tagIncest/TabooAlmost Too Much

Almost Too Much


This story includes First Time, Incest/taboo, Group Sex and Erotic Coupling.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

I'm from a family that many would call 'All American". My Dad was a football star in high school, college and, for several years, the pros. My Mom was and is a model, she was a Playboy centerfold twenty some years ago and is still gorgeous. I'm Mike and I have a younger sister, Ann. We're all blond and blue eyed.

My Dad was given a job in sales when he finished college by a wealthy college alum/booster who had a liquor distributor business. He's still there, now owns a piece of it and is the president and the man in charge. He even cut his pro football career short because he made more money from business than sports and didn't get beat up by it. My Mom's modeling is now part time. She says there's not a lot of call for 46 year old models. I've grown up seeing my Mom smiling out at me from ads in magazines and on TV, selling almost every product possible. And she still works, just not as much. To me, though, they've always been just Mom and Dad, raising me and my sister.

When I was really young, maybe two years old, around the time my sister was born probably, we moved into a nice, big house in an upscale neighborhood and still live there. We've always had a maid, or really an assistant mother, who lives with us. We've only had two in my whole life, so they become part of the family. Both were fairly old, with grown children and no husband, when they came to us. The first retired and the second, Maria, has been with us almost ten years.

So I guess it's fair to say we've had a spoiled and selfish upbringing, privileged I guess, but I've loved it always.

My sister Ann, who's always been Annie to me, is eighteen, just finishing high school. Maybe the best way to describe her is that if a boy in her high school ever saw the old centerfold of our Mom, he'd think he was seeing Annie. I imagine half the guys in her school jack off thinking of her. Which is probably what Hugh Hefner of Playboy figured half the guys in the country were doing years ago to my Mom's centerfold picture. I mean, she's gorgeous, with a beautiful face and a wet dream body.

I'm now twenty, just finishing my sophomore year in college. I'm 6'2" tall and weigh 190 pounds, sort of slim but muscular. While my Dad played football, I've always played Lacrosse, in high school and now university. We're not national champs but certainly win a lot more than we lose. I don't mean to brag but I'm pretty good at it.

The other thing about me is that I'm majoring in Computer Science. I've always been good at games and computers. Right away, at university, I met this guy that, well, is a genius. I mean, I know what I'm doing but he can do everything I can and more, better and faster. However, he needs to be aimed or told what to do. He's terrific but without a lot of imagination. That's what I supply. We spent our freshman year and part of last summer working on a game. We then sold that game for $100,000. We each got $50,000. We're now working on another game. Working on that first one gave me some great ideas for new games. This time, we're going to finish the game more, add some embellishments. Then, instead of just selling it I want to see if we can sort of keep a piece of it, get royalties on how it sells. Our first game is now out and doing great so I think we can do that. I mean, it could be worth millions to us. We want to work on it all this summer.

The other thing I should mention is that in high school I fucked three girls. I realize now that they actually seduced me. I would have had no idea how to get around to actually fucking without their leading the way. The other thing I realize is that none of it was that great, although it seemed so at the time. I mean, we just fucked. But I did learn that girls can be horny too, maybe even more than boys. In college, I started to date this really attractive girl, Susan. Well, I discovered right away that I wasn't going to fuck her like I did those girls in high school. She stopped me at every attempt.

But I kept dating her. We kissed and hugged and felt around a little but she wouldn't let me feel too much. Then after several months, we were at it hot and heavy and she had on a T-shirt like top. Fancier than just a T-shirt but that type of thing. I slid my hand up onto her bare back, under the shirt, and she kissed even harder. Because this had pushed the shirt up, I leaned down and kissed her bare stomach. Well, that caused moans. So I moved up slightly and brought a hand around to hold one of her breasts. That brought more moans and she didn't try and stop me. So I unfastened her bra and started kissing a bare breast, holding it and sucking on the nipple. That brought more moans.

I tried putting my hand on her pussy, her groin area, over the pants she was wearing and she grabbed my hand and moved it. In fact, my making that move led to the end of the date. With lots of kisses, she wasn't mad, she just wasn't going any further. The next date her breasts got bared faster and I sucked on them and felt them longer and when I rubbed my hand over her pussy area she didn't stop me. When I tried to unfasten her and get my hand to her bare pussy, she stopped me and eventually the date ended. She then asked me, "Do you love me?"

