tagMind ControlThe Transformed Man

The Transformed Man


"How does it look, Dr. Spencer," Williams asked the man in the lab coat to his left, while his eyes were focused through the one-way glass at Tom, the test subject.

"I think it goes without saying that the combination of engineered briefs and supplements have had the desired effect," he said. The briefs constricted Tom's thighs, buttocks and waist, while not constricting the crotch, making some of his bodywork hard without any apparent effort, while increased energy and nutrients flowed to his genitals. The supplement enhanced this, encouraging localized growth, fat burning and muscle toning.

Tom dressed before their eyes. His body had become toned and sculpted without exercise, and his penis and testicles had grown significantly. He guided his limp penis into his briefs, needing to move around a fair amount to get the thick 10-inch member in.

"But what we need to test is the sexual appetite, believed enhanced sexual abilities and the subjects pheromone output," Dr. Spencer said.

Lacey, a junior researcher, walked in as they were in the midst of their discussion. She was top of her class and knew the work like no one else, but none of the men could help looking at her for her physical beauty and alluring mannerisms. Blonde shoulder length hair, slim with great legs that were visible below her white skirt, and a full bosom that seemed to struggle against the confines of her bra, her cleavage exposed at the v neck of the standard lab shirt. Her eyes seemed huge and wet, her lips plump. Her walk was something of a little shimmy, attracting your attention to her smooth, toned legs, her round rump, the shake of her hair. She had a habit of smiling and moving her head at a slight angle to either side.

"Dr. Spencer," she said, her attention shifted from her boss to Tom, who was now just in his briefs, "the latest results are in." She offered the folder she was holding in the direction of Dr. Spencer, but all could see that her already big doe eyes were wider than ever as she looked at Tom. Her chest, already on everyone's mind, seemed to heave a bit as her breathing and heart rate increased.

Williams looked at Lacey a moment and smiled. Looking at Dr. Spencer he said "We'll need to test those things with subjects that aren't aware of the subjects physical attributes or the fact that he's been given any sort of treatment. But I think it might do everyone some good to see something a bit...less formal right now."

Dr. Spencer's eyebrow lifted, confused. Lacey hadn't noticed a word Williams had said, as she studied Tom as he moved about in the test area that had been made to seem like a little apartment for his comfort. He didn't know he was always under observation through monitors and one-way glass. In fact, he thought he was in this little apartment in a wing of a hospital to insure he hadn't been exposed to something that had shut the hospital down. He had of course noticed that he had gone from flabby to fit, and his limp penis had gone from 2 inches to 10, but he was too happy about it to question the summary explanations about immune system side effects and the unique side effects of the prescription underwear and liquid supplements.

"Lacey," Williams said, breaking her trance. She blinked a few times and shook her head, regaining some composure and focusing on Williams. "I'd like you to go in and talk with the subject for a while. Insure that he's in no discomfort. You may need to make your questions somewhat...intimate to insure that you get answers about his ability to become aroused and bring that to completion."

Dr. Spencer frowned slightly. He knew exactly what Williams was up to, and while putting Lacey into this situation didn't seem completely necessary or to have a great deal of scientific merit, she certainly didn't seem to object, and it would be beneficial to be able to observe Tom.

"Yes!" Lacey said, with a bit too much enthusiasm. "I'm certainly willing to go down to interview him some more." Her nipples now clearly poked out through her shirt and even her lab coat. Her breathing was accelerated, reminding Williams of his youth, of the great passion then, when intimacy that had been forbidden but desire had built up until when possible it was all that existed.

"That's great," he said. "Why don't you go on down then."

Before she could even turn to go Williams picked up the phone that connected to Tom's. Tom's phone wrung and he picked it up.

"Hi Tom, it's Williams. Someone is coming down to ask you some more questions to make sure that we're keeping the contagion from effecting you at all. Sorry for the inconvenience. She'll be down in a couple of minutes. You should probably just strip down to the prescribed briefs, so she'll be able to insure that they're on you properly." Williams hung up, smiling at Lacey, who sprung around and descended the stairs as if the building were on fire. Williams had made every effort to keep Tom from knowing just how much they were observing him.

"Did he seem to have any reservations about being nearly naked with a female researcher?" Dr. Spencer asked.

"No, none at all. I think we should have a seat to observe their interaction."


"Come in," Tom called out in response to the knock.

Lacey opened the door, seeing Tom in his form fitting boxer briefs, his sculpted body, and she smiled.

"Thank you," she stammered out. "I hope I'm not inconveniencing you, Tom," she said.

Tom laughed. "No, I didn't have any place to go, and I'm always happy to welcome beautiful lady hospital staff in when I'm just wearing my form fitting underwear."

Lacey's laugh barely made it out, as Tom essentially permitted her to stare at the tight briefs and the bulge of his long, thick cock.


Back in the observation room, "Is she normally this excitable?" Williams asked.

"Not at all. Her strict professionalism has made her rise above her contemporaries, while that iciness has also made her even more attractive to those around her. Even with Tom's body and state of undress, her current behavior must be attributable to something else."

