tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmerican in Paradise Ch. 06

American in Paradise Ch. 06


Mark awoke with the sun already high in the sky. He was naked, sprawled out on a colorful beach blanket under a palm tree. The brilliant sun shone down on the white sand beach, filtered through the leaves of the trees, and glinted off the silver waters of the Pacific Ocean. A hint of wood smoke from last night's bonfires drifted along the beach. In the distance, he heard the rhythm of drums and the murmur of voices.

He scrubbed the sleep from his eyes, took a swig from his water bottle, and looked around. It was Saturday morning, the second day of the Lava Moon festival on the north shore of Paradise. A few dozen people were scattered around the beach. Most were just as naked as he was. Some were playing music and working on building structures for tonight's festivities. Others were cooking breakfast or still sleeping off the effects of a long night of dancing and fucking.

Andrea and Bianca, his lovers from last night, were nowhere to be seen. But Bianca's house was only a few minutes' walk away. Maybe he would find them there.

As he walked toward the house, he spotted his friend Ollie. The broad-shouldered Aussie was walking toward him, with his arm around his girlfriend Chelsea, the beautiful blonde surfer. Ollie was still naked, and Chelsea had on just a little black thong. The silver studs through her nipples gleamed in the morning sunlight. Ollie was a lucky guy, Mark thought.

"Come on, sleepyhead," Chelsea said. "We're going surfing at a beach across town."

Mark followed them back to the house and gathered up his surfboard. At the end of the driveway were the rest of their friends. Jack, Ollie's best friend from Melbourne, was busy loading his board onto the roof rack of his girlfriend Ayako's car. Ayako was next to him, packing up the cooler. Andrea was there too, looking just as sexy as yesterday. She was topless, wearing a red Y-string thong that disappeared completely between her luscious ass cheeks.

"Morning," she said, and stood on her tiptoes to kiss him.

"Hey, babe," he said. "You look great."

"Thanks. Come on, load up your board and get dressed so we can go."

Mark reluctantly tried to remember where he had left his shorts. Somewhere in the house, he thought. But he wasn't the only one naked, anyway. Jack, Ollie, and Ayako were, too. Chelsea and Andrea were the only ones wearing anything at all.

"I don't feel like putting on clothes today," he said. "Ayako, you said yesterday that no one in town cares about nudity, right?"

"Not this weekend," the dark-haired girl replied with a smile. "I'm probably just going to stay naked all day. We can always wrap towels around ourselves in an emergency."

"Fuck it," Mark said. "I'm not wearing anything today unless someone makes me."

"You know, I like seeing you naked anyway," Andrea said, with a mischievous gleam in her eye. "Come on, let's go."

Mark climbed into the passenger seat of Andrea's car, while the others rode with Ayako. They had to drive right through the middle of Nakoro to get to the beach. Mark had barely even seen the town yesterday, and now he was about to go through it stark naked. It was a thrill, and his cock grew hard just thinking about it. Andrea fondled it as she drove, making him even harder.

Halfway through town, Ayako pulled over outside a beachfront caf‚. The six friends climbed out of their cars, and Ayako led the way onto the patio, still naked. The place was mostly full, and the crowd looked like half locals and half tourists. Three-fourths of the people were bare-chested, but everyone was wearing at least a little something. Everyone except Mark and his friends.

Jack must have noticed the same thing. "Shit," he said, "We're the only ones naked in here. You sure this is a good idea?"

"I guess we're going to find out," Mark said. "Come on, I'm starving."

He strolled up to the counter, feeling as daring as he had felt in a long time. Andrea walked right beside him, her hand on the small of his back.

There was a cute, young Polynesian woman behind the counter. She was topless, with a rainbow-colored sarong around her waist. She smiled when she saw Mark. She didn't seem surprised that he was naked. "In town for the festival?" she asked.

"Yeah. We got in yesterday. Now we're heading out to surf for a while before we head back to the party."

"Cool. I'll be there tonight, of course. Save me a dance." She looked at Andrea. "That is, if your girlfriend lets you."

Mark smiled. He wondered if this girl had any idea that Andrea and he had met less than twenty-four hours ago. Regardless, his stomach was rumbling, so he placed his order and quickly found a table. His cock was growing hard again, and showing that off might be a little too much for the present situation.

"See, I told you no one cares we're naked," Ayako said when they sat down with their food.

"Bonzer," Jack said. "Nakoro is even crazier than Paradise City."

Mark was too busy wolfing down his breakfast to say anything. But his cock barely softened the whole time.