"Susan," I said honestly, "I feel different about you than any girl I've known but I don't know whether it's love. It may just be lust. I like you, I feel for you, but I don't think we've known each other well enough to say whether it's love or not."

She grinned and said back, "I couldn't have said it better myself. I definitely feel something for you. When you suck my nipples I feel it way down inside. But I don't know if it's love or not, either."

Our next date she had me come to her dorm room. I knew that girls did this, arranged for a room mate to disappear for a couple hours and have the room to themselves, but Susan had never done it before. This time, once her breasts were bare and I played with them and licked and sucked them, she asked me to take off my shirt. We ended up both bare above the waist. We could feel our bodies touching as we kissed. I started feeling her pussy area, over her skirt, and she surprised me by feeling my cock, it's shape, through my pants. I was as hard as I could get.

"I've never done this before," she tells me, "so if I do anything wrong, let me know." She unzips me and starts pulling my pants down. When she sees underwear, she grabs it, too. I finally get off the bed and stand up so she can pull everything down to the floor and I step out of it. I'm naked, my cock sticking out at her. "It's beautiful," she says as she puts her fingers around it. "It's much more impressive than any pictures I've seen. All pink and red. It's sort of scary, too, it's so big. I didn't realize they were so big." And then she's licking my cock and then getting her lips over the head and licking inside her mouth. She pulls back and looks up at me, still holding my cock. "I've watched this on the 'net so I think I know what to do but let me know if I need to do anything else." Then she leans forward and opens her mouth wide and slides down, taking three fourths of my cock into her mouth, I can feel it hitting her throat.

She starts moving back and forth, sucking and sort of milking me with her lips, holding the base of my cock all the time. "You can play with my balls or even suck them if you want but please keep doing what you're doing now because it's terrific." So she does use her one hand to sort of hold my balls and jiggle them some as she continued to slide back and forth on my cock with her mouth and tongue. It probably took three minutes or so and I could feel my insides getting ready to blow. "I'm going to cum," I tell her out loud. Her eyes flick up at me and she sucks me some more and I start shooting off, loading her mouth with my sperm. I don't know what she'd read or watched but she swallowed and took everything I shot into her mouth.

Once I had shot my last load, she pulled her mouth back from my cock and looked at it and then looked up at me and smiled. Then she looked back and licked a last drop or something. "I really liked that," she says to me, "It's just so sexy somehow. I was worried about it but I loved it. Now, can you do the same for me?" she asks. She grasps her skirt at the waist and pulls it down, taking her panties with it and lifting her butt to get them down her legs, Completely naked, she lays back on the bed and lifts her legs slightly, spreading them some. Knees bent and splayed a little, she reaches down and puts her fingers on her pussy. "Mike, she says, "Do me."

I get down on the bed, between her legs and bend my head down to get at her pussy. "I've never done this before, either, so feel free to guide me, tell me what to do," I tell her. To begin with, it's uncomfortable, there must be a better position than this. My chin is down on the bedspread. She lifts her legs back toward her shoulders, opening up more and sort of rotating her pussy up a little. She's hairy, Very dark hair. Lots of it above a brown wrinkly area that must be her pussy and a fair amount down on each side. Her hands reach in and pull on each side, opening her. She's all pink, almost red inside, glistening, she must be sort of wet in there. I stick my tongue out, lean forward and push into the pink area.

"Hold me open," she says, so I replace her hands with my own. I lick up and down some. She moans. I guess this is what I'm to do. Somewhere, I know she has a clit so I lick up and down looking for it. When I hit a little bump her moans sort of jump a little so I flick my tongue back and forth there and she lets out little screams almost. I guess it's it, so I flick my tongue back and forth some more. "Oh," she finally says after some moans, "that's it, Mike. Push a finger into me."

