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I only write stories when something happens. I actually did try and write some that were my idea of erotic but somehow they always sounded fake to me.

Well, something happened, although there was nothing erotic about it at all, really. At least not as I write this. For those who haven't read my stories, I will try my best to make this stand alone.

I am a Doctor, some have commented that they think I am not but the truth is I did go to nursing school, then on to pre-med, and finally became a GP. My initial plan was to just become a registered nurse, the simple fact is that back then the money just was not available to go on to finish the schooling.

But I also bought a home, and opportunity came along and I bought another. Real estate exploded, I sold one and took financing on the other, then found myself at age 32 with a document.

Just seven short years later I lost my friend Lee, for some reason I still do not understand she named me as her heir.

It was a lot of capital, more than I could even really use to be honest. So much that every year I just donate large amounts of it, perhaps some deep down feeling of guilt at not having earned it?

Actually I also went to secretarial school early on, but I hated that, even though that part added to the whole and caused me to end up where I am now.

A friend, a man who was also a client over time suggested that I apply for the job of directing a new clinic 50 miles away. I had directed a wellness clinic in Portland before with about a dozen people under me, but now I was working as just another physician on staff. A marriage best described as turbulent, combined with a major move meant I quit the one job.

Then when that ended, I returned to Portland and ended up back where I started, just another wellness clinic worker.

That is all take the blood pressure, read the blood work results, turn your head and cough, bend over please. We look around for growths that are suspicious, and other than that we mostly ask questions.

I actually like the work, it is fun. With a very few patients I just might tend to be a little bit naughty, I know we are supposed to keep that bedside manner when faced with nudity.

But things happen, some are more enjoyable than others. I have a tendency to be a bit of an exhibitionist, also. Usually nothing blatant but since my body is now in what I think is very nice shape, I often get a tingling thrill if someone sees a bit more than they should.

The new position was a major move upwards, much more pay, huge responsibility, oversight of a large staff as the new clinic serves a very large area.

I would never have dreamed that I could possibly be considered for a position like this, but I applied and almost fell out of my chair when they told me they were pleased to have me aboard.

Just imagine? Me, 230 employees, options, a huge office with a secretary and staff, the kind of thing that never once even crossed my mind.

I had also learned to handle driving the Corvette that I had inherited from my friend Lee when she passed away. At first it had frightened me since it had too much power but I learned to be gentle with it and it's actually fun to drive that way.

It felt good to drift down the freeway, the engine seems to loaf along at 65 MPH, and I find I get looked at a lot.

I left work early on a Friday afternoon, the plan was to beat the traffic mess coming into Portland in the afternoons. It was hot, so I slipped on some shorts and grabbed one of the loose smocks we have at the clinic. I was driving along in the center lane at about 60 when a large group of motorcycles passed me on the left.

They were very noisy, with handlebars sticking way up in the air. I paid little attention to that, though, as they proceeded on up the highway.

We had just crested a small rise when I saw a cloud of smoke and everyone was slamming on the brakes. I saw one of the bikes go sailing, then another and then it was a balled up mess. I jammed hard on the brakes, glancing up in the mirror to see the car behind me was struggling to stop. I thought it was going to hit me in the rear so I let off the brakes, then a car in the lane next to me swerved my way. There was a gap to the right, I turned that way and floored the throttle, jerking the gearshift lever down from 5th gear that I normally run in. I missed and hit second gear I think. The engine suddenly howled and I was slammed back into the seat as the rear tires broke loose but then grabbed. The Corvette shot through the gap and then was headed off the highway.

I slammed on the brakes again, turned slightly to miss another car and managed to get stopped off the roadway. I sat there shaking for a second.

Getting out, there were people on the pavement everywhere. It was a tangled up mess of people and machines, smoke was pouring out of some of them.