* * *

Half an hour later, they got to the beach. The day was calm and the fabled North Shore waves were much smaller than yesterday. By the end of the first hour, they were doing more swimming and frolicking in the water than actual surfing. This was just fine with Andrea, the only one in the group who didn't surf. She spent a lot of the time with her hands on Mark's naked body.

After a while, they found a secluded spot among some palm trees at the far end of the beach. Ayako passed around a joint. By the time it was finished, all three couples were holding each other, kissing and caressing each other's bodies. Chelsea and Andrea had taken off their thongs to swim, and had conveniently neglected to put them back on afterward.

Mark was lying next to Andrea, who was starting to moan as he licked at her nipples. He ran his hands all over her, enjoying the feel of her naked body in his arms. Her pussy was getting wet already. He slipped a finger into her and she kissed him, hard. Within moments, he was down between her legs, savoring the taste of her dripping slit. She moaned and pushed his head firmly against her crotch.

"It's so much fun to be up here," Ayako said. She was sitting between Jack's legs, her back against his chest, while he caressed her small, perky tits. "If it wasn't for my job, I'd definitely move up here to Nakoro and just be naked on the beach all the time."

"Like you don't do that back in Paradise City," Chelsea said.

"Yeah, but here it's different. Especially on Lava Moon weekend. I feel like we don't just shed our clothes, but all our inhibitions, too." She ran a finger down Ollie's bare chest. "What do you guys think about trying some new things?"

Jack and Ollie looked at each other, then at their girlfriends. Jack said, "You mean swinging? I think we could give it a go, if you girls are into it."

Mark looked up when he heard her say that, still caressing Andrea's hot, wet pussy.

"What do you think, Chelsea?" Ayako asked. "Want to loan me your boyfriend?"

Chelsea smiled and looked at Ollie. "If he's cool with me trying another cock."

"It's Paradise, love," Ollie said. "Of course it's cool."

"Bonzer," Ayako said, imitating the Aussies' accents. She climbed off of Jack's lap and slipped into Ollie's arms, kissing him right on the lips.

Andrea looked at Jack and Mark, then turned to Chelsea. "Which one do you want?"

Chelsea glanced down at Mark's eight-inch, uncut cock. It was at half-mast, thick and beautiful. "I think I'd like this big, American cock."

Andrea smiled. "Have fun," she said, as she got up to sit next to Jack. "I know I'm going to."

This was exactly how Mark would have planned it, if he had had a say in the matter. Chelsea was blonde and beautiful, with a great set of 34D tits. He had been admiring them for days, longing to get his hands on them.

He put his hand on her back and kissed her right on the lips. In seconds her tongue was deep in his mouth.

Then she pushed him onto his back and jumped on him.

All week, Mark had been impressed with how aggressively this blonde was fucking Ollie. She was just as aggressive now. She pressed him down to the blanket, kissing him hard. He caressed her nipples, running his fingers over her shiny nipple studs. She ran her hands over his chest, then caressed his cock, bringing it fully hard.

Then she pressed her gorgeous tits against his face. They were soft and supple, every bit as perfect as he had imagined. He licked her nipples until she moaned.

Chelsea looked at the others, licking her lips as she saw Ayako sucking Ollie's cock and Andrea sitting on Jack's face. Mark knew she wouldn't let the others outdo them. She licked at Mark's rock-hard cock, running her mouth up and down his thick shaft. Her tongue felt wonderful. One hand caressed his balls, while she pinched his nipple with the other. He moaned.

She climbed onto him and guided his cock slowly into her pussy. She moaned in pleasure as it slid deep into her. Her pussy was hot and wet, and the feel of it on Mark's cock drove him wild. She rode him faster and faster, her long golden hair flying and her tits bouncing in his hands.

Before long, the little sandy cove was filled with the sounds of moaning and thighs slapping as the six young people fucked harder and harder. Andrea was on all fours now, taking Jack's cock from behind. Ollie lay on top of Ayako, pounding her hard, as she moaned lustily.

Chelsea and Andrea both came within a few minutes, and Ayako wasn't far behind. A moment after she came, Ollie pulled out just in time to shoot a big load onto her smooth, tanned belly.

Mark was still rock-hard and ready for more, but Chelsea asked him if they could take a break. She lay next to him and he held her in his arms as she caught her breath.

Chelsea looked over at Ayako, who was lying right next to her. "I saw you dancing with a few girls last night," she said. "I never knew you were bi."

