tagMind ControlAmerica's Playboy Ch. 06

America's Playboy Ch. 06


"What? Seriously? What's his secret with the ladies? That's what this is all about? That's the information you want me to get?" Anthony looked at Boss Russo.

"Yeah, that's it. That's all you have to do, Tony," said Julio.

"But, how am I supposed to find that out? That's really personal information to find out from a stranger, especially when I'm there on the pretense of repairing his house," he said gesturing with his hands in the fashion of a typical Italian. "How the Hell am I going to do that?"

"Listen; let me tell you somethin' about guys. No matta how old they are, all guys like to talk about broads. Guys talk about broads more than they talk about sports and cars. When it comes to kissin' and tellin', guys are worse then women in that regard. Guys love to brag about the women they wanna bang, the women they banged, and how they banged the women they banged. Guys even keep little black books of all the names of all the women they ever banged. Maybe, HH keeps a black book, too. Maybe everythin' you need to know is in HH's little black book," said Julio giving Anthony a yellowed tooth smile.

"Boss," said Mario. "Today with the computer, he probably keeps it all on his hard drive. It wouldn't surprise me if he has files of naked broads on his computer." He elbowed Mario, "I'd love to see some of the photos he must have on his computer. I betcha he has every celebrity naked."

"We're talkin' business here, Angelo, and all you think of are naked broads," said Mario.

"Yeah, well this whole discussion is how the boss can get some beautiful broads naked to make them want to have sex with him by hypnotizing them and controlling their minds."

"You have a point there," chimed in Vito.

"How am I supposed to find his black book? How am I supposed to get in his computer? How am I going to get him to tell me about how he gets so many women?"

Suddenly, Anthony looked a bit pale and more than a bit panicked.

"Yeah, yeah, you're probably right. Maybe when Anthony leaves, we should have him steal his computer."

"Wait, hold on, I can't steal his computer," said Anthony taking a step back, in case a slap was coming his way. "I'm not a thief and I can't steal his computer. How am I supposed to get through security to get that on the plane?"

"Anthony's right, Boss, he just can't walk out of the guys house carrying his computer. HH probably has security that would stop him at the door," said Vito.

"He's got a point," said Angelo. "Besides, he don't have to steal the whole computer, Boss. He can just copy the information that's on the computer. That way nobody will know nothin' and they won't suspect him for being there to steal his secret scoring with the broads." Angelo looked to Mario. "They have those little keys that you just stick in the computer to download files."

"He's no stupido. He probably has security and passwords," said Vito. "You'd have to find a way around those."

"There are computer geeks who can crack any password," said Mario. "We'll get Salvy's brother. He's a genius when it comes to computers. Did you ever see his room? Mamma Mia, he has at least six computers line up in his room all going at the same time. His room looks like what they have in the Pentagon and he's always bragging about breaking into companies' computer and downloading credit card information." He laughed. "He even hacked Harvard and plug a record of him graduating with a degree in business. He's a smart fuck, that guy."

"Whoa! Wait, hold no," said Anthony. "How am I supposed to find his black book? How am I supposed to get in his computer? How am I going to get him to tell me about how he gets so many women?"

"Maybe you have a couple of drinks with this guy and maybe he starts talkin' or maybe you talk with some of the broads that he's banged. He's got broads hangin' around all over the place over there. Maybe you even tell him that you're havin' problems gettin' a broad and ask for his help. Guys like that are always willin' to help a guy out by givin' him some suggestions. Maybe, he'll give you a couple of pointers and then the conversation continues from there."

"People are funny about having strangers use their computers. I can't see how he let me just walk in his house and—"

"Listen to me, Tony. Maybe you tell him that the airline lost your laptop or you forgot it home. Whatever? Then you ask him to use his computer to write up some notes about makin' the repairs on his house or ordering the supplies he needs online or about the suggestions he gives you to score with the broads. Whatever?"

"Yeah, okay, that might work. He'd probably allow me access to his computer, but a guy like him probably has half dozen computers all over his house. He probably has a network and he can probably tell what I'm doing on his computer."

