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All Dolled Up


Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for your votes and comments on my previous stories. This is an entry in the 2008 Winter Holidays Story Contest. I appreciate your reading and voting; and I encourage you to read the other entries as well. Happy Holidays to everyone.


"Oh Ted, you forgot one of your presents."

"No I didn't Betty. It must be one the kids forgot."

"It has your name on it. Shall I bring it to you?"

"Nah, I'll be there in a minute."

Ted Moore finished hooking up the cable to his new plasma screen TV, and then went to see what his wife had found. She handed him a rectangular box wrapped in gold foil paper with a large red bow, the tag read 'To Ted from a Friend'.

"I swear this wasn't here before," he muttered, pulling the paper from the box and removing the lid. It's contents astonished them.

Inside was a large doll, at least two feet tall, of a voluptuous woman clad in a diaphanous nightgown. It was perfectly proportioned and anatomically accurate down to a strip of red pubic hair matching her flowing tresses. Her features frozen in a provocative pout, the eyes remained closed until Ted tilted the box upward and dark green eyes appeared. This wasn't a toy, this was sexuality incarnate.

Betty's eyes narrowed. "Who would have sent you this…this piece of trash?"

Ted sighed. She was a good wife and mother, but after their second child was born, she had become both frigid and rigidly judgmental. The uninhibited girl he had fallen in love with when they were seniors in college was a distant memory.

"I have no idea, maybe one of the senior partners at the firm, but this isn't their style."

"I would think not," she sniffed, "We need to dispose of this immediately. Throw it in the furnace. Imagine what Mr. Sussman or Mr. Gordon would think of you if they knew you had such a thing. They would never recommend you for a partnership."

He sighed again, put the lid on the box and headed for the basement. Mid-way down the stairs, he felt the box become warm in his hand. When he reached the bottom, he removed the lid and looked at the doll. It's eyes were open, staring directly into his and it's lips were curved in a seductive smile. A soothing voice spoke in his mind, 'I am all that you desire, Ted'.

It's green eyes were mesmerizing, taking over his senses, filling his mind with erotic thoughts that gave him an erection. Bypassing the furnace, he put the box on a high shelf, hiding it behind cans of motor oil. Ted threw several pieces of wood in the furnace, making it smoke in case Betty was watching to see if he had, in fact, burned the doll. Then he went upstairs for some eggnog and Christmas cookies.


Alone in his cavernous office, The Leader reviewed his general's plans for invasion then added his thumbprint of approval; a touch of the commscreen and it was on it's way to the Secretary for War. Conquest of the Hill People would place the entire continent under his control. A hidden door opened and his personal secretary emerged from the turbolift, fluffing her red hair and smiling. In no time, their clothing littered the floor and she moaned in delight as he thrust into her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him as he pounded her hard, the leather couch creaking in protest. She sprayed his thighs with cum, shrieking with delight as he erupted deep within her…

Ted sat up abruptly, body shaking with the intensity of the lovemaking in his dream. The crotch of his sleeping shorts was soaked; he'd come in his pants. He hadn't done that since he was thirteen. Betty was sound asleep, so he eased out of bed and went to clean himself.


The next two days were uneventful. The Christmas tree had been knocked over and some ornaments broken, but that happened every Christmas. Billy and Sue were spending the rest of the holidays with Betty's parents, so it was just the two of them in the house. At one time, they would have made love in the living room and everywhere else, now…

Ted felt a sudden compulsion to go into the basement, there he retrieved the doll from it's hiding place, removed the box lid and looked at it as it looked back at him. It's green eyes seemed to glow and it's skin looked almost real. He poked with a finger and gasped in surprise, it was warm and soft to the touch. "Take me, Ted', the voice echoed in his mind, 'I am all that you desire'. Hands trembling, he replaced the box in it's hiding place and went upstairs for a beer to calm his nerves.


