tagIncest/TabooAmanda & Her Father Ch. 03

Amanda & Her Father Ch. 03

byDr Kink©

John woke up to a pair of soft lips kissing him. As he opened his eyes, he saw his daughter's face looking at him. "Good morning sleepyhead, I thought you were going to sleep all day," she said. She gave her father a hug, pressing her nude body against his. Since she was six months pregnant, her belly touched his body first. She quickly rolled on her side; her hand ran down his chest, past his belly and stopped when her fingers found his erection.

"I love men," she exclaimed, "They always wake up with exactly what a horny, pregnant woman needs." Amanda threw her leg over her father's body and sat on him. She positioned herself so that his erect cock was pressed against her hot slit. She leaned down and mashed her lips against her father's mouth shoving her tongue deep into his mouth. Then she sat up. Daddy, just lie there, I'll do all the work this time."

Amanda rocked her hips back and forth, rubbing her slit up and down her father's cock. When her clit was pressed hard against his cock, she moved her hips in a circle, mashing her clit against the erect cock. Then, she would go back to the rocking motion.

John just lay there watching his daughter. Her eyes were closed and she had a look of total concentration on her face. As she really got into getting herself off, she moved her hands up to her breasts and grabbed her tits and pulled on her nipples. The more excited she got, the harder she pulled and pinched her nipples. John could tell she was getting very close to an orgasm, her hips were moving faster and she was pressing down very hard on his cock. John decided to try something on his daughter that turned his wife on when she was pregnant. Using his fingernails only, he lightly traced the outside of his daughter's pregnant stomach from top to bottom. When he got to the bottom, he brought his fingernails up through the middle of her belly, brushing her navel with his little finger.

"Oh, that feels good, Daddy. Keep doing it,"

So John continued to scrap his fingernails over her belly and watched his daughter bring herself to an orgasm. Within minutes, her mouth was open and she was breathing quite deeply. She began to moan, quietly at first, then louder. Her body tensed up, she ground her pussy so hard against John's cock, and it almost hurt him.

"Oh, fuck.... here..... I cummmmmm," she yelled and collapsed on the bed aside of him. Her hips were still moving in circle and her fingers were still playing with her nipples as she lay there. After a few minutes she stopped playing with herself and opened her eyes.

She saw her father's smiling face looking down at her. "Looks like you enjoyed yourself," John asked?

"It was not bad for a start. I thought we would continue engaging in my fantasies. Of course when I fantasized this I was in high school and I didn't imagine I would be six months pregnant.

"How many fantasies do you have involving me?" John asked.

Amanda thought for a while and then said, "I guess about nine, no wait ten. I figure with me being here so long, I can have my fantasies become realities."

Daddy, what do you say about a nice slow morning fuck, are you ready to give your daughter some hot morning sex?"

"I am, honey, however I better make an appointment to see my doctor if you are going to stay here for two full weeks."

Amanda looked puzzled, "Are you afraid that all the sex we are going to have is going to kill you. You don't have a weak heart, do you?" Amanda asked, half laughing, half serious.

"Of course not honey. I just think I might need a prescription for Viagra, I know I'll need it to keep you satisfied for your entire visit"

"I like the idea of you staying hard, no matter how many times you come. You should call as soon as we are finished. I had thought of visiting a few of my high school friends while I am here. They can help me with my urges."

"I thought you said Bill wanted you here so you did not fuck other men, only me," Asked a puzzled John?

"He did Daddy, these are my girl friends. In fact quite a few of my girl friends had crushes on you, while we were in high school. I bet we could have some great three way sex."

"You are just like your mother," chuckled John. "Which ones of your friends had crushes on me?"

"Most of them Dad, however Janice, Heather and Keesha were the ones that really had the hots for you. They would even ask about you when we were in college."

"Janice was the thin blonde girl," asked John? "Keesha was the black cheerleader with the huge tits?"

""You are right Dad; in fact I think Keesha is still bigger than me and Heather was the tall redhead. Have I got your interest in any of these girls?" She said with a big smile on her face.

"Amanda, I think I am going to enjoy your stay here," said John with a mischievous smile. "How do you know the girls will be interested in have a threesome with us? You can not really say, hey, I'm fucking my father, want to join?"

