tagGroup SexAmbien Ch. 02: Mom Gone Wild

Ambien Ch. 02: Mom Gone Wild


The first part of this story contains images of self-abuse that might be disturbing. That is not the tone of the entire story, just the first part. If such images are unacceptable to you in any way, please bypass this story.


Denise felt the familiar eagerness in her pussy, that tingling desire she felt so often and satisfied so seldom. There, her son's hand was still on her breast. She pushed the hand lower, cupping it on her mound and pushing a finger inside. But the hand didn't respond, didn't take any action on its own!

She rubbed his hand on her pussy, trying to push another finger inside. Why wasn't the hand responding?

"Mom, what are you doing?" Dirk asked sleepily.

Denise didn't recognize what her son had said. She was intent on getting something into her pussy. She turned to face her son, grasping his head and pushing it down. If his hand wouldn't cooperate, maybe his tongue would help. When he didn't willingly respond, she pushed harder.

"Mom, what's going on?" Dirk objected. "You need to sleep." Coming awake, Dirk was disturbed by his mother's non-vocal urgency. She was horny, that much was obvious. But she had taken her Ambien, hadn't she?

Whatever he was saying, Denise didn't care. Her pussy needed attention. She pushed his head harder.

Dirk relented and slid lower in the bed until he was lip to clit with his mother's pussy. When she pulled his mouth firmly against her pussy, he began to lick. She had given him a lesson in eating pussy earlier in the evening and he tried to remember what she had said. Waking fully with the effort, he licked his mother's pussy and clit the way she had taught him. But was this an Ambien sex act? Was this what she meant when she told him to be gentle?

Denise moaned in anticipation. Finally, her tingling pussy would get some attention. She pulled Dirk's head harder against her. Yes, he was doing what she wanted. But she wanted it harder.

Dirk responded to her demands, licking her slit, sucking her lips into his mouth, licking her clit. With each touch, she responded with more pressure on his head. He began to eat more aggressively, licking and sucking harder. Already, he was being more vigorous than she had taught him.

Worried about what he was doing, he pulled away from his mother's pussy. "Mom, this is too rough," he said. "You said I should eat you gently."

His mother didn't acknowledge his words. Why did he keep mumbling? She pulled his head to her pussy again.

Dirk pulled away with some difficulty. Her focus, her insistence, was disturbing. "Mom, is this an Ambien moment?" he asked. "Mom, can you understand me?"

Denise frowned in frustration. Why did her son want to mutter about stuff when he should be eating her? With a firm movement, she pulled his mouth to her pussy. She kept her grip. She didn't want talk, she wanted to be eaten.

Dirk applied himself to his task, licking and sucking hard, trying to give his mother the most intense experience he could. She was unrelenting in pulling him to her pussy. He was equally unrelenting in trying to give her pleasure. If this was an Ambien moment, the best he could do was to give her the release she sought.

Denise's body responded to her son's attentions. She felt her impending orgasm building inside, starting with his tongue on her clit but rapidly spreading throughout her body. She wanted something hard inside but his licking and sucking would do for now. Her orgasm grew, then launched her over the edge. That was what she wanted, that was the feeling! She clutched her son's head until the orgasm faded.

That was good but she wanted more. She had to have something inside! She pulled Dirk's head, up so she could kiss him.

Dirk responded to his mother's direction. Maybe some making out would complete what she wanted, or maybe what she would settle for.

When her son was face to face with her, Denise kissed him hard. She reached with her hand to grasp his cock. Damnit, it was still soft.

Without hesitation, Denise climbed out of bed, pulling Dirk to follow her. She went to her closet and pulled out a box from a low shelf. Opening the box, she pulled out the sex toy she sought, a double-penetration dildo with a suction base.

She pulled the dildo out of the box. With practiced ease, she pressed it firmly on a smooth section of the hardwood floor. The suction cups adhered solidly. She pulled a tube of lubricant from the box and coated the smaller cock liberally.

Dirk watched fascinated as his mother prepared. He was shocked that she had such a device. He hadn't even considered anal sex with his mother, but she obviously had.

Denise didn't notice her son's fascination or concern. She was focused on her own gratification.

The double dildo had been a gag gift from Dirk's father, years before he ran off with his younger girlfriend. They had joked about it but she never used it when he was around.

