Allison's Ankle


"Ohh...Ohhhh...Will, you shouldn't," she gasped as my lips sucked in her fat nub.

I climbed up on the bed, knelt between her legs and then pushed her good leg to the side, opening her raw, shaven slit to my view.

"You're sure no ones ever kissed you here," I asked as I looked up her body into her eyes.

"Never...but we shouldn't...please Will," she started, but then stopped protesting the instant my tongue moistly licked along her slit.

"Ahhh...ahhhhh...oh Will," Allie moaned when my lips captured her pink clit.

Lifting my eyes and looking up into hers as my mouth continued to explore, I saw her total surrender, saw her naked desire to be totally taken by her little brother. I slipped my big finger in her bum and my thumb in her pussy, penetrated and held her as she writhed under my tongue.

Her hips both rose six inches off the bed when her orgasm started to pulse outward rhythmically from her core, her rich discharge emptied onto my lapping tongue as she grunted her pleasure, "unnh...unnh...unnhh...unhhh...unnhh," in time to her bucking pulsations.

"Christ, I thought you said you were one of those frigid women who never come," I said with a smile when her orgasmic tremors finally stopped. "Instead, you're tearing my hair out as your good leg tries to strangle me and then you almost drown me..."

"Maybe I was wrong...and I love you."

"You're married," I complained.


"Come here," she ordered in a whisper when I emerged from the shower and bathroom later that night.

"Take off your towel...I want to see you again, touch it. It's my turn."

"You hussy," I accused as the towel slipped downward.

I stood naked in front of her for what seemed like minutes, felt the blood rushing down my shaft as her eyes raked me. "You're beautiful."

"Men aren't beautiful," I protested, my cock now bouncing upward against my stomach.

"You are. Now c'mon here," she ordered.

One small hand grabbed me when I was a foot from the bed, urgently pulled me towards her waiting mouth.

"Allie," I moaned as her tongue flicked over my cockhead, sucking in the drop of precum that was leaking from his one eye.

"I won't be able to swallow him...not all," she apologized between licks, "He's so big."

Holding my heavy balls in one hand while her other grasped me near the base, she fed a good deal of her baby brother's cock between her lips and deep into her mouth, and her eyes stayed locked on mine as she sucked.

The first throbbing buck of my saliva covered prick sent a flood of thick cum cascading down Allie's throat. I spurted a second, third, fourth time into her hungry mouth before pulling out and splashing more thick ropes of sperm across her face and chest.

"You taste good," she finally purred, a string of semen hanging from the corner of her mouth.

"Wait til I'm inside you," I promised.

"When? ...Soon? ...He'll never fit...not all of him anyway," she said as she ran her hand up and down his full length.

"Let's see what the doc has to say first."

"You're not going to ask him if I'm allowed to do it are you?"

"Maybe," I teased.

Wednesday, August 2nd

"It looks great young lady," Doctor Faraday said as he held Allie's x-ray in his hand. "Both the ankle and the tibia are healing fine."

"Can I walk soon?"

"We'll put on a walking cast today Allison, but you're still going to have to be very careful the next couple of weeks. You're lucky you've got this strapping young man to help you."

Allie giggled and then quickly looked at me when she heard the doc's last words, afraid for a moment that I just might ask him if it was okay for her 'strapping' brother to make love to her now.

An hour later, suited with a new cast, a pair of crutches and a list of instructions a page long, Allie and I headed home.

"I'll carry you in," I said as I bent and lifted her easily into my arms.

"I've got my crutches," Allie giggled as her arm went around my neck.

"The doctor said to take it get plenty of rest," I answered as I moved my lips to hers.

"He didn't say anything about kissing."

"He told me that if all else fails I should use mouth-to-mouth resuscitation."

"Liar," she laughed as her tongue stretched to reach mine.

"And lots of bed rest," I added when we came up for air.

"Bed rest?"

"Well, something about making sure you were comfortable in bed anyway," I said as I lowered her to the soft sheets."

"He did not!"

"And he told me, when they were x-raying you, that it's been proven that pretty, young girls heal much faster when they're naked," I said gravely as I pulled her top over her head.

"Statistically proven?" she asked with a grin as I kissed a fat nipple, and then watched me as I undid her skirt.

"Uh huh," I said as her panties slid off. "And it's doubly effective if you happen to have a virile and naked young man next to you."

"Where will I find one?" she asked coyly as her fingers slid to my fly.

"And apparently if you combine all that with the liberal application of male ejaculate..."

