tagGroup SexAlycia Ch. 01

Alycia Ch. 01


01 -20th Birthday

Just after 11 PM on the night before her birthday, Alycia swept into her room, quickly shed what she was wearing; stiletto heels, a knee length skirt and a corset. After throwing the corset on the bed, she hooked a thumb into each side of her skirt and slid it down, taking her lacy boy shorts down as well. Now completely naked, she stepped over the skirt and moved to the chest of drawers. Pulling open the top drawer, she removed a green bikini and put it on. Checking in the mirror that her cleavage was displayed to it's full advantage, Alycia walked to the outside wall, and out onto the poolside patio, slipper her key under the mat. The pool itself had only a couple of swimmers in it, two young men who were doing laps, and the jacuzzi was completely empty. She stopped at the edge of a jacuzzi, and tested it with a pointed toe before descending the steps and crossing to the far size of the Jacuzzi. She closed her eyes and leaned back, her arms on the edge of the pool.

She opened her eyes when she heard foot steps, and saw the two young men who had been swimming go around a corner, to where their rooms were. She sat there for a few moments until she was sure she was the only still on the deck, and then Alycia got out of the hot tub. She walked to a deck chair and after a final peak, removed her bikini top and bottoms, then stepped to the edge and quickly dived into the pool. She started to laps, and after a while, when she flipped over to start swimming backwards, she noticed four rather well built men standing at the side of the pool. While her attention was held by the fact that the one on the far left was holding her bathing suit and grinning, she couldn't help but notice that each of the 4 men had dropped their bathing suits as well, and stood naked in the breeze. While not all of a height, their penis's seem to be about equal with the longest being probably no longer than 9 inches while the smallest was no smaller than 7, tho thick to make up for his lack of length. Alycia couldn't help but grin. "I believe this is yours" said the man on the left. He grinned, it such a cheerful smile that Alycia returned it. Just nodding, Alycia walked out of the shallow end, and telling the men to follow her, went over to the side of the pool where the swimming gear was, and placed a foam board on the deck before kneeling on it.

"I can only deal with two men at a time. Why don't the others fool around so that they can be hard" Alycia said, and the two men on the far left went and lay down on a deck chair. Alycia watched for a minute as their bodies pressed together, hands groping for the other's penis. After a very long moment, Alycia grinned at the two men standing in front of her, cocks in hand. She leaned to the right, and took a very large cock into her mouth. Sliding as far forwards as she could go, she used on hand on the based of the cock while her other hand reached out to the other man. As she moved her head back an forth, she ran her tongue over the based of the cock in her mouth, as if making an s pattern on the bottom. The cock started to fill in her mouth, and she was able to less and less, then she took the penis out of her mouth, grinned at the man, and turned to the man on her left. His cock was not as soft as the other had been, and he took less time to make him hard. When she removed the cock from her mouth, and leaned back, signalling those two men should sit down and enjoy each other while she helped the other two men. Since they had been touching each other's cocks, they were not soft, and it only took a few short minutes for each man to come to acceptable hardness. Again, Alycia leaned back and grinned. She then stood up, and walked a short distance away from the pool to a deck chair. She disengaged the clasp, and it folded down straight, and then she clambered on it hands and knees, facing away from the men and the pool. She look to her right, and seeing the men, waggled her bare ass and pussy towards them, enticing them closer.

As she was on her hands and knees, only one man approached her from behind, and used two fingers to check her wetness before slapping and hitting her pussy lips with his cock. Alycia grinned and stretched her neck to take the cock before her into her mouth, as the guy behind her gently spread her knees, and guided his penis deep into her. Reaching out, Alycia grabbed the cocks of the men to her left and her right, and she started jacking them off, keeping them hard for their turn inside her mouth or pussy. The man behind her grabbed her waist to stabilize himself as he began thrusting faster and faster, almost throwing him off balance.

As he came closer to cumming, Alycia started moving back at the same time as the thrusted, creating even more pleasure for both of them. He orgasmed soon after that, and was replaced by the man whom Alycia had been sucking. He in turn was the replaced by the man who had been occupying Alycia's right hand. This time however, the man who was his cock inside Alycia's mouth came first, and he was soon replaced by the man who was at Alycia's left hand.

With a man in front of her and a man behind, Alycia rocked forward and back with each thrust, arching and flattening her back in order to enhance her movement. She could feel herself rapidly approaching orgasm just as the clock chimed midnight. Alycia's orgasm rolled through her body for what seemed like minutes and as she sagged, tired, both men orgasmed at nearly the same time. She swallowed the loads that had been deposited in her mouth, and after the men had pulled out of her, rolled over and lay on her back, There was a quite noise, and she lifted her head in time to get the bikini top in the face. Grabbing it, she just lay back and grinned. She thought to herself, I wish all my birthdays were like this.

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