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byBill J©

Words cannot describe how excited I was to begin what should have been the best years of my life after paying my dues in a big way. I was a 32 year old physician who had just finished a six-year residency in a surgical subspecialty. This was on top of four years of college and another four years of medical school. All in all the sacrifice had been great but I was now reaping the rewards. I had landed a cushy private practice job at a hospital in the suburban Phoenix area. I was married to an athletic, statuesque blue-eyed blond named Kristin whom I had met early in my residency. She was a physical therapist at my hospital and we hit it off immediately. After a brief courtship we married and had been blissfully happy despite the punishing hours I had to work as a surgical resident.

The only difficulty we had encountered in our marriage to that point was that Kristin had not yet become pregnant despite three years of trying. Clearly, the chances were good that one of us had a fertility problem but with my busy schedule we had not yet been able to see a specialist and take care of the problem. We were becoming more and more anxious for her to get pregnant which, in retrospect, had introduced a subtle mechanical nature to our lovemaking. It was still good sex but it had become just a bit forced and monotonous.

Kristin was just as excited as I was to be moving to the Phoenix area where she could do outdoor activities year-round. She was an avid hiker, biker, and runner. As you would expect, because of all this activity she had a sleek, tan, and sexy body. She had nice perky breasts, a gorgeous firm ass, and long beautiful legs. Perhaps her best physical features were her full, sensual lips. This made here a great kisser. Because of those gorgeous lips I had hoped that she would take an interest in giving me oral sex but she confided to me that fellatio turned her off. I surmised that this was probably because of her rather stern upbringing in a fundamentalist Christian home.

I was always surprised that not more guys hit on Kristin since she was so hot. But she was pretty good at diffusing any potential flirting situation immediately, at least when I was around, so I didn't worry too much.

Shortly after we moved into a swanky gated community just outside of Phoenix Kristin called me on her cell phone from the community pool that was for the exclusive use of the neighborhood's homeowners. It was a beautiful day and she knew I was getting off early from work so she asked me to change into my swimwear and meet her at the pool which I did shortly after she called. When I got there I was a bit surprised to see her laughing and carrying on a conversation with a gentleman who looked to be in his early 50's, or about 25 years Kristin's senior. I immediately became uneasy because this man was so tan and fit and because Kristin looked so stunning in her skimpy bikini. The man was well muscled but not in the grotesque way that some bodybuilders are. He was tall and quite tanned, obviously having spent a lot of time outside. His hair was dark and thick except for slight graying at the temples. Maybe I was just imagining it but I could've sworn that I saw Kristin quickly glance his crotch as he looked away to grab his drink. His swimsuit, while age appropriate, did seem to be just tight enough in the front to show a pretty subtle but nonetheless impressive bulge.

At this point I walked over a little apprehensively as Kristin saw me and immediately smiled and introduced me to her new friend, Bill Rodgers. He gave me a firm handshake and said that he was glad that we had moved into the neighborhood. He seemed like a nice enough guy but my enthusiasm soon faded when I found out that he had retired a few years ago after making a small fortune as a plaintiff's lawyer specializing in suing doctors. He assured me in a lighthearted way that this was behind him now that he was retired and that he harbored no ill will towards physicians. This made me feel a little better but not much. He apparently spent much of his day working out in the gym and laying around the pool, generally enjoying the retired life.

I later found out a couple of disturbing things about Bill. First, not surprisingly, as a rich and physically fit bachelor he led a pretty active social life which included a number of girlfriends, mostly of the young variety. What was not immediately known to me at the time was that he apparently had been carrying on affairs with a couple of adventuresome and bored married women who lived in our community.

I also found out that when he was a lawyer he was quite abusive to the physicians that he sued in court and was merciless when they were on the witness stand. Apparently some pretty tough doctors had been reduced to quivering, babbling babies on the stand due to his efficient, relentless, and ruthless courtroom techniques. It didn't hurt that the women on his juries were typically won over as soon as this ruggedly handsome smooth operator entered the courtroom. It merely made it easier for him to pocket millions of dollars from those unfortunate doctors over a period of just a few years. I was later told by a mutual acquaintance that he really and truly hated all doctors. He loved to humiliate them and stick it to them anyway he could but I would never learn why he harbored this hatred.

