tagBDSMAmazon-dot-cum Ch. 06

Amazon-dot-cum Ch. 06


Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations.

(c) 2003 Couture


I'm wasn't sure if Gina was keeping her mouth shut or not. No one has said anything outright, but I swear I was seeing my employees hiding smiles and sniggers just out of sight.

Making matters worse, Ms. Moore called me into her office many times over the next few days. I never knew what to expect and I knew it was beginning to attract attention, but I was helpless to refuse her anything.


"How are you doing my pretty pet?" Thandi asked, as I walked into her office.

"I'm fine ma'am," I answered, even though I was more uncomfortable that I ever imagined. I was standing there in her office while she walked around me, stopping every so often to unbutton, unzip, caress, or tweak.

"But, you've been a very bad girl, haven't you? You shouldn't have licked me down there. Why did you have to go and lick my sweet pussy? Didn't you know that you were going to make me crave that hot little mouth of yours?" Ms. Moore exposed my breasts and pulled on my nipples, twisting them at the same time, even though they were still tender from before. "Answer me bitch. Was that your plan all along? Making me crave your soft lips and tongue so I'll take it easy on you?"

"No ma'am," I gasped. "It wasn't a - plan. It just sort of happened. I-I couldn't help myself." I was so confused. She made like it was my doing when she had just as much to do with it as I had.

"You mean to tell me you had no ulterior motive. You craved it then? You craved it and you had to help yourself to my black pussy didn't you?"

"I-I-I" I stuttered. I didn't crave it; I just needed to wet my lips. She didn't understand, and she had forced me into a corner. I knew I would be punished severely if I said I had an ulterior motive. That only left one option. "I . . .craved . . . it."

"That's a girl," she said, grabbing my shoulders and pushing me to my knees. Then, she lifted up her skirt and pulled her panties to the side. "Okay, but just a little taste this time. A sample of my chocolate delight."

I knew what she wanted me to do. This was probably the tenth time this had happened today. It felt like it was the hundredth. I closed my eyes and moved closer to the moist folds of her sex. "Stop!" she ordered. "You know you have to savor it first. Who knows when I'll let you do this again?"

If today was any indication, I would be doing this again in thirty minutes. I sniffed loudly inhaling her musky scent, so she would know that I savored it.

"You like the smell, pussy girl?"

"Yes, Ms. Moore, you smell wonderful." Her musky smell wasn't bad, I was used to it by now, but I wouldn't characterize it as wonderful. I kissed her chocolate thighs and made my way to her sex, where I cleaned the moisture from her dark curly hairs.

"That's my girl. Now lick it."

She ran her fingers through my hair while I licked the folds of her sex and nibbled her clit. She was so wet, it was unbelievable.

It wasn't long before she pulled my head away.

"Mmmmm," she said. "That's should be enough to satisfy your cravings for now. Give it a nice blow dry and get back to work."

I pursed my lips and blew her sex dry, just as she had ordered. She was such a bitch - God, I hated her. She smiled as she looked down at me with her superior stare, practically cooing as I lavished attention on her sex. All the while, I was miserable locked away, not even able to even look at my very own pussy, much less touch it. A pussy that was in desperate need of attention. A pussy that was beginning to override all my inhibitions in its quest for satisfaction.

And her pussy. Her dark orchid. So strong, so mysterious, so powerful. Whenever I closed my eyes, I could see it in front of me, open, wet, and waiting to be served. I no longer knew what was happening with anything anymore, not my job, and certainly not my relationship with my husband. Nothing was the same. I wasn't even the same person I was a week ago. So much had changed.

"That's my good girl," Thandi said. "Do you think that will satisfy your cravings for awhile?"

"Yes, ma'am," I said truthfully.

"Stand up," she said. "I'll help you get back in order. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, ma'am." I really didn't like it. Whenever she helped me get in order, I always ended up feeling out of order.

She resumed walking around me again, inspecting me, touching me, taking liberties with me, yet slowly but surely snapping and buttoning my clothes back into place. Afterwards, she stood in front of me looking critically.

"You've got my juices all over your face," she said. "What are you trying to do, bathe in them?"

"I'm sorry. . ." God, what was wrong with me? I had forgotten to clean my face. Lord knows, I didn't want to walk back in the office with a wet face.

"Let me see what I can do." Thandi went back to her desk and returned with a handful of tissues. "Close your eyes."

I did and I was caught be surprise at what she did next. She spit in my face! I opened my eyes with disbelief and the vision in my right eye was blocked by her saliva. The bitch!

"I said close your eyes and hold still," she barked.

It was disgusting, but I must admit it sent a shiver of pleasure through my sex that she took such liberties with me. She cleaned my face with the tissue and then re-applied my make-up.

