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The first day at work was a little scary after not working for so many years. I was going to work for the same judge that granted my divorce from Wadsworth James the III. I got the house and a car and a small alimony check every month. Then dear Wadsworth goes and tried to drive under an eighteen wheeler so then the monthly checks stopped. Hence I am going back to work. But the house is paid for and the car should run for several years as it in nearly new.

I had married dear Wadsworth at the ripe old age of nineteen. He was rich, good looking and he was the man I decided to give my virginity to. He also introduced me to oral sex, anal sex, group sex and nude beaches where I was supposed to give his male buddies blow jobs while he watched.

I was too young to know that this was not the normal way married couples did things with friends. But after six years I was learning there were some normal people in this world. I was about ready to ask Wadsworth to stop all the extramarital sex when he brought home two of the young girls that worked at his office. He forced me to participate in a threesome with them while he videoed us. I was the choice meal for the other two and when it was over I walked out and into a lawyer's office.

The James family did not want any scandal so I was given my divorce with out any fan fair. It was signed sealed and delivered in thirty days. Judge Alex Masters knew from the start there was something slightly strange about the whole things but since we were all agreed he granted it with a smile and few words.

Judge Masters is a tall slender man with broad shoulders a full head of white hair. A rugged handsome face with piercing blue eyes and from what I have heard he was also a fine judge. The first time I saw him I thought if I had ever had a father this is the man I would have wanted him to look like. I of course had a father but I had never known my father and before I was old enough to ask my mother about him she also passed away. My dear old Aunt Alice knew nothing about my mother's early life and never knew my father so as I grew up in her home she was unable to fill in any of the blanks for me. However now that I was going to work in the county court house I thought maybe I could do a little work on my back ground and the family genealogy. This would not be easy but might be fun and give me some thing to do.

I arrived on time and was immediately called into chambers. Judge Masters turned out to be a very nice man. Smiling all the time and thoughtful as he welcomed me into this some what different kind of job. He said that while preforming my duties here I would learn many things about local people and anything that passed my way would forever stay in this court house. I was not to talk about anything I may learn and most of all I was not to ever try to profit from others misfortune. I guess that meant I was not supposed to black mail any one. Like I would do that?

So it was that my new life started with me working for the man I most admired since I had come to this small city.

The very first day at lunch time I went down into the bowels of the court house and was introduced to Harry Summers the old guy that keeps all the records and thousand of files of every kind. Every court case that was ever filed here was in Old Harry's files and every private law suit was also here along with marriage records as well as deaths. I was to become good buddies with old Harry and we would often go to lunch together where I would pick his brain about everything on file down in the dungeons as it was called by many.

Harry was a widower and we seemed to hit to off well. I filled Harry in on my back ground and so he agreed to help me work through the many files that may or may not get me to the name of my father.

Harry ask me to come by his home for dinner one evening and I accepted. Harry was in his early sixties, short, heavy set with a hefty belly. He was a happy man and always jovial. It was a pleasure to be around Harry and I just plainly liked him for himself.

He turned out to be a great cook and well spoken. He was well educated and highly read. In his youth he had traveled around the world thanks to the U.S. Navy. I found him interesting and a real pleasure to talk to. When I had told Harry about my back ground he seemed truly interested and ready willing and happy to help.

During the meal he poured me a smooth strange tasting mildly sweet wine. When I asked him where he got it he told me he made his own wine. He did say that this particular batch made him feel somewhat younger than his years. Jokingly he told me he once went out looking for a lady after he had drunk a few glasses of it. I thought he was joking and we laughed as he poured me another glass.

It was a warm summer night but not quite ready for the air conditioner to be put on yet.

So after the fine meal we took our glasses and the bottle of wine out on Harry's back porch to set in the cool evening air and talk in the dark.

Harry had a nice home with a large back yard. There was a security light on the corner of his garage that lit up the back yard but cast a deep shadow across the corner where we were sitting. I was on a oak swing and rocking back and forth with Harry across from me in a high back wicker chair. I told Harry he had a nice home and a lovely yard. Harry said his wife had been the one that laid out the whole back yard and the flower beds. I felt sorry for Harry since he was such a nice guy to loose his wife so young.