Since I did not know most of this at the time I didn't think too much about Bill though I did wish that my wife had not been quite so friendly to him at the pool. I sort of offhandedly mentioned this to her when we got back to the house and she just laughed and said she really wasn't into senior citizens. Still, this was no ordinary senior citizen. He was about six feet two inches tall and weighed about 200 lbs. which consisted mostly of rippling muscles. He had masculine Marlboro Man type features which unnerved me a bit since even though I was pretty good looking guy I had more delicate, almost feminine features. Being a marathon runner and cyclist I was lean but not muscular. But I assumed that Kristin preferred guys with more gentle features like I had since she married me and not some big hulk.

A few months passed and things were going quite well for us. We were enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle though I was a bit disappointed that I was having to work a little more than I thought I would, being the new junior partner in my group and the low man on the totem pole. If this bothered Kristin she wasn't showing it. The last few weeks she seemed happier and more full of life than at any time since I had known her. Even the fact that we had not yet conceived a child did not seem to be weighing on her too heavily.

I was feeling bad about getting home at seven or eight o'clock, or even later, most days and was thrilled when my partners unexpectedly gave me the afternoon off on a slow midweek day. I decided to surprise my wife at home and thought that maybe we could go for a nice bike ride and then come back, cleanup, and go to an intimate romantic dinner at a really cool restaurant I had been told about. I had called her earlier in the day before I knew that I was going to get off early and she had said that she was going to be around the house all day catching up on a few things and that she'd have dinner ready for me later that evening. Excitedly, I rushed home after lunch and snuck in the back door so I could surprise her with our new plans for the day.

Immediately I knew something was wrong. I thought I heard a coyote or dog growling outside in the distance but as I walked into the family room I could hear that the noise was actually moaning and groaning coming from the other side of the wall where our bedroom was. The moaning and groaning sounded too deep to be from Kristin. My heart began to pound and I immediately pulled open the bedroom where I was greeted by the site of a naked brawny man on his knees with his pelvis pressed into my wife's face as she sat against the headboard of our bed facing the door. Imagine my thoughts as I saw another man ramming his cock into my wife's gorgeous mouth – something that she had acted too prim and proper to do with me. Clearly just as surprised as I was, they immediately disengaged and Kristin gave me a horrified look while pleading "Oh my God! Oh my God! I didn't think you are coming home this soon!"

Immediately rage began filling my body but then the man, none other than "Big Bill" Rodgers, rather nonchalantly wheeled around in the bed on his knees giving me a full frontal view of what was the biggest, fattest cock I had ever seen. It was glistening with Kristin's saliva and leaking a thin stream of sticky precum. It was stiff as a diamond cutter and pointed right at my head like a weapon. The sight was so unnerving that my rage melted to intimidation which radiated from the pit of my stomach down into my manhood which, at 5 or 6 inches long, was about 4 inches shorter than his and maybe not even half as big around. Looking back, I think my emotions changed so suddenly because of a primal reaction deeply programmed into my male brain. I had learned in biology class awhile back that the males of certain primate species intimidate other males by showing them their erect penises. I just can't explain it any other way. Whatever the case, Bill picked up on this immediately and calmly ordered me to sit down in the chair that was closest to the bed. I did as I was told. The look on Kristin's face was of disbelief but she stayed silent. At that point Bill gave me a little smirk and arrogantly said "Since I'm in a good mood today I'm gonna let you watch while we finish what we have started here."

"Okay" I said, being afraid that any other answer might get me beaten to within an inch of my life. Bill was about 40 pounds heavier than I was and much stronger. It was quite clear from the look on his face and the menacing look of his raging hardon that he was quite intent on finishing what he and Kristin had begun. Kristin, now in shock, continued to say nothing. Bill then wheeled around to face her and started kissing her passionately. I was dismayed that after some initial token mild resistance she surrendered and became quite passionate herself.

