tagLetters & TranscriptsAll You Have To Do Is Say "Yes"

All You Have To Do Is Say "Yes"


This was an e-mail I sent to my Master, Jounar. It belongs to him, as do I, but he's agreed that I may share it with anyone who cares to read. This was written in an effort to make is privite play more exciting for him. I hope you enjoy.

I write this for your pleasure. I ask permission to let me guide you as you satisfy yourself.

"Please Sir, may I pleasure you?"

Imagine me kneeling and naked between your legs in front of you. My knees spread, hands resting palms up. A coy grin on my face. All you have to do is say, "yes".

"Thank you, Sir."

As you start to slowly glide your hands along your cock, outside your shorts, feel mine take their place. Feel my soft, short feminine fingers gently rub against your bulge. I can feel your cock grow in my hands as I continue to rub, up and down. The fabric feels rough against your dick. Now feel my hands gently slide under the waist band, as you do the same. Not touching yet. My hands slide down the fabric hovering just centimeters away from you cock. All the way down. Down to the base.

Now grab with me. Firmly feel my small hands wrap around your ever hardening cock. One on each side, I now have them flat, stiff as a board. Slowly slide up the shaft and stop at the head. Picture my delighted face. It gives me pleasure to please you. You can smell my excitement in the air, can't you?

With one finger trace around the head, just circle it. Around and around and around in one direction. Now stop right at that sincetive little bit. Trace up that nerve line. Up to the hole. Circle gently around the hole, then trace the line back down to just below the head again. Watch as I take that finger in my mouth and affectionately suck in an inch. I suck it gently, twirling my tongue around the finger and working it in and out of my mouth just an inch, until it's very moist. Take that finger and circle it around your head in the opposite direction. Around, and around, and around.

Right now take that hand and wrap it around you cock. Slide it down to the base. Hard and fast, all the way down, and then back up. Feel my breasts press against your knees. My nipples are hard, you can feel them as I rub against you leg in the same pattern and speed as my hand now stroking your cock. Sliding my hand, up and down, gently but firmly, feel how soft my hands are.

Picture my face, look deep into me. See my excitement, and feel it in my strokes. Watch as I moan, and lick my lips. Still stroking, up and down your rock hard cock. Watch as bite my bottom lip ever so softly. Stroke, then like my lips. Stroke, then bite down on my lip. You can see my face fill with desire. Listen to my moans, hear them ring thru the room. Hear my voice as I call out to you.

"Please Sir, may I suck your cock?"

All you have to do is say, "yes"

"Thank you, Sir"

Grab your favorite lubrication, or just lick you hand. Make sure it's nice and slick. Now make a circle out of your hand. Picture my lips wrapping around your cock as you slide that circle down. All the way to the base. I can take it. I want it all in, feel as it hits the back of my thought. I moan against the stiff rod in my mouth, and work back up. Watch my body move with my head as I slide slowly up and down your shaft, increasing speed with each stroke. Squeeze it gently as I suck. A little tighter at the head. Rub your hand all the way up squeezing the circle closed as you move above the head.

Feel my hands rest on your outer thighs, bracing myself as my body moves in one fluid motion. Increase the pace with every stroke. Up and down my head bobbles with your hand wrapped in my hair guiding me. You can feel my breasts on your knees and the pressure lessons and grows in the same rhythm as my sucking. Keep going and know that at this very moment I have a vibe buried deep inside of me. As you're increasing your strokes I'm increasing mine. Feel me clenched around you. Hear my moans fill the room. Feel as my wet drips down my thighs and onto you. As you build so do I, as you grow nearer to orgasm so do I.

"Oh, please Sir, cum for me, cum in me, fill me. Please let me cum with you, Sir. Please, cum now Sir."

All you have to do is say "yes".

"Thank you Sir." *grins*

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