Amanda laughed, "Dad, these are three of my wildest friends. I have had sex with all of them, both when we were in high and also in college. Janice has fucked every male member of her family, and Keesha has had sex with her older brother, so I don't think any of them will be taken back by my confession. Enough talk, I need another orgasm, this time bigger" said Amanda.

John leaned down and kissed Amanda on her lips. When she opened her lips, he pushed his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues played with each other. While they were kissing, his hand went to one of her enlarged breasts. John liked the way they felt, firm yet soft to the touch. He massaged her breast with his palm and last three fingers, while his thumb and forefinger pinched and pulled on her nipple.

Amanda reached over and played with her father's erect cock and balls. As a teenager, growing up in a house with just herself and her father, she spent many nights she fantasizing about making love. Most often her fantasies involved her father, the first love of her life. She would masturbate to the image of her father's fingers rubbing her clit. When she was in high school she found a dildo in a box in the basement. She would slide it in and out of her young pussy, imagining it was her father's cock filling her up. In college, those particular fantasies occurred less and less, especially when she started dating Bill. But even in college, when she masturbated, some of her most explosive orgasms were thoughts of her father making love to her. After marriage, those fantasies seemed just that, fantasies; that was until a couple of months ago, when Bill and their love making took a strange but enjoyable twist. The fantasies of her father fucking her became active again and in fact she made plans to make those fantasies come true.

She felt her father's lips on her nipple; he sure knew how to push all the right buttons to turn her on. Maybe she took after her mother so much, it was easy for him to make love to her. John's teeth began to tease her nipples, first the right one then the left one.

"Ah, that feels sooo goood, Daddy." Amanda moaned. "Bite me harder."

John did as his daughter asked; he sucked the nipple in through slightly opened mouth. This caused the nipple to scrap against his teeth. When the nipple was in his mouth, he moved his teeth back and forth across her nipple.

"Fuck Daddy, Oh shit, I'm getting so damn horny. Stick your cock in me now. I need to feel your big, hard, cock inside of me. Hurry up Daddy, I need it bad!"

John put two pillows under his daughter's hips. He grabbed a leg in each hand and spread them as wide as he could. He looked down at his daughter's open cunt, her wet lips puffed out slightly, just waiting for his cock to enter it. His eyes moved up her body taking in her round pregnant belly. John's eyes continued up his daughter's body, first stopping for a moment to admire her much larger tits, with nipples as hard and erect just like his cock. Finally he stared at Amanda's face and eyes, which were looking directly at him. Her expression was one of happiness and also sexual arousal.

"Daddy, please fuck me now. I am so horny, I need to come again.

He moved his hips forward causing his cock to move close to her moist opening. When its head touched her pussy, his daughter grabbed his dick and pushed her father's cock inside of her. Then she moved her hands back up to her breasts where she grabbed and pinched them.

John gently and slowly pushed his cock inside of Amanda until his pubic hair was touching her pussy. A low, soft moan escaped from her lips. He withdrew his cock the same way, very slow. When the head of his dick was just emerging from her hot pussy, he pushed his cock back in. He repeated the process for three or four minutes. Amanda's moans became louder and more frequent, her head was thrown back, her eyes closed, her mouth was slightly open and her breathing was very rapid. Amanda's finger's were pinching and pulling on her nipples.

"Faster, fuck me faster. I need more."

John picked up the pace a little bit, but not to the extent of his daughter's wishes. He decided to keep her on the brink of an orgasm as long as he could hold out.

"Daddy, faster....shit... I'm almost there..... Fuck me faster Daddy!" Amanda tried to move her hips at a quicker pace, but since her ass was propped up on pillows and her father held her legs, she couldn't control the pace of the fuck, the way she wanted. John increased the tempo of his fucking his daughter, but not too fast.

Amanda quickly came up with another plan. "Oh, Daddy that feels soooo gooood.....Fuck me with your big hard cock.....Shove your dick up your daughter's pussy..... Make me come....I want to feel you shoot your come deep inside of me.....Feel how wet I am....You make me soooo hot"

Having his daughter talk dirty to him was having an effect on John; that Amanda wanted. He began to fuck his daughter faster.

