Amie's Games


I met Amie at Black Angus where I worked bussing tables at 18. She was 24 and beautiful with a slim sexy body, long straight black hair and a look that oozed sex appeal. She dressed to show it all off, whether in jeans or short skirts. I was still a virgin and hopelessly shy with girls, I was out of my league and knew it, but I had the worst case of puppy love. I couldn't stop thinking about her and, although all I could do was sneak looks at her at work, I always knew where she was, she was the center of my horny teenage world.

My love struck looks were not lost on my co-workers and they teased me about it, even told me to stop wasting my time on a married woman. But I couldn't help myself. She seemed to like me, was always chatty and, at least with me, she was never bitchy even on bad days. She always called me Jamie. Even through I insisted I was James. She continued calling me Jamie to tease me.

I didn't fool myself that anything would really ever happen between us but in my fantasy life at least I was hers. In the real world she would give me a grin and a wink when she caught me looking at her.

It was 3.00pm on Saturday and we were both heading out from work. She was going home to mow her lawn and I was going home to an empty house as my mom was visiting grandma for the weekend and my sister was away at college. "Come over and mow my lawn and I'll make you dinner." she proposed. Of course I said yes and soon we were chattering away in her car, swapping life stories while I tried to sneak peeks at her gorgeous legs as she drove. By the time we got to her house we had hit the subject of my virginity. Red faced and embarrassed I couldn't meet her eyes even though she told me that it was cool and since she hadn't known any guys who were virgins since she was fourteen it was kind of appealing.

She made a joke about her being a lawnmower virgin, and laughing and joking we headed into the house.

It took me 45 minutes to mow her lawn. It was hot in her back yard and by the time I finished I was hot and sweaty and covered with bits of grass. I put the mower away and headed into the house.

Amie had music blaring from the stereo and was rocking out as she prepared the food. She hadn't noticed me come in and I watched her dance and move sensually about the kitchen in awed admiration. When she finally noticed me she didn't look embarrassed, just gave me a sexy last swirl of her hips and turned the music down.

"Look at you all hot and sweaty, enough to make a sophomore cream her jeans" she said, with a fake sigh. Opening the fridge she handed me a hard lemonade. "Don't tell mommy, but you earned it out there in the heat. I'm not going to feed you looking like that, though. You need to have a shower and I'll find you some clean clothes."

She led me through her bedroom to the bathroom and gave me a towel. "I'll get you some of Tom's sweats and leave them on the chair there," she said and left. I stripped off my dirty clothes, finished the lemonade and stepped into the shower.

I wasn't ready for the thrills I got. With a little buzz from the lemonade, the scents of her soap and shampoo were amazing. As I washed my hair, then soaped myself down I thought of nothing but Amie. A vision of her in this shower, soaping her naked body came into my mind and I was fully aroused. I touched myself, thrilling at the smooth feeling of my soapy hard cock in my hand.

"I've just got to run to the store to get some soy sauce, won't be long," she called over the music. I froze and looked up to see her standing in the archway into the bedroom. I couldn't make out the look on her face through the frosted glass but she stood there for a few moments before turning away. "You've got a nice bod, Jamie." I heard her call as she left.

I stood stunned under the water. Had she seen what I was doing? Could she see I was hard? What had I been thinking! I burned with humiliation. But what had she said? "Nice bod." perhaps all was not lost. I finished washing, rinsed off and stepped out of the shower and dried off with the towel she had left me. The towel was soft and fluffy and even it turned me on.

Moving into the bedroom I picked up the clothes she had left for me, grey sweats and a T-shirt and socks and boxers, all for a guy much much bigger than me. They were huge, I would look like my sister did when she wore her boyfriend's clothes.

A slash of hot pink on the floor drew my eye. The room wasn't untidy but there were a few clothes cast around. The hot pink boy short panties were next to the laundry basket. I picked them up, her scent wafted up to me. I couldn't help myself, I buried my face in them and filled myself with the scent of her pussy. I was lost, every fiber in me wanted her. Inside the basket I found a baby doll nightie that matched the panties, it all felt so arousing in my hands, I soon had the babydoll on and slipped the panties up my legs. Tucking the most visible part of my arousal into the panties wasn't easy but once in there, the elasticated lace trim held me in tightly. I turned and looked in the mirror, I loved what I saw. I stroked the bulge in my panties and moaned, I tweaked and pulled a nipple and moaned louder. Then I froze..........behind me in the mirror was Amie, a mixture of shock and amusement on her face.

"Ohhhh Amie, I'm so sorry" I sputtered, my head drooping, unable to turn and look at her.

"Not James now, are we!" she said with a hint of humor.

I started to take off the babydoll, mumbling humiliated apologies.

"No. Leave it on, Jamie. Turn around, let me see the full effect."

I turned, my face hot with embarrassment. She took a sip of her wine as she took her time looking at me, appraising me. Her face showed her amused curiosity and then maybe a bit of something more wicked. I was humiliated and a bit frightened too.

"Feels good, doesn't it!" She said, her eyes on my panties where my arousal had not completely subsided. "Looks pretty good too!" She added with a smirk.

"Turn around again," she instructed. I did as she said, not knowing what else to do.

"Yeah, Jamie, looks pretty damn good! Look at yourself!" She walked up behind me, her free hand stroking my ass, sending a thrill through me. I couldn't look at myself, I couldn't take my eyes off her in the mirror.

She sipped her wine, enjoying the situation she had me in or the satin feel of my tight teenage ass or maybe both. She kissed the back of my neck, her hand sensually exploring my very sensitive skin, barely covered by the filmy material.

