tagNonHumanAmelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 07

Amelia & Andrew: The Diamond Legacy Ch. 07


Author's note:

This chapter is self-edited so please excuse any typos or grammatical errors. I have tried to eliminate them but they may have slipped through. The next chapter is about two-thirds the way done and as long as real life doesn't interfere to much it should be ready to post in a couple weeks. I hope you enjoy this chapter and please take a moment to vote and comment.

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Following the game of Monopoly, each of the couples headed to bed leaving Gloria alone with her thoughts. A feeling of melancholy over took her as she poured herself another glass of wine started to wonder if she would ever be able to truly happy again. Since she had to put Lenard down, she has kept her heart tightly locked up. She knew they weren't mates but she loved him as much. The day that she had to kill him was the day she lost her heart and most of her soul. She quietly cried wishing she could move on.

"You can live again and even find love if you chose to." Amelia softly said startling Gloria.

"What do you mean? I was just thinking about my assignment" Gloria replied defensively as she wiped the tears from her face.

"Gloria even without my powers I can tell it is a lot more than that. Would you like to talk about him?" Amelia offered.

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Gloria quickly responded defensively.

"Gloria I saw what happened in your mind and you have never gotten over what happened between you and Lenard. Please let me help you, I hate to see you suffering like this." Amelia beseeched.

Gloria's shoulders slumped and she looked at the floor as her tars started flow uninhibited. "He was a grandfather to me he taught me how to live and love life. How did I repay him? I killed him." Gloria said her voice broke and she cried harder.

Amelia held her friend and waited for her to be ready to continue with her story. She knew words would do little; what Gloria needed right now was her ears. After a while, Gloria recomposed herself and started again. "I was just sixteen when my parents were killed for helping with the Underground Railroad. My father's farm was close to the Ohio border so we would hide the escaped slaves until it was safe to send them to their freedom. Unfortunately, Colonel Robert Samuels caught a group of slaves and tortured them until they gave my family up. Samuels was hell bent on ending the Underground Railroad, He and his men raided the farm and killed my parents. But first, they abused my mother; they all took turns violating her then the dear colonel shot her in the stomach and left her laying there to die. They chained and collared me and dragged me to Virginia it was almost eighty miles. I was abused while being used as camp entertainment. I really didn't care how longed I lived as long as I lived long enough to kill each and every one of them." Gloria paused and took a sip of her wine.

After a couple moments, she continued, "After we crossed into Virginia the Colonel pronounced me guilty of aiding and abetting escaped slaves and I was to be hung at first light. That night most of the camp was in town celebrating when Susan showed up. My god she took out the four men that were guarding me so fast. I watched her as she drained the last of them and thought I was next but was too weak to resist. I hadn't had more than a couple of mouthfuls of water since I was captured. She carried me away from there and nursed me back to health after assuring me that I was safe. It took me two months to regain my strength. Susan had practically begged me to let the past go and keep a low profile but I was determined on getting my revenge.

I caught up to the first one from my list about three weeks later just west of Lynchburg. I gave him and three others to Susan. I took pleasure from watching the fear in their eyes as she was about to feed from them. The last one I feed to her was a young lad he was just sixteen when turned him over to Susan about a week before I was turned but I am getting ahead of myself here.

I had been tracking Samuels and caught him in a brothel in Shreveport. He was setting at a table with this fat whore on his lap when I walked in. He saw me and laughed as he went for his pistol. I can still see it; I pulled my Remington and fired once the bullet struck him in the left eye. I saw the look of shock in his remaining eye as he slowly raised his hand to his eye then slumped back into the chair. That is when all hell broke out the three men he had been with started shooting at me I managed to dive for cover but not before I was hit twice, the first one was just a graze," Gloria said her voice low but steady. She paused for a moment as she relived the memory, "The second one was in my right side as I was diving for cover I fired and hit the one who had grazed me I hit him in the stomach and I remember he begged for his mother. I found out later he was just fifteen. A moment later, I killed the second one of them in the exchange of fire.