Ayako smiled, lying in Ollie's arms as he caressed her small, perky tits. "Actually, I just like dancing with girls, and sometimes kissing them. I've never actually had sex with a girl. Have you?"

"No, never. But, I feel like it's no big deal here in Paradise. Seems like lots of girls do it. Maybe I would give it a go."

"You should try it," Andrea said. "I'm bi, and I love it. Eating pussy is fun."

Chelsea smiled at her. "Yeah?" She reached across Mark and pinched Andrea's nipple. Andrea squealed.

Andrea and Chelsea looked into each other's eyes, and in moments they were kissing. Mark sat and watched, still caressing Chelsea's thigh. Jack sat behind Andrea, stroking his cock as he watched just as intently. The girls were putting on quite a show, as Andrea fondled Chelsea's tits.

Ayako got in on the fun a little, too. She ran her fingers over the tanned skin of Chelsea's bare back. Chelsea turned toward her and brushed back Ayako's long, dark hair. Then they kissed. Their tongues flicked across each other's lips, as Chelsea ran her hand up and down Ayako's back. Then Ayako and Andrea kissed, just for a moment. Suddenly, all three girls were kissing, all at once, three mouths pressed together. It was beautiful, and sexy as hell.

By the time they broke the kiss, Chelsea had a hand between Andrea's legs. She pushed Andrea's thighs apart and started licking Andrea's pussy. Ayako lay back in Ollie's arms and watched.

Chelsea got more and more into it as she worked on Andrea's dripping pussy. Her tongue slipped in and out of Andrea's slit. Andrea was moaning a little, but Mark could tell Chelsea hadn't hit the right spots yet.

"I don't think I'm doing it right," Chelsea said after a couple minutes.

"Here, let me show you a few tricks," Mark suggested.

"I'd love that," Chelsea said.

Mark lay next to her, between Andrea's legs. He showed Chelsea a few of his favorite moves for pleasing a girl. It definitely excited Andrea, who was moaning loudly. "Then, when she's getting close, find her clit and do this with your tongue," he concluded. Andrea yelped as his tongue moved across her clit.

"Let me try," Chelsea said. "Maybe I could feel your big cock inside me again?"

Mark smiled and knelt behind the blonde as she started working on Andrea's pussy again. Chelsea had her ass high in the air, and he pushed his cock deep into her pussy. She moaned and licked even harder at Andrea's pussy, which made Andrea moan again.

Chelsea must have learned Mark's techniques well, because in a few minutes Andrea screamed and grabbed Chelsea's head with both hands. Her hips bucked against Chelsea's face as she came.

Mark drove his cock faster and faster into Chelsea's pussy, making her scream just as loudly as Andrea had. The feeling was intense for him, too. The way his shaft rubbed against the walls of her pussy from this angle drove him wild. He loved fucking girls from behind.

A few seconds after Chelsea came, he pulled out of her and shot squirt after squirt of thick, white come all over her tanned ass.

Andrea was still on her back, and now she had Jack's cock in her mouth, sucking him hard while she caressed his balls. He pulled his cock out of her mouth just in time to shoot a huge load all over her mouth and tits.

Ayako scooped up a drop of come from Andrea's chest with her finger. She slipped it into her mouth and savored it. "We really made a mess, didn't we?"

"You bet we did," Andrea said, and pulled Ayako's mouth to hers. The girls kissed deeply. Ayako licked some of Jack's come from Andrea's cheek, savoring it, then kissed Andrea again.

Mark lay between Chelsea and Andrea, kissing each of them in turn and caressing their naked bodies. It felt wonderful just to lie there and soak up the sun, a sexy girl on each arm. A guy could get used to this.

After a few minutes, Jack said, "Guess we better head back to the party, eh?"

"Yeah," Ayako said. "But we should get cleaned up first. Who's up for a swim?"

* * *

By late afternoon, the beach house was bustling with activity. More people had arrived during the day, and now both the deck and the hot tub were full. People were everywhere, drinking and smoking weed and sometimes fucking. Mark and his friends set down their bags and walked out onto the deck to join the fun.

A naked brunette in her mid-twenties was sitting on a couch, with a naked guy on either side of her. She had the biggest tits Mark had ever seen, two beautiful orbs almost as big as her head, with shiny silver studs through her nipples. The two guys were fondling her luscious melons while she ran her hands up and down their backs.

"Hey, Kayla!" Andrea said to the busty brunette.

"Andrea! Wow, I haven't seen you in a long time. You should come by the club again some time. I'll give you a lap dance you'll never forget."

