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All-Inclusive Summer

byTx Tall Tales©


Daughter and her friends think Daddy's been alone long enough.

Just a quick little story for the Summer Lovin Contest. Nothing earth shattering. There is a relationship between a father and a daughter that some might find a little too close, but there's no incest. If that bothers you, please enjoy one of the other extremely good contest entries. There is a wealth of them this time around.



I looked up from where I was working at the computer. It was pretty much all I did most evenings. "Yes, sweetie?"

"You know how you said I could take one friend on vacation, and I invited Tina, and her mother said she couldn't go?"

Yes, I was fully aware. Tina was my daughter's best friend. Two peas in a pod. Twins separated at birth. She lived directly behind us and had been a fixture since the kids were four years old.

"Yes, and you invited Donna instead."

My daughter had walked over, and she was standing in front of me, hands behind her back, rocking back and forth. I knew the look, she wanted something.

"Well ... Tina got straight A's, and her father paid up his child support, so her Mom says she can go now."

"That's nice, but you already invited Donna, and I've met with her parents. You can't change your mind now. We've already paid for the tickets, in her name."

"I know, Daddy, but Tina really wants to go. She's been working on her mother for weeks. Can't she come too? It's our last summer. Please?"

I wanted to remind Wendy that it was our last summer as well. It had been just us two since her mother passed away four years earlier. I had hoped we could spend some time together, one last family vacation. Then she had begged to bring a friend along, and I had folded. Now she was asking for two. I figured I'd never see her for the whole week.

She noticed my hesitance. "Please, Daddy! Pretty please? With sugar on top?"

What can I say? My daughter has me wrapped around her little finger. She's been my lone beacon of light for four years. She takes care of me, cooks, cleans, does the laundry, and more. Still maintained good grades. That first year, after losing her mother, when I felt like rolling over and dying, she was the strong one, when no fourteen year old should have to bear that burden. She made sure I ate, got me off to work, stopped me from drinking when all I wanted to do was crawl inside a bottle and die. She even scheduled and made me attend therapy. When I was well enough to handle things, the guilt was overwhelming. I had failed my daughter when she needed me most, and swore never to do it again. She became my raison de vivre. I've been doing my damnedest to make it up to her for the last four years.

"Of course, darling. If that's what you want. I'll see what I can do to get another ticket, and to add her to our group. The three of you will have to share a room, and I don't want you ignoring Donna, once you and Twin-Tina get together."

Her excited squeal, and big hug was enough to make me happy.

* * *

The last minute addition was pricey, but we could afford it. Hell, once she went off to college, I had nothing to spend money on. I had a great job, and my wife's life insurance had paid for Wendy's college, and paid off our mortgage. Even spoiling my daughter rotten, I was able to bank a few grand every month. This was our last hurrah, and I'd pulled out all the stops, booking a top of the line all-inclusive resort, with two adjoining suites. All activities and amenities were covered.

I was looking forward to relaxing by the pool, taking advantage of the unlimited adult beverages and the views. I hadn't dated since my LeAnne had died. I was quietly anticipating testing the waters once my baby girl left for Rice.

The girls squealed like little kids when the stretch limo arrived to take us to the airport. It was silly, but Wendy had always wanted to ride in a limo, and it was my last chance to spoil her. The three girls were chattering like magpies, standing up through the sunroof and laughing. It made me feel good.

On the plane, they sat three across, my baby in the middle, talking about all the things they were going to do. They had a list of the resort activities that must have been a mile long. Tennis, snorkeling, beach volleyball, wind-surfing, water-skiing, para-sailing, pool games, an in-house disco, the list went on and on. From the sounds of things they were planning on doing all within one short week.

Me, I sat on the aisle of the row opposite, next to a young couple that were more interested in each other than anything else. I figured that was how the week was going to be. I was a fourth wheel, but that was fine. As long as Wendy was happy. I could take care of myself.

The courtesy van picked us up, and the suites were everything I had hoped for. Spacious, with large bedrooms, a casual living area, and a broad balcony seven stories up that overlooked the beach. The girl's side had two queen sized beds, while mine was a single king. Both opened to the same balcony, where all of us gathered once we'd done our minimal unpacking. It was already past noon. "Lunch, ladies?"

Wendy was their spokesman. "We thought we'd go to the pool. They have a snack bar there we can eat at."

