tagNovels and NovellasAllison's New Life Ch. 14

Allison's New Life Ch. 14


Allison arrived home with an armful of groceries, tired but happy that she'd managed to get all her shopping done. Inside the apartment was a trail of rose petals, which she attributed to Chad and Diana (although she couldn't really imagine Chad being especially romantic.). She was about to put the groceries away and then leave so that the surprise wouldn't be ruined when she realized that the rose petals led to her room.

Roger?? Surely not...

Quickly and curiously she stepped into her room and saw a vase full of two dozen gorgeous red roses on her nightstand, her bed was covered with petals except for where there was a long silk dark blue dress. Rushing over to pick it up she saw that there was also a medium sized box with an enveloped that had her name on it. Clutching the dress to her chest, heart pounding madly, her lips were parted in excitement as she opened the envelope.


Hey Princess,

I've been in town since yesterday but unfortunately tonight is the only night that I'll be all yours so I hope you didn't have any plans. If you did, cancel them. Wear the dress and everything in the box, I'll pick you up at 6.

Your Secret Admirer


Ok, so the secret admirer thing was corny and dumb, but the whole gesture was just so Todd. Biting her lip to keep slight tears of giddy happiness from her eyes she rushed to the bathroom to take a shower. Just getting ready for him was sheer sensual pleasure as she anticipated the night to come, running her hands over her soapy body and fingering her pussy a little. Holding her breasts she pinched her wet nipples, making her shiver with delight in the steamy haze of the tub. She shaved every bit of hair from her body, legs, armpits and her pussy, rubbing her fingers sensuously over the smooth mound.

Inside her head a little voice was chanting happily: 'He's here! He's here! Tonight! Tonight!'. It was almost more exciting and nerve-wracking than getting ready for her high school prom.

With her hair dried and fluffy, brown curls tumbling around her shoulders and framing her face, she pinned some of them back so that her hazel eyes show out clearly. Deftly she applied make-up, giving herself a more natural look but emphasizing the sparkle in her eyes, her long lashes, and the plump roundness of her pouty lips. She didn't need any blush at all, her cheeks were naturally flushed with excitement.

Putting on the dress she looked in the mirror, smoothing her hands as the silky material caressed her body. It was a halter, low v-neck that had a ribbon just underneath her breasts where she could tie it tight around her body, silky flaps over her breasts that were secured around her neck. Hugging her hips and ass the skirt then flowed out into pretty ripples at the bottom, a sheer chiffon layer peeking just underneath. The tie under her breasts went around her body and over her exposed back, the back of her dress swooped low, exposing a long expanse of flesh. She wore her own silvery shoes with small rhinestones.

Opening the box she found what she expected - a small buttplug to be slipped into her ass and a pair of panties with a little penis vibrator attached. Lifting the silky skirt over her creamy ass, she pressed the plug first into her pussy to get it wet and then into her ass, shivering with pleasure as the tiny hole was stretched a little. Putting on the silky panties (where HAD he got them?) she could feel that there was something hard inside the panties that would be placed just against her clit. Sliding the vibrator into her dripping pussy she wriggled sensuously, her holes plugged but not filled. It was very teasing.

There was another smaller box, that looked like a jewelry box. Probably something for her nipples, she smiled as she picked it up. Opening it, she gasped. It was Swavorski crystal, a gorgeous glittering and intricately lacy necklace with a large crystal pendant and two matching earrings... absolutely breathtaking. And not especially costly (compared to say diamonds done in the same way), but certainly more than any guy had ever spent on her. Her heart swelled with hope and joy, wondering if this meant that he was showing he felt something for her... of course with his new job jewelry like this could still just be a drop in the bucket for him. Still, they were the best pieces she'd ever owned, rivaled only by the diamond drop earrings her father had gotten her for her 21 birthday. Looking at herself in the mirror she had to admit that she looked stunning. Sexy and elegant with nothing to hint that underneath she was wearing what were probably three separate vibrators, she looked like pure class. She also looked extremely happy and excited - which she was.

The doorbell rang. It was 6 o'clock. With one last deep breath and a look in the mirror she went to the door.