King Theodore sat frozen faced as the Royal Surgeon cut a barbarian's arrowhead from between his ribs. It had been a hard fought campaign, but the Combined Tribes were driven back behind the boundary wall and the kingdom was at peace once more. His squires removed his remaining armor, placed a mug of mead in his hand, bowed and left him alone. A flap opened in the tent and Lady Armitage crept through. They kissed passionately as they undressed one another. She motioned him to lie back on the blanket-covered straw, impaling herself on his rigid cock, gasping and moaning. He clutched her ample buttocks and thrust upward into her, ignoring the pain of his wound. She flung her long red hair from side to side, riding him like a charging horse, crying out in delight. They exploded together in a torrent of cum…

Ted awakened, bathed in sweat; he had fallen asleep watching television. The dream was so vivid. It was the doll again, but once more, it was a real woman and a fantastic lover. What did it mean? He went to the bathroom to clean himself.


The New Years party was in full swing, everyone was having a great time. Betty, as always, was the perfect host, making sure glasses and plates were kept full. Two of the firm's senior partners had arrived unexpectedly, much to Ted's delight. Maybe he was in the running for a partnership as he had always hoped. After hours of casual conversation, he felt suddenly tired. Finding a chair on the patio, he settled into it with a sigh of relief and his eyes closed.


Walking down the hall, Ted noticed the door to the guest room was ajar. Betty always kept it closed. Curious, he went inside. In the dimness, he saw a woman sitting on the bed. Before he could speak, a familiar voice said "Take me my Ted, I am your hearts desire." The woman lay back on the bed, pulling her skirt up to her waist, bare pussy glistening between creamy thighs as she spread her legs. He closed and locked the door, removed his trousers and boxers, and her silken sheath enveloped him in her warm wetness. They began in a smooth rocking rhythm, increasing the pace until their backs arched with the intensity of their fucking; uttering moans and cries of pleasure. One final surge and he was coming with her, right with her, lips crushed together in a ravenous kiss…


"Here you are, Ted," Mr. Gordon said heartily, "Everyone's been wondering where you got off to." Ted sat up in his chair, body quivering, mind still reeling with the intensity of their fucking.

"I guess I fell asleep for a minute Mr. Gordon, sorry, I mean Larry, I'm not being a very good host."

"Don't apologize, I sometimes have to get away from the crowd myself. You know how Agatha loves her parties. Since we're alone, I wanted to discuss your becoming a full partner in the firm…"

Ted motioned Betty to one side, whispering in her ear that he had been offered a partnership. Her face broke into an unaccustomed smile, and then was replaced by a flame haired beauty with pouting lips. Green eyes flashed as she murmured, "Nothing else matters except us, I am your hearts desire, and you are mine." Then as quickly, Betty's pinched face returned. He felt happy and warm all over, not hearing his wife as she rambled on about their soon to be elevated status in the community.


Packing away the last of the Christmas decorations, Ted took the doll from it's hiding place. Opening the box, he felt a wave of heat pass through him. The doll was naked, legs and arms outstretched, full breasts rising and falling in steady breaths, pussy wet, shining red hair spilling over her shoulders. The green eyes opened and the red lips moved.

"Hello Ted. It is time, time for us to go."

"Go, go where? Who are you? What is…?"

"To a land of endless pleasures, where you will be my lover for all eternity. I am known by many names. You may call me Ashtart. You called to me in your dreams. When I appeared, you loved me happily, willingly, forgetting all else. It is why I chose you to be mine. Come to me."

The doll shimmered, and then became a full sized woman. She removed Ted's clothing, kissing the bared flesh as he shivered in pleasure. Falling to her knees, she sucked his cock as it hardened in her warm mouth. He laid her back on the scattered clothing as she welcomed him between her creamy thighs. Her pussy gripped his rigid flesh like a velvet glove as their bodies entwined. Moving in the timeless dance of love and passion, they dissolved in a sparkling pink mist.


"Ted? Are you down there? What are you doing for so long? Lunch is ready."

Not receiving an answer, Betty turned on the lights and gingerly descended the stairs. Then she saw the scattered clothing on the floor and the foil covered box.

"I told him to burn that filthy thing," she muttered. She picked up the box, opened it, then dropped it with a scream of fright. There were two dolls in the box, naked and in a position of intense lovemaking. She looked at the horrific tableau for a moment, then opened the furnace door and cast the box and it's contents into the flames. She fled up the stairs in terror as a man and a woman's mocking laughter rang in her ears while a shower of sparks rose from the chimney into the wintry sky.


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