I nodded. I'd eat alone. "Girls, I don't want you getting trashed. They'll serve you alcohol since you're all eighteen, but don't overdo it. I promised your parents I'd take care of you. So I don't want you separating, or getting drunk. Watch out for each other, Ok?"

The girls giggled, and promised they'd be good. Twenty minutes later I was still waiting in the living area, to head downstairs with them. I figured it might be the last time I saw them for a while.

Tina was the first to come out, and I was surprised when she came over and gave me a big hug. "Thanks Mr. Z, for letting me come on this vacation with you guys. You're the best."

I gave her a short hug in return, and drew away before she could notice what the effect of her postage stamp bikini was having on me. It had been four years after all, and rosey-palm only went so far. Tina was gorgeous. "Couldn't leave one of the twins behind, could I?"

She rose up on tippy-toes and gave me a peck on the lips, which I hadn't expected. Not when it was the first one in fourteen years. "We're gonna take care of you, Mr. Z., I promise."

Any hope I had for hiding my appreciation of her assets was lost after that little kiss, and her innocent promise. Especially not when Donna and my daughter came bursting out of their room, laughing. Donna jogged up to me, and gave me a huge hug, squishing her over-sized and under-covered breasts against my chest, and dropping a lip-lock on me that almost knocked me over. "Thanks Mr. Z.," she sighed, still squeezing. "This is going to be the best vacation ever!"

Then my daughter was taking her place, giving me a hug, and politely ignoring the wood her friends had given me, poking her in the belly. "Daddy, I want you to make me a promise," she said.

I'd been had by the little fiend too many times. "Not until I know what it is."

She giggled. "It's not a bad one, I swear." She was grinning to beat the band. "This is your vacation too," she said. "It's been four years, Daddy. I want you to talk to some of the ladies. Maybe you can get lucky. It's about time, don't you think?"

I know I was blushing. "Wendy—"

"Promise me Daddy! We'll make sure you have your privacy. We're all adults now. So I want you to go out there and try."

Tina moved up next to me, and rubbed my arm. "She's right, Mr. Z. You're going to be the best looking man out there. All you'll have to do is smile, and you'll be beating them off. So take care of yourself, we'll be fine."

I was getting nervous about their intentions. "Uh ... you all aren't planning on bringing any boys back to the room, are you?"

Wendy laughed. "Daddy! What happens in Aruba, stays in Aruba. We'll be good, I promise."

Tina was quick to add, "And if we're bad, we'll be careful."

Shit. That's all I needed to hear. Three 18 year old beauties, in an all-adult super premium resort. Alongside half-a-dozen more resorts. "Please take care of each other, and don't get too carried away."

"Don't worry Mr. Z.," Donna said. "We'll be good, and careful. Just make sure you do like Wendy said. While we're being good, we expect you to be a little bad."

I peeled my daughter's arms from around my neck, and stepped back from the three vixens. "I'll be by the pool, or on the beach. I'd like you to check in every now and then, so I know you're alive. Let's meet for dinner at seven at the buffet."

Wendy had more on her mind. "We thought we might visit the spa while we're here. Can we sign things to the room?"

"Just keep it reasonable, alright? Don't go too crazy, or invite half the beach to join you."

That got me a quick kiss, and then the girls were dragging me along.

I lost them almost immediately, and after helping myself to the buffet lunch, I opted for one of the VIP poolside setups. It got me a covered space, with four lounge chairs, in case the girls ever needed a break, a great spot by the pool, and a view out over the beach. Within moments of being seated my cabana 'butler' showed up taking my order, and leaving a list of available amenities.

A couple of hours into my stay, I was more relaxed than I'd been in years. Four large house "Palace Specials," and a half-hour massage from a lovely French masseuse helped a lot. I'd take the occasional dip in the pool, and even joined in a few conversations. I hadn't seen hide nor hair of my girls, but it wasn't on my mind much. I trusted them to take care of each other.

I was sitting back, reading on my Kindle, when Tina made an appearance. "Just letting you know that we're still around. We're going to do some snorkeling. We thought we'd go to the disco tonight if that's Ok?"

She was a dark silhouette standing at the foot of my lounge chair, with the sky bright behind her. "That's fine. You girls having fun?"

Tina stepped in and sat on the chair next to me. "More fun than you, it looks like."