Dark brown eyes widened as he looked her over, softly praising her before he even said a word.

"You look fantastic," he smiled and lifted one finger to caress her cheek, smiling she turned her head and nibbled on the tip.

"So do you," it was true, he was dressed impeccably in what she recognized as a Gucci suit, one of this year's in fact. It fit him like a glove, and he looked extremely handsome and masculine, something in her pussy fluttered as she looked at him.

Finally, after a few moments of just looking at each other they both laughed and she stepped forward, tilting her head up to accept his kiss. His arms were rough around her, holding her close to him. Their tongues melded inside each other mouth as she moaned and tried to press her body even closer to his.

Suddenly he pulled away and looked down at her sternly, "Stop that, we have reservations and if you start that then you won't even get to wear your new dress out."

"That'd be ok with me," she grinned wickedly and tried to press back up against him where she could see the bulge in his pants.

"Nice try Princess," he smiled and held her at arms length as he pushed her out the door, although he did spank her ass as she flirtatiously smiled at him while walking past.

The ride in the car was great, just getting to talk to him and catch up - especially fun was being naughty and teasing him by trying to slide her hand up his leg. It gave her a little thrill to really be sexually aggressive back towards him and she could tell he was enjoying it too, even if he wasn't going to take advantage of it. A few times at the stop lights he would reach over and caress her breasts, putting his arm around her shoulder and sliding his hand down the center of her cleavage, fingers slipping under the folds of clothe to rub her aching nipples. She shuddered and leaned closer to him, trying to suck his earlobe between his teeth.

"You better stop that," he said, pinching her nipple, "Or we're going to never make it to the restaurant."

"I told you that would be ok," she murmured softly into his ear, licking it lasciviously and running her hand up his muscled thigh until he caught it with his own.

"No, we're going on a date," he turned a little to catch her lips with his own for a quick kiss, "Even if you are being naughty... and I hope you know you're going to pay for all the teasing you do."

Allison practically purred, "I'm counting on it." she sank her teeth into his earlobe, making him gasp and shudder, the car veered a little and horns honked. After that she left him alone (well physically at least, they still talked and she kept reaching into her dress to pinch her nipples and moan while he watched from the corner of his very amused brown eye.) and they just chatted and caught up with each other. She told him about her last encounter with Diana and Chad and was gratified to see a small flash of jealousy flicker through his eyes... no matter how nonchalant he pretended to be about Chad there was still something there. Apparently Chad was also how he'd gotten a key - Diana had given Chad a copy weeks ago and he had willingly allowed Todd to make a copy (with Diana's permission of course) so that he could surprise Allison. She marveled at his fantastic use of resources.


Dinner was exquisite at one of the most expensive restaurants in town - the prices weren't even listed on the menu - and she was thrilled. Not even Roger had taken her here... Todd's new business was booming apparently and as soon as his trip to Turkey was over he'd be settling down in the area in his own house. It amused her to think that her parents would probably be thrilled if she started dating him... of course, she wasn't exactly sure what they were and she wasn't sure if she wanted to bring it up either. This definitely wasn't the time, not with him only home for a week - and not able to really spend any time with her except one night.


On the ride home she tormented him almost as much as she had on the way there, she was ridiculously horny. Dinner had been sexual torment as he randomly set off the vibrators she had on, making her squirm and gasp in her seat. They had been at a table in the middle of the restaurant so she hadn't been able to cum like she had when he'd taken her out before. Her pussy was dripping and she was aching with the need for him. To his utter shock she actually untied the top of her halter and let her breasts hang freely in the car as she played with them, rolling her pink nipples between her fingers. Cars that were passing honked and shouted as the occupants got a glimpse of her full breasts, cherry nipples pinched between her fingers while she writhed in her seat.

Of course she put her dress back on as they went into the apartment, but on the way up the elevator she had him pressed up against the wall with one of her hands down the front of his pants as she fondled his thick meat. What was driving her even more crazy was that he just stood there and accepted her attentions when she was longing to have him touching her, caressing her. She pressed against him and wriggled, trying to get him to lose control and lift his hands from his sides. Finally it was their floor and she practically dragged him the door.