Well, I'd finger fucked the girls in high school but never Susan so far. But I just had to find her hole, so I moved my hand below my chin and started feeling and there it was. I pushed my finger in as far as I could, then pulled it partly out and then back in again, over and over, as I kept licking her clit. Her moans got louder and never stopped, with minor little climaxes every time my tongue hit her clit. I just kept working at it. Her pussy seemed to swell some, almost turn inside out sort of. Her clit got bigger, seemed to grow. She got more moist. This isn't bad at all, sort of sexy the way it turns her on. Doesn't taste bad. Not like anything I'd ever eaten before exactly, a taste all it's own. Maybe a little salty, maybe a little like fresh meat maybe. I just kept at it and she started getting louder and her hips seemed to jump and her hands went into my hair, sort of pulling and pushing on my head. Then she really screamed, scared me some, and I could feel wetness on my finger in her vagina. I knew what was happening and wanted to taste it so I pulled my finger out and got my lips around her vagina and sort of sucked some. It was like she was peeing or something but it wasn't pee. I've never tasted pee but it has to be a lot worse than this was. Her legs sort of closed on my head, I thought I might get caught in there, and then they opened and seemed to fall away to each side and her hands were pulling on my head.

"Put it in me," she said. I guess I was slow to react, she pulled on my head more. "Put it in me,"she said again, almost like she's giving an order, not just asking. Well, I'd done that before, so I slid up over her and got my cock aimed at her and started pushing in. She's tight. It's like trying to pry her open with my cock, I push more, harder and get in some. She sort of grunts. I push some more. Go in a little more. "Go ahead," she says. I do, I push and push. It almost hurts me, it's so tight. I'm using my cock to force her insides open. And then I can feel my abdomen touch hers and I'm all the way in.

I've read about hymens and breaking them but I don't think I ever did with her. She was athletic so later I decided she'd lost it through athletics some how. It sure seemed like my cock was the first thing that had ever been in there. I pull back a little and push in again. And then again. All she says is "yes," over and over. So I continue fucking her, pulling back and pushing in. Pulling back more until I'm almost out and then pushing all the way back in. Her "Yes" gets louder. So I start moving faster and faster. The more I do it, the easier it is, although her insides never stop gripping me tightly. I'm soon really pounding into her. She's pushing her hips back at me, her legs are up, her feet on my butt. One hand is down between us, diddling her clit, I think, the other is around my shoulders, pulling me against her.

She screams and her whole body seems to jerk some. I can feel her insides sort of pulsing against me, I just keep fucking her, on and on. It feels so perfect inside her like this. And then finally, I cum again, unloading inside her. I've pushed in as far as I can and just hold it there, as I finish. Then I look down at her and pull back enough that I can kiss her. I pull all the way out and sort of roll off to the side and we just lay there. "That was the greatest thing I've ever known," she says.

"Yeah, it was something special, all right," I say, laying on my back. She rolls onto her side and puts a leg over me and then leans about half onto me so she can kiss me. I can feel her breast against me. I can also feel her leaking onto my thigh.

That was the first time. Since then, we've repeated it over and over. Maybe a hundred times. I've gotten better at eating her, even actually enjoy it now. She's never had to get any better, she's terrific at sucking my cock. And she's about as tight as ever. It's all so much better than the simple fucking I did in high school. I almost feel like going back to those girls and showing them what they've been missing. Of course, they may have learned on their own by now. It's proven to me all over again that girls can be as horny as boys. Susan's almost insatiable, always ready for more. I'm still not sure if I love her or not but I definitely love being with her, doing what we do with each other.

Anyway, here it is, Memorial Day weekend. The end of school. I've taken all my final exams. The only thing to do next week, which is the last week and ends with graduation for seniors, is to turn in a couple term papers. Most people use that week to write them but I've already done them and turned them in. I'm free until next Fall. I drive home.

Mom lets me know that we're going up to our cabin on the lake this weekend, leaving tomorrow, Friday, and staying until Monday, when we'll drive home again. It's not really far, about a four hour drive. We've been going to the lake forever, to our cabin for about ten years. It's not really a cabin, it's a three bedroom house, a very nice place. It's always been one bedroom for me and any friend I may take, one bedroom for Annie and any friend she takes, and one for Mom and Dad. This weekend, Mom lets me know that Annie is taking three friends, I'll have to sleep in the living room in a sleeping bag. Also, Dad is not going. He's in the midst of introducing a new product and is busy this weekend. So Mom needs me to turn on the electricity, light the flame in the hot water heater, take down some shutters, and generally do what's needed to open the cabin for the summer. We close it down all winter. Dad has even mentioned often that it would be easier to rent some place each year but Mom loves having our own place. I grumble about it all but agree that I'll do it and get a hug and a kiss in return.