I was beginning to enjoy the warmth of the evening and the warm feeling the wine was giving me. My skirt rode up and the cool night air felt good on my thighs. I leaned back and lifted one leg to allow the air to wander where it may. I could not see Harry's face but he must have been smiling as he said "Melissa would you feel more comfortable if you removed your dress?"

"Yes I do think that would be nice Harry." I told him as I slowly removed my dress. Now dressed in only my bar and panties I felt much better.

"Harry do you give this wine to all your lady guest? I bet you are a hit with the single ladies of the neighborhood." I laughed as I removed my panties.

Harry came over the short distance between us to keel on the floor before me. I spread my legs so Harry could kiss up my thighs. Harry needed no encouragement as he soon found my wet spot ready for his vary talented tongue. Harry licked me as I had never been licked before. I was brought to the brink of a climax and then held there not going over the edge. Harry was a master at oral sex and I could only think his wife must have been a very happy lady.

Harry placed his hands under my bare bottom to lift me up just an inch off the swing as he drove his tongue in deeper. He sucked on my rather inflamed clitoris as he slipped a finger into my pussy. Harry sucked on my stiff clitoris while wiggling the finger in my pussy as I slowly rose to a height I had never known existed. I was floating on a air of emotion and the thrill of such a sexual experience was all too new and I could not help myself as I gasped and let go. I felt the fluids forced from me. I was climaxing like never before and it was marvelous. Harry licked and sucked the juices as I let go. Harry was an expert at oral sex and he had brought me to such a climax as I had never before known. As I came down slowly Harry softly licked my pussy lips as a gesture of contentment for us both.

When I could once more feel myself come together I said "Harry: that was fabulous and remarkable in every way. My God Harry I never had a climax like that before. What was in that wine? More over Harry what can I do for you now? I would love to repay your kindness."

Harry stood holding out his hand to me. I took his hand and together we walked back into the house and straight up to Harry's bedroom. He had me lay back on the bed with only a night light on. He stood before me and slowly undressed. I knew many man like a strip tease while they waited for their dates to undress. But I had never had a man do it for me. It was thrilling and so very exciting. I fingered my wet pussy was I waited for the next item of clothing to fall. I could hardly wait to see his cock. I was ready to scream "Harry show me your cock" When Harry was down to his briefs. I could see a well pronounced bulge that was pushing the material outward.

Harry walked closer and said "My darling Melissa would you like to do the unveiling?"

I quickly sat up on the side of the bed and motioned for Harry to come closer. I reached for his shorts ready to rip them from him. But as my hands grabbed the soft cotton material I froze. I wanted this so bad. I wanted Harry so very much. Yet I was afraid of his manhood. I was remembering all the cock I had sucked. All the strangers I had let fuck me. All the times I was there fucking and sucking with out any emotion at all. I wondered if I had ever felt like this with my husband. Even in the early years I had never felt this excited or so thrilled. Thrilled on the inside with my heart all a flutter I dared not move. My pussy was actually quivering, my heart beat was throbbing in my temples. I could not do it. I could not pull down Harry's briefs.

I felt so ashamed that I was here with this loving man and I was no more than a well used whore at the rip old age of twenty seven. Harry was a wonderful human being and I was a used up bitch. I held Harry by the hips and started to cry. Softly at first and then a real gully washer. I could not do this to such a wonderful man. I was not his wife and he was looking for someone to love but that someone was not someone the likes of me.

Harry knelt down and hugged me close. I hugged Harry back and cried some more. After a while Harry held me and we sat side by side on the bed. Me naked and Harry still dressed in his shorts.

"Melissa; you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. Not with me, ever. I am sorry if I put you in a position that made you unhappy." Harry said.

"Oh Harry it is not you. You're a wonderful man and I wanted to have sex with you. But I had such a miserable marriage and my husband had me doing thing I am so ashamed of. Please forgive me. I just could not hurt you. I am such a bad girl. I am the one that should be sorry. I must apologize to you Harry for not being there when you needed me." I said as I started to cay again.