I could hear the scream of tires on down the highway as others tried to stop to keep from ramming the cars in front of them. The vehicles closer were stopped, some were getting out of their machines. I looked around, spotted one man that was obviously very badly hurt, he was bleeding heavily. Way too much blood, I knew.

I opened my trunk, I keep a first aid kit there, grabbed that and hurried to his side. There were moans all around, it sounded like a battlefield might.

I went to the man that was bleeding, spotting several broken bones right off. I began to quickly try to seal up the wounds, noting his breathing was ragged and spotting the bloody froth on his lips. I carefully turned his head and used my fingers to clear his mouth, that seemed to help his breathing. I didn't want to really since there could have been spinal problems but he was sure to die if he could not breath. Someone came up and handed me a blanket, I placed it over him. It wasn't cold out at all, but his face had already gone white with shock.

I was hoping that rescue was quick.

As soon as I had him as best as I could I went to another, he was also badly hurt.

A very large man came up to me, yelled at me. He was huge with a mass of hair and whiskers.

"What are you doing, rescue is on the way!" He yelled. I realized he was one of the members of the motorcycle group.

"I am a Doctor." I told him, he looked at me in suspicion but walked away. I looked down at my meager first aid kit and knew I needed far more than I had with me. I quickly stabilized the second man as best as I could, he wasn't as badly hurt as far as torn up but he complained he could not feel his legs. I could already hear sirens in the background, still far away.

I knew with all of the traffic now stopped in both directions that getting here would be a problem.

"You will be fine." I told him, as his eyes closed.

I wasn't sure of that. I went from person to person, wetting compresses to have them hold to their worst wounds.

Glancing around, I saw several people but they were all just standing there looking at everything. I called over to one young man to come and help me, he hesitated but came over as I reached another large man that had some bad rips in his legs, he had been wearing what looked like just blue jeans. The pavement had shredded the cloth.

"Hold this closed!" I ordered. The young man reached down and held the gash on the man's leg shut, I pulled out a small bag of swaths and taped it down firmly as he slid his hand back. I noticed the young man looked down at his bloody hand in disgust.

I had blood all over my front by then myself, the first man was really hurt badly.

There was nothing else to do, I did not have any latex gloves with me. I made a mental note to add them to my stores I carry with me. I went from one person to another, doing what little I could with what I had.

Just then an emergency vehicle arrived, several people got out, looked around almost in shock. Then they ran to the rear and began pulling out equipment.

"That one!" I called out, pointing, one of them looked at me and nodded, then went to the first man I had assisted. They had him covered quickly, moved to the second man as I went to another one with an obvious broken arm. I dared not try to set it from the looks of things, instead I wrapped it and put it in a sling. His face grimaced but he held still. Looking up at the man's bearded face, I saw him look right back at me, his face a mask of blood.

He grinned. He actually grinned at me.

"Hey, you are cute!" He said. I almost laughed, then I realized that with the smock I was wearing he could see right down my top. It was a hot day, I didn't have on a bra. How he could show interest in something like that at a time like this I didn't know.

I didn't have time to be worried about it, I poured some water from my water bottle, concerned about it being sterile as I did so. Then I decided I didn't have time to worry. I washed his face, found the source of blood was from his nostrils and some cuts on his face. That was already easing.

"You will be fine." I told him.

"Just relax here until they can transport you."

"I have hurt myself worse shaving." He joked. I gave him a smile and patted his arm, hoping it would keep him relaxed although he really didn't seem to be very upset.

"If I am dead and you are here, I won't mind one bit!" He grinned again. I managed to not laugh.

"Tough man!", I decided. I was working on another man when a second emergency vehicle arrived, then a police officer showed up. He got out and ordered me to get out of the way.

He sounded oddly angry.

"I am a Doctor!" I protested. He told me to let the EMT's handle things and his attitude was serious, so I did as he told me to.

I looked around, every instinct in my body told me to pitch right back in and help but more and more people were arriving. I went back to my car, got another bottle of water out of the small cooler I keep in my truck.