I'm not sure about Annie and three eighteen year old friends, all celebrating graduation from high school, how much they'll mess up my weekend. I know all the girls. One is Annie's best friend, Jessie, short for Jessica. She's hispanic, has a body almost as good as Annie's, but is much darker. Dark hair, tan skin, dark shining eyes. Always has struck me as sort of a hot sex pot. Karen is also going. A cheerleader type. Dark blond, or light brown hair, usually with sun streaks in it. Nice enough looking but with breasts that are so big they're almost like a joke. I bet lots of guys want to get at them. Another friend going is Diane. I've actually had thoughts about Diane. She reminds me a little of Nicole Kidman, the actress. Tall, slim, red hair. Long, lithe body. Nicely shaped legs, round butt, breasts that aren't huge but match her body, good looking face. I've thought recently, after learning about good sex with Susan, that Diane probably has a beautiful pussy. Would be perfect to eat, all pink and red. Susan is dark with sort of a brown wrinkly pussy on the outside. It's sexy but I bet Diane's is much more attractive.

So, we're all packed into the Suburban, six of us. I'm in the front seat with Mom, may even share the driving. Karen and Diane are behind us, Jessie and Annie in the back. We've had the big Suburban for years. Dad uses it to haul samples around. Maybe I should add that Mom and Dad almost don't drink any liquor. There won't be any at the cabin. At parties, they take a single drink and nurse it all night. Sort of odd for someone in the liquor business. Mom says they both learned the dangers of too much and have no problems with others drinking and aren't teetotalers but are very much in control over drinking alcohol themselves.

At the cabin, I turn on the electricity first, then light the water heater. I then carry in load after load of food and supplies. The girls take in their own luggage, none of it very heavy since they're only here for a couple days with most of that time in bathing suits. I then go all around and take down the storm windows, or shutters, opening up everything, moving outdoor furniture onto the porch. I'm hot and sweaty and change into my bathing suit and head down the short path to the lake. The four girls are already there. I ignore them, run out onto the dock and dive in. Cripes, it's cold. I come up and almost leap out of the water and the girls all laugh. "It's freezing, isn't it?" Annie says. I agree and then remember that I haven't yet got the boat out of the boat house and tied up at the dock. It's just a little row boat but with an outboard engine that will undoubtedly give me problems starting the first time. So I get the boat out and at the dock and actually get the motor running and take the little boat out onto the lake a little and then back again. It's not leaking, everything seems fine. By then, Mom is calling down that dinner is ready. So I dive in once more, just to rinse off and come out and join the girls as we head back up to the cabin.

It's actually sort of sexy eating dinner with five good looking females (including my Mom) all in rather brief and revealing bathing suits. After dinner we all chip in and help clean up. It's dark by then and we sit around the living room talking. The girls play music and gossip with each other with lots of giggling. Mom is reading and I get the feeling that some of the girls are almost purposely flashing me a little. Showing a little more breast or the edges of their pussies than would happen naturally. All of it is fine with me, they're all attractive and I've known them all for years. As we talk, each of them, at one time or another, stands close and puts a hand or two onto my naked chest or shoulder. Eventually we all agree it's time for bed. Diane and Karen are in one bedroom, Annie and Jessie in the other, Mom uses the one bathroom first, then eventually each of the girls. It takes a while but it's finally my turn.

I shower and clean up and get back to the living room and get out the big, two person sleeping bag and spread it out. I turn off all the lights and get in the bag, wearing just a pair of boxer shorts. I rest my head on the pillow and fall asleep. All is quiet. Later, I don't know how long, I wake up because someone is unzipping the sleeping bag. This voice, that I recognize is Diane, almost whispers, "It's too cold in there, I need to warm up," and I can feel her coming up against me as she crawls into the bag. I put my arm around her, she's facing me, and run it up and down her back onto her butt and discover what I had felt all along, she's naked.

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