Alyson, Her Master and The Room


Alyson began to lose control again, the pain in her breasts began to mix with the pleasure from deep within her cunt the edges blurring until the two sensations became as one. She pushed herself against his hand and he slid his other hand around her buttocks forcing the butt plug to move against the vibrator as he still sucked and nibbled at her swollen nipples. Suddenly she was cumming, wave after wave, of pleasure was sweeping through her when he reached up and took the whip from her mouth.

'Please no,' she gasped as she realised what he was doing, but too late.

He stepped back and the whip lashed out viciously to find its target which was the wide spread cheeks of her arse. The blow was heavy and she screamed loudly. This seemed to please her tormentor and he swung the whip with the same force again and again. The force of the blows rocked her body and the flesh of her arse cheeks quivered violently with each blow, whilst her screams had turned into a continuous wail. For a full two minutes he lashed her, seeming to take great pleasure in finding the parts of her arse which caused her the most distress. She writhed in her bonds, her initial loud screams muted into whimpers now as each blow further inflamed her already crimson arse. She tried to control the pain by concentrating on the effect her suffering was having on her Master. It pleased her to see that his cock was rigid, the swollen head pushing back the foreskin and the veins standing out along the shaft. Soon, she knew he would want to take her again.

Roger stepped forward until his cock was touching her belly, he lifted her chin and smiled down at her. She felt his hand grasp her pussy and squeeze, the pain in her arse seemed to vanish, she licked her lips, pouting at him, trying to make him kiss her. The vibrator was starting to arouse her again but he dispelled such thoughts.

'Now for the back of your legs, then the front, then your belly and you can guess the last place I'm going to whip.'

The words had a strange effect on her, she knew how the whip would hurt especially on the tender flesh on the inside of her thighs and the knowledge that he was to whip her cunt made her try to close her legs in vain, but the words still turned her on and she tried to thrust herself against him but he swayed back and released his grip on her sex. He stood back and raised the whip running his hand along the strands and pulling it tight before swinging it back and striking her as promised on the back of her left leg just above the knee. The strands wrapped round her leg as she had known they would and the pain seemed to lance through her, but she had no time to recover before the next blow landed on her other leg.

He alternated the blows, each one a little higher up each thigh until after about twenty or more strokes he was just missing her pussy and she was moaning and gasping with the pain. Moving quickly he strode past her and she sobbed inwardly as she saw his smiling image in the mirror. The leather strands once again kissed her flesh, striking her left leg. As before he alternated the blows from one thigh to the other, starting just above the knee and moving steadily upwards until after about two dozen strokes he was just grazing the lips of her pussy. She tried to stop moving knowing that the pain would be greater if she spoilt his aim but each time the whip coiled round her leg and hit her inner thigh it caused her to writhe and wrung another agonised gasp from her. Her legs were like jelly and she hung from the wrist straps gasping and trembling and aware that the worst was yet to come. This time he did not stop and as he finished striking her thighs he moved up to her belly, the first stroke landing just above the hair line.

'Count them slave,' he demanded.

She struggled to gasp 'One' before the second stroke hit under her rib cage

'Two' she gasped.

He kept up the merciless series of blows until she managed to gasp out 'Twenty four' and hang trembling from her bonds.

Her body was on fire, the individual strokes had at first caused separate areas of pain but now these had blended into one sensation of heat and this combined with her feeling of total submission to his will was causing her to become very aroused. I hope he fucks me soon was the thought that kept passing through her mind, even though she knew that she faced the intense agony of a pussy whipping before there was any prospect of sexual relief. He stood in front of her, a little to one side and passed the strands of the whip between her legs, holding the handle in one hand and the end of the strands in the other he began to move them vigorously against her cunt lips.