"Daddy, look at your cock going in and out of my pussy. See how your cock is wet with my love juice. Look at the way my pussy lips wrap around your hard cock. Your cock is making me crazy. Daddy, can you feel the heat from my pussy on your cock?" She reached around and took his balls in her hand. That did it. That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

John couldn't believe how soft his daughter's hand felt on his balls. He needed to come, now. "Here it comes, baby. Take Daddy's cock," John shouted, as his hips were moving like a piston, shoving his cock in and out of Amanda's pussy. "I'm going to shoot my come inside of you." He released her legs and grabbed her hips. He pulled her hips against his body to meet his thrusts.

Amanda wrapped her legs tight around her father's back. She had succeeded in getting her father to make her come. She pinched and pulled on her sensitive nipples, harder and harder she pinched them.

"Fuck, here I come Daddyyyyy" Her whole body went into spasms as wave after wave of one of the most intense orgasms swept over her body. "Oh shitttttt..... that.... feels....... sooooo ......fuckinnnnnn.... goooooddddd. .........

Her hands went to her father's hips, pulling him into her, even harder than before.

All this affected John too. He could feel his orgasm was only seconds away. His hips moved as fast as they could, shoving his cock deep into his daughter. Then it happened. "Here I cum baby...... Here comes your Daddy's sperm. He grabbed her hips and shoved his cock as hard as he could into her pussy. He held her there as his cock shot one then two loads of sperm deep in her cunt. He moved his cock in and out of her three or four time, and then fired more sperm inside of his daughter.

"Fuck..... take.... that..... feel ...... shit...... I'm ...... cummmmminnnn . ooh..... Damn ........ Godddd......."John's entire body stopped moving and went rigid.

Meanwhile, Amanda was coming and coming. "Daddyyyy ..... awesome ...... sooooooo ........ goooddddd."

As John slumped to the side of Amanda, she turned her body so that his cock was still inside of her. Her orgasm continued however, only moans and groans were coming out of her mouth. Her hands still pinched her nipples, although she was not aware she was doing it.

John could feel the muscles of her pussy grabbing his cock and then releasing it. Both lay like that for three and four minutes, not moving, just enjoying their orgasms.

They came back to reality at about the same time. John rolled over and lay aside of his daughter.

"Honey that was probably the most powerful climax I have had since your mother died. You were unbelievable, like I said before daughter like mother."

Amanda leaned over and gave John a hug and a kiss. "Thank you Daddy, I'm glad I could make you feel good. You are quite a lover; I think I will be satisfied until after dinner. The way I have been in the last two or three months, that's probably a record for me; not wanting sex for over ten hours."

John got up and went down stairs to make the coffee and fix breakfast. Amanda took a shower, put on a long tee shirt and went down stairs to help her father. When she entered the room John had to smile. In her pregnant state, the tee shirt barely covered her pussy. John gave her a wolf whistle. Amanda smiled and did a little turn around showing her ass off to her father.

"Is that the way you are going to dress today," asked John?

"While I'm home, it's either this or nothing. Don't you like it?"

"Honey you look gorgeous, I told you that. I'm going to take a quick shower, watch the eggs for me, please." John left the room. When he came back in five or ten minutes, he was wearing a short robe. It only came down to mid-thigh and he had it loosely tied; allowing most of his muscular chest to be visible. Now it was his daughter's time to whistle.

"Daddy, you look so sexy." Amanda hugged her father, and then they sat down and ate breakfast.

"So Amanda, you were going to tell me why you decided to seduce me and have your way with me," John said with a big smile.

"It all started about two and a half months ago, just after your last visit. I was just beginning to have those strong sexual urges."

John interrupted her, "I know the few nights I spent at your house; I could her you and Bill making love. You tend to be a bit on the noisy side."

"I know, I am a screamer, but so is Bill. In fact our loud love making was what actually started this whole situation between me, Bill and his mother."

"You mean that tight ass Katherine?" John was mystified. "I never took her for anything but a prim and proper frigid lady. In fact I thought she would be rather cold in bed, I guess I was wrong."

