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All for Attention


She pulled into the parking lot of Loggers' Beach. It was a beautiful day, high 80s, not a cloud in the sky. The parking lot was technically a parking lot only in that there were a few rows of cars in the open field. The rutted dirt road from the highway banged and pounded axles, struts, and shocks. It made for unfriendly terrain. She eased the jeep into a spot and climbed out. Two men walking toward the sandy path smiled at her. She smiled back.

Her belly tingled as she headed towards the lakeshore. It was always exciting to come here. She was perhaps the only of her kind to come to this beach, her kind being under 50 and female. She usually went to Berwyn Beach with its own freeway off-ramp, private showers, bathrooms, food areas, bar, and three mile stretch of beautiful sand. Loggers' Beach had only a few hundred yards of beachfront with a pair of free-standing shower spigots and two Porta-johns. But every now and then she was pulled here by powers beyond her control.

She walked over the single dune and onto the beach. Two dozen men were scattered over the sand. They were in different states of undress, most completely nude. She trailed between towels, never looking at anyone, and stopped at a point 10 yards off the water. The crowd was at her back as she looked out into the water. She unrolled her towel and kicked her sandals off. She dug her toes into the sand and smiled at what was coming next.

An unfocused murmur of appreciation rippled through the sunbathers as she pulled off her white t-shirt. She was beautiful. Her long blonde hair, almost bleached white from the sun, was put in a pony tail. Her deeply tanned skin stood in contrast to her light blue bikini top. She loved the top. The straps on it were so thin she constantly expected them to snap from the weight of her large breasts. The neckline was incredibly low, showing plenty of cleavage. Her tits threatened to pop out every time she moved.

She stood for a second, hands on hips, looking out at the water. She undid the snap on her denim shorts and let them slide down her legs. They hit the sand and she stepped out of the leg holes. She also loved her matching thong bottoms. The waist ran high on her hips almost disappeared in the crack of her ass. The bottoms showed her long, lean legs and her tight, curved ass. She bent over at the waist to pick up her clothes and pile them on her towel. There were no catcalls or whistles but she knew she had their attention. She laid on her back and rested on her elbows. The wind and the sun felt like a warm blanket on her skin.

A few minutes rolled by before the first of the exhibitionists came near. An older man, mid-50s, strolled by. He walked right in front of her, slowly, and turned so she could not miss his gray-pubed crotch. He stood directly between her and the lake, facing the water. He leaned down to stretch, reaching for one foot, then the other. His asshole winked at her and his balls hung down, framed by his legs. She smiled at the obviousness. The guy took a few more seconds and straightened.

Well, she thought to herself, two can play at that game.

She stood and stretched. She could feel eyes follow her hands as they reached for the snaps at the back of her top. The man directly in front of her turned and faced her. His gaze dropped below her neck as she undid the clasp. She pulled it off her body and let the material fall to the sand. She stood topless.

The man standing in front her stared. His hand wandered to his balls and rubbed. He probably didn't even realize it. Not wanting to be a cock-tease, she eased her bottoms over her hips and down her legs. She pulled them off her ankles and tossed them to the ground.

Completely naked, she faced the man. His hand started tugging on his cock. She sat back down and leaned back, putting her weight on her elbows. She spread her legs and put her feet in the sand on either side of the beach towel. She had shaven bare that morning. The man stared between her thighs at her hairless pussy.

She loved attention, even as a kid. She always talked and moved to get attention. As she hit her teen years, it turned to acting out. She shoplifted, spray-painted, broke things, tried drugs, wore slutty clothes... She did a lot of things for attention and she never found what she was looking for.

She saw a psychiatrist for a week once. He told her the origin of pain on her very first visit.

"Your father left you at an early age and your mother was too stretched between your four other siblings. There was no male role model or figure in your life to guide you."

This he as she knelt at the foot of his expensive leather chair. Her head bobbed up and down on his cock, her tongue coaxing the cum from his balls. He continued to talk as she took all of him in her mouth, her lips brushing the underside of his soft belly. His hand pushed on the back of her head as she swallowed his heavy load. He pulled his pants on and asked the secretary to schedule her for Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday that week. She had not disappointed.

That was a few years ago. She evened things out and her only risky and illegal behavior was this. She felt like she came a long way.

