tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAlyssa Milano: Wrestlemania

Alyssa Milano: Wrestlemania


"Alyssa, this is a perfect opportunity for you and the WWE," Gus spoke to Alyssa Milano.

Gus was Alyssa's agent, a seasoned professional, having worked with Alyssa from the early days when she was just starting out in Hollywood. Like most agents Gus is a portly man, seems to be apart of the job description, Gus was now well and truly into his 60's now, with a full head of silver hair and his love of golf and fishing he could be mistaken for being in his early 50's.

"What better opportunity for you to grow your clothing brand, the Sports Entertainment market is untapped, this is a golden chance to grab the market," Gus spoke with great enthusiasm.

Gus was selling the idea to Alyssa for an appearance at the upcoming Wrestlemainia, a WWE Pay per View that creates much buzz in the entertainment world, having drawn previous stars such as Snoop Dog, Donald Trump and Floyd Mayweather, with both the stars and the WWE gaining exposure from this cross promotion.

"What would my role be exactly?" Alyssa asked as she processed the information Gus spewed forth.

"Your role will be four weekly appearances in the lead up and the PPV itself, the details are yet to be finalized, but listen sweetie, this can only be good for you, you've cornered the market in woman's apparel in baseball, football and basketball, the hockey is all yours too, now the Sports Entertainment market is up for the grabs," Gus explained.

Gus was hitting all the high notes, Alyssa had worked on growing a sports clothing brand for a few years now, between working on television and movies, recently other then a brief stint on 'My Name is Earl' Alyssa had been focusing the attention on this business. Gus made some good points and Alyssa had always trusted the judgment of Gus, he was more then an agent, he was a close friend and mentor to her.

"Alright Gus, but I want to be involved in the creative direction," Alyssa tried to play hard ball with Gus.

"You won't regret it, I'll see what I can do about creativity, Vince is known to be very controlling, don't worry though," Gus assured her.

As the phone conversation ended, Alyssa sat realizing that she knows nothing about the WWE other then Hulk Hogan lifting Andre the Giant in the 80's. She flicked through the TV guide and found that Monday Night RAW was going to start within the hour, she found the station, and she put her personal thoughts aside and watched as the episode aired. For the vast majority of the show she was lost and sat shaking her head at the overly sexual tones of the PG show, tight bodied men in oil and spandex and busty woman in bikinis. Alyssa though found herself watching with great interest as Mickie James bounced around the ring, something about her was appealing to Alyssa, the natural full figure and high energy kept Alyssa glued to the TV. She was greatly overpowered by the mush larger Beth Pwhorenix yet the performance Mickie put on ensured that Alyssa was a fan. The other match that Alyssa watched was a John Cena match, she found herself attracted to his strong arms and defined abs, Alyssa paid no attention to his opponent and couldn't have cared less, she was hypnotized by John.

As soon as the program ended Alyssa was on the net looking up both John Cena and Mickie James, she had fooled herself into believing that it would help he be informed and in a better position to talk creativity with Vince, although deep down she just wanted to perv at John Cena some more. For a good 5 minutes Alyssa poured over page after page of shirtless pics of John Cena, each picture getting her hornier. Soon the pictures became very repetitive so Alyssa switched her attention to Mickie James; the first pictures were of a young nude Alexis. Alyssa couldn't take her eyes off them, she was captivated by her beauty and after looking at pictures of John Cena she was already horny.

Alyssa slipped her hand inside her pants and rubbed herself though the thin cotton material of her knickers, she stared intently at the Mickie James pictures and rubbed away until the knickers couldn't contain the moisture, Alyssa her finger under the elastic and brushed against her clit, shivers went up her spine as she gently and slowly rubbed her self. She closed her eyes with images of John Cena and Mickie James floating in her head, she slipped her finger deeper finding her G spot Alyssa continued to finger herself after building the intensity Alyssa exploded in an orgasm sending shivers across her entire body.