Denise positioned herself over the dildo, carefully feeling to ensure that both shafts were lined up with her openings. She lowered herself, feeling the probes entering her body.

She began to move up and down, going lower with each stroke. Each time she lowered herself, she made a sound somewhere between a sigh and a whimper. The anal probe hurt. She thought about lifting off and applying more lubricant but was so hungry to be penetrated that she continued her rhythmic motions on the double dildo.

Dirk looked around frantically. His mother's whimpering scared him. She was obviously in pain but so intent on fucking her dildo that she ignored it. Where was that lubricant? Could he coat the anal penetrating shaft to make it easier for her?

When she had full penetration, Denise let her full weight rest on the base of the dildo. Eager with anticipation, she pulled her son for a passionate kiss.

Dirk responded to the kiss, wary of her intensity. This had to be an Ambien moment. His mother was so far beyond what he had experienced with her before. Did the Ambien release her from inhibitions that might keep her safe? He knew that he had protected her in other Ambien moments. How could he protect her this time? He finally spotted the tube of lubricant but it was out of reach.

Denise leaned on her strong son, using him to stabilize her as she lifted and lowered herself on her sex toy. It was so good to have a hard shaft in her pussy. It was good to have her ass filled with another hard shaft. If only it didn't hurt her ass going in and out. She ignored the pain, seeking only the pleasure of double penetration. She clutched at Dirk, holding him for an intense kiss, using his strength to help her ride her double dildo.

What could he do? Dirk was frightened for his mother and in a near panic. Could he pull away from her to get the lubricant and ease her pain? Could he get her to abandon the damaging dildo? But her grip on him was too strong. She relied on his strength too much. If he pulled away, she might fall and hurt herself even more.

The kiss was not fun. It scared him almost as much as the thought of the pain she expressed with each whimpering sigh. He couldn't reach the lubricant. The best he could do was to hold his mother and give her as much support as possible. He lifted, easing each down stroke to minimize her pain.

Denise rode harder and harder, seeking that orgasm that would give her the release she needed. She welcomed her son's support. But why didn't he have his cock in her pussy instead of the dildo. No matter, she had a hard shaft and it would give her some release.

Harder and harder, Denise climbed toward the pleasure pinnacle. She felt her orgasm building, not as good as when Dirk was fucking her but it would have to do.

Almost too soon, she felt her orgasm ripping through her body. She pushed down on her double dildo and let the waves wash over her. It felt so good. If only her ass didn't hurt so much. But the orgasm wasn't enough. She needed more.

Again, Denise rode her sex toy, twisting her hips to get more varied touches inside her pussy and rectum. She felt the pleasure build. Maybe this time she'd get what she wanted!

Oh, my god, she's going again. Dirk felt helpless in the face of his mother's urgent abuse of her sex toy. Even in her orgasm, she had whimpered in pain. Now that she was stroking again, her whimpering was more intense. What was going on back there? What could he do to help her? But as before, there was nothing Dirk could do but hold on. His mother's grip was now painful for him but he persevered, holding her as gently and supportively as he could.

Harder! Harder! Denise stroked the pleasure tool in and out of her orifices, feeling the coming orgasm, seeking an intensity of relief she had missed with the first orgasm. There it was. It was beginning. Her third orgasm gathered inside her and grew. She rode as hard as she could, pumping to build that orgasm, trying to make it big enough, intense enough. And she came, the orgasm bursting over her like a huge wave. But it wasn't enough!

Oh, God, she's cumming again. Dirk held his mother through her third orgasm, hoping she would be satisfied so he could get her off her torture tool. But it wasn't to be.

After just a few moments of rest, Denise again began stroking her body up and down on the double dildo, sweat running off of her body. The anal probe was still too dry. It hurt more with each stroke. But she focused on the shaft in her pussy. Maybe it would give her enough pleasure to make the pain go away.

Harder and harder, she rode the sex toy with obsessive fury, demanding the pleasure she sought. Her whimpers turned to cries of pain with each stroke.

Dirk felt the sweat on his mother's body and didn't even notice the tears flowing down his own face. How could she cause herself so much pain? What was wrong with her medication that she couldn't keep from hurting herself? By the time she rode to her fourth orgasm, he was sobbing with the frustration of not being able to take good enough care of his mother.