Now it was I and the man that killed my father left in the fight. I rotated the cylinder around to where two empty chamber. I squeezed the trigger and of course, when nothing fired he thought I was out of ammo and stood. I fired again and this time he laughed at me. I fired for real this time and struck him in the chest the only problem was my gun was now empty. I watched as he raised his pistol and fired I remember feeling the round hit me in the right side of my chest it felt as if I was kicked by a mule the funny thing was I felt no pain . I watched as he cocked his pistol a second time and took aim. Just as he was ready to fire, his eyes glazed over and his expression went blank, he stood there frozen just for a second then fell to the ground. Everything went black after that my next memory is a hazy one of Susan giving me the choice of living or dying." Gloria pauses to refill her wine. She silently offers Amelia a glass, which she accepted.

"Love I may be a while Gloria really needs someone to talk to." Amelia telepathically said while waiting for Gloria to finish pouring their wine.

"Ok baby, I will be waiting for you when you are done." Andrew replied through their link sending her a mental kiss also.


Charles and Susan retired to their bedroom the day's events had taken a toll on them. Charles was lying there with his arm across his eyes and Susan spooned up against his side with her head on his chest. Susan had thought he had fallen asleep. When he quietly said, "Susan I know we agreed to mate on the first of January but I do not want to wait. Can we please mate tonight?"

"Charles my love I will mate with you whenever you want but what brought this on?" Susan asked slightly amused. She loved Charles since the first time she laid eyes on him but he was the one who always wanted to wait.

"A lot of things, first and foremost I love you more than I can express in words. The events of the day had some to do with it. I finally realized just how much of an ass I have been when I saw what Amelia and Andrew have together, watching them made me jealous. I realized just how much I want to have what the two of them have only I want it with you," Charles honestly explained.

Susan gave Charles a searing kiss and then nibbled her way across his chin slowly. When she got to his ear, she started sucking on his ear lobe. Her hands slid down his body to his rapidly hardening member. She wrapped her hand around his cock and slowly began to pump it up and down while she gently massaged his balls with her other hand. "Does this feel good baby?" She seductively asked.

Susan then dropped her fangs and started nibbling down his chest. She got to his nipples and sucked on the left one until it was hard then she took the nipple in her teeth and tugged on it sharply causing Charles to exhale rapidly as a shiver ran through his body. She repeated the process on the right nipple this time she nip his nipple with her fang. She continued down across his abdomen until she got to his belly button where she swirled her tongue around it slowly before continuing. Susan kissed her way across his pelvic bone then paused to look at his cock. She started to lick the head of it like an ice cream cone pausing every so often to blow across it causing Charles to shiver.

Charles was being drive nuts with desire and needed to get her to stop soon even though he wanted her to continue. Susan easily swallowed all of Charles and let her throat muscles massage the length of Charles' cock trying to milk his essence from him she could feel him getting close and felt Charles trying to pull her off him. Finally, she relented and let Charles pull her off his cock. He quickly laid her on her back and quickly repositioned himself at the entrance to her drenched pussy. He started to slide in slowly when Susan wrapped her legs around his backside and pulled him in in one quick motion. The pace the two of them set was bruising and they both were racing to their completion. Tries as he might Charles couldn't hold out and exploded inside her while biting down on her shoulder. The taste of Susan's blood was sweeter than the sweetest wine he had ever tasted. Susan felt Charles' bite and that shoved her over the edge. She started to scream her orgasm as she bit into Charles' shoulder. She quickly drank from Charles relishing each gulp of his blood as if it was ambrosia.

The two of them had the most intense orgasm of their long lives. They both were amazed as they felt their link snap into place. Hearing how amazing it was nothing like experiencing it firsthand. Susan grabbed a bottle of blood from the refrigerator beside the bed and poured each of them a goblet of blood. They toasted each other and quickly drank their goblets of blood followed by three more each. Susan pulled Charles into another searing kiss that he broke too soon, for Susan drawing a slight moan of frustration. "Before we got started again I just want to apologize to you for forcing you to wait all of these years. I love you my mate." Charles whispered to her.

