tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAll Hallow's Eve

All Hallow's Eve


Kimi put the pistol against her head.

"Bang," she said.

Her voice had no emotion, no soul, no anything.


One and a half days ago... October 30, morning.

"Kimi," Sandra called out running up the street behind her. "Wait for me, Kimi."

Kimi turned and smiled. Sandra caught up.

"Why do you have to walk so fast, Kimi," Sandra asked, trying to get her breath back.

Kimi shrugged. "We have to hurry if we want to make it to school on time."

Sandra looked petulant. "And how is that my fault?"

Kimi smiled again. "You were the one begging for another go before school."

Sandra blushed. It spread quickly across her Irish face.

"Aw," Kimi said, brushing away a few blonde tresses and standing on her tiptoes in order to give her a quick kiss.

"I love you, you know," Sandra muttered as their lips parted away.

"You too," Kimi replied. "More than life itself."



Kimi pulled away the gun and looked in the mirror. She was dressed in her cosplay outfit. Just another Asian in an anime outfit. It was the standard Japanese schoolgirl one with short pleated skirt. The kind popularized by Sailor Moon. She pulled out a roll of tape and pulled up her shirt. She taped the gun around her upper stomach.

"Ready," she said and walked out onto the streets.

It was All Hallow's Eve.

# October 30, lunch.

"Kimi," Sandra called out as she crossed the field to the tree under which they ate lunch together. It was far away from where the rest of the school at their lunch. It was their spot and theirs alone. Sure, others knew of it, but never heeded it. It was just there for most. For Kimi and Sandra, it was home. It was all that mattered.

"I want to come home with you again tonight," Sandra said as she sat down.

"Don't you have a math test tomorrow," Kimi asked.

Sandra nodded. "He cancelled because it's Halloween tomorrow."

"Nice teacher," Kimi answered. "Mr. Phillips is still having his test. It's a good thing that I've already finished."

Kimi sat back and though for a second and then swore, "Shit. Tomorrow's Halloween. I completely forgot."

Sandra laughed. "You're always caught up. Don't worry. I've rented a stack of bad b-horror movies that we can laugh at until we fall asleep."

"Or until we find something better to do, you mean," Kimi added slyly.

"I don't know what you mean," she added incensed.

"Hmmm, we could wear our cosplay outfits. Like Sailor Neptune and Uranus," Kimi added lecherously.

"What about my anus," Sandra relied smiling.

"Hmm, haven't tried that yet."

"You hentai."

"Oh, yes. But nothing compared to you."


"All right. Meet me outside school as soon as class is over. We'll walk to my place together."

"All right, Kimi. I'll see you then."

"Right, see you then."



"I'll see you soon Sandra."

A little kid walking past her turned in query and was quickly yanked to the sidewalk by her mother.

Kimi walked like a dead woman through the streets. She saw nothing, no one.

She just kept walking. Her feet moving on some agenda privy to them and them alone.

Kimi's face meanwhile was blank and all it was able to do was mutter that one hollow phrase.

"I'll see you soon, Sandra."


October 30, Afternoon


Kimi halted on the balls of her feet as if to prepare herself to run at any minute. "What is it Mr. Phillips?"

"Are you okay?"

"What kind of a question is that, Mr. Phillips?" Her feet longed to run off to Sandra, escape the school, return to two-person bliss.

"A concerned one. I know you're not the most social of people. Plus, as a woman of your...uh...type, you might be faced with prejudices."

"I'm a dyke, Mr. Phillips. You can use the actual word if you give so much a damn about me?"

"Language, Kimi."

"Yes, Mr. Phillips," she said biting her lip. How dare he tie her up with a discussion about this crap? She didn't have any truck with the school outside class and didn't care if the school had truck with her. She had Sandra. That's what mattered. A discussion would only hold her up.

And that's just what it did. It took about fifteen minutes to excise herself from the conversation, but she finally did it and sprinted to the gates where Sandra would be waiting and help make her forget the world.

She ran and ran and turned the corner, her heart in her throat as much as it was the first day she got up the nerve to ask Sandra out or the first time Sandra had reached "down there."

She turned. No one was there. Her heart fell. Her hackles raised. Worry flushed her face.