Mario put up a hand and like a mini stop sign the three associates who shadowed him stood back a few feet. They knew whenever the boss did that, he wanted to have some privacy. Boss Russo threw a fat arm around Anthony's shoulders again and they continued walking.

"You gotta think Tony and grab the opportunities when presented to you, just like I'm presentin' this opportunity to you now about goin' to this guy's house and gettin' me the information that I need to erase the money you owe me. Capice? The rest is up to you, Tony. Do you understand your position with me?"

"Gees, I don't know, Mr. Russo. I was nervous before about flying out to California, now, I'm really nervous after finding out what I have to do when I get there."

"Tony, Tony, Tony, don't be nervous. Listen to me. There are always broads roamin' around his house. Maybe you can start a dialogue with some of them. He lives with three of them. Maybe you can have some drinks with them and get them to talk about HH. All you have to do is to watch and listen. See how HH interacts with his broads. That's a good way to discover his secret with women without him even knowin' that is why you are there."

"Yeah, sure, okay, I can do that."

"Whatever method you use to get me my information is your problem. I don't care how you approach this guy to find out the information that I need, but I'm countin' on you to get it. You know what I mean," said Julio lookin' down at the gun that protruded from his open jacket. "I don't like hearing bad news and I don't like being disappointed. Disappointment makes me very sad...and angry."

"Yeah, sure, Mr. Russo, I got it. You want me to find out how this guy has been so lucky with the ladies but, Mr. Russo—"

"No buts Tony. Just be at Logan Airport tomorrow mornin'. Rocco will pick you up at your house at 5:30 in the morning to make sure you get to the airport on time. Capice?"

"Yeah, sure, okay, Mr. Russo. Don't worry. I get you what you need.""

"They'll be a limo to pick you up when you land in LA." Boss Russo signaled for his three associates to approach. "Call for Fabrizio or Leonardo to bring up the car and pick us up. Suddenly, I'm tired after all this walkin'."

Angelo called back to the club and instantly a shiny, black, Cadillac Escalade pulled up and stopped in the middle of the street blocking traffic behind him. Fabrizio opened the two driver's side doors and came around the back of the SUV. He shot the driver impatiently waiting behind his double parked truck a dirty look before opening the passenger side rear door for his boss.

"But, Mr. Russo, how old is this guy?"

"How old?" Boss Russo turned to Anthony with a smile. "He just turned 82."

"Eighty-two? That's ancient. I don't understand. If this guy is as old as you say, then I don't get it. How can someone that old be that lucky with the ladies, unless they are old ladies from the nursing home?"

"Nursing home?" Julio turned to look at his boys and they all burst out laughing. "You're a funny fuck, Tony. Listen, this guy has three beautiful broads living with him. One is twenty-something, one is thirty-something and one is forty-something. Weren't you listenin' to our little conversation while we were enjoyin' our nice stroll?"

"Yes, Mr. Russo. I was listening to every—"

"Then, why do you think I suspect this guy uses hypnosis or mind control of somethin' like that to get these broads? What beautiful broad in her right mind, unless he's controlling their minds, would want to spend time with an old fuck like that? Why do you think I'm sending you to LA, givin' you five grand spendin' money, and forgivin' your loan to get me the information on how he does it?" He turned to his boys. "Did any of you take today's paper with you?"

The impatient driver of the car behind the SUV parked in the middle of the street with its 4 doors wide open beeped his horn. Fabrizio turned, walked to his car and put a big hand on his driver's door rear view mirror.

"Una momento, my friend. I'll only be a minute more," he said with a smile. "I'm picking up my Godfather," he said moving back his jacket to pocket his hand while purposely revealing the butt of his gun. He leaned down to the driver. "This is a nice car, except for the recalls."

"Recalls, what recalls," said the driver.

"I read about stuff is always falling off this car," said Fabrizio. In one quick move, he pulled off the driver's side mirror and handed it to the man. "See what I mean? You should have this fixed. It was loose. It's a good thing I caught it before it hit the ground and broke the mirror." He smiled. "You should thank me."

"Thank you," said the man accepting the mirror and putting up his window.

"Yeah, I have it right here, Boss. I figured you might need it," said Angelo.