Andrea smiled and kissed Kayla on the lips, without even disturbing the two guys groping Kayla's tits. "Babe, I'm still fantasizing about the last one." As she led the way to the kitchen, Andrea said, "Kayla's from Paradise City, too! She's a showgirl at my favorite erotic dance club."

"Awesome," Mark said. "I will definitely get a lap dance from her when I get back to town."

They had just stepped out onto the deck when Mark stopped in his tracks. There was Jessie, the stunning girl he had met by the drinks table last night.

She was completely naked, sitting on a chair on the far side of the deck, looking just as radiant as she had when he first met her. She was flanked by her boyfriend, Brian, and Leilani, the fire spinner. Each had a paintbrush. Mark watched as they applied swirls of glittering gold and purple paint to Jessie's chest. The patterns looped down off her shoulders and circled around her beautiful tits, then swooped back up to rejoin themselves. It was mesmerizing.

"Enjoying the show?" Andrea whispered in his ear.

"What? Oh, sorry." He pried his eyes away from Jessie's beautiful body and kissed Andrea.

"Come on, let's go out to the beach and dance," Andrea said.

Hand in hand, they strolled out onto the beach, where they found a few dozen people around the big mermaid statue. They mixed some drinks and danced the afternoon away.

Like the night before, Mark and Andrea didn't try to stick together. They danced with quite a few different people, and sometimes just danced with the crowd. The vibe there was so uplifting that it almost didn't matter who they danced with, or if they danced with anyone at all.

Right at sunset, Mark spotted Andrea again. This time, she was with a guy. He was tall, handsome, and naked. Andrea had her arm around him, and he had a hand on her ass.

"Hey, Mark," she said. "This is Jake. He's a friend from school." She gave Jake a kiss.

Then, she leaned close to Mark and whispered in his ear. "We haven't seen each other for a couple weeks, so we're going to hang out for a while. I hope you don't mind."

"Nah, it's cool. No inhibitions, right?"

Andrea smiled. "Right. Anyway, I think you should go after that girl you were looking at back at the beach house," she said.

"Jessie? You know her?"

"I've met her once or twice. We went to different high schools, but she dated my ex-boyfriend for a while. Anyway, she's really beautiful, and I'd love it if you had sex with her."

"You think she likes me?"

"I know it. As we were walking away from her, I definitely saw her checking out your ass."

"Awesome," Mark said. Just the thought that he could have a chance with a girl as beautiful as Jessie made his cock swell to half-mast.

"Just one thing," Andrea said. "When it comes time for the mermaid to burn, promise you'll be there with me. Jake's going to be watching with his girlfriend, and I don't want to be a third wheel."

"OK," Mark said, and kissed her on the lips. "I promise."

He turned and walked back down the beach toward the house in the fading light of dusk.

It was almost dark when he got there. The deck was ringed with tiki torches, casting flickering lights over the dozens of people there. There must have been at least fifty. It looked like a full-fledged orgy. Nearly every horizontal space was taken with couples, threesomes, and more having wild sex. On one lounge chair, there were three guys fucking each other very hard, while several women stood around them, watching. Mark wasn't much into guys, but the women seemed to love it.

He looked around for Jessie, and didn't see her anywhere. Damn. He was never going to track her down. But, in this situation, maybe it was OK. If she had been there, she probably would have been fucking Brian anyway.

So he walked over to the hot tub. It was a big, luxurious, custom-built model that must have cost almost as much as the house. There were a dozen naked people in it, and only one spot left. It was right next to Kayla. She looked unbelievably sexy, sitting up high with her big tits just above the water line. Mark stepped into the warm water.

Kayla looked his way as he waded toward her. He was fairly certain she was checking out his cock.

When he settled in next to her, she gave him a friendly smile. "Hey, you're Andrea's lover, aren't you?"

"Yeah, kind of. We only just met yesterday."

"That's considered a long-term relationship at Lava Moon."

Mark laughed. "Anyway, I'm Mark. Nice to meet you." His eyes flicked to her tits. He couldn't help it. They were so big and so amazing. He had to fight the urge to grab them and start fondling them.

"So, where was I?" Kayla said to Steve, one of the owners of the house, who was sitting nearby, with Leilani sitting in his lap. "Right, so my club, the Oasis, has live sex shows on stage now. They're getting really popular. I've been fucking in front of lots of people almost every night recently."

"That sounds really hot," Steve said. "I bet you love every second of that."

"Fuck, yeah," she said. She turned to Mark. "Seems like we have a whole hot tub full of exhibitionists. I bet you like showing off your huge cock in public, too."

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