"Just one final touch," she said, and snuck her fingers beneath her skirt, then smeared her musky dew on my lips. "There, that should keep your cravings at bay."

I was so horny. It wasn't fair. I needed it. I needed sex. I licked my lips without thinking. I could taste her mixed with the wax of my lipstick.

"I expect more self control out of you than that little bitch," she said and repeated the operation, coating my lips once again. "This time save it for later."

"Yes, ma'am." Was she right? Had I really sought out the taste of her sex? No, it couldn't be, it was just a natural reaction.

"Good," she said. "Now get the papers together for the meeting today. I want you with me."

My heart raced. The meeting? Dear Lord, it was bad enough being at work, dressed in this manner, and sexually frustrated as hell, but, to go to the meeting with the directors and even the president of the company. It was terrifying.

"Ma'am?" I asked.

"You heard me," she said. "Get your stuff together. You helped me with the presentation; you earned the right to be there."

"Yes Miss." My hands shook as I got all the papers together and made sure the slideshow was in good order. We left for the meeting and my heart was pounding so in my throat. I could smell the scent of her rising from my lips. I wondered if she would get upset if I cleaned them. God, I was so nervous, I could pee myself.

"Miss Moore," I said. "I have to go the bathroom."

"I'm not sure this is the best time for you to be licking my pussy," she whispered in my ear.

She caught me unawares. "I'm nervous. I-I-I have to go pee."

"It's a good thing we have plenty of time," she said.

I went to the bathroom, and just as I was cleaning the steel belt with tissues, Miss Moore knocked on the door. I unlatched it, and she pushed me back down on the seat, and hurriedly stepped out of her panties.

"I'm nervous too," she said, as she lifted her skirt to her hips, straddled the commode, and threw her leg over my shoulder. "Hurry, please hurry before someone comes in."

Dear Lord, she wanted me to do it right there in the bathroom. I had no choice. I licked her. It wasn't like before, when I gave her pleasure, paying attention to her every nuance. No, it was a frantic race to the finish.

"Faster-harder-bite it you white slut. Oh fuck! Stick your fingers up my cunt. Fuck it. Oh that's it. That's it baby. Oh-oh-here it cums. Fuck, I'm coming!"

Her hips bucked as she came with frenzied need. There was no small talk afterwards. She quickly dismounted, pulled her panties up quickly, and exited the stall, closing the door behind her, as if nothing had ever happened. I remained, kneeling and feeling abandoned.

"Hurry up, Tracy, we've got to set up for the meeting," Thandi called.

I went out, combed my hair and put my face back together. A woman came in and without a second glance went into one of the stalls. Luckily, it wasn't the one we were been in. I prayed she wouldn't be able to smell the scent of sex that lingered in our wake.

Thandi touched my hand. I looked at it and caught her glance in the mirror. She nodded and mouthed a silent, 'Thanks."

I blushed, not knowing how to take the compliment.

Afterwards, we left the bathroom and hurried to the conference room. It was a good thing I was along, because as smart as Thandi was about some things, she was helpless with projectors and computer stuff. Needless to say, the meeting was a success. Thandi was brilliant as she gave the pitch on dismantling my department. I was even asked to speak about it.

It was scary at first. It felt like every eye was on me, leering at my body that was displayed more than hid by the clothes I wore - clothes that Thandi picked out. I stuttered and stammered and then I looked over at Thandi with her innocent grin. It made me think of all the things she had done to me. It also made me realize that if I could do the embarrassing things I had done, this speaking at the meeting should be a piece of cake.

As I said, it was a success. There were some questions and they said they needed to talk about it privately, but it was clear the decision had already been made. My job would be cut. I was more dependent on Thandi now than ever.

I felt so helpless. Yet, I felt strangely tingly inside. I needed relief. And she held the key.


After the meeting, she took us out to lunch. She ordered a grilled chicken sandwich for herself and a salad for me.

"Tracy," she said, between bites. "You did a good job today. I'm proud of you."

"Thank you ma'am," I said, and hesitated. "Ah ma'am. What's going to happen with my job when the department is cut?"

"Don't you worry about that girl. You just concentrate on keeping me happy," she said. "You trust me don't you?"

"Yes, Miss Moore." I truthfully didn't know whether I could trust her or not. I prayed I could.

"And you want to keep me happy, don't you?"

"Yes, Miss Moore."

"You made me very happy twice today. Do you remember what you did?"

I felt my cheeks burn. I nodded my head.

"Tell me."

Why was she so determined to talk about things that should be best left unsaid? "I licked you ma'am."

She smiled slyly and shook her head. "No baby, you worshipped my sweet black pussy. There's a difference. Now tell me again, this time say it right."

