All Brand New


How long had it been since I had enjoyed two cocks, it really did not matter now I was about to feel Alex ram a stiff cock in my pussy. I was about to enjoy a load of warm sperm fill my mouth. God; does it get any better than this. "Hell. Yes." was the answer.

The Judge was yet to be judged but when I felt the head of his cock press into my pussy that question was answered quickly, He was all man and a long one too. God I had forgotten just how thrilling it could be to feel my cunt and mouth full of cock at the same time. I was beginning to wonder if I had been forced into swinging or if I had gone happily into group sex. This was great and I loved it.

I felt Harry's cock grow longer and stiffer in my mouth. I pulled back and said "Harry would you and the Judge like to change places?"

It was Alex who answered first as he said "Good idea. Melissa. I would love to watch you suck my old cock. How about you Harry ready to give up fucking her mouth for this tight wet pussy?"

No answer from Harry and the two of them traded places. Wow, what a whopper the Judge had long thick and hard as a hickory stick. The head was long and broad with a high ridge around the back where it attaches to the shaft. "Damn do I love to suck cock or what?" My thoughts.

Harry was quick to ram his wonderful cock deep in me and let it fire off there. He jerked and rammed in deeper with every burst of his balls. I did love Harry and the way his home made wine made me feel. But it was the Judge that got my attention when he stiffened and short he first load of sperm into my mouth. His sperm was thick as molasses and twice as sweet. It was so thick I had trouble swallowing it. But with some effort I got in down and milked the last drop out of it. Licking the tip I let it go as it fell over like a lumberjack's tree. Harry came around to watch as I let Alex's cock slip from my mouth.

I wiggled my ass as I went off to the bathroom. When I returned both men were on the porch still naked and holding drinks. I saw one for me sitting the table next to the Chair where I had been sitting.

Harry said "Melissa you're a real trooper for allowing old Alex here to join us. I hope we were not to rough on you."

I smiled and thought "Hell no it was great"

Alex said "Melissa you're a very beautiful girl and if you want I am sure that we can all be friends and visit one another often." I guess this was his way of saying he wanted to do this threesome thing again and soon.

I blushed and did not answer him. Harry had heard my story and knew all too well that this was not a first time for me. But there was no reason for the Judge to know, not right now any way.

It was difficult to keep my eyes off the two cocks that had just been in me. I wanted to feel them in me again but I knew I would have to wait for another day. Alex stood and said he had to go. But if we were free tonight stop by his cabin down the hill tonight around eight as he was having a few friends in for drinks. I stood and Harry hugged me to him as the Judge walked by to get his jeans. Alex stopped and kissed me full on the mouth, I let his tongue slip in to run around my mouth.

I let my hand take a firm grip on his cock as we kissed. It jumped at the touch of my grip as I thought there is always Monday in chambers.

Harry wanted to go to the Judges place this evening for drinks but I said I had to get home. Reluctantly Harry drove me home. I was thinking more about what it was going to be like Monday morning. The Judges chambers are very private and nearly sound proof. I was going to like working at the court house. I felt like this new life was a brand new start.

Hell I was All brand new....

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