A few more guys came wandering around, circling like jackals. She ignored them, let them look, and basked in the glow of their attention. Ten minutes later she decided to go for a dip. She stood and faced away from the water. Most heads were turned her way. No one faked disinterested. The men knew she wanted to be seen and they watched.

She leaned over and grabbed her thin white t-shirt. She pulled the tight cotton material over her breasts and down to her hips. The shirt stretched to encase her big tits. She walked, naked from the waist down, into the water. It was cool and refreshing. She swam out and enjoyed the water. She loved the way it caressed her body and slid over her pussy and her nipples. She frolicked and enjoyed the sensation of being weightless.

She started to swim back to shore after a time. She noticed more men grouped closer to her towel. They all watched expectantly and she felt like she was rock star at a concert.

The t-shirt worked wonderfully. Grins broke out as she walked up to the shoreline. Her big tits were encased in wet tee. She saw a camera being pointed at her and she sashayed her hips even more. Logger's Beach was sexually liberal and several men were gently stroking themselves while watching her. Two guys had each other's cocks in their hands, their eyes fixed on her body. She walked to her towel and fought to pull the adhesive shirt over her head. She yanked it off and tossed the shirt to sand next to her shoes. She walked quickly to the open-air spigot. Her tits bounced and jiggled, her ass swayed, and lean muscle worked in her legs as she walked through the loose knot of men.

She stood under the shower and pulled the cord. Cold water sluiced over her body. She imagined how she looked: A young, tight-bodied, blonde girl with an amazing rack showered nude in front of an audience of twenty guys. Most of them were middle aged or older. She hoped they thought about her when they fucked their wives tonight.

She rinsed the lakewater off her body and went back to her towel. She was intercepted by three guys, mid-30s, all wearing swim trunks.

"Um, hi," said one holding a digital camera.

"Hello," she said back.

"We've never been to a nude beach before and no one would believe us if we told them what happened. Can we take your picture?"

She nodded and struck a pose. Her back was arched and her breasts pulled tight. One leg was in front of the other, her hips dipped seductively. Two of the guys moved to take a spot on each side of her. They put their arms around her waist.

*whizzz-CLICK* went the camera.

"One more," the guy with the camera said. This time, both guys dropped their hands below the belt. Each held a cheek and gave a slight squeeze. She laughed and did the same. For a second, she grabbed their asses over the bathing suits. Before the picture was taken, she slid her hands inside both waistbands and squeezed. The guy on the right was hairy and the guy on the left had smooth skin. They laughed and the camera shot.


She had never been nude in front of a camera before and she was thrilled to do it.

"Get ahold of them tits!" someone called out. The suggestion made the guy with the camera pause. She shrugged and grins broke out on both sides of her. The guys turned to face her. The hairy one was aggressive and immediately took her tit in his hands. He rubbed her nipple and she felt electricity course down to her crotch. Her nipples were ultra-sensitive and she could come by playing with them. The guy's other hand was busy, too. It ran up and down the side of her body, squeezing her ass, her thigh, and groped her stomach.

Hairless was more timid. He gently took her in his hand and put his other hand in the small of her back. The light caress of his fingers turned her on even more. She didn't need groping, she liked the soft touch.


"You know, guys," she said after the picture was taken, "This is a nude beach and you two are still wearing clothes."

She dropped to her knees between the two. She adroitly undid the drawstrings of one bathing suit, then the other. She pulled down the Hairless's suit first. He had barely any beach fuzz on his body. She helped him get his feet out of the leg holes of suit. Hairy already had his suit off and lying in the sand a foot away. She knelt between the two, their cocks near her face.


She took one in her hand, then the other. She gently rubbed and felt them both start swelling. She looked up at the camera, two strangers' dicks in her hands.


Other men from around the beach started walking over, forming a loose circle around the four of them. Many were stroking their dicks and watching the show unfurl. She was not a cocktease, she told herself. But with these two guys already getting hard, if she blew them, would she suck and fuck every other guy on this beach? And eat the pussy of the nude grandmother who sat alone on the other side of the beach?

She dropped Hairless's erect cock and cupped his balls in her palm. His knees buckled as she took him in her hot, wet mouth.

"Holy shit!" someone said.


Better get started, she thought.


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