Gus in the meantime called Vince McMahon and confirmed that Alyssa was onboard; no conversations took place as it was months before any chance that Alyssa would be involved, yet Vince had an idea of were he wanted to go. Vince had noted that Alyssa and Mickie could pass sisters, Vince has tried for years to run an angle that pushed the boundaries and was taboo, Vince seemed almost fixated on running an incest angle. Most time he was stopped, however in recent times his weekly shows have slumped, Vince knew that this was related to the PG rating attached to his shows, this restricted his ability to run edgy or racy story lines, this PG rating also gave his competitor TNA a chance to gain ground, while they were no threat to the RAW brand they were closing the gap on the Smackdown and were now seen as competition to the ECW brand, Vince didn't want another long and expensive battle similar to the 'Monday Night Wars' in the mid to late 90's and wanted to squash TNA now rather then later.

The plan that Vince had to kill TNA was to run a story between Alyssa and Mickie James and to bring Trish Stratus back into WWE and out of retirement, Mickie had a story were she was a psychotic stalker of Trish Stratus, the story was extremely popular and helped establish Mickie as a key figure in the WWE woman's division. Vince wanted to return to a similar story. Vince wanted Trish to focus her attention on Alyssa causing her 'sister' Mickie to get jealous and to fight Alyssa with Trish as the Special Guest Referee, Vince planned on running some racy angles, including Trish and Alyssa kissing with the culmination being a Bra and Panties match with the both the 'sisters' being stripped down forcing a tie. The two of them join forces to strip down Trish Stratus and celebrate this victory and sisterly bond with a passionate embrace and leaving all three standing in the ring stripped down to the bare essentials. This Vince hoped would bring about a return to the WWE being seen as the premier Sports Entertainment the end to TNA as any possible threat.

After several weeks of negotiations Vince had no luck in luring Trish Stratus back to WWE, Trish had interest in join the company but it was felt that the timing needed to be 100%, she had originally left the WWE due to getting married and not wanting to work the hectic schedule of the WWE, her impending divorce opened the door to a return and Vince had always claimed that Trish would be welcomed back to the WWE did she decide to return. Trish however thought it might be too soon to return but showed real interest in a future comeback. As a gateway to this return Vince put Trish as a Special Guest host to a Monday Night RAW in an attempt to show Trish the fans still love her. Trish was very close to signing a contract but held off. This left Vince looking for plan b.

Vince put forward an idea of Mickie James stalking Alyssa, Mickie would send pictures of her in the buff to Alyssa and leer outside her work and house appearing in Alyssa's room trying on her knickers and being caught naked on her bed; in the end Alyssa would challenge Mickie to a Bra and Panties match which leave both competitors standing in frilly knickers in the ring; Alyssa was all over this and agreed that that would be the angle to run. Over the course of several meetings Alyssa and Vince thrashed out the idea with each side giving some ground to the other, after the bulk of the story line was agreed upon Alexis was brought in and told of what the angle was going to be, she agreed whole heartedly, being a long time fan of Alyssa from her days in 'Who's the Boss' through to her recent run on 'My Name is Earl' which happened to be her favorite show, all parties were sworn to secrecy and banned from talking to anyone about the story or even the involvement of Alyssa. Alexis volunteered to train Alyssa at her ranch in Richmond Virginia away from the public eye; Alyssa didn't need any convincing and jumped at the opportunity.

Several weeks before the story line was to start and Alyssa moved in with Alexis, she was given the time off after pre tapping some segments showing Mickie writing fan letters and sending racy pictures to an unknown star, this set about the return to a psychotic stalker, and explained her on air absence, while still building a story as well as keeping Alyssa's name out of things, The main reason was it allowed Alexis to focus her attention on getting Alyssa up to scratch with wrestling.

During the day they trained in a makeshift ring in one of the barns while nights were spent in, the weekends and down time Alexis and Alyssa bonded with horse riding and just hanging out. They built a close relationship in a short period of time, both Alyssa and Alexis connected to each other instantly which only made the training easier. Unknown to them was that each harbored a certain sexual feeling towards the other.

On a night off Alexis and Alyssa sat around and with noting on TV to watch they opened a bottle of wine and watched some cheesy B grade Sci-Fi movie. After the movie they continued to drink now on the second bottle of wine while chatting.

"How do you feel about the story line and the fact that you will be seeing me naked?" Alexis asked.

