tagMind ControlAll Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis

All Hypnosis is Self-Hypnosis


All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Google that exact phrase and you'll get something like 165,000 results. It's a given within the community, that you can't hypnotize someone against their will. And it makes sense. If someone doesn't want to be hypnotized, they can simply stop listening, or as the case may be, reading.

That said, the opposite is true. If a person wanted to go into a hypnotic trance, they'd just have to keep reading, because this is indeed a hypnotic induction. A powerful one, written to not only pull you into a hypnotic trance, but to arouse you and fill you with thoughts of submission, a loss of inhibition and control.

And it all starts very simply. Simply put, you must relax. Hypnotic trances are relaxing by nature, and the more relaxed you are, the easier it is to slip into a trance. There are a lot of ways to relax, of course, but try this, the old classic.

Breath in deep through your nose, hold it for a moment, then let it out. Keep breathing like this. As you read these words, keep thinking about your breathing. If you put in the effort to focus on your breathing, then by the time you stop focusing on it, you will have realized you are just that more relaxed.

Just breath and relax. There's no rush. You don't have to think your body into relaxation, you simply have to read along, think about your breathing, and you will relax. Simple. Easy enough to relax to the point you normally are at when it's the end of a long day and you're just letting your body unwind.

Let's go a little further. Wiggle your toes. Scrunch them up tight, then let them go. Let your toes relax. Some people may wonder about that, just how to relax your toes. And the brain is a powerful thing. If you simply imagine the idea of relaxation in your toes, it happens. If you imagine stress and tension seeping out of your toes, it happens.

Imagination is powerful, so we'll be using that. Imagine your toes starting to glow with a very soft color, pink or the orange of a summer sunset. Imagine that glow warming your toes and relaxing them even further. And then, imagine that glow starting to spread. Very slowly, just a little bit more every time you take in a another deep breath through your nose and let it out through your mouth.

Imagine the glow spreading up your legs, all throughout your body. Every breath relaxes you a little more, pulls the glow higher up your body, pulls you deeper towards trance. Towards hypnosis.

So now, you're doing three things for me. First, still focusing on your breathing, in through your nose, holding it for just that brief moment, and then letting it out through your mouth. Second, you're imagining that pleasant glow creeping up your body, feeling it relax every part of you more than you can normally feel. And third, and most important, you're still reading. Reading and following along with my words.

Good girl.

Coming along this far, focusing so deeply, doing so well. A very good girl indeed. Your body feels so relaxed, even sleepy, and you're still paying such close attention to my words, savoring each and every one. So, I'm going to give you a suggestion.

Hypnotic suggestions are simply that. A suggestion you make to a person who is hypnotized. Just like a normal suggestion, you're free to ignore it. Unlike a normal suggestion, a hypnotic suggestion speaks to you on a subconscious level. Your subconscious might like something your conscious mind is afraid of, and your subconscious mind has the power to take to heart suggestions that your conscious mind couldn't follow if it tried.

There are suggestions to instantly fall into a hypnotic trance with a single spoken word. Suggestions that can leave you feeling so aroused, right at the edge of orgasm, and unable to finish. Suggestions to give me complete control of your body and mind. Suggestions that turn you into a slave. All of those and more.

But this is a very simple suggestion, because you are still relaxing. Still focused on your breathing, still focused on simply enjoying that relaxation, and still so focused on my words. So we'll start with something easy.

First, start to pay attention to your eyes. Until now, you have been blinking them without really thinking about it, but now, I want you to notice it when your eyes close. Don't close them on purpose, don't try to keep them open, just take notice of it.

Good girl.

Soon, you're going to close your eyes, count down slowly from five to zero, and then open them again. When you open your eyes, you will know you're in a deep trance. But for now, you don't need to worry about it. It won't happen just yet. Instead, as you pay attention to your eyes closing, you'll let them stay closed for just a bit longer. The deeper you go, the longer your eyes will stay closed. And when they close, in your mind, you will simply think...five. And then you'll let them open again.

Every time they close, you'll start that countdown. And every time they close, you go a little bit deeper. Every time you count down, you take yourself a little deeper. Every time you let your eyes open, you're a little bit deeper than when you let them close. Every time you close your eyes, they're going to stay closed just a little bit longer. And the longer they stay closed, the deeper you go as you count down from five to zero. And when you finally do close your eyes, when you finally reach zero...you'll be deep in trance.

You will be hypnotized.

Until then, you can keep reading. You can see what is coming. You'll read all of this again when you are hypnotized even if you don't yet think you are, and everything you read is pulling you down.

Deeper and deeper.

And when you're hypnotized, especially when someone like you is hypnotized, words can be very powerful indeed. They can wrap around your mind like chains, hold you more surely than normal restraints. They can caress you softly, tease your body like a lover. And they can tell you what to think.

So, when you've gone into your deep trance, read these words. Repeat them back inside your head, let them echo. Let them resonate with you.

  • Hypnosis feels good. This hypnosis feels good. You love this feeling.

  • When you are hypnotized, you need to obey. Hypnotized people do as they are told, because it feels good to obey.

  • You enjoy obeying me. It brings you nothing but pleasure to simply listen along to my words, especially when you're in a sleepy trance like this.

  • Being hypnotized by me is so very easy. You just have to remember counting down for me with your eyes closed again. Just imagining helps you go into a deep trance, and the more you imagine it, the deeper you'll go each time.

Close your eyes, count down from five to zero, and go even deeper into trance when you let them open again. So deep for me now. So very, very deep.

Good girl.

I'll give you a reward for your obedience. I'll give you a command, one that I'm sure you'll enjoy. Pleasure yourself. Touch yourself, if you haven't started to already, and start to masturbate. Touch yourself in a way that makes you moan, and let that moan heighten your arousal.

You are not touching yourself for your own release, but because you are simply obeying. The pleasure of obedience, the pleasures of the flesh, both are building now as you touch your body. As you get closer and closer, remember those four important things I told you to let resonate with you. Read them, again and again, as you get closer. Read them and those words will be a little stronger each time, more and more powerful.

And when you find yourself at the edge, ready to orgasm, you'll need to read all four points just one more time. Very, very slowly, read them. Only then will you be allowed to cum. Finally, when you are ready to cum, if you want to cum, you will repeat, in a soft whisper,

"I will obey you. I must obey you."

And you will cum. You will cum very, very hard. You will wake up. You will remember everything. The suggestions will still be resonating inside your mind.

It will be up to you whether you ask me for more.

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