"You figured the Boss might need it? You were gonna take it to the bathroom and jerk off over the photo of those three broads, weren't you, you fuckin' pervert," said Mario.

"Fuck you. I brought it for the Boss. Here you are, Boss. Here's your paper."

"That's the guy," said Boss Russo pointing to HH.

"You're kidding. That's the guy? You can't be serious. Don't you know who this is? How can I possibly—"

"Yeah, I know who he is. Everyone knows who he is. He's a lady's man legend. He's famous and he's had more broads than anyone on the planet. I need to know how he does it. I need to know his secret and if you get me his secret, you'll not only be good with me but also I'll give you a little somethin' to make it worth your while, say fifty grand."

"Fifty grand? Wow! Okay, sure, I'll do it. No problem Mr. Russo. You can count on me. Don't worry about nothing. I'll get the information that you want. I'll find out how he's been so lucky with the ladies, even if I have to steal his computer or download files or whatever. I won't let you down," he said shaking his hand and pumping it. "Wow! Fifty thousand dollars."

"Look at this guy. When I told him that I'd pay him fifty grand, I must have said the magic word like Groucho Marks," said Julio laughing out loud again with his boys.

"Don't worry Tony. You'll understand once you meet this HH guy," said Julio turning again to his associates and laughing. "We think he may somehow hypnotize the women or give them some kind of drug that controls their minds. Yeah, it's gotta be some kind of mind control that he uses on these broads. That's gotta be it. Why else would someone who looks like this be with someone who looks like him?" He looked at the photo of HH. "He always wears that smokin' jacket, too. Only, now because he's so friggin' old, it looks more like a bathrobe."

"He looks older than my grandfather," said Anthony. "And my granddad is proud of that fact that he hasn't had sex in thirty years. After my grandmother died, he said he's done with sex and with woman. For someone who is 82-years-old and still active with women is amazing," said Anthony handing the newspaper back to Boss Russo.

"Yeah, see, now you're starin' to understand what I'm talkin' about. Mind control or hypnosis is the only way why three beautiful broads would want to have sex with an old geezer like him. Either this guy has a cock as big as an elephant and as hard as steel pipe or he controls their minds somehow into believing that he's a young stud."

"Well, he is very rich and still wields some power in the industry, even at his age," said Anthony. "Women like hanging around old, rich men like that...what was her name?"

"Anna Nicole Smith?"

"Yeah," said Anthony. "Remember? She married that 90-year-old billionaire, Howard Marshall, who croaked not long after they married."

"Well, we all know that this guy is rich, Anthony. I'm rich, too, and I don't get no broads who look like that. There has to be something else going on here and word on the street is that he controls their minds somehow, as would a..." Julio turned to his associates. "What's the name of the guy from Oz?"

"The cowardly lion," said Angelo.

"No, the other one."

"The scarecrow," said Vito.

"Nah, not that one."

"Tin man, boss," said Mario?

"No, the other one. The big cheese. The boss of the operation."

"You mean the wizard," said Anthony, "the Wizard of Oz?"

"Yeah, that's him. Word on the street is that he controls their minds like a wizard or a hypnotist or a witch or somethin' like that."

"Sorry, Boss for correcting you, but—"

"But what Mario? This is not a good time to interrupt me. Can't you see I'm having a private conversation here with my friend Tony?"

"Sorry, Boss, but a witch is a broad. A warlock is a guy. Maybe this HH guy is a warlock. Maybe that's how he controls the minds of all these beautiful women by casting a spell on them and making them do whatever he wants."

"Well, whatever it is, if it's hypnotism, mind control, wizards, witches or warlocks, my friend Tony here is goin' to find out for me. Right Tony?"

"Right Mr. Russo," said Anthony with nervous hesitation.

As was everyone in the neighborhood, it was obvious that Anthony was afraid of Mr. Russo. Only, Anthony was way ahead of Boss Russo. He knew that if he returned with the information, Mr. Russo would never pay him fifty thousand. He'd kill him first before he ever gave him that kind of money. He knew that he was fucked either way.

In the next chapter Anthony flies to LA and meets HH.

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To be continued...

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