Susan answer was another searing kiss that left no doubt in his mind he was forgiven and she was ready for the next round of lovemaking. Charles smiled as she began stroking his member back to life.


Gloria handed Amelia her drink then continued," After Susan turned me, she kept me close to her for the first few months insisting that I needed to learn how to control my hunger and learn the rules of my new life. As soon as I could, I resumed my hunt despite all of Susan's warnings. I quickly found my next victim In Richmond who I took great pleasure in slitting his throat. Over the next two and half years, I crisscrossed the south managing to track down another two from my list both of which I drained. Two weeks after the war ended, I was in Atlanta looking for Martin Samuels the colonels oldest son he had been wounded and was back home when I found his father. I had truly become a monster without remorse. I found his homestead he was with his wife, who was pregnant, and I made him watch as I drained her. He begged for their lives especially the child's but I didn't care I wanted him to suffer" Gloria was in tears as she recalled the look on the poor girls face who only wrong was falling in love with the wrong man. She drained her glass of wine and had a faraway look in her eyes.

"How could I do that? I not only killed the woman but an unborn child and all I felt was satisfaction. I stayed with Martin for three days tormenting him while his dead wife lay on the floor in front of him. He begged me to kill him but I had no mercy, I repeatedly taunted him telling him this was just revenge and he had it coming after he violated my mother and murdering my parents. I left him alive tied up besides his wife's body so he could stare at his wife's dead face. I found out later he had managed to get free and hung himself. " Gloria paused a few minutes to recompose herself; "After I finished with Martin, I was a monster I only lived to avenge my parents. I did unspeakable things to get information on my next quarry. I thought nothing of using the families of people who I thought might have information I wanted. I once murdered a blacksmith's family while I made him watch. The man's only crime was he had hid his uncle from me for a week."

"I had been wondering around for weeks, when I had heard that one of the men I had been searching for had been hanging in a bar in Charleston. I was there in the process of questioning the barkeep when Lenard first saw me. He told me he could feel the emptiness in my soul and it was unbearable to him. He grabbed me and dragged me the bar after using his powers to erase the bar keeps memories of what had happened. He took me to his room and begged me to listen to him. He told me that I would be hunted as a rogue if I didn't stop my murdering spree. He warned me that Charles had ordered Susan to reign me in or put me down. Martin Samuels had left a note where he had admitted what his father, he and the rest of the unit had done to my mother and me. He said that I was the one who had murdered his wife. He had written that I had returned from the dead to avenge myself. He had written that I had drunk all of his wife's blood. He made me see that my actions were endangering everyone especially Susan, as me creator she could be held liable for my actions. "

"Lenard convinced me to talk to Susan and he went with me. Susan was less than thrilled with me at that point. She stated that she was considering just putting me down and warned me this was my last chance. I know he spent a long time talking to Susan to convince her to allow me to go to Sans Francisco with him. Susan had warned me that Lenard had taken responsibility for me and if I screwed up this time both Lenard and I would suffer the consequences."

"Two weeks later, we boarded a train and started our adventure. It took us months to make the trip by train and by stagecoach. Lenard was the most wonderful loving tolerant man I have ever known. He taught me that life was worth living. He had replaced the darkness in my soul. He not only showed me how to forgive those who had wronged me but more importantly how to forgive myself. He made sure I was educated and how to defend myself. Lenard was the one who helped me to hone my abilities. I was so fortunate that Susan was so understanding. "

"Lenard has kept in touch with Susan unbeknownst to me. He had been giving her updates on my progress. Lenard had been the one who had encouraged me to reach out to Susan who was now in Chicago. The two of us quickly renewed our friendship and became almost like sisters. Susan offered me a chance to become her personal assistant. Even in those days, Susan had her hands in many businesses including starting with providing blood to vampires. She opened her first blood bank and disguised it has a bordello. She had a special preferred area that was for vampires she would take some of her whores, take a bottle of blood from them, and sell it to her clients. The woman would have her memories altered that she had spent the evening with one of Susan's special clients and they were paid two to three times what they would make in a normal evening."