"Sandra," she asked out loud. "Sandra, are you hiding?"

No answer came.

Eventually she started running home.




Always walking.

There were going to be a few stops before the last one.

A vigil needed to be held for the dead.


October 30, Night

Sandra hadn't been outside.

A frantic call to Sandra's mom also failed to produce anything. She believed her to be with Kimi.

Kimi ran into the night. She asked all of the shop owners if they had seen a blonde Irish girl matching Sandra's appearance. She even asked the police, but they told her that they only handle cases in which the victim has been missing for at least 3 days.

She knew in her gut that that would likely be too late. She began searching the city at random, calling Sandra's name and being yelled at from the rooftop apartments. She ran, letting her feet guide her. Her brain frantic to find Sandra and never stopping to think, unable to think. Her worry was propelling her now.

It was propelling her into a street she didn't know. It was in the shady part of town. And she was just a little Asian girl.

Not a good place to be.

The fright trumped the worry and she stopped in front of an alley. A noise within made her jump.

The cat stepped out majestically, licking its lips. They were covered in blood. And dangling off one whisker fell a long blonde hair.

Kimi's heart stopped. Her mind reeling with coincidences and explanations but she heard nothing. She knew at that moment. She realized she had no world to hang onto.

She stepped into the alley. Her legs and hands were trembling.

She walked along, past the dumpsters as the overpowering stench of twelve years unpicked up garbage overwhelmed her. She walked and then looked down.

She vomited.

Then she looked again and vomited once more.

When she was down to dry heaves, she looked another time.

There was Sandra. Her face angelic as ever and still as the meat in a market.

She was naked. Not nude. There was a difference. Nude, there was a sense of the erotic, the promise of pleasure. Naked, there was only the revealing of recent pain, the loss of innocence and life. Her body was covered in bruises as if she had struggled violently with her attackers.

But she had lost...and was raped. Kimi suspected this strongly. Sandra's mouth was skeletal, the result of a bad acid wash. The same had been done to her hands, her pussy, and even her asshole. Kimi's face flashed hatred.

Across her neck was a giant slash. A finishing move, for when she had proved more pain than pleasure. And she had been left here afterwards. As if she meant nothing. As if it didn't matter.

Kimi shook with rage, with grief, with all the emotions possible and fell stock still to her knees.

She did not move until dawn's first light. Her eyes were as red as a beasts.

She stood up like a marionette. No tears fell. No tears could fall. There was nothing left to cry out.

Kimi was now dead.

What happened next was mere epilogue.



She stood in the alleyway for a long time.

"Sandra," she said. "I love you."

She walked away and down the street a mere two doors to a seedy looking nightclub.

"Sandra," she repeated. "I love you. What I do now is for you."

She stepped up to the door and knocked once.


October 31, Noon

Mr. Phillips was working on his paperwork as he heard the door open.

"Hello," he asked, standing slowly.

Kimi walked in calmly.

"Oh, it's you Kimi," he said settling back to his chair and shifting his eyes to his paperwork. "Was there something you wanted to talk about?"


Mr. Phillips looked up into the barrel of a pistol pointed at his head.

"Do I have your attention, Mr. Phillips," Kimi asked, her voice grave and sullen.

"Kimi, what are-"

"The safety is off, Mr. Phillips. The time for bullshit is over. What happened to Sandra?"

"Listen I know you're sad to hear about her-"

"No one knows that she is dead. Except you, Mr. Phillips. You have dug yourself a grave. You have one chance to undo that."

Mr. Phillips looked into Kimi's eyes and shuddered. His teacher's façade collapsed and he slumped over his paperwork. "It's not my fault, really. I have a problem...with money and... It was either her or my family. They never told me she would die. They never told me. I had no-"

"Don't expect me to sympathize with you, Mr. Phillips. Just tell me who."

"It's a nightclub. On Smith Street. They have a system where they simulate rape fantasies. They take willing people, but sometimes...sometimes they have particular tastes." Kimi's eyes showed a trace of lost emotion. "It's called the Rusty Shank. Please, Kimi. I didn't know they would-"

Kimi turned around. "I know, Mr. Phillips."