"Like the pheromone output?" Williams asked.



"Speaking of your briefs," Lacey said, approaching Tom, her prey, with every muscle and nerve in her body focused on him, "may I.... examine them?" She asked, incapable of not making the request heavy with sexual innuendo.

Tom approached Lacey, unnecessarily smoothing down the briefs on his thighs, framing his cock for her view. "Would you like me to take them off for you, or would it be better if I just put my crotch in your face." She was as much his desired prey, as he was hers.

Lacey slowly got to her knees in front of him. "Oh," she managed to get out, her breath hard to catch, "both I think."

Tom strode up, putting his crotch inches from Lacey's face. With no ability to be subtle anymore, she inhaled the sent of his sex deeply, briefly closing her eyes as the intoxicating musk filled her senses. Tom reached down to gently take her arms. Her head tilted up to see his face, to try to discern his intentions. He smiled comfortingly at her, his hands sliding down her arms to her hands. He held them and brought them toward himself, putting them under the waistband of his briefs in the front. Lacey looked down again, licking her lips, as she saw Tom's cock stir beneath the material. He grew firm, thicker, longer.

She took a deep breath, looking quickly up at Tom's face to make sure it looked like this was what he wanted, then back down again, and she started pulling down and out. She carefully pulled the waist out as she pulled down, and his massive, growing cock fell out, bouncing in her face. She gasped.

"Pardon me," Tom said, knowing the effect he was having on Lacey. "I think your examination is getting me excited." He moved his hand to hold his big, full balls and the base of his now 12" long, thick cock, as if to clarify what he had meant.

"I want that," Lacey said. "I mean," she stammered, "I want to insure that the contagion in the hospital and the treatment you're receiving aren't aversely affecting your ability to be stimulated or..."

"Well, I think you can tell I'm not having a problem being stimulated. Here," he said, bringing her hand up and putting in on his cock. She wrapped her hand around it, amazed at the thickness, stroking it. "What else were you going to say you were supposed to check into?" He watched her stroke and groaned softly in approval.

"Uh..." she said "your ability to.... reach..." stroking his cock was diverting her ability to think about anything else "completion," she managed to blurt out.

"Ah," Tom said, as much in acknowledgment as from the stimulation. "We'll have to see about that. Your hand is a bit dry."

"Oh..." she said, startled, pulling her hand away.

"Oh no, it's OK," Tom said. "Why don't you just put your tongue out," he said as he guided his still held cock toward her fresh, beautiful face, "and give me a little lick. That will slick me up, and you can continue the ...research."

Lacey looked so excited she looked like she might hyperventilate. From her reactions it didn't look like she often found herself with a cock in her face and a guy telling her to lick it. Almost as if she were incapable of doing anything else, her plump red lips parted and a wet, pink tongue slowly emerged. Her big, wet, doe like eyes looked up into Tom's eyes as she moved her head, with open mouth and extended tongue, toward Tom's massive, erect cock.

"That's it," Tom said, anticipating Lacey giving herself over to him completely, surrendering her decorum, forgetting about shame and giving into her passions.

Her tongue touched the head of Tom's cock, and she smiled, released. Her eyes went back down to his crotch, his long thick, cock, his dark pubic hair, the thick smell of musk filing her senses, his big balls at the base of his cock. Her tongue bent as she pushed her head further, and she swirled it around his head. She looked up, as if for guidance.

"Lick and suck," Tom told her, "take it slow and enjoy it. I'm too big for you to suck all the way, so use your hands - both of them, to slick me up with your saliva."

She did as she was told, taking the head into her mouth, groaning as she did, both hands firmly holding his cock and spinning around it's length, slick with her spit. Her eyes closed as she focused entirely on what she was doing. Her bottom shifted, her knees spreading further, as the throbbing and desire of her own sex distracted her.

"Oh gosh," Tom grunted, "your mouth...your hands... oh. Your mouth is like a sweet pussy working my big fat cock."

"Ugh," Lacey grunted. The dirty talk that normally would have repulsed her now turned her on so much she felt wetness drip down her thighs, and relished the feel of the massive cock head in her wet mouth, her big, bee stung lips pushed down on it. It was as if this cock were fucking her mouth, stimulating it, the base sensation of serving this man of men, his massive cock and heavily musky smelling crotch making her his complete servant, willing to endure anything, no matter how degrading it might seem, to serve him. The loud, wet sounds of her mouth sucking and working his cock filled the room. She wanted to feel him throb and spurt into her mouth, knowing it was her that made him completely satisfied.

Tom pulled his cock from Lacey's hands and mouth. She looked like she thought she had done something wrong, her desire to satisfy him overwhelming.

Tom smiled down at Lacey, stroking her cheek as she heaved, finally able to breath. His smile reassured her, but she still didn't know what his will was, the will she wanted to follow without question.

"Stand up," Tom said.

He kissed her; she grabbed his shoulders, kissing back hard. She felt his huge cock press against her, and she wished her clothes would disappear, allow her steaming sex to collide with his.