After a minute or so of this I could see a small puddle forming on the sheets between Kristin's legs. Clearly, she was quite excited and ready to be taken by Bill and his huge cock. As if on cue Bill reached down with his right hand and began to skillfully and patiently guide his impressive member towards Kristin's tight pussy. I didn't think it would fit since I thought that I had filled her up with my modest cock which was not even half his size. No problem. He first gently and sensually began to massage Kristen's clitoris with the tip of his big dick. He then used his cock head to spread his ample precum liberally over her rapidly moistening pussy lips in such a way as to not only add natural lubrication but also in the process excite Kristin into a moaning, groaning state of near ecstasy. You could see her vaginal opening begin to dilate as her body was getting itself ready for a pounding from the biggest cock it had ever seen. At that point he was able to work it in though the last couple of inches were tough. With one final thrust he went into the hilt at which time Kristin yelped and nearly cried as her eyes started to roll back into her head and tears of ecstasy began to flow down her flushed cheeks. Bill began slowly thrusting and gradually picked up the pace as Kristin writhed and struggled to catch her breath between primal gasps and moans.

As they got up to speed I could see the individual muscles in Bill's ripped rock hard ass contract as he forcefully thrust in and out. There was an audible thud each time his big meaty balls banged against Kristen's tight, tanned bubble butt which by then was quite wet with all the juice flowing out. His balls hung down a good six or seven inches, probably because they were so big and heavy. This caused a rather loud wet slapping sound on her lower pussy and ass which could be heard in spite of all the grunting, groaning, and occasional shrieks. I couldn't ever remember my smaller balls slapping my wife's ass like that. Soon after the thrusting began in earnest Kristin's toes curled, her eyes rolled back, and her whole body tensed and then quivered as a big shot of pussy juice erupted around Bill's cock and squirted forcefully out onto the bed sheets.

She screamed "Yes! Yes! Oh my God! I'm in heaven! You're so BIG! You're so HUGE! More! Please! PLEASE!"

Never had she done much more than quietly moan and gently stroke my back when we were having sex so it was quite humiliating to see another man pleasure her like I never could. It was obvious that any orgasms I thought that she had had with me were faked when you compared her reactions to me to the hyper-animated total body orgasm she just had with Bill.

But Big Bill wasn't done yet. He kept thrusting in and out as Kristin grabbed his sweaty, muscular ass and kept pulling and pulling, yelling "Deeper! Deeper! Deeper!" I couldn't believe how much cock she could take and it appeared that it took all of Bill's thick nine inches to get the job done. Suddenly Kristin again shrieked, quivered, and her eyes rolled back as primitive waves of pleasure spread like lightning bolts throughout her body. I thought that maybe they were through but they kept going and going and going for what seemed like an eternity while Kristin must've had at least 10 or 15 earth shattering orgasms. It was apparent that she was becoming weaker with each one and could barely even moan during the last few but her supreme joy was evidenced by the tears that kept streaming down her face as she kept attempting to pull Bill in deeper with her nearly limp arms and hands. Her nipples were rock hard and seemed giant to me. Of course, I'd never seen them that engorged before. She was covered with sweat and her breathing was rapid and shallow.

Finally Bill abruptly slowed the frenetic pounding he was giving Kristin, tensed up, and unleashed what had to be a huge torrent of semen deep into Kristin who simultaneously let out one last roof-rattling guttural scream and then fell completely limp. As this was happening Bill's large pendulous balls contracted back up to the base of his penis showing the lower part of Kristin's pussy which began to ooze the unmistakable white, slimy, gooey mess that he had forcefully ejaculated from deep within his beefy loins. I could hear a faint gurgling sound as Kristin's vagina visibly spasmed around Bill's monster cock and the creamy stuff belched out from her pussy. This was especially distressing to me because always after I pulled out of Kristin following sex I never would see more than a drop or two of my seed leaking from of her little pussy. I didn't even want to think of how inadequate my load was compared to Bill's. By this time Kristin was almost unconscious and her eyes pretty much stayed rolled up in the back of her head. Sweat glistened off of her lithe and totally limp body. She was barely able to speak because she was so weak.