As soon as they were inside everything changed, suddenly she was the one pressed against the wall as his hands pulled up her skirt gripping her ass as he ravaged her mouth and ground his hips against hers. He didn't even bother to get undressed, just opened his zipper enough to get his dick out and pulled her panties to the side - popping the vibrator out of her hole - and then he shoved in. Allison groaned ecstatically as his thick meat stretched her pussy wide, bruising her tender lips with the force of his thrust. Picking her up so that her legs wrapped round his body, her dress hanging down her thighs, he fucked her hard against the wall. Slamming her lower body against the rough surface his hands gripped her asscheeks, kneading the firm flesh as her back arched and she cried out in pleasurable pain as she was brutally speared on his dick. It was no time at all before they were both cumming, his face buried in her shoulder as his dick twitched and spurted inside her, her nails digging into his shoulders as her head fell back and she cried out her climax.

Panting happily, she kissed him on the lips as he leaned his body weight against her, still holding himself inside her.

Suddenly they were startled by applause. Todd turned his head as Allison stared over his shoulder, Chad and Diana were standing in the kitchen doorway with big eyes. Diana was the one applauding, Chad's hands were busy under her shirt and down her pants.

"That was fucking hot," the irrepressible Asian said, nudging Chad so that he reluctantly slid his hands from beneath her clothing, "Hi, I'm Diana."

It was a completely surreal experience for Allison as Todd shook her roommate's hand while still lodged in her body... of course when he finally did pull out of her (and she readjusted the vibrator and her panties) Diana had to comment when she finally got to see his semi-hard dick, "Well shit girl, no wonder you weren't satisfied with Roger, that's some thick meat!"

Todd laughed. It was obvious that he and Diana would get along fabulously, although to Allison's relief he seemed to have no romantic or sexual interest in the other girl. She and Diana ran to the bathroom to catch up as the men chatted in the kitchen. Diana admired her new jewelry and dress and agreed to go over to Chad's for the night (with some reluctance, the horny female was hoping to listen in on Todd and Allison as she and Chad got it on.). Leaving the bathroom Allison shook her head, bemused at her friend's foibles.

When they were finally alone again Todd chuckled and said, "Your friend is quite a trip."

"Yeah," she agreed, tossing her brown curls and smiling at him, "We have fun together."

"I'll bet," the image in his head of Allison and Diana together was doing interesting things to certain portions of his anatomy and he pulled her close to him, kissing her deeply as he began moving them towards the bedroom. Once there she aggressively took over, and he let her, watching with desire and amusement as she practically ripped the clothing from his body and knelt in front of him. Completely clothed she began to lick and kiss his groin, cleaning their combined juices from him as his dick began to harden next to her cheek. Sliding her tongue up and down his length like she would a lollipop, she opened her pouty lips and encompassed the head of his dick. Looking up into his eyes, seeing that he was watching avidly as she blew him, she kept her hold on his eyes as she began slowly sliding his entire length into her mouth and down her throat. It was extremely sexy seeing her look up at him as his dick disappeared into her mouth, and when her pink lips were pressed against his body he wound his hands through her curls and held her there for a moment. Her tongue was velvet as it played across his shaft, the soft muscles of her throat clenching a little around him as she adjusted.

Using her curls to pull her head back he began a slow and steady thrust in and out of her mouth, using that hole as he would either of her other ones. Small hands ran up and down his thighs, fingertips massaging lightly and cupping his balls as she sucked. Tugging lightly on his hanging sack, she pressed two fingers onto the spot just behind it, pressing firmly on that incredibly sensitive area. He groaned and pulled her head all the way onto his dick again, holding her there and shuddering as she teased his body. After a moment he began moving her head again, faster and rougher now as she increased the pressure and the tugging on his balls. It felt amazing as he slid in and out of her mouth, one of the best blow jobs he'd ever had.

When one of her fingers slipped back to lightly tease around the outside of his anus he lost it, and held her face tightly against her groin as his load spilled down her throat. Allison swallowed all of it, savoring the taste and the feel of him in her mouth. She continued sucking long after he had cum, and he let her, just enjoying the feel of her mouth around him.