I grinned. "I'm having a great time," I said. "Manny is making sure I'm lubricated, and Claire gave me a very nice massage. It's nice to relax."

"Meet any nice ladies yet? Or better yet, any naughty ones?"

"No, troublemaker. I've talked to some very pleasant people, and I'm relaxing. I may get a little more social later, but right now all I want to do is unwind."

She stood up and nodded. "That's good." Then she leaned over and gave me a quick kiss. Right on the lips. With a teasing swipe of her tongue. "You really should make a play for the two ladies watching you from the bar. You're the handsomest man out here. I bet you could pull both of them."

"I'm forty years old, Tina. I'm not some twenty-something hard-body on the prowl. I'm doing fine."

She gave me a grin, running her hand down my chest, and shocking me when it didn't stop until she'd stroked me through my bathing suit. "Just saying, Mr. Z. Have some fun. You know they're looking for it. Why else would they be here?"

Then she turned and walked away. Yes, I watched her for a long time, and even glanced over at where the women she'd pointed out were drinking. One of them caught my eye, and even raised a drink in my direction. I gave her a smile, but returned to my Kindle.

* * *

After four days, I swore I'd be doing this a lot more often. I loved the services, the pampering, and the relaxed atmosphere. The girls were obviously having the time of their lives, full of stories over dinner. After the first buffet, we had decided to opt for the nicer restaurants, and made reservations after we agreed on which at breakfast.

The girls lived in their bikinis during the day and dressed up for dinner each evening. My daughter casually informed me that I'd purchased their latest dresses, but I wasn't complaining. I was accompanied by the three most beautiful women in the resort every evening. And with my poolside cabana view, I was in an excellent position to make that observation. If I had needed any corroboration, all you had to do was watch the heads turn where ever we went.

Tina and my daughter had very similar looks. Tall, slender, long brown hair, deep tans. They had enough assets to fill their bikinis quite nicely. Wendy was looking more like her mother every day, and LeAnne had been a knockout.

Donna was a few inches shorter, blonde, and a lot curvier. She always looked like she was going to fall out of her bikini top, and I'm certain that the deep cleavage, short hem, and open back of her new dinner dress was stretching the seams on many a pair of men's pants.

Daily massages, twice that day, lots of drinks, pool visits and chatting with many of the other vacationers had me in a great mood. I'd finished reading three of my books, and was more relaxed than I'd been in years.

The girls' good behavior was helping. They checked in with me often, and although they were drinking, I never saw them drunk. They were dancing the night away in the disco, but came home alone, tipsy and giggly, before one in the morning. They had managed to run up over twelve hundred dollars in charges, at an all-inclusive that's not easy, but they kept me informed, and I made sure they knew it was not a problem. I figured even a thousand dollars apiece was reasonable. It was our last hurrah after all.

We had wine with dinner, two bottles, and they were feeling little pain. Over a remarkably good steak, Wendy started in. "It's been four days, Daddy. You dipped your wick yet?"

I could feel my ears getting hot. "Wendy, I'm not going to discuss my sex life over dinner."

Tina giggled. "Don't you mean lack of sex life, Mr. Z.? Stop holding back. I saw that MILF sit down beside you today. You had to know she was dying for it. Why'd you chase her off?"

How did I tell the girls I wasn't looking for some desperate divorcee to get my rocks off? "Tina honey, I'm here to relax. Not get my bones jumped."

Wendy pouted. "It's time Dad. More than time. It's not good for you. Loosen up a little."

I chuckled. "I am loosening up, a lot. I really am having a terrific time, alright?"

They left me alone after that, but I should have known from their conspiratorial whispering they were up to no good.

* * * *

While the girls were off dancing, I stopped into the casino. Unfortunately I can't say I won a million dollars. I managed to keep my losses under my self-imposed limit, and ended up at the bar, chatting with a few strangers, and partaking of the premium drinks, perhaps a little more than I should have.

By the time I made it to the room, I had done what I had told the girls not to do. Gotten myself thoroughly drunk. I managed to shower and down a glass of water and some aspirin before heading to bed. It was the first time I hadn't waited up for the girls, but I was in no shape to be seen, and I trusted them.

I woke up to the best feeling in the world. I had a bit of a hangover, but the feeling below my waist was countering that. I sighed, enjoying the unfamiliar sensation. I felt a light breeze on my skin, and looked over to see it was full daylight outside, and my balcony door was open. Looking downward, I could make out blonde hair. "Donna?"