"I love you," she said as her hand circled and then pulled out my prick.

"Hurry," she ordered as I struggled out of my shirt and pants.

"This is going to be complicated," I said when I crawled naked onto the bed, my shaft standing rigid, ready to impale the only girl I'd ever loved.

"Will...please," she insisted, her hand trying to grab on to me as I slipped a pillow under her cast covered leg.

"We have to be careful, you're leg"

"I'm sopping...please Will," she begged as her fingers finally captured my penis and pulled at it, trying to guide it towards her opening.

"Allie, we have all night," I moaned as she rubbed my cockhead up and down her already moist and sticky slit.

"I'm coming...hurrrrrrrry," she pled as I plunged my blood filled cock completely into her fiery cave. Felt the pulsing spasms of her orgasm grasping me even before I had a chance to start my second stroke.

"Don't move it," she cried as wave after wave pulsed through her vagina, each wave squeezing my throbbing pole as it bathed it in her sticky, wet essence.

I started to piston slowly when her last spasm had passed, wanting her to feel the whole length and thickness of my hard lance on every piston-like stroke.

Soon she was arching her back and thrusting her hips upward off the bed to meet my increasingly hard and fast thrusts, groaning each time I smashed into her depths.

Allie came again just as I started to go off inside of her, met each explosion of my thick, hot sperm with a pulsing opening of her womb, pulling my seed deep within her waiting channel.

"Don't take it out," she said between panting gasps, her fingers digging into my bum, holding me against her, preventing me from withdrawing my still hard lance.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I ran my fingers across her cheek.

"I love you."

"I thought you were one of those women who didn't have orgasms."

"I don't want you to ever take it out."


"Stop talking," she insisted as she curled her good leg around my back and raised her lips to mine.

"Yes my lady," I managed to get out before her tongue captured mine.

I tried to be gentle with her as I started to move my hips but was quickly met by her urgent protest, "Harder...please Will, hard...fuck me hard," and then encouraged as I pounded my engorged cock deep into my sister's gasping cunt. "Yes...yes Will...yes...more... ahhh...ahhhh...ahhhhhhh," her little moans of pleasure only driving me to greater, harder, deeper efforts.

She came twice more before I deposited another gooey load of cum in her womb, knew that soon one of my wriggling sperm would find her waiting egg, knew my baby soon would be growing in my big sister's stomach.

"Don't," she cried as I went to pull out. Both of us looked down at her now leaking pussy when we heard the loud, liquid plopping sound when my cockhead finally popped into view.

"Put it're still hard," she demanded.

"We have all night."

"He's so full of cum," she said as her hand pumped the last thick strands from me.

"He loves you," I said with a laugh as I straddled her stomach, letting my prick slip between her heaving breasts before pushing them into and over its sticky length.

"I can taste my pussy on him," she said, lapping at its juicy head each time I pushed my long cock up through her tits and into her gaping, waiting mouth. She swallowed every drop when I started to spurt, holding my cock firmly in her hand, not allowing its bucking head to escape her greedy lips.

...I fucked her standing up. Just lifted her and then supporting her weight by cupping her buttocks in my two hands, pounded into her, each deep thrust pushing her hard against the wall.

...And then with her bent over the back of the sofa, her feet dangling a foot off the floor, I fucked her from behind, the new angle seeming to give her an even greater pleasure if her screams of ecstasy were anything to go by.

"Tired already," she panted as we lay sweating in each others arms after my sixth ejaculation.

"I haven't been lying around doing nothing for three weeks like someone I know."

"I've been incapacitated, injured," she said smiling.

"Wash me."

"With the washcloth, the towel...or maybe the other way," she leered as she stuck out her tongue and ran it moistly over her lips.

"The other way," I chose, then felt her wet mouth slide across my chest and onto a nipple.

Mid August – Two Weeks Later

We basically fucked non stop in the days following the visit to the hospital; two weeks of spurting orgasms as we coupled endlessly like two horny rabbits, the only thing keeping us from trying every position in the Kama Sutra was Allie's cast and the doctor's admonitions.

Still, we did manage...somehow...almost hourly...

We were two urgent, hungry, demanding lovers. The days passed...


"What are we going to do Will? About Johnnie? About mom?" Allie asked one afternoon after having spent a morning trying to drain every drop of cum from my body.

"We'll figure it out Allie," I said after pulling my lips from her hairless slit.

"How? We have to discuss it sometime. We have to"

"When does he get out anyway?"