"Well, to tell you the truth it isn't the first time that I'll see you naked," Alyssa admitted

Alexis was quite shocked that Alyssa knew about the photo shoot she did when she was much younger, before finding a place in wrestling. She also felt a certain pride knowing that Alyssa Milano had seen the photos but she couldn't help but get embarrassed and immediately began to blush.

"You have nothing to be ashamed of, you are a sexy woman," Alyssa added

"Well, that was then, the Mickie James character isn't exactly thin or tall" Alexis added

"I love the Mickie James character, such a hot woman, with bondless energy," Alyssa responded.

"Why do you think I agreed to this story in the first place?" Alyssa continued

"Well it's for the chance to see you in person," Alyssa continued not allowing Alexis to speak.

"You will look better now in the nude then you did then," Alyssa looked directly into Alexis's eyes as she spoke.

Alexis sat in shock listening to Alyssa Milano the one woman in the world that she held in such high regard as being truly beautiful, sing her praises after admitting to have seen her naked, Alexis is not short of confidence but had never thought it was possible that Alyssa would like to see her naked. Alexis was uneasy on how to take this conversation further and instead brought it back around to work.

"Well, how do you feel about having to expose your self in skimpy underwear on stage?" Alexis asked.

"Like all gigs, I am a little nervous, and knowing that it's live is a little daunting," Alyssa responded

"Just make sure to wax, Vince will have you wearing the skimpiest outfit possible," Alexis offered her advice.

"Well, that is no problem, since being snapped nude on the beach years ago I've waxed constantly in case being caught again," Alyssa shocked Alexis with this admission.

"Well that is a surprise," Alexis responded.

"How about kissing a woman, how do you feel about that aspect?" Alexis quizzed her.

"Privately I have no problem with kissing another woman, however to do it publicly I might need some training and coaxing," Alyssa winked and giggled as she spoke.

Alexis wasn't sure if Alyssa was trying to hit on her or just mucking about, she hoped that it was serious, the opportunity to kiss her once was a once in a life time opportunity but if it meant multiple times in practice it was a dream come true.

"Well, that's why we are hear, any training you need I am at your service," Alexis started to push the boundaries.

"Why don't we start with how I will rip your top off?" Alyssa asked

Alyssa stood up over Alexis and without waiting for a response she reached down and grabbed the sky blue t-shirt Alexis was wearing and began to life it over her head, to the surprise of Alyssa, Alexis put up no resistance and allowed the shirt to be lifted over her head, exposing her pert breasts and tiny but erect nipples. Alyssa looked down at the exposed skin and felt tingles and goose bumps over her body.

"At the PPV I'll be wearing a bra though," Alexis joked.

"That's a shame," Alyssa chuckled.

"So how will you remove my top?" Alyssa asked

Alexis stood up giving Alyssa a better view of her breasts, without warning Alexis pushed Alyssa onto the lounge and straddled her, Alyssa couldn't take her eyes off the breasts in front of her, having them move freely while Alexis was on top of her, only aroused her further. Alyssa could feel her knickers growing damp, before she knew what was happening Alexis had reached around and yanked her brown singlet top, Alyssa moved to allow the singlet to lift over her head. Alyssa laid wearing nothing more then jeans and a dark bra while Alexis sat in nothing but jeans.

"Well this isn't fair," Alexis commented

She reached around Alyssa and unclasped her bra as it fell away Alexis stared at the soft white skin and erect brown nipples as they became exposed, the cool air only intensifying the erection. Both women sat exposing their breasts, Alyssa was unable to draw her attention away from Alexis's large breasts as they hung above her body, while Alexis was fixated on Alyssa's breasts, although they sat flat against her chest, it was clear that they were large and soft.

"From this point, I would need to remove your pants," Alexis finally commented.

Alyssa reached around and unclasped her jeans; she lifted her hips allowing Alexis to remove them. Alexis slowly pulled the jeans exposing her white cotton panties, and slowly exposing her thighs and legs. Alyssa's legs were covered in Goosebumps as the chills ran up and down her body with each inch of skin that was exposed. Alyssa wanted this feeling to last as long as possible; luckily Alexis felt the same, as she removed the jeans she grew more excited as she was living a fantasy in undressing Alyssa Milano.