"Uhhhhh....fuck...fuck...fu..." she quietly and incoherently gasped several times to no one in particular.

I had never heard this sweet, polite girl utter the word "fuck" before. At that point Bill slowly pulled out his cock which made a sucking sound as it left Kristin's swollen, red, and dilated pussy. The suction caused another large, loose wad of semen to pop out onto the sheets and down into the crack of Kristin's ass. I leaned over and stared in awe at the huge cream pie sitting in front of my face. Suddenly I was aware of an overpowering pungent aroma that was the logical result of the raw animalistic sexual display I had just witnessed. There was the familiar and the wonderful smell of Kristin's fragrant pussy juice but this time the aroma was subtly mixed with the intensely masculine, musty odor of Bill's huge load of sperm-laden semen. I must admit that the combination aroma was quite intoxicating and it had a somewhat soothing effect on me to breathe in the odor of the raw, powerful, animalistic sexual act I had just witnessed.

As I said before, after Kristin and I would have sex all I would see would be a little bit of her fluid, maybe a drop of or two mine, and little or no swelling or spreading of her labia. In contrast, this time her entire bottom and upper legs were covered with the copious mixture of her juices and his sperm. The wet spot on the sheets under them was actually more like a big pool of messy fluid. The most I ever saw after I had had sex with her was maybe a two or three inch moist area. This time her labia were spread out and engorged to about three times their normal size. Her pussy lips were a beautiful shade of crimson red from the blood that engorged her tissues and from the piston-like pounding that they had taken from Bill's monster cock. The site and smell of this was unbelievably humiliating and devastating to me. I wanted to die at that point.

Slowly I regained my senses enough to glance up at Bill and was met with a steely glare and that ever-present smirk that he had been wearing since I came in the room. He then glanced down at his big thick prick which was now partially limp but probably still a good seven or eight inches long and glistening with the white slimy essence of his loins. He then glanced back at me and said "This thing is a mess. Clean it up for me." Reflexively I reached over for the box of Kleenex that was on the dresser but before I could grab it he laughed.

"Not with that." he said. "With your tongue."

"With my tongue?" I asked in disbelief.

"You heard me."

As a 100% straight male I couldn't fathom what I was being asked to do. It was something I had never thought about doing unless I somehow got thrown into prison and was forced into action or else I'd suffer the consequence. But at this point Bill and his big cock had me in an almost hypnotic submissive state and I knew I was going to have to do what he wanted. As I went through this thought process I watched as another long sticky drop of semen dripped from the tip of his dick and audibly splattered on the bed sheets in the very place where I usually slept and Kristin and I had made love numerous times. Kristin still lay there totally spent from her earth-moving fuck and was pretty much oblivious to what was happening to me now.

I moved over closer to Bill, swallowed hard, and began to lick the thick slimy cum off of his shiny large dick. I started tentatively then hurriedly got most of it off and looked up at him hoping that we were finally through with this hellish nightmare. But we weren't.

"You're not done, boy. There's still some left. Lick it off."

I looked back down and saw that his cock had once again risen to full vein-popping attention and the underside, which had been hidden against his ample scrotum when it was limp, was still pretty slimy. I then placed my tongue at the base of his steel hard pulsating cock and moved it up the shaft collecting slimy goo as I went. Just as I reached the tip of his dick and began to swallow the last of his cum he audibly gasped and I was suddenly blinded as a huge jet of hot fluid blasted my forehead and splattered into my eyes. Instinctively I attempted to jerk away but he anticipated this and grabbed my head around the ears with his muscular sinewy arms and forcefully held my head in place as he proceeded to ejaculate untold large hot streams of thick smelly semen all over my face. The nasty, slimy mess not only got in my eyes but in my mouth and even in one nostril. The salty taste was disgusting. I couldn't believe he still had that much left in him after witnessing the massive cum load he had exploded into Kristin only a very few minutes before. I guess those big horse-like balls held more cum than I thought.

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