"His tour's supposed to end in early December, they're supposed to be home for Christmas. But now everyone's saying they'll have to stay another six months...there are no replacements...they're running out of soldiers."

"Poor Johnnie."

"I won't divorce him. Not while he's fighting, I couldn't."

"It'll be okay. I called Georgia Tech today."

"What? You're coming here."

"I'd never told them...they still thought I was coming. I told them my my sister was I'd have to care for her...that I couldn't come this fall...that I was going to take first year at Purdue. Asked them if I could come next year, if the scholarship would still be available."


"They were nice. Understood about the family stuff. They promised that if my marks were good this year that they'd let me transfer in next year."

"But what about now?"

"We'll live together. At least until Johnnie gets home. Nothing strange in that. Poor university student boarding with his sister. We'll spend the year together. In bed."

"And when Johnnie comes home?"

"You divorce him...then we get married..."


"I'm never letting you go Allie," I promised.


"Do you want babies?" she asked as we lay panting after I'd spurted another heavy load of sperm deep inside her.

"At least seven."

"Johnnie wasn't ready. He didn't think"

"I am."

"She's already growing inside of me."


"Your daughter."

"It's too soon to know that you're pregnant...why do you think it's a girl anyway?"

"I know."

"I want to drink your milk."

"You'll have to wait," she giggled as my lips latched on to a thick, erect nipple.


Mom arrived for a weekend a week later, before we had formulated any kind of strategy to tell her. And it turned out it didn't matter.

"So," she started, as the three of us sat eating dinner an hour after she'd arrived.

"So what ma?"

"Talk," she ordered, having clearly read our body language.

"About what," I delayed but then Allie broke in.

"We're in love."

"You're brother and sister. Shit Allison, you're married."

"I'm going to get a divorce, I'm"

"He's fighting for our country!"

Allie hopped over to me and after sitting down in my lap, told mom, "I'm pregnant with your granddaughter."

"Get me a drink Billy, a double, hurry" mom ordered.

A year later, Atlanta, Georgia September 2006

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jacqui, happy birthday to you," the three of us sang, all six of our eyes focused on the most beautiful baby ever born as she lay smiling in her mothers arms.

"Already four months old," Mom said, her eyes shining with pride as she watched her granddaughter.


It's been easier, and much harder, than we'd expected. I'd simply moved in permanently with sis last fall, going to school while Allie worked, our daughter growing happily in her belly.

Johnnie's tour was extended six months from his expected December return, rescheduled so he wouldn't be home until a month after our daughters expected birth.

And then on a cool, dusty, early January morning, in a small town seventy miles northeast of Baghdad, a young engineer's life was blown away even as he was working on the construction of a school that could have educated a generation of young Iraqis. His future and theirs both destroyed by some ignorant suicide bomber who thought he'd go to heaven for killing women and children and a poor, innocent American boy.

All of us mourned, mourned more deeply this young mans loss than I think any of us would have expected. It's so much different when the boy coming home in a box draped in our flag is someone you know, someone who could and would have contributed to a better world...

I felt a guilt about Allie and I, knew she did too...but also finally recognized that our love couldn't be blamed for his fate...our life went on...


About a month after Johnnies death mom arrived in our apartment one afternoon, an envelope full of papers in her hand.

"What are they? What do they mean?" Allie asked as we watched mom dump the papers onto the dining room table.

"Allison Jane Shepherd?" I asked as I read from an old Illinois birth certificate. "What is this?"

"Dad's second cousin, he's dead now," mom started, "he and Mabel had a daughter, she was born a year after you Allie. She died when she was a month old, an was hushed up some..."

"What," we both almost shouted, completely ignorant of this piece of family history.

"It was never reported. Legally she's still alive." I suddenly understood as she went on, "I visited Mabel down in Kentucky this week, she moved there after her husband died. We talked some."

"Did you tell her about us?" Allie asked.

"Just let her know you might need another identity, a new start...she was happy...I think even relieved that someone would somehow continue her dead little girls life."

"Oh mom," both Allie and I cried as we engulfed mom in our arms.

We married a week later. Allie, now a year younger and with a new middle name, her belly holding her six month old fetus protruding gently, looked radiant in a simple, long white dress when she accepted her wedding band from her proud younger brother.

We're now as we should be; how we were fated to and sister...lovers....husband and wife...mother and father...just normal people trying to lead a good life...raise our family...



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I loved it 5 stars fav author and story

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