"I was happy for the first time since the night my parents were murdered. I loved life and enjoyed living it to the fullest. I took a sabbatical for five years so that Lenard and I could travel throughout the world. He would tell me about the history of each location. The things we experienced the first time we saw the world's fair or gone on a safari. Even once we got back, we were constantly going to places and doing things, I remember in nineteen- seventeen, I saw my first airplane. I know now days airplanes are common but in nineteen-seventeen, they were a novelty. I spent five dollars to take a ride in one it was the most thrilling ride of my life. Did I ever mention that I am a licensed pilot?" Gloria seemed to light up as she recalled her time with Lenard.

"No, you never did. I would love to take a ride with you one day." Amelia replied with a smile, "What kind of planes can you fly?"

"Ones with wings," Gloria replied with a chuckle. Amelia laughed as Gloria continued," I have my ATP certifications. Charles has a charter service he owns and makes sure I get enough hours to keep my licenses and I am rated to fly anything up to a Boeing Seven Sixty-Seven. Lenard was the one who convinced me to learn to fly in the twenties. When I hesitated, he goaded me into it by saying he figured it was too much for a girl like me. He used to tell me to try everything at least once. He went out, bought me a world war one surplus Jenny, he also hired David Leas; he had been a pilot in the war, to teach me how to fly. We had moved back to east coast by the time I had finished my flying lessons. I was working as a problem solver for Susan and occasionally Charles. When I wasn't on a job, I was with Lenard."

"The beginning of the thirties was a bit of blur. I remember spending a lot of time at Coney Island and going to the theatre. Of course, the late thirties were filled with talk of the war in Europe. Once the United States entered, the war I was busy; a group of vampire from the old country decided the world would be better off with Hitler in charge. Charles had tasked Susan with locating, monitoring and preventing them from undermining the United States war effort. The vampires were using their powers of persuasion to help Germany either by finding out classified information like the date and the real locations we were going to land on D-Day. We managed to intercept the female vampire that had gotten it."

"Charles decided to openly, well at least as openly as we could; help the Allies so we also went hunting human spy networks we would either destroy them or feed them false information. We especially focused on finding the people who were watching for convoy movements along our coast. Charles personally prevented an assassination attempt against Roosevelt." Gloria paused to take a sip of her wine.

"After the war, we settled back into our quiet existence Susan started setting up her blood banks usually disguising them as some kind of drug or medical research company. By nineteen fifty-four she had at least one in every major city in the United States and plus over fifty location spread out through Europe. Then in Fifty --seven Lenard said, he had to go home for a while and that he had to go alone. He explained that he be gone for a few years and would contact me when he could. During the time he was gone I got a letter here and there. I knew something had changed he seemed cold and distracted in his letters and the last phone call I received from him I hardly recognized the man I knew.

After Lenard left, I started hunting rogues for Charles. I quickly found out that I had a talent for it. In October of Sixty-one, we started receiving reports of a rogue vampire in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Charles asked me to look in to it. By the time, I had gotten to New Orleans he had moved on so I started to track him. Twenty-three days later, I caught up to him in Charleston. He was in a bar two blocks from where the two of us had meant nearly a century beforehand. When I arrived, he was raping and drinking from this petite brunet. Everyone else was already dead he had frenzied in the bar. He ripped the throats out of the others in the bar."

"I was surprised when I saw it was Lenard but it was like he was expecting me. He stopped with the girl and quickly dressed. He turned to me then smiled and closed his eyes. I was in a fog as I swung the sword and removed his head. My god, even after all of this time I still see it every time I close my eyes. The blade arcing through the air then I felt the slight jolt as the blade contacts his neck; the sound it made was sickening. I watched as the blade cleanly passes through the rest of his neck. Then time seems to pause for just a second as I watch the light of life fades from the man that had taught me how to live and love again. I watched the body fall to the ground and as it did, I felt my heart die with him. I vowed to myself that I would never let anyone close enough to hurt me like that again." Gloria stopped unable to continue. She broke down and cried for her loss, not only Lenard but also her parents.

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