Amanda, a lipstick lesbian from a small town always knew she needed to get out there but never did. In her mind, she was different than anyone there could even begin to understand. She couldn't really explain it to anyone, she just knew she didn't belong there.

These last few weeks, that feeling was getting stronger; more intense. Her body didn't really feel like her own anymore. She felt like she was always in a constant state of arousal, lusting for sexual satisfaction... and guilt. The guilt she felt was from wanting to touch the men in her dreams and yearning to feel what it's like to have them touching her. Her sleep was broken and restless from these dreams. Always waking up from them with more exhausted than she was but always craving something more. She could feel her soul turning darker each night. She was terrified to go to sleep anymore... scared to let herself feel what her dreams brought out of her.

Tuesday night, she was desperate to get some rest. She tossed a Xanax on her tongue and washed it down with the last swallow of wine in her glass. She was determined to sleep without interruptions.

It didn't take long; her head began to swim, and her eye lids were heavy. She stripped down to her panties and climbed under the down filled comforter. The dreams came just as quickly. Darkness swallowed her, lifting her up. Taking her.

Blonde hair streaking through her dark brown curls, growing longer and flowing. Her body wasn't hers anymore. She was a sensual vehicle for something dark... using her to full fill its own needs and desires. Her senses heightened but her thoughts were not her own. There was no use in fighting it. It was stronger than her...

The darkness brought her to a dimly lit room. A man sleeping on white sheets. His hair is dark and long, a trimmed goatee. His chest was hairy but nicely sculpted. Tattoos on his arms and one on his calf. The white sheet barely covered him.

She hovered above him, feeling his thoughts, drawing her closer to him until she could touch him. Her body was changing, becoming more aroused. She wanted to touch him. She wanted to be touch by him.

Crawling up the king size bed, she slid her hand up his leg. He stirred a little. She leaned in closer to his thigh, her hands following up to his ribs. His cock just barely visible under the sheet began to twitch to life. She grasped a hold of it, uncovering his hips.

She's never been with a man before these dreams started, only women. All she could think about anymore was fucking a man.

Stroking his shaft, gently... caressing its girth and length. Licking it from his balls to the top, her nipples brushed his thigh. Sleepily he was enjoying this, and so was she. Touching her lips with the head of his cock, down her chin and neck and finally inching her way up to putting her breasts on both sides of his rigidness. She could feel her groin start to flutter... She wanted him inside her. Crawling up to be face to face with this gorgeous sleeping man, her breasts pressed against him, her legs straddling him. Her pussy lips teasing his cock... Slowly lowering down onto his cock... sliding it deep, she feels her soul quiver. Sitting up, riding him slow... Her fingers knotted in his chest hair, finger nails digging in, breasts engorged. She rides a bit faster, feeling him respond to her vaginal squeezing. He opens his eyes but can not see her through the fog of darkness. He only feels her... his hands squeezing her breasts, circling her nipples, her hips.

She's never felt this kind of euphoria with a woman as she does with the men in these dreams. She wants more. Tightening down on him, leaning over him putting her nipples to his lips. Her hips gyrating around his cock. Her feet wrap around his thighs, anchoring in. The excitement is building in her, in him. She wants his cum... her soul wants his cum.

A few... more... strokes and he'll be hers. His body convulses with the most amazing orgasm. Her own orgasm throws her back, leaving her disoriented.

She crawls back up towards him, wanting to touch him more... This dark entity engulfs her once again, lifting her up from him. She continues to reach for him but is pulled away... Leaving him dazed in a beautiful mixture of them both puddled around him on the bed.

3:15am, Her eyes open, glancing around her room. Nothing has changed except for the wetness under her blanket. She reaches down, touching herself, feeling her moist lips and looking at her fingers glisten. She gives a half a smile and licks the drips from her 2 fingers.

She lays there waiting for this dark entity to take her soul on the next amazing midnight journey.

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