Denise felt the orgasm she demanded growing in her body. But somehow it was weaker than the others. What was wrong with that dildo? Why couldn't it give her the pleasure she wanted. Why wasn't her son's cock in her cunt instead of that damned dildo?

She felt her fourth orgasm emerge and suffuse her body. Such a weak orgasm. She was so tired. Why couldn't she get the release she wanted?

Totally exhausted, Denise collapsed against her son. She rested for a moment, then gingerly lifted herself off of the dildo. She packed it in its box, along with the tube of lubricant and put it back in the closet. Then she walked unsteadily toward her bed, leaning on Dirk along the way.

Dirk was relieved when his mother stopped fucking the dildo after her fourth orgasm. He thought the fourth wasn't as intense as her others. But after she leaned on him, she had put the dildo away. It was always strange how her Ambien moments played out. He walked her to her bed and helped her climb in. Then he noticed the blood.

Dirk pushed his mother to her side so he could look at her anus. Yes, it was bloody. He felt a chill of fear. He knew the dildo caused her pain but this was a sign of real damage. What should he do now?

He went quickly to the bathroom, returning moments later with a warm, wet washcloth, a towel and some Preparation H. He carefully cleaned his mother's anus, then applied a generous amount of the soothing ointment. Putting the supplies back in the bathroom, he pulled a pair of cotton panties from his mother's lingerie drawer. He pulled them on to keep the ointment where it needed to be and to prevent the ointment and blood from marking the sheets.

He climbed into bed and held his mother, remaining vigilant in case she roused again. Slowly, he relaxed, still unaware of his own tears. After a time, he went to sleep.

== == == == ==

"Dirk, did you have sex with me last night?" Denise asked when she woke her son.

"Hell, yes, Mom," he answered. "It was wonderful."

"No, I mean after I took my Ambien," she said. "I thought I asked you to be gentle when I had my Ambien. I'm really sore this morning." She was worried that her son had abused her when her defenses were down. But that was out of character for him. What was going on?

"Mom, we have to talk," he said. "And you need to talk with your shrink. You have to stop taking Ambien." All of the fears and frustrations of the previous night rushed back into Dirk's mind. His tears started flowing again.

"Dirk, what's wrong?" Denise asked. Why was her son crying?

Dirk explained her actions with the double dildo, the pain she experienced, the three orgasms on the dildo and the blood. He left out his guesses that his mother might be over-sexed, might want anal intercourse and might secretly desire pain.

"Oh, my god, I'll call her first thing," Denise said, shocked at the story her son related. "Is that why I had those god-awful panties on this morning?"

"You needed something to protect you and the bed," he answered. "I figured those wouldn't be a great loss if they got messed up."

"You got that right," she said with a grin. The grin quickly faded. "Show me the dildo, will you?"

Dirk went to her closet and pulled out the box. He opened it and gingerly pulled out the dildo.

"My god, there's still blood on it," Denise said. She was shocked by the undeniable evidence of Dirk's story. "Yes, I'll call my shrink right away. If she won't take me off the Ambien, I'm going to take myself off."

"That's good, Mom," Dirk said. Why hadn't she stopped the Ambien before, before she hurt herself?

== == == == ==

Denise's shrink took her off the Ambien prescription immediately, but a point of tension remained between Denise and her son. Each of them wondered if Denise's hunger for sexual release wasn't too great for Dirk to satisfy. The unspoken conflict led to uneasiness between them and a reduction in confidence in both.

"I'm so glad that you still love me," Denise said, more to reassure herself than to express herself to her son. "I'm amazed at how good you make this old saggy woman feel."

"You make me feel good, too, Mom," Dirk responded. "And I keep telling you that you're not old and saggy. You're beautiful and sexy, more so than anyone else I've ever known."

"You're just saying that to get into my pants," she teased, half believing her tease. How could he believe she was sexy after she had abused herself on that damned dildo?

"I'm saying that because it's true," Dirk objected. "But I really do want to get into your pants, again and again." He really did want in her pants, both because she was so sexy and because he wanted to give her so much sex that she didn't feel any desire to experience that dildo again.

"Well I want you there, too, even if I don't understand why you'd want to," she said.

