You are too busy to play but I approach silently from behind as you concentrate on your work. Your focus is broken by a vague sense that you are not alone. For a moment you pause alerted by a scent, a sixth sense, atavistic, primal yet dulled by the safe and mind-numbing sameness of civilized chores. You dismiss as nonsense the fleeting thought that you are vulnerable. After all you are an alpha male in your prime, a body like mortal sin and a mind superior at rest to those who run to exhaustion. You turn away, supremely confident that in your world you rule, control everything and fear nothing. I take you without warning. I am naked.

No words spoken I run my hands around your waste and slowly begin to stroke you. I gently, nibble, kiss and bite the back of your neck as my hands slip into your pants and reach lovingly for your growing cock. I lick your ear and whisper naughty invitations and tell you that I fully intend to uncover, discover and devour every inch of your body. You turn, still confident and in control with an indulgent smile, knowing you have work to do but you can afford to take a moment to humor me. You stand, stretch and allow me free access to your body for just a minute. Smugly you smile thinking a little dalliance will be a welcome break in the dull monotony. You won't lose your concentration and focus.

I mold my body against yours while I fondle your growing erection. I press my body against your back until you can feel my need hardened nipples through your shirt. I drop all pretenses of being civilized and fighting fair. With my groin firmly pressed against your thigh, my legs spread, my hips move with quick needy thrusts, and you can't control your response. Animal needs and desires are aroused as you respond without conscious thought to meet my need. Sensing my advantage I slip my hand down from the nape of your neck to caress your ass while I stroke you slowly and gently to full erection. Surprised, like a cat caught in the headlights, your mind freezes, stops, quickly disengages and you yield to desire. Surprised, you hesitate, hot and ready, confused by the rush of desire as your cock takes over and you grab me.

With your full attention I slide my body seductively down your thigh as I remove your pants and reveal your gorgeous cock. I stop, on my knees to gaze at your nakedness and turn my face up to yours letting you see the pure desire and sexual heat in my eyes. I ravage your body with my eyes contemplating it thoughtfully, my gaze lingering hungrily and purposefully on your cock and balls. My look tells you I'm famished, weak from hunger and dying from thirst and your body is my only hope of eluding starvation and slaking my thirst. I lick my lips and my hands resume their exploration of your ass as you turn to give me full access. I trace a small, wet trail of kisses and licks from the back of your knees to the inside of your thighs. I force your legs farther apart as I bury my face between them and press my mouth against the taut sensitive skin beneath your balls.

With gentle appreciation I begin to lick and suck your balls while my hands caress the back of your thighs and spread your cheeks to expose your ass. My tongue travels purposefully from your balls to your anus with ever intensifying licks and kisses until I taste you, groan with pleasure and take possession of my prize.

When your body begins to quiver from my lips and tongue rimming your ass and my hands stroking your cock and fondling your balls I stop, make you turn, strip completely and beg for more. I order you to lie face up on the floor while I move to stand naked straddling your body. With my legs spread wide apart I use my hands to open and show you my slick wet pussy. I move one hand to my tits and sensuously play with them pinching the distended nipples and while still displaying my pussy and stroking my clit. You look first at my cunt and then at my tits and then back to clit, confused. I moan as I slip two fingers deep into my gleaming pink pussy ending your confusion and clearly focusing your desire. When I have your complete attention I slowly lower my wetness to your face, pause letting you inhale the scent of my arousal and let you lick sweet juices from my fingers before I lower myself to your eager mouth. I move my wetness gently rocking as you suck hungrily and insistently on my swollen clit. As the rhythm of your tongue increases your hands grip my ass and pull me closer. Sensing my orgasm you bury your tongue deep in me and I relax into the pure pleasure of release as my sweet juices squirt drenching your mouth and face. You don' stop until I scream sharply, shudder and cum again. When the spasms cease and my heartbeat slows I slid down your body and replace my pussy with my mouth and kiss you deeply, gratefully, tasting my wetness on your lips and face and turn my full attention to increasing the heat and need in your body.

When I've had my fill of your mouth, face and tongue, sated, with a wicked smile and self satisfied control I start licking my way down the length of your body. Spreading your legs I grab a pillow for you head to allow you a clear view of my devotions, nestle contentedly between your thighs and lick the glistening drop of lubrication from the head of your engorged cock with tip of my teasing tongue. Like a child with a delicious Popsicle treat I begin to lick in lazy circles and softly and wetly kiss the sensitive skin, caressing you with my lips until you moan with desire and lift your hips to gain deeper access.

I let my lips part and sigh contentedly as I suck in your full length. You grab my hair and moan as I play and suck stopping to admire the view and control your release. With greater intensity, getting into your pleasure and enjoying the taste and feel of your rock hard cock filling my greedy mouth, I tease and urge you farther and farther into the mindless madness of sexual desire. I continue my adoration sucking wetly on your cock until you're awareness of the world narrows to the point where my insistent mouth engulfs your throbbing cock and you surrender; every fiber of your being focused on this moment, my loving ministrations and as your relentless need.

On the very edge of release I stop once again. Still stroking your cock, I capture your eyes with mine, wet my fingers in my mouth, slip them into my creamy wetness and then move my hand between your legs. Taking you in my mouth again I slowly slide my fingers up your ass. One sharp intake of breath and you relax into the pleasure of the anal play. I return my attention to your cock and begin sucking intently and purposefully while my fingers move rhythmically in your body. I am lost in the hot sensation of wanting you, needing you, possessing you, taking you, having you. Drunk on the intoxicating rush of hormones and consumed by desperate need you cry out with release and cum hard in my mouth. Your muscles convulse around my fingers as your hot cum pours into my mouth. I swallow it all, satisfied.

As your muscles relax I take my fingers from your body, lick the last drops of pleasure and with a contented smile, slip into your arms and remind you to breathe.

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