"Good you are more beautiful in person!" Alexis exclaimed as she removed Alyssa's jeans completely.

"Well at this point I will celebrate my victory by waving your pants about," Alexis explained.

"Not so fast, I thought I was supposed to win the match!" Alyssa spoke enthusiastically.

Before Alexis was able to react, Alyssa lunged out and tackled Alexis to the lounge, she quickly moved to her jeans and with little regard for them she pulled them down, with one swift motion they were around her ankles. Alyssa looked up to see Alexis sitting on the longue wearing a pair of cute polka dotted panties.

"Oh they are adorable," Alyssa quickly commented.

"I think I had a pair just like this, when I was 15," Alyssa continued holding back the laughter.

"Shut up, I happen to feel very comfortable in them," Alexis defended herself.

"Do you know?" Alyssa asked with a devilish grin growing across her face.

Before Alexis was aware, Alyssa reached out, slipped her fingers inside the waist bands and yanked them down. Alexis was off guard and as she fell back deeper into the lounge her legs lifted allowing Alyssa to remove them and the jeans completely. Alyssa grew more aroused as she held them in her had and could feel that Alexis was damp too.

"Now I celebrate by waving your panties about," Alyssa commented.

"Maybe I should make one lucky fans day by throwing them out into the crowd?" Alyssa joked.

"That would make his day," Alexis responded

"But not as much as yours," She continued.

Alexis stood up and pulled down Alyssa's panties, as she bent down to continue to remove them she caught a whiff of Alyssa's musky pussy, instantly she felt aroused and longed to taste it. Alyssa stood out of her knickers that pooled at her feet; Alexis picked them up and swung them around above her head.

Alyssa's eyes fixed onto Alexis's bald pussy, while Alexis finally focused her attention onto the tufts of hair in a neat strip over Alyssa's pussy. The air grew thick as the tension grew between them, both Alexis and Alyssa wanted nothing more then to fuck the other, yet neither was prepared to make the first move for fear of rejection.

"I suppose after the match we would hug and make up right?" Alyssa finally spoke.

Alyssa then moved to embrace Alexis in a hug, Alexis reciprocated and they hugged, their breasts pushed against each other and both women felt the erect nipples brushing against skin only further arousing them. Alexis moved her hands around the hips of Alyssa while Alyssa's hands moved further down to just above the round bam of Alexis. Alyssa was a fan of Alexis's ass, and after holding her hands for a moment she moved them across her ass, the soft skin didn't disappoint Alyssa. Alexis gasped as the warm hands of Alyssa moved over her ass cheeks gripping them softly.

Alexis took the next step as she leaned in a little closer and kissed Alyssa, Alyssa slid her tongue into Alexis's mouth as Alexis slipped her tongue into Alyssa. They swirled their tongues about each others moth as Alyssa squeezed tighter on Alexis's ass. Alexis mimicked the action and squeezed Alyssa's ass. Alyssa let out a moan. Both women continued to kiss, while exploring each others bodies. The rubbing became more intense as they each grew more and more aroused.

It wasn't long beofre each of the women held the other tights against their own bodied and began to gently gyrate their hips, while their pussy's were not in direct contact with each other this motion sent tingles across each others bodies, coupled with the intense passionate kiss they shared it was not long before each erupted with a series of deep low moans and gowns. Each moan and grown only intensified the situation, after a few minutes of this gyrating both Alexis and Alyssa let out screams as they experienced simultaneous orgasms, brought about by nothing more then kissing and rubbing. Neither Alexis nor Alyssa had ever experienced such deep orgasms from this method.

Ironically both Alexis and Alyssa while being mutually attracted to each other and both actively participating in the actions felt acertain guilt and feeling of remorse after taking advantage of the other. Both Alexis and Alyssa wanted to go explore the relationship further, yet neither was prepared to act thinking the other didn't feel the same way. Both the woman sat heaped on the lounge unable to stand on their jelly legs. They sat compiling their composure.

It was still several weeks before Alyssa's first appearance on RAW and she had both thought they still had time to take things further without risking spoiling it.

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