She looked up grinning, and in an easy motion, she straddled me, and settled down on my cock, which she'd been sucking only moments before. "Good morning," she said.

It felt wonderful, but it only took a few moments for what was happening to sink in. "Donna, we can't be doing this."

She laughed at me, leaning over and riding my cock, her big bodacious breasts swaying in front of my eyes. "We gave you four days, Mr. Z. Four days to find yourself a vacation sweetie or three."

"But ... but ..."

She pouted. "Don't you think I'm pretty?"

"You're gorgeous."

That earned me a smile. "I'm not a virgin. None of us are. You know that right?"

No, I didn't know that. "Wendy?"

"Bobby Frey."

That little smarmy bastard. He seemed like such a nice kid. I should have known better. Remembered how I was at that age.

Donna accelerated her actions, and I moaned. "You like that?" she teased.

I loved it. "We really shouldn't," I said, trying to hang on to reason. It was very difficult, with my hard cock buried in the tightest little pussy I could imagine.

"We really should, Mr. Z., and we are. Over and over again. You had your chance, four days. Now you're ours."


"Me and Tina. Wendy made us promise that if you didn't get laid, we'd take care of you. It was an easy promise to make. You're a hunk. Nice cock, by the way."

It was difficult for me to think, never mind speak. I hadn't been laid forever, and now this? Not to mention Tina? I didn't need to speak. Donna leaned down and kissed me. A very nice kiss. "I'm going to fuck you now. Don't hold back. I know you need this."

I lost any semblance of control after that. The girl fucked me like a demon, and after only a couple of minutes I was groaning, hanging onto her hips and fucking back. The need to finish came up abruptly, and with a growl, I hammered it home, my insides churning, my cock spitting out its reward forever.

Then she was lying on me, kissing me gently. "Thank you," she whispered softly. "Let's clean you up, and we can go again."

She walked out of the room naked, while I lay there, my mind in turmoil. I had just fucked an eighteen year old beauty. One of my daughter's best friends. If that wasn't enough, in from the balcony, walked Tina. She wasn't naked, she had panties on. Not much material, but panties none-the-less. She sat down beside me, leaned in and kissed me. "I'm so pissed," she whispered.


"I wanted you first. But she won, fair and square. Tonight you're mine. You got it?"

"Tina, we can't."

She grinned. "Oh yes we can, and we will. And I promise you, Mr. Z., you're going to love it."

Donna showed back up, and offered me a few aspirin and a tall glass of water. While I was drinking it, she cleaned up the evidence of our coupling. "How was it?" Tina asked.

"Quick," Donna giggled. "Nice, but quick. I bet the next one will be a lot better."

Tina nodded. "Don't hurt him. It's been a long time."

"I'm not going to hurt him, I promise. Where's Wendy?"

Tina nodded toward the wall. "She didn't think he could handle her seeing him like this."

I watched their conversation still in a morning daze.

Tina looked down at my cock. "Can I?"

Donna nodded. "Just a little Ok? Tonight's all yours. We agreed."

Tina's response was to suck my cock, getting a quick moan out of me.

Donna took my glass away, and put it on the bedside table. "Whatever you want, Mr. Z. It's your turn to fuck me. Make it good." Then she was doing her best to see what I had for dinner with her naughty tongue.

Tina's hot mouth had me hard as quantum physics. She pulled back, smiling and gave Donna a nudge. "Have a good time, Mr. Z.," she said, giving me a quick kiss, and heading back out to the balcony.

Any thoughts of being honorable fell by the wayside, when Donna got on her hands and knees, waving her young ass at me. "Any ideas, Mr. Z.?"


It only took me a few seconds to line up behind her, and sink my cock to the root. She gasped, and purred like a kitten when I started fucking her slowly. Any thoughts of impropriety or inappropriateness disappeared out the door. I fucked that little blonde bombshell like my life depended on it. Her first sweet orgasm made me feel like a god. I had her on her back, driving it home, when her second hit, in between a series of gasped "Oh-my-god!s."

I slowed down, never wanting to stop, and feasted on her incredible tits. Then I moved down further and had a tasted of that teen slice, until I had her screaming my name. "Adam!" she shrieked, over and over again, clutching my head.

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