Finally he pulled her off his dick and picked her up, kissing her lightly on the lips he tossed her on the bed and smiled, "Stay there."

Picking up his jacket he pulled out a small bottle of some kind of liquid. Allison watched curiously as he put it on the nightstand. She didn't have a chance to see what it was though because then he was on top of her, his naked body rubbing against her silky covering, tongue probing her mouth. They kissed and he pressed his harder body against her softer one as he untied the ribbons behind her back, slowly pulling the dress off of her and following its path with his mouth.

When she was completely naked and shivering with need before him he picked up the bottle and put some of the lotion on his hands. Rubbing his hands together he then began to rub the stuff onto her breasts, the coolness of it making her nipples stand pink and erect. The scent of strawberries filled her nose as he continued to rub her breasts... the more he rubbed the warmer they seemed to get, tingling with heat and arousal. Her nipples seemed especially sensitive to it, and when he blew gently across them the coolness and heat made her writhe with desire. Pouring more of it onto his hands he began working it into her inner thighs, moving his hands up to her pussy. All on their own her breasts were still burning, tingling, hot and aching. Allison moaned with desire, her pussy was soaking wet as it dripped sweet fluids. Before rubbing his hands on her pussy he poured more of the lotion onto them, and then began rubbing her smooth mound, her outer lips, working his fingers into her pussy and ass.

"OH God.... Todd what is that stuff?" her hips lifted involuntarily as she began burning inside and out, hungry with the fire of lust.

"Warming lotion," he replied, his eyes glinting as she thrashed while he slid some of it into her ass. She groaned as he rubbed her pussy lips, cool breath blowing across her hot flesh. If he didn't fuck her soon she thought she would die.

Instead he turned her over onto all fours and she wiggled her ass, hoping to entice him.


She squealed as he spanked her, the warming lotion making her ass burn as he smacked her. Harder and harder the blows seemed to get, covering her entire ass until it was bright pink and burning... not that any of that stopped her arousal. The smell of her pussy and strawberries filled the room, her breasts and pussy were still burning, her pussy and ass holes tingling with the lotion inside them. As pain throbbed in her ass it only made her hotter, hornier...


Suddenly it stopped and his hand caressed her hot cheeks, "Someone was bad tonight wasn't she?"

"Yes," Allison said softly, sniffling a little as a few tears ran down her cheeks from the assault, "I'm sorry..."

It became apparent that her apology was accepted - or so she thought - as she felt his tongue gently licking the wetness of her pussy, doing absolutely nothing to quench the heat that had gathered there. Moaning and pleading for more she pressed her hips back as he gently laved her pussy... but there was almost no firm contact at all and he assiduously only liked her lips, avoiding her pussy and heated hole. Allison was soon practically in tears from wanting it so bad, her ass was high in the air as her hot and tingling breasts rubbed against the sheets beneath her, nipples burning and aching almost as much as her pussy. Clutching the sheets she pleaded with him.

"Please... oh please Todd... I'm sorry I was bad... I'm sorry I teased you... oh please Todd, fuck me, lick me, do something! I'll do anything... oh God please Todd... I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

The light tracing over her pussy lips stopped and she could feel him shifting weight behind her, fingers gliding down the trembling flesh of her back as he shushed her quietly. Allison whimpered as she felt the tip of his penis sliding up and down her burning pussy flesh, only his firm grip on her hips kept her from thrusting back hard and impaling herself.

Moving slowly - oh so slowly - he began to press into her pussy... centimeter by centimeter. Feeling ready to scream she buried her head into the pillow in front of her and sobbed her sexual frustration... her whole body was on fire from being teased and tormented. Suddenly, when he was halfway in, he slammed the rest of the way into her and she screamed her surprise and pleasure. He was thrusting her hard, making her upper body slide across the soft material of the sheets as he pounded her from behind. Allison was instantly cumming as she was finally fucked hard, her pussy quivering with joy as it was stretched and filled... but the burning still continued. She was screaming her pleasure as he continued to fuck her hard, having already cum twice he was in for the long haul now.

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