His face collapsed into relief as he sunk into his considerably damper seat.

She spun around. In her hand was a knife and it slashed straight across Mr. Phillip's throat before he could even scream.

"That doesn't forgive you," she said hopping out of blood range before any could hit her. She put away the gun and the knife into her cute little backpack and climbed out the window.

She didn't turn around as she walked away.



It was the Rusty Shank.

She knocked again.

A slit in the door pulled aside.

"This aint fuckin' trick or treat cunt," the voice behind said.

"I'm not here for candy," she said, willing herself to act like the simpering little anime girls she had watched so many times. "Well, not regular candy anyway."

The door opened slowly. The figure was one of those imposing and small-brained gimps that pollute the lower wastes. He was a white man, shaved bald with a Nazi insignia on his arm. If lowlifes advertised, he would be their poster child and happy about it.

"You're volunteering yourself?"

"Maybe," she answered, disgusted with herself. "I'd like to eat...meet your boss first."

"We'll see. Boss likes us to check the merchandise first. You like getting raped, bitch?"

"I'm here, aren't I?"

"Let's see for how long," he said, throwing her to the floor. Her short skirt was letting her flash the man. She willed herself not to care. Let her already fragile mind slip away into the past.

"Ooh, white cotton panties. Nice touch," he said pulling him down and shoving a finger in.

Kimi recalled the day Sandra had first played with her. How those delicate fingers felt on her clit. How she had to search and explore to find her g-spot. She lost herself in those memories, willed herself to become wet in the present.

"Damn, you gook sluts get off on this crap, don't you?"

And then the rubbing had become too much. She had begged Sandra to lick down there. Sandra had pulled out in shock.

"Damn, is that a hymen? Are you a virgin? Damn, Boss can get good money for that. Can't touch that."

But she had still done it. It was her first time. Hell, it was a first time for Kimi as well. Still, Sandra really tried hard and the feeling of her mouth on her sex.

"Mmm, but this hole is open season. Better get things ready though," he said marching around to her front and unzipping his pants.

And then she had swung her body around for Kimi to join in. Sandra's blonde bush was in front of her and she opened her mouth hungrily to accept it.

The cock was shoved in her mouth. She didn't gag, instead opening herself freely. Her throat allowed the intruder through as if breathing was a mere secondary action. Sure her throat contracted itself around it but she was not part of that process. "Damn you Asian whores give good head."

Oh, gods, she'd never forget the taste of Sandra's cunt. If summer had a flavor, it would have been Sandra. You could have bottled her juices and sold it as dandelion wine, it was so pure and sweet. Oh, and the fragrance, so intoxicating. She was drunk on the smell long before the first taste. And taste she did, licking inside like a starving woman, nearly forgetting about the clit until she realized what her nose had been rubbing all that time. It was Heaven.

Back in Hell, the bastard pulled out of her throat. His dick was laden with Kimi's saliva. He grabbed one of her breasts as he went around and muttered disappointedly. "That part ain't worth a damn though. Oh well." He went around and slapped her skinny ass. "But this part is nice and tight." He entered.

Her body registered pain, but she wasn't there. Perhaps her body even screamed at the invader, gave him something to feel better about. She was lost in a former 69. The way she had trained herself on Sandra's g-spot. How she had licked it like a cat, making it nearly raw with pure concentrated affection.

There was a pistoning behind her and Kimi's hair was yanked back hard. He was shouting out obscenities and asking her about her patrilineage. He was likely speeding to a finish.

She remembered the explosion. Their first orgasm together. Their bodies had buckled against the waves, but their tongues dared not stop. They carried each other through two more simultaneous orgasms. The pleasure twined them to each other, consuming them in joy. They had collapsed together, Sandra on Kimi and hadn't been able to move for a half-hour. They knew then that they belonged to each other and each other alone.

Kimi's body felt the warm splash of cum on her face as it slumped forward. Perhaps it had cum along with the mind. The bastard hadn't noticed, taking the collapse as all the proof it needed. "Yeah, I love this bukkake shit. Take that, you Jap cunt."

Kimi stood up, cum dripping from her face. "Did I do well," she asked.