"Can I talk to you?" Someone asked.

I looked around, a man stood there with a microphone, a cameraman was behind him with a huge camera. I had no clue where they came from, then I realized it was perhaps from a helicopter I noticed sitting way over to the side of the freeway, it's engine running. I hadn't even heard it.

"Yes. Sure, I don't mind, I guess." I was suddenly conscious of my smock again, now bloody.

"Were you in the accident?" The man asked.

"No, I was behind a ways, I missed it."

"Oh. How did you get the blood on you?"

"I was helping some of the people that got hurt."

"Are you a nurse?"

"No, I am a Doctor."

He looked at me in surprise, I suppose the shorts and light blue smock didn't make me look very much like a doctor.

He asked a series of rapid fire questions, I answered with as much as I knew. I wanted to change into my clean smock I keep in the trunk but there was no place to do it.

Finally they thanked me and went to talk to some of the others, I got out my other smock, then got into the front seat. Glancing around, I saw that no one was paying any attention to me so I tugged the old one off and quickly pulled the other one on, barely making it before another police officer came up to the window.

"Move this rig, lady!" He ordered. I started the engine and pulled out on the freeway, slipping into the far right hand lane at 55 miles per hour. Traffic was very light all the way home.

I got home 45 minutes later. I went in and took a shower, then sat down to rest.

The news came on at 5 PM, the big wreck was the lead story. Then the screen flashed to the accident, and suddenly there I was, my head tipped back taking a drink of water as my name flashed onto the screen.

I sat there and watched myself answer several questions, that was a strange feeling. The next morning, I again watched the news, everyone seemed to have survived although they mentioned two that were critical.

I knew which two. I also knew one might well have died right there, except for me.

It's not a bad feeling, not a bad feeling at all.

There really wasn't much more here to write about except that late Saturday afternoon my phone rang.

"Are you Mrs. Deniro?" A male voice asked.

"It's Miss, yes I am."

"Oh. OK. Hey, this is Darin, I was one of the men you helped out on the freeway."

I was surprised.

"How did you get my number?"

"I saw your name on TV, I just wanted to say thank you, and that I still think you are cute."

My mind flashed back to the man with the bloody grin.

"You are welcome, but it's just my job."

"Well, still that was pretty good. Everyone will make it OK, it looks like."

"That's good, I am glad. How are you doing?"

"Just some cracked ribs and scratches, and I have to wear this silly cast. I have hurt myself worse shaving."

That was what he said out on the freeway, I couldn't help but giggle.

"Say, I was thinking? How's about I take you out to dinner, pay you back?" He asked.

That caught me by surprise.

"You don't..owe me anything." I said.

"Well, how's about I take you out to dinner because you are cute then? Besides, I want you to sign my cast." His voice had a hint of laughter in it, it interested me.

"I suppose you will show up with that great big motorcycle?" I joked.

"No, I have a car. It's going to be awhile before I do any riding anyway."

"I ride a bike too, but mine has pedals." I joked.

"I have one of those myself, saves on gas." He laughed.

A vision of this huge man bent over a set of handlebars pedaling a bike flashed into my mind, that was funny. I would have thought that none of them would be caught dead on a bicycle.

I only thought about it for a few seconds. Carlton, the man I had been dating off and on and I were really not going anywhere, I knew.

"OK. Dinner sounds nice. When?"

"Great! Friday night, will that work?"

"Sure." I gave him my address, he thanked me and we hung up.

"Outlaw motorcycle gang." The news had said. They had just looked like people to me.

I sat down today and wrote this, I am not even sure why. Next Friday I am going to go out with a very large man, my vision of him is a grinning but bloody face. 40ish, bearded and scruffy looking was what I saw, yet somewhere in there was a sense of humor.

Somewhere in there is a man. What kind of man, I am not sure.

That interested me.

Maybe, just maybe, I am out of my mind?

We shall see.

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