Sensation piled upon sensation as the vibrator hummed busily away deep inside her and she felt the weight of the plug in her stretched back channel, her breasts, thighs and belly glowed with the heat of the whipping and now he was teasing her cunt lips with the whip. He released the strands of the whip and grasped her sore arse cheeks with one hand, forcing her against him and grinding his rock hard cock against her belly. Bending down he kissed her, she opened her mouth and let his tongue invade her, probing deeply, soon, please let me cum soon, was her unspoken plea, unspoken because she knew from experience that the more she begged for relief the longer he would make her wait.

The kiss seemed to last for ever and Roger brought his leg up between her thighs pushing his thigh against her cunt and forcing the vibrator even further into her. Suddenly he stopped and stepped away leaving her gasping for breath, he swung the whip with a sharp wrist action causing the strands to spin in a circular fashion.

'Push your cunt out towards me slave I want to whip it,' he demanded.

Quaking inwardly Alyson complied with his request arching her back and forcing her pussy forwards. The movement forced her thighs further apart and her arse cheeks clenched even tighter around the base of the butt plug. The whip strands were spinning upwards and Roger moved towards her, positioning himself so that he was standing side on to her with the spinning strands slicing upwards between her legs. She felt the draught caused by their passing against her thighs and closed her eyes steeling herself for what was to come. The tips of the strands touched her pussy and she winced.

'Don't move slut,' he commanded and she forced herself to keep her back arched.

He moved the whip in and increased the speed of rotation even more, the whip slashed her pussy lips and she screamed. It was as she knew it would be, an almost continuous rain of blows upwards between her legs striking the sensitive puffy lips of her cunt forcing her to scream until she ran out of breath. She forgot his instructions and sagged backwards away from the source of the pain until a savage blow across her arse from his open hand forced her tortured sex back into the full force of the whirling leather.

'Do as your told or I'll hang you by your ankles and whip you,' he shouted.

This threat made her force her pussy forwards as far as her bonds would allow and the final blows wrung further screams from her dry mouth. Finally the pain stopped and her master stood before her smiling and running the strands of the whip through his fingers.

Roger stood behind her, she felt him push his cock downwards following the cleft of her arse until it slid between her legs. He pushed forward against her, his cock against the leather strap holding the plug and vibrator. Once again the pleasure caused by the vibrator began to overcome the pain from her mistreated cunt lips and Roger enhanced this by caressing her thighs and belly, forcing her against him. He cupped her tits in his hands, squeezing them and then rolling her nipples between finger and thumb. Reaching up he freed the rope holding her hands above her head and let them down, she slumped against him but he pushed her away.

'Kneel slave,' he ordered.

She fell awkwardly to her knees.

'On all fours,' he commanded.

She knelt forward resting on her forearms and pushing her arse upwards. She watched in a mirror as he walked across to his discarded trousers and removed something from a pocket. He walked back to her, his erect cock jutting out proudly, and knelt between her legs. She felt him tug at the belt around her waist and heard a click, the strap between her legs loosened, and she felt him grab the base of the plug and pull. She gasped as the flared ridge was pulled past the ring of her arse and then gave a low moan as she felt the end of his cock replace the plug.

The already stretched muscle gave little resistance and he forced himself deeper into her, grasping the tops of her thighs and pulling her onto his cock until she felt his balls touch the cheeks of her arse. He began to work his prick in and out and she reached down between her legs with one hand to hold the vibrator in her cunt. She could feel the helmet ridge of his cock as it moved in her bowel and watched her master's face in a mirror as he approached orgasm again. Her nipples brushed repeatedly against the rug on the floor, this sensation combining with the vibrator to bring her close to orgasm, but before she could reach a climax her lover gasped and gave one last deep thrust into her before pulling out his cock and showering her back with hot spunk.

Roger sat back panting heavily as she tried desperately to bring herself to orgasm with the vibrator.

'Did I tell you that you could do that?' he asked.

His words cut through the lust filled haze and she mustered her thoughts as rapidly as she could. She knew better than to argue and framed her reply as carefully as she could.

'I'm sorry Master I lost control I do want to be a good slave, please punish me for being so wilful,' she begged.

He leant forward and kneaded her arse cheeks with both hands.

