All the Senior Ladies Ch. 02

byIrish Moss©

"Did he ever take you parking in it?" I asked.

"No, I was much too young for him," she replied, "but I dreamed of being old enough that he would."

"Well if you want to pretend that I am him," I told her as I helped her into the passenger seat, "I won't be at all offended."

She didn't respond as I walked back around to the driver's seat and I assumed that she was experiencing a few flashes of nostalgia. We drove in silence for a few minutes before she came out of her reverie.

"I'm not going to ask where we're going," she finally said, "because I know it isn't someplace where people are going to think that it is cute that you are taking your grandmother out on a date. In fact, if I know anything at all, I know I'm going to get laid in the backseat of this car before the night is over."

"You know me too well," I replied, "but there's definitely a theme to the night."

I think she was looking for clues as we were driving along and it came immediately to her as I turned onto a particular road.

"We're going to the drive-in!" she exclaimed then kissed me as best she could without causing me to crash.

There was still one operating drive-in not far from where we lived and I couldn't imagine a better place to relive her youth with less restraint than in the backseat of a classic car at the drive-in. I didn't care if anyone looked into the car at the entrance and thought our disparate ages were odd; in fact, I didn't care if anyone looked into the car and saw us fucking and thought our disparate ages were odd. I knew without a doubt that things were going to be hot at the drive-in that night and that we'd both be unconcerned about anyone else.

I bought the tickets and Dixie didn't even get a second look from the bored-looking booth attendant. We selected a spot that wouldn't be too obviously out of the way but that also wouldn't result in a lot of people looking through our back window rather than at the screen. Since we weren't planning to watch the movie, we didn't bother tuning to the radio station that carried the audio and just jumped into the backseat once I'd turned the car off. Dixie went first and my hands were all over her ass as she climbed over the front seat. Once I was back there with her, I had her lie down on the long, large back seat as I pushed the hem of her skirt up and exposed a pair of panties like I had only seen before while watching Animal House.

"Pretty sexy, huh?" she asked as she watched my reaction. They were actually sexier to me than she could have imagined, in part because they were on her. The whole 60s motif was arousing as well since I'd only really seen it on TV and in the movies. I ran my hand over the front of those panties before she lifted her ass so that I could slide them off. With her legs spread wide and the hem of her skirt up around her waist, I lowered my head and started to lick her pussy. She immediately started moaning and grabbed my head, making me glad I'd forgotten to roll down the windows so we wouldn't get too hot. I ran my tongue up her slit, tasting her plentiful juices, before slipping a couple of fingers into her. As I pumped my fingers in and out, I started licking and sucking her clit, causing her to moan even longer and louder.

It occurred to me that, if we were truly reenacting a potential teenage date, I should probably have given her pussy a couple of cursory licks, then stuck my cock into her, pumped three times and been done. Instead, I focused on an idealized teenage date since one of my favorite things was licking her pussy and I often continued to do it even after she'd cum. My cock was reviving as I licked and sucked her clit so I was certain that, whenever she was ready, I'd be up to the task of fucking her here in the backseat. I could feel her pussy becoming wetter and more engorged the longer I ate her and knew that she was building up to one of her typically long and intense orgasms. It didn't surprise me when she started to shake as she came. I continued to lick and finger her, planning to stop only if she wanted me to, but she grabbed my head when she'd finished cumming.

"I want your cock inside me now," she said and I had no intention of arguing.

I slipped my fingers out of her and licked her juices from them, then opened my pants and pushed them to my knees along with my underwear. Kneeling between her spread legs, I guided my cock into her and we both moaned as I started to slowly fuck her. I liked that there was enough room in the backseat for us to basically spread out and fuck, but the position I'd selected ended up being a bit awkward. I stuck with it for a little while, pumping my cock slowly in and out of her hot pussy while looking down on her, but I knew there was a better way.

"Wrap your arms around my neck," I said after a while. When she did, I grabbed her behind the back and pivoted so that I was sitting in the middle of the backseat and she was straddling me.

"That was smooth," she said with a smile, then leaned down and kissed me.

While she started to bounce up and down on my lap, I reached behind her and slid the zipper down her back. As I started to slide the top of the dress over her shoulders, she pulled her mouth from mine and leaned back so I could see the bra she was sporting. It was an engineering marvel that had transformed her substantial breasts that were typically losing a battle against gravity into two white torpedoes that were aimed right at me. I ran my hands over them and could detect the soft flesh restrained within but this article had taken the sexy right out of them. I examined it briefly before reaching behind her and unfastening a long row of hooks. I slid the bra down her arms and set it aside then started to caress the soft, smooth flesh that was now exposed.

As I was losing myself in her tits once again, Dixie was still riding my cock and had dropped a hand down under her skirt to caress her clit as she did. Her pussy was already hot and slippery and felt amazing as it slid up and down my tool, but it just felt better the longer she rode me. I was pushing up into her, my ass coming up off the seat, just to try to help her feel even more pleasure and I started to wonder if we had the car visibly rocking. Her tits were definitely bouncing and, when I wasn't fondling them, I was watching them with a smile on my face. I could feel the first stirrings of my orgasm but knew that she'd beat me to the punch as she typically did. One of the many things that I liked about her was that I never had to worry about leaving her high and dry.

I wasn't surprised when she let out a longer moan and her body began to tremble. She rode me slower as she came and I continued to caress her hard nipples. When she'd finished cumming, she sat on my cock and smiled that dazzling smile at me as she caught her breath.

"How about we get rid of this dress," I said, thinking that it would be even hotter to have her completely naked in the backseat of a car at the drive-in. She moved off of my cock and slid the dress down to her ankles, throwing it over the front seat. I got my pants off, too, to give me a bit more range of movement, then had her turn around. As she rested her arms on the front seat and her chin on her arms, I held her by the hips and slipped into her from behind. There was enough light that I could see the slight jiggle of her awesome ass each time my hips tapped against it, but I knew that her tits were swinging freely, too, so I slid my hands up to cup them.

My orgasm was building more quickly now and I was fucking her harder, not necessarily wanting to cum faster but enjoying the level of pleasure I was feeling. My hands moved back to her waist so that I could pull her back each time I pushed into her, my hips smacking against her ass. My cock swelled even more the closer I got to cumming and Dixie was moaning louder as I reached the verge of an orgasm. With a soft cry of pleasure, I started to spew into her, thrusting with each spurt until I was spent. She sat back on my lap with my cock still embedded in her until it slipped out and we kissed.

The movie was well underway by that point and there was no point in trying to catch up, but we watched it for a bit while we recovered. Before we left that night, we did it doggie-style in the backseat and I fucked her tits. I really thought I was completely spent as we headed toward her high-rise, where she was okay with me dropping her off this time. She asked me to park in one of the lots surrounding it, however, and went down on me in the front seat until I spewed down her throat.

"I truly believe that every good date should end in this fashion," she said, wiping her mouth before she got out, "and this was absolutely a good date."

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