Harry hugged me and then got up and walked out. When he returned he handed me my cloths. He dressed and together we went back down stairs. He got me a cup of coffee and later he walked me to the door. We had few words and I still felt like a dirty no good tease. But I left Harry there with only a kiss on the cheek for his reward for giving me the most wonderful climax of my life.

The drive home was much longer that it was coming over. I had time to think and I made up my mind that at the first opportunity I was going to make it up to Harry. The next day was Saturday and the court house was closed for business. With the exception of the police that worked out of the back of the court house.

I was still feeling bad about last night when Harry called and asked if I wanted to go for a ride. I was reluctant after my miserable failure of last night. But Harry persisted and so I said I would be ready in an hour.

Much to my surprise Harry pulled up in what looked like a bran new Jaguar convertible. I grabbed a babushka for cover my hair and happily went out the door.

Harry had such a way about him that in seconds I had forgotten all about last night. We drove up into the hills west of the city and soon pulled into log cabin type gas station and restaurant. Harry pulled in along side and came around to open the door for me. I was honored at this show of respect and affection.

The restaurant was small and it looked well used from years of visitors. The tables were thick rough cut wood smoothed by years of use. The lady that came out smiled and called Harry by name.

"Harry who do we have here today?" She said with a sing song voice that rang with joy and happiness.

Harry said "Vera my love; this is a coworker of mine. Melissa; this is my oldest girlfriend Vera. We have known each other since high school."

"Hi Melissa. Nice to meet you. If old Harry here tries any funny business you just let me know and I take care of him." Vera said laughing.

I told her that Harry was a perfect gentleman and I was having a wonderful time in his company.

Harry ordered for the two of us and Vera wandered away stopping at another table to take an order on her way back to the kitchen. I told Harry this was a wonderful place and I just loved it. Harry said that besides the gas station and restaurant there were cabins for rent out the back down by the lake. He said he owned one just up the hill and wanted me to join him for a day of rest and a carefree walks in the woods. I happily accepted and after our delicious lunch we went up to his log cabin.

Harry once again poured me a glass of his home made wine and we sat out on the back porch looking down the hill towards the lake. I told him he was full of surprises and this was the most beautiful place on earth. He said "Let me show you around."

We got up; hand in hand he guided me through the cabin. It had two bedrooms and a large open living room. The porch went around the house three sides. At the back corner was a short enclosed walkway to a smaller building set off all my its self. Harry walked me out there and showed me a sauna that was just a beautiful as the house.

Harry asked it I had ever had a sauna after an afternoon of walking or working out. I told I had never had a sauna period and he said that would be the high light of my day. I looked forward to it.

We returned to the front porch and enjoyed more of Harry's home made wine. Again it made me feel more relaxed than I had in years and of course it warmed me as it had last night. I welcomed the feeling while embracing the warmth. I welcomed the chance to repay Harry for his many kindnesses. There were trees on all sides and this cabin was well up the hill far from sight of any other cabins or walking paths. Harry was sitting in an Adirondack chair made out of bare bark branches bent to form the chair. It must have been hand made and very expensive.

Harry did not move as I got up from my chair and walked over to stand looking down at him. He lifted his glass and took a sip, smiling at me. Our eyes met and I knew this was going to be an unforgettable afternoon.

Kneeling down in front of Harry as he had done for me. I let my hands fumble with his belt.

Once open I dug into this briefs and grabbed his thick hard cock. Because of the angle of his chair he had to stand for me to get his briefs off and his cock out for me to see.

Harry had the most unusual cock I had ever seen. It was perfectly straight. It stood straight out with its deep purple tip round and pointed. But the shaft was smooth and round not flat on the bottom like most. But the straightness was different. Most hard cocks pointed up or to one side or the other. Some curved right or left. But not Harry's. It was not too long but still it was made to do the job it was intended for. Once again I thought how happy he must have made his wife.