"Look, Mom, I'm getting tired of hearing that you think you're old and saggy," Dirk said. "You're beautiful and sexy and I guess I need to prove it to you." He reluctantly returned his thoughts to the only way he had conceived that would convince her of her beauty.

"How can you prove something like that?" his mother objected. "I know you get turned on and like to fuck me but I think that's just between us."

"Do you remember when I told you about seeing a hot cheerleader baring her breasts and they didn't look as good as yours do?" Dirk asked. He thought about that cheerleader, the second most important figure in his fantasies. If only she were more approachable.

"I'm still curious about that," she answered. Denise was more curious than she admitted. Each time Dirk had mentioned the cheerleader, his expression indicated something more than casual interest. Was his apparent longing because she was beautiful and naked or was there more to it?

"That happened at a frat party when I was going to school," he said. He lied as he spoke, he had seen the cheerleader at a party much more recently and he knew exactly who she was. "The fraternity still hosts parties like that. At least one coed gets naked at some time during the party. If you're willing, I'll take you to one of those parties. You can see what the hot coeds look like naked and understand that you're more beautiful and sexier than most of them. In other words, you'll understand that you're beautiful and sexy."

"OK, when do we go?" she agreed. "And what kind of party is it that you know hot coeds will get naked?" With all of the uneasiness between Denise and her son, she felt a real need for reassurance beyond what Dirk could give her. Why did he think seeing hot, naked coeds would make her feel more beautiful?

Dirk was surprised. He thought his mother would drag her feet about going to a party where some of the women got naked. He was also uneasy about some of the other activities that went on at the parties. How much did he need to tell his mother to get her ready? Would a complete description turn her off or, with her extreme sexual hunger, would the description just make her more eager to attend? Could he even tell her anything, given the fraternity's rules about the parties?

"There's one at the end of the month, two weeks from now," he said. "Keep in mind, Mom, that the parties can get a little wild."

"You've been to several of them, right?" she asked.

"Yes," he admitted.

"If you can handle it, I can handle it," she assured him.

"OK," he said. "You'll want to dress a little sexier than normal, though."

"Tell me what to wear," she said agreeably.

"A short skirt, translucent blouse, lace bra and high heels," he said. "That's what some of the coeds will wear."

"Oh, a hooker outfit," his mother teased. "Do I get to wear panties?"

"Of course you do," he said. "I thought that just went without saying."

"When you mentioned the translucent blouse and bra, I thought you might be giving an explicit list of what I should wear," she said, continuing the tease.

"You'll do great in that kind of outfit," he assured her. "You'll have to watch out, though. The frat brothers will try to hit on you. They'll want to get in your pants just as much as I want to."

"And that will prove that I'm beautiful?" she asked.

"That's part of it," he answered. "I'll have to call you Denise while we're there. It might reveal too much if I were to call you Mom."

"I was thinking you should call me Denise anyway," his mother responded. "I'm not sure about it yet, since I think it's delicious that I'm fucking my son and he's fucking me. But I agree that you should call me Denise for the party. It will be your challenge to stay in character, though."

"You call me Son often enough," Dirk countered. "You might have your own challenge."

"I might," she agreed thoughtfully. "What all happens at the party?"

"I'm not supposed to tell you the party rules before we go," he said. "It's one of the fraternity rules. But I promise I'll tell you as soon as we get there."

"I can accept that," she said. "But other than the rules, what happens at the party?"

"I can't tell you that, either," he said. "You already know that at least one coed will get naked during the party and that it gets wilder than that. I shouldn't even have told you that much."

"So there's more, right?" she prompted.

"Yes, there's a lot more," he admitted.

"So let's see," she summarized. "At least one coed gets naked. And there's more. Let me guess. There's a lot of temptation there. With that and a few drinks, my guess is that some couples fuck without looking for any privacy, right?"

"Mom, don't dig for what I can't tell you," Dirk responded, fully aware of the blush that probably gave his mother confirmation of her guess.

Denise noticed the blush. So her shot in the dark guess was better than she thought. She couldn't resist digging just a little more. "I'm just trying to understand, Dirk," she mused. "It's all a secret to women who haven't been there before. But I'd guess that some women come to more than one party. They're repeat attenders, right, wildness and all? They come back for more. In particular, your cheerleader has been to several parties, right?"

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