'For such lustful behaviour I must make sure you remember your punishment for at least a week, I think twenty four strokes of the cane are appropriate don't you?' he asked.

So much for careful words she thought, twenty four strokes would leave her black and blue for a week but there were worse punishments the previously threatened hanging by the ankles being one.

'Thank you Master I am sure that will make me remember,' she replied.

She remained kneeling in the same position, hands clipped together in front of her, resting on her forearms with her arse stuck expectantly upwards, legs spread wide exposing her puffy mistreated labia. The vibrator slid from her with a thud and she felt a pang of loss. Her master stood and crossed the floor to the wall rack before returning to stand in front of her flexing a thin whippy cane. He flexed it between his hands bending it almost into a circle and her heart sank, she remembered only too well the last strokes from this implement of suffering and how she had begged in vain for him to stop before the requisite number of strokes were completed.

'Do you want a gag my dear?' he asked.

She heard him say and forgetting all her training she nodded dumbly before catching herself and saying firmly.

'Thank you master I am sure that it won't be necessary,' she replied.

She wasn't at all sure but at least this forestalled him from imposing further punishment for her lapse of manners. Roger smiled at this little exchange and moved to take a position to her left in line with her upraised buttocks. Her reached out with the cane and traced a line up her thighs and across her cheeks and she watched in the mirror as he raised the cane.

'You will count your own punishment, I will make the first stroke on your count of one.'

She drew a deep breath and called 'one' loudly.

The cane hissed through the air and struck her left thigh just below her cheek. The pain was worse than she remembered, she almost collapsed, it was excruciating.

Seconds passed and her tormentor stood with the cane half raised awaiting her count, she forced herself to call 'two' in as firm a tone as she could muster.

Pain hissed through the air again to find her right thigh just below the cheek.

The air was forced from her lungs past firmly clenched teeth, but less time elapsed before she called 'three.'

This stroke nearly broke her as the tip of the cane found her exposed pussy and she half rose from her semi prone position shrieking with agony. Her master waited and she brought herself under control determined not crack.

She was lost in a haze of pain but remembering past sessions she fought to concentrate on counting the strokes and managed to call the next eight reasonably quickly. Her body bucked with the impact of each hissing cut whilst she screamed through clenched teeth and made a curious whinnying noise through her flared nostrils. The thirteenth stroke was squarely across the centre of her arse cheeks and caught both labia as well, her back arched and she threw her head back and howled with tears streaming down her cheeks. Through tear filled eyes she watched her master in the mirrors. He was standing impassively, the cane slightly raised, waiting patiently for her to call the next stroke. Gasping and quivering with the pain she forced herself to concentrate. I will be a good slave she repeated to herself over and over again like a mantra.

Each blow moved further up the bruised and battered orbs but she had arrived at the point where she was detached from the pain and the blows merely rocked her. Her final count of twenty four was followed by a blow to the centre of her arse and again it hit her labia but such was her concentration that she merely grunted at the impact. She felt triumphant, she hadn't cracked even though when halfway through the punishment he had hit her such a cruel blow. Her body trembled and she gasped for breath but she felt as though she had won a great prize.

Roger stood behind her. He was impressed with her performance, never before had she taken such punishment without begging for mercy. He knelt down and unclipped the spreader bar from her ankles, and then standing he stood before her and grasped her forearms pulling her gently to her feet. He kissed her lips.

'You have done well slave,' he complimented her.

He kissed her again and she leant against him letting him take the weight of her trembling pain wracked body. He wrapped his arms round her and pulled her to him, his hands were in the small of her back and he forced her belly against him. She felt the hardness of his cock on her belly and forced her right hand between his legs to grasp his balls and gently squeeze them. Roger grunted, reaching down with one arm behind her knees he picked her up, cradling her back with the other arm he carried her across the room and lay her on the bench.

'Lay on your front,' he commanded.