I could not help myself I had to touch it and play with. Milking it so I could see the head appear and disappear under the foreskin. Harry did not say a word as I played and touched it like a new toy. I was about to lean forward and lick the smooth skinned head when Harry said "Melissa my dear why don't we go into the house where we can both get undress and enjoy the comfort of my bed.

"Good idea Harry." I said standing but not letting go of his cock.

This time I made Harry lay on the bed and I climbed between this spread legs and without using my hands I lowered my head. His cock was still pointing straight out from his chubby body. For a man of his age Harry had the hardest cock I had ever seen, touched, sucked or hopeful fucked.

I opened my mouth to let my tongue enjoy the tiny drops of dew bubbling up from the tiny mouth at the tip. It was as sweet as nectar from spring honeysuckle flower. Another drops formed as soon as I licked one away. I repeated this a dozen times with each drop sweeter than the previous one.

I lowered my mouth down over his cock allowing it to my fill my mouth. I held it there in a loving embrace. I wanted Harry to feel how I felt about this fat little guy. I really loved Harry and wanted him to know it. I did truly love Harry but not the kind of love I would have for someone I waned to love me back. This was different. It was more like I loved Harry because he wanted me to love him so I did. Maybe it was his wine maybe it was because he was older maybe it was because I was just fucking horny but what ever it was I loved Harry and wanted to make him a happy man. I wanted to give Harry the best blow job on his life.

Believe it or not I was really getting excited and could feel my pussy quiver and get very wet. I had Harry's cock as far back in my throat as I could get it when we heard a voice yell from some where out side.

"Harry: you home? It's Alex. Harry!" I chocked; not because Harry's cock was swelling up but because the guy yelling was my boss. Judge Masters. Holy shit what was I going to do now. No matter what I say he must know Harry pretty well and he will know I came up here with Harry to get fucking laid and fuck my ass off. Shit, shit, shit...

Harry laughed and said "Christ, Alex must have the nose of a blood hound he can smell a wet pussy from a mile away. Do you mind if I tell him to come in. He probable already knows you're here. Not much we can do now. Don't you think?"

I sat up letting Harry's hard cock slip from my mouth and went to fine the robe Harry said was in the closet.

Harry slipped in to jeans and bare from the waist up he went to answer the door.

I head the voices. Hi Alex. What up?"

Saw your car down at the restaurant and knew you were here. Thought you and whom ever you have here might like a drink over at my place this evening. Any one I know Harry?" I could not see the Judge's face but I would bet he already knew it was me here with Harry. So I walked out smiling.

The Judge smiled and said "Good afternoon Melissa how are you this fine day? I can see you have been enjoying the pleasures old Harry has to bestow."

I could see more in the Judges eyes than what his words were saying. This old guy was looking straight through me and he knew Harry and I were in bed screwing around. There was pussy juice running down my legs and I knew the Judge could as Harry said either smell it or see it. So I said "Judge I was entertaining Harry not the other way around. But I had planed on Harry doing the entertaining very soon. Did you come to watch or join us?" God all might what had slipped out of my mouth? I was fucking crazy. I had just invited the Judge to join Harry and I in Harry's bedroom.

Harry looked at me and said "Well Alex you will not get an invitation like that every day. So either come in or go home. Your choice."

Alex stepped in and closed the door behind him. I smiled at the thought I was about to take on two guys at the same time... Just like the old days. But this time it was my choice.

Harry turned took me by the hand and strode back into the bedroom pulling me with him. Harry helped me out of my robe and laid down just the way he had been before our being interrupted. I turned to see Alex dropping his cut offs to the floor before I kneeled between Harry's legs to resume my duties as cocksucker of the day.

As I lowered my mouth down over Harry's very excited and throbbing cock I could feel the bed rock as Alex climbed up behind me. I could tell Harry was excited at seeing Alex behind me and I could tell Harry was no longer in control he was waiting to see what Alex was going to do. I was excited because I wanted to feel Alex join in the fun and take me from behind as I swallowed Harry's cock.

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