"Yeah," the bastard replied trying to put his dick back in his pants.

"Can I meet the Boss now?"

"Yeah, sure. You've proved you won't go psycho like the chick yesterday."

"Hmm," she asked in a suitably detached manner.

"Oh, one of the special orders proved a bit more spirited than expected. Bit off Big Tony's dick. Lost a bunch of money on that."

"What happened to the girl?"

"Oh," he said with a malevolent grin. "We dismissed her. Don't worry, you won't have to deal with that if you play nice."

He led her into a posh office. There were two guards on each side of a central desk. Both had a pistol on their belts, but it was loosely there. They held each other sloppily as befit guards who haven't had to worry about any real threats for a while. Good, she thought.

The central figure was a middle-aged man with the bad straight-back comb usually only adopted by Italian mobsters and people who have seen Scarface one too many times. She stood there slightly hunched with cum dripping from her face and in her slightly rumpled schoolgirl uniform. She looked perfectly like a hentai star. She could see the Boss grin lecherously even before he spoke.

"What we got here," he asked louder than was warranted.

"Volunteer. Nice and subservient and a virgin to boot."

"And you want to lose it here," the Boss asked genuinely surprised. He was used to volunteers and special order virgins (like Sandra), but not both at once.

Kimi's hand crept slowly to her stomach as the Boss began to converse over the finer parts of her body with the bastard. Her hand wrapped around the gun. She just had to wait for an opportunity.

"John, Mark," the Boss said, calling the guards to attention and breaking their attention from her.


John and Mark slumped to the floor.

The Boss stood still in shock, but his eyes betrayed a movement to her right. She ducked down as a bat flew over her head. She took aim between the eyes of the man who raped her.


Her gun swiveled to the Boss's head before he could call out for reinforcements.

"Don't," she said.

The Boss stood still in genuine fright. Without guards he was nothing. Just a weak little man in a paper empire.

"Do you remember a girl named Sandra," she asked. "Don't speak. Just nod."

The Boss shook his head no.

"The blonde you sold and killed yesterday, you son of a bitch."

The Boss's eyes grew wide and he nodded slowly.

"Jesus, you didn't even know her name. You kidnapped her and you raped her and you never even cared enough to learn her name."

The Boss didn't respond.


"You deserved worse," she muttered walking out. There were no screams, no running guards. The Boss had enough forethought to make his office soundproof to better drown out the sobs and "failed" girls. She heard in each of the rooms on the sides of the hallways, sounds of ecstasy and pain. Of cries for salvation. Some were false. Some were real. She didn't care. Every room, every man. Each got a bullet. Some women processed their thanks, others screamed. They all fled though. All of them fled from the little Asian girl with the gun in her hands.

The last door was silent. She entered it reverently. Inside was just carpet and a crappy bed like all of the other rooms and of course a strong lock. She had shot it off, just like the others.

There were bloodstains on the carpet. All of it fairly fresh and new. Some were small, the effect of strong punches and cuts. One though was a pool and Kimi allowed herself to grin at it.

Sandra, she thought. Her mind brimmed with the memory of the light-hearted blonde girl she had loved. The girl who could flawlessly pull off Sailor Moon's mannerisms. The girl who loved campy b-movies. The girl who woke her up at 3 in the morning to "cure an itch." The girl for whom she had lived.

She heard the sirens far off. Some of the girls must have reached the Police.

She sat down on the bed.

"Sandra," she said. "I avenged you."

Her eyes dimmed. "Sandra. Wait for me, Sandra."


The moment that is all

Kimi put the pistol against her head.





Kimi floated in the darkness.


She opened her eyes slowly.

"Kimi, you took so long," Sandra said. She was standing above her, shining through the darkness like a million-watt light bulb.

"I'm sorry, babe," Kimi said slowly. Her voice croaked a little. "I got delayed."

Sandra grinned. "Well, I was happy to wait. Come on let's go home. I've got a stack of bad b-movies and you owe me some Sailor action."

"Sandra," she said softly. "I love you."

"You do," Sandra replied putting out her hand. "More than life itself."

Kimi grabbed it as the tears fell down her spirit and walked on into the light in the darkness and the rest of eternity.

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