She wriggled to obey wincing as the bruised and battered parts of her body made contact with the leather cover bench. Roger had gone across the room and now returned to stand at her side by the bench, he was holding a small green tube in his hand and she watched him unscrew the top.

'Open your legs,' he demanded.

She spread her legs until her feet felt the side of the bench. Whilst she did as he ordered her master squeezed some of the contents of tube onto his hand and then began to massage it into the cheeks that he had just been so energetically mistreating. Alyson nearly fainted with the pain as the massage oil found its way into the abrasions and welts on her abused arse. This sensation was soon followed by feeling of warmth and relief as he continued the massage. She began to enjoy the feeling of his hands on her and pushed upwards against them. He worked his way slowly down her cheeks towards her thighs, gently massaging away the pain until his hands reached the inside of her thighs and touched the lips of her cunt. Her instinctive reaction was to push against his hands, but he held her down and then ordered her to turn over.

Struggling and wincing she rolled over and lay back with her hands cradling the back of her head and her legs spread wide. Her lover bent and kissed the top of her pussy before pushing with his tongue to find her clit. She sighed with pleasure and he began to rub more of the oil into the front of her thighs while continuing to lick her hard love bud.

Alyson began to feel once more the waves of pleasure building gently at the base of her spine, as his hands rubbed in the soothing oil to the inside of her thighs and his tongue caressed her by now sodden slit. He stopped for a moment and kissed her on the lips, forcing his tongue into her mouth so that she could taste herself. His fingers found her clit and began to gently wank it to and fro she gasped as the astringent first sent two shafts of pain up through her pussy and along her groin pulling at her sore belly muscles.

Roger held her down and then applied some more of the oil to her pussy before gently slapping it. He continued to kiss and fondle her, she arched her back and forced her cunt against his hand, she began to move rhythmically each movement building on that before to bring her closer to orgasm. Using his other hand Roger began to knead the oil into her breasts and again the stinging initial shock was replaced with a feeling of warmth as he squeezed each breast and teased her nipples fully erect.

Alyson was gasping with pleasure, each movement of his hands brought a wave of pleasure starting spreading like a great wave outwards until finally she reached up with both hands and pulled his head down. Their lips met and she almost screamed into his mouth as the orgasm coursed through her body, wave after wave, reducing her to a trembling heaving mass of sensation. Roger kissed her gently and stood up.

She felt him pull at her ankle straps and there was a click as he attached a chain from the side of the bench to each ankle. He pulled her wrists down to her side then outwards until they were just on the edge of the bench and then clipped them to more chains. A broad leather strap went across her heaving chest just below her breasts and wide straps were quickly fastened around each thigh just below her pussy, these were also attached to the chains fastened to the outside edge of the bench. Slowly, as she came down from the detached plane of her orgasm Alyson came to terms with her new immobility, the strap across her chest held her down firmly and the two thigh straps forced he legs wide open obscenely displaying the gaping slash of her swollen sex.

The straps on her ankles completed the position, keeping her totally immobile and at his mercy. He might as well put a notice between my legs saying fuck here, she thought, almost giggling at the lewd display she had been made into. As if reading her very thoughts Roger returned to the bench and dragged one of the mirrors into place positioning it at the foot of the bench so that she could see up the gaping pink wetness of her cunt, he then placed a pillow under her head and held before her the glistening black vibrator that had only recently been lodged in her.

'Pain and pleasure my dear, both intertwined and inseparable, to gain one you must suffer the other,' he told her

He switched on the vibrator and began to work it into her pussy. It touched her clitoris and she pushed against it, he pushed it in deeper and she felt the inside of her lips begin to feel warm. The sensations were piling up again but she began to feel her cunt getting warmer and warmer until a fiery heat began to turn the pleasure into searing pain. What was that oil he put on the vibrator, she thought. The intensity of the pain grew to the point where she was writhing in her bonds trying desperately to bring some relief to what had only moments earlier been the very centre of pleasure. She gasped and grunted with the agony of her burning pussy as her lover smiled down at her.

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