I couldn't believe how we were talking like this in a crowded restaurant. I couldn't believe it was turning me on. "I worshipped y-your s-sweet black p-pussy ma'am."

"You're damn right you did." Thandi shifted in her seat, and leaned forward. "And you may be white and you may be a woman, but you're a damn fine pussy licker. You positively curled my toenails."

"Thanks." I think?

She took a finger, dipped it in my salad dressing and ran it across my lips. A shudder ran down my spine. I couldn't bear to look around to see if anyone else in the restaurant was watching us.

"Lick your lips clean. Let me see that hot little pussy licker of yours."

She eyed me hungrily as I licked my lips clean. Then we repeated the process.

"You're making me hot," she said. "And you've also given me an idea. There's a new rule I'm making. I want you to watch my face carefully and if you see me lick my lips like you just did, then you know what I want you to do. Do you know what that is?"

"Lick my lips?" I asked hopefully, but knowing it wasn't the case. I was horrified, yet I was dripping and my nipples had hardened into tiny points.

"One last guess and you better say it right."

I was blushing furiously and shifting in my seat. "You want me to worship your sweet black pussy, ma'am."

"Ding ding ding, the girl gets a prize."

After that, I continued to eat silently, fearing to look up, and picking nervously at my food. I could feel her eyes boring into me. It made me anxious. I wondered if she was watching me eat and thinking about me . . . eating her. God, I was so wet. What was she doing to me?

"Tracy-girl," Thandi said.

I glanced up. Oh God, she wouldn't dare! I hurriedly looked back down again.

"Tracy-girl," Thandi repeated. "Look at me."

I looked up. Cold sweat ran down my armpits. She sensually licked her lips.

"Miss Moore! Ma'am, we'll get arrested!" I squeaked.

She smiled. Looking so knowing - so powerful. "Maybe you're right Tracy girl." She slid her clenched fist across the table. "Here take this instead."

Thandi slid her hand back leaving a ball of fabric on the table. Her panties! I quickly snatched them before anyone could see. What would they think of me?

"Smell them," she whispered.

I shook my head. I couldn't. Not there in a crowded restaurant. Someone might see. Someone might know me.

"Do it," she insisted. "Go on. They'll just think it's a napkin. No one will ever know."

I kept her undergarment clutched tightly in my hand and held it to my nose. I inhaled her musky scent.

Thandi smiled as her nostrils flared and she dropped a hand down to her lap. "That's my good girl - my pretty white pussy sniffer. Show me how you worship me."

Her aroma was overpowering. I squeezed my thighs tightly together, but it did little good - how I hated the dreadful chastity belt.

"Taste them bitch."

A few days ago, if anyone spoke to me in such a fashion, it would have filled me with rage. Now, it sent a thrill a pleasure down my spine and straight to my sex. I stuck out my tongue and tasted the soiled fabric. It made me think of being between her legs.

"Make them disappear," she whispered huskily.

I looked at her closely. Saw her arm flexing. She was insane. She was playing with herself right there in the restaurant and she wanted me to play her sick games with her in front of everyone. Did she know no depravity?

"Do it little queer. Make them disappear."

I glanced to each side to make sure no one was watching and . . . pushed her panties in my mouth, and showed her my empty hands.

"Ta-da," she said, as she stood up and picked up the check. "Good trick my little magician, can you taste me?"

I blushed furiously, and nodded my head.

The waiter came over and asked if Thandi wanted dessert. She ordered a piece of chocolate pie.

"Anything for you Miss?" he asked me.

"The young man asked you a question girl," Thandi said.

I could feel cold sweat running down from my arms and between my breasts. There was no way to answer with her panties in my mouth. I smiled shyly, shook my head, and pretended I was chewing.

"She's having her dessert as we speak," Thandi said, with a conspiratorial wink. "But would like a piece of pie."

Thandi smiled as she ate her dessert. Taking her time while I suffered with her soiled panties in my mouth.

"Let's go Tracy-girl," Thandi said once she had paid the check.

I made to spit her panties from my mouth.

"No, leave them there," she told me, pulling my hand from my mouth. As we made our way through the restaurant, Thandi's hand slid down my back until it was resting on my arse. As we approached the door, I swear I could feel the heat from all the stares at my back. To my horror, I felt her fingers slipping up and down along my crack. With her panties in my mouth, I couldn't even tell her to stop. And my body . . . my body didn't want her to stop. Involuntarily, I found myself pushing back against her and spreading my legs slightly, aching to feel her touch. Aching to feel anyone's touch.

"You are such a slut, pussy girl. It's a good thing I've got you locked up, isn't it?"

Was Thandi right? Was I a slut? I reminded myself that I was married, but the words seemed empty with another woman's panties in my mouth and her hand on my ass.


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