"No Daddy, you were absolutely correct, Katie, as she likes to be called now, was just that, an iceberg; but a series of events turned her into a sex craved woman. She feels she has about twenty five years of fucking to make up." Amanda and John laughed together at that statement.

"Let me tell you the story of how she changed. They found termite damage at Katie's house. They had to rip out part of the first floor and replace the wood that the termites damaged, plus they had to treat the whole house for termites. Since her house was a total disaster, Katie decided to come and live with Bill and me until the project was done. Bill thought it would be nice, they could ride to work together and I could get to know his mother even better. She stayed in our guest room."

"The one I stayed in when I visited you," asked John?

"Yes. It is at the end of the hall, so we thought she couldn't hear our love making."

"Guess again and if you use the guest's bathroom, it is right next to your room, so you can really hear you and Bill making love. It didn't bother me; in fact, I would have been upset if I didn't hear you making love to your husband. But, knowing how Katherine is, or was, I have a feeling she was rather shocked, to say the least."

"You are right Dad. She didn't tell us until she stayed with us for three days. On the third day, she really got an eye full. She had made plans to go to the movies with her friend Elizabeth. She left right after diner to pick up Elizabeth and go to the movies. Bill and I thought we had the whole house to ourselves, so we decided to make love in the family room. Well, it seems Elizabeth was not feeling well, so Katie came right home. She used the back door and made her way to the family room. I guess she heard us and her curiosity got the best of her, so she quietly made her way to the family room. Standing in the shadows she watched her son make love to me. Because we had a few hours to ourselves, we were not in a hurry to make love, so she saw everything. She saw Bill go down on me; she saw me sucking his cock; me riding Bill; Bill giving it to me from behind and even Bill sticking his cock up my ass. She didn't say a word, just watched us for about thirty minutes or so. Finally, she left the house and drove around until the time the movie would have been over and then returned home. She didn't mention anything to us when she came into the family room where we were watching TV."

The next morning, she told Bill she wasn't feeling well and would stay home from work. That left Katie and me alone for the day. She seemed out of it for most of the morning; I thought it was just due to her not feeling well. Finally, after lunch she got enough nerve to talk to me."

It seems Katie's mother brought her up to think of sex as evil, something a good woman had put up with from her husband but not enjoy it. Only sluts enjoyed sex. Good, God-fearing women did not. Her mother got married late in life, when she was almost forty. She married out of necessity, Katie's grandmother had died and her mother had no money left after paying her medical bills. Katie's grandmother had instilled the same sexual values into Katie's mother, so come wedding night; she just laid there and prayed it would be over soon. That was her sex life, lie there and think of other things until her husband was finished. Finally, Katie's father began to seek out woman to fulfill his sexual needs, which was fine with Katie's mother. That was Katie's parent's marriage, until one night her father came home drunk and horny and forced himself on his wife and Katie was conceived."

Katie's marriage was arranged by her mother. It seems they needed money and Bill's dad was an older man with a lot of money, so Katie was forced to get married at age twenty. Her mother moved in with them immediately and continued imposing her views of sex upon Katie. So Katie followed in her mother's footsteps. Bill was born in their second year of marriage. Her mother never forgave Katie for having a son, she wanted a granddaughter, and she couldn't stand males regardless of how old they were. Lucky for Bill, his grandmother died when he was young, so he didn't have to put up with her abuse. That didn't help Katie's marriage though and her husband soon found other woman to occupy his time. He was killed when Bill was eight and Katie never even dated again."

"Boy, she has had a fucked up life," added John. "No wonder, she was so uptight and cold. So what made her change?"

"I did. She heard and saw how much I enjoyed sex and she knew I wasn't a slut. She realized at age forty-five, that sex could and should be enjoyed by women too, the only problem was, she didn't know how to make love. She asked if I could teach her."

"Of course you said yes. Even when you were a young girl, you were always the one who helped everyone else. I always liked that about you, you were never selfish. It made me proud to be your father."

"I found out Katie never played with herself, good girls didn't do that either. The closest she had come to pleasuring herself was when she took a shower and washed herself. She told me, she noticed a strange feeling when she washed her breasts and pussy, but she ignored it.

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