Tom kissed her, his hands caressing her firmly, while also undoing her clothes and pushing them down. She stumbled, hard to keep on her feet from the sensations, but his firm grip kept her up so he could kiss her, explore her, and undress her.

Her bra came off, the sensation of the air on her chest, then the feel of Tom's firm chest pressing against it, as she felt his hand slide down her back to her panties. Thong, the one sexy thing she wore in her uniform, normally hidden from all, now exposed to Tom and everyone in the observation room. She knew they saw her, but it was the least important thing in the world to her now. As the thong slid down, Tom's hands moving along her round, tanned ass, her tan line was exposed, showing she tanned wearing just a thong. Her plump ass cheeks were browned, the crack of her ass now exposed and highlighted by its whiteness. As the panties fell she spread her legs, needing some cool air to hit her pussy lest it burst into flame. It was puffy, excited, soaked. The trimmed pubic hair was matted down against her, the same tan lines that were like a spotlight on her ass crack shown on her now exposed crotch.

She was jittery, absolutely needing his cock pressed against her, needing stimulation, needing to serve his will. Tom's hands slid down to hold her ass, and his grip intensified, squeezing each cheek hard. Then he lifted her off the floor, higher up until his cock was no longer held in place by her body and it swung down between her legs, brushing through the steamy, cum scented area of Lacey's throbbing crotch. Tom moved one hand to support Lacey, covering part of her ass crack, and used the other to grab his cock like it was a beast that had to be controlled, and he forced it toward her wet, throbbing pussy. He slid the head along her slick slit, eliciting moans from Lacey. She gripped at his shoulders more, and shook her butt, hoping to stimulate herself more, to get that cock where it needed to be.

His cock head was between her lips now, her pussy's slickness pouring down over him, preparing him. He slid along between her, stimulating her, teasing her, wetting him for what he knew would be a tight entry.

She shook her ass, grunting, needing him now; no longer able to endure the slow build up. When she felt his cock in place she started pushing down, now slowed only by the tightness of her passage relative to the thickness of him. She grunted and rocked, trying to force more of him in her. The heat of her pussy was overwhelming. Her breasts were taught, her nipples hard as nails grating against his chest. Her nails dug into his shoulders. A veneer of sweat covered her face, her chest, her stomach, her thighs and her ass. Her legs wrapped tightly around him, trying to work her way down,

Tom knew he should take it slow. Even if she had been loose his long thick cock would stretch her, and he should ease into her. And Lacey felt tight. But he knew Lacey wouldn't listen to reason, she was given over to her passion, and needed to satisfy it, satisfy her pussy, now more than anything. It didn't matter if she would be hurt, her brain now only received pleasure, her hot, wet, throbbing crotch now dictated her will.

Lacey grunted, moaned and screamed loudly, the pain only stimulating the pleasure, the sensation of the overwhelming sensation of the massive cock forcing it's way up, up it felt like it would go all the way up to fill her belly. Her cum poured down his cock, matting down his pubic hair, dripping off of his balls.

Viewed from Lacey's back, down past the straining muscles that moved her body up the huge cock and forced it down, past the sweat wet ass cheeks that tensed to move her body and take the sensation of the complete fucking she was enduring, past the throbbing asshole, just under her, you could see her raw, soaked, split open pussy straining to take Tom's huge cock, her inner lips tight around him and being pulled out when he slid out.

Her eyes bulged, her screams of pain, pleasure and complete surrender overwhelming her. Her orgasm build inevitably and burst over her like a bucket of ice water down her back, the sensation ebbing and flowing, but always increasing. Overwhelming, destroying her, but something she couldn't possibly stop. She screamed and came, her cum pouring out, her asshole throbbing, sweat pouring off of her face, her chest, dripping off of her achingly hard nipples when her chest was pulled away from Tom's.

His grunting built. He was an animal now, pumping into her, uncaring if what she felt was pain or pleasure, if she was still conscious of not. His huge cock was thicker than ever, thick to the breaking point, ready to erupt in her. He held each of her plump, sweat soaked ass cheeks in one hand, squeezing them ruthlessly, pulling them apart, forcing cool air to collide with her ass, with her pussy. All his muscles tensed, his hands slid up to her shoulders and pulled her down as hard as possible, forcing every inch of his cock into her, pushing their crotches against each other, mixing their pubic hair, his huge balls noisily slapping against her ass.

She felt the throbbing, then felt the explosion in her and her eyes nearly popped out of her head, her never ending orgasm burst to another level, as his cock spurt inside of her, ounce upon ounce of cum hitting the walls of her pussy and noisily being milked down and out of her, coating their thighs and his balls.

Lacey went limp against Tom, her muscles finally relaxed. She moaned softly continuously, getting louder as Tom's cock throbbed out it's final cum.

Tom lay Lacey down on the couch, his cock making a massive, wet slurping sound as it emerged from her, covered and dripping with cum. Lacey's body shone with sweat, her pussy pink and red and throbbing. Tom stumbled over to a chair, smiling, collapsed in it and fell asleep.

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