear. Nothing crude, just some nice stuff that'll show off your figures."

They both nodded.

"And you come home and start kissing, fondling," I said. "You make your way to the couch and Jack starts to undress you, Sandy. We want you to leave some clothes on, so the contrast is sexier between what can be seen and what can't."

"And then move into Tom's bedroom," Ali said. "I think if you could go down and take that thing of Jack out of his pants and blow him. But you can't cum yet, Jack."

"Shoot," he said, and grinned.

"If you think you're going to cum, let me know," I said. "The cum shot needs to be captured properly. I know it's not very romantic, but that does need to be stressed. So if you're going to cum say so and I'll tell you what to do."

"And you can't cum inside Sandy, you'll have to cum so we can catch it on film," Ali said.

"You can cum on my face," Sandy said. "You know I like it when you do that."

Jack nodded.

I swallowed. Just talking about this was making me hard.

"It would be good if Sandy makes you cum though," I said. "It looks better than if you just jack off on her."

Jack grinned and nodded, "Sound fine to me."

Ali handed them both a paper bag with their clothes in. "You can change in my bedroom if you want. But don't start anything without us."

They grinned and took the bags through to Ali's room, didn't bother closing the door. I guess we had already seen them both naked, and they didn't seem at all stressed at the idea of what they were going to do. I could hear them talking softly, caught the odd word as Sandy seemed to be directing Jack over how the action would proceed.

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