"I'll let you in on a secret," she whispered into my ear. "I didn't go to the store, just waited to see what you would do if you thought I wasn't here!" I stiffened with surprise. "You didn't disappoint!"

My humiliation and embarrassment melted a little as she continued to caress me. Her fingers finally finding the hard length of me encased in her satin panties. She moaned in my ear "all girl and yet all boy too." I was rock hard, her hand stroking me lightly over the front of my panties, her mouth sucking my neck. "This is so sexy," she whispered, and lifted my face to hers. She kissed me and my mouth parted, our tongues sliding over each other as hers slipped into my mouth. I turned in her arms and our kiss got hotter and her hands caressed my back and ass. I put my arms around her neck, my fingers in her hair. In her heels she stood taller than me, I felt small beside Amie's taller sexier body. It all felt weird, surreal but overwhelmingly arousing.

"This is so fucking hot," she said with delight, lifting off my willing mouth. "You are so fucking sexy. Lay back on the bed."

I willing complied. She hiked up her mini skirt and slipped her panties off. Still fully dressed she set down her wineglass and knelt on the bed, straddling my legs. I was about to take off the baby doll but she stopped me.

"No, no. You look so sexy. Some clothes are made to get laid in." She moved my hands away, her hands caressing down my body as she bent forward and kissed me through the panties. She lowered them a little, releasing me from them. Then I felt her mouth close around the head. The feeling was amazing, I felt her tongue swirl around and over it and felt my orgasm begin to rise. But as suddenly as she had taken me, her mouth left me gasping and groaning for release. She moved up my body, kissing and caressing until her mouth was once again on mine. I could taste myself on her as she nipped and bit at my lips and her tongue delved into my mouth.

She lifted up, hiking her skirt up once more then lowered herself. Taking my hands in hers and looking into my eyes as she moved her hips slowly until I felt the tip of my hardness touch her pussy. One more expert little movement and I slipped inside. It was more perfectly hot and wet and snug than I could have ever imagined. We both moaned with the intensity.

She rose and fell in a couple of short strokes before sinking down deeper and gasping, "Oh, fuck, yessss." Her eyes closed and waves of pleasure drowned me as her hips rode up and down my shaft. Panting, moaning, I came in three or four of her long slow strokes. She rode on, her eyes on mine eating me up as I reveled in my orgasm until I began to loose my hardness.

She hurriedly pulled off her blouse and unfastened her bra, then moved up me. Her hand ran through my hair then clasped my head into her lap as she rolled us over.

"Eat me, Jamie. Lick my clit."

I was in heaven as my mouth touched her pussy. My tongue slipped between her hot swollen wet lips and I lapped gently up the length of her slit. She moaned her pleasure as I found the hard nub of her clit. I rolled over it again then flicked it with the tip of my tongue.

"Oh, yeah baby, that's it, just like that," she moaned.

I flicked and played with her clit, taking her moans of pleasure as my guide. I was in heaven, my goddess consumed by the pleasure I was giving her. Her cries and moans, the most erotic sounds I had ever heard, and the scent of her and feel of her turning me on and making me harden again.

As I continued to lick her, her moans turned to panted gasps. Her hand pulled my face in tighter to her pussy. She bucked under me and pushed her hips up. My tongue sped up, rewarded with a long cry as she came in a long intense rush.

"Aahh. Aahh. Aaaaahhhh. Aaaaaaahhhh."

Even before she calmed down she was pulling me up to her, pulling me in for a deep passionate kiss. Moaning onto my mouth then releasing me saying breathlessly: "Oh, wow! Ohhh woww! I love sex! God, I love sex!"

She pulled my mouth back onto hers, her tongue again invading me, thrilling me. She ground her pussy up into my thigh as I knelt astride her leg, grabbing and caressing my panty covered ass. She moaned against me as the pressure coaxed more pleasure. One hand slid down between us and stroked then gripped my aching hardness.

She pulled away from our kiss and said "somebody enjoyed eating my pussy!"

"Uh-huh," I said, shyly. "And making you cum."

"Mmmmm. I liked that bit too. You deserve a little reward and my pussy needs something inside her. First, get me naked!"

I did as she asked, unzipping and pulling off her skirt as she kicked off her shoes. She sat up, kissed me and pushed me down onto my back. She straddled me again and this time guided me in with her hand and sank herself all the way onto me in one fluid motion emitting an animal like growl!

She rode me with abandoned lust, every stroke sending me closer to my orgasm. She alternated between lying forward on me, rocking her hips while kissing me and chewing on my neck, and sitting upright lifting up and lowering in long slick strokes, looking down at me in lust as I suckled on fingers she offered me coated in our combined slick juices. My own hands roamed all over her, always gravitating back to her wonderful soft breasts with their hard little upturned nipples, tweaking them drew mews from her. My mind was racing - was there nothing I wouldn't do for her?

Amie rocked further back, her eyes closed, rotating her hips, guided by something unseen she probed her depths with my cock. When I lifted myself up so that I could reach her nipples again, she pushed me down saying "Lie still, babe, this is going to be good." Then she moaned "Oohhh yeahhhhh." Then moving up and down slowly at first but speeding up. Her slick folds drawing me closer to orgasm as she drove herself down faster and faster onto me. Her moans became gasps and then a long wild cry. I felt her pussy convulse around me as she cried out "Cum with me, Jamie. Jamie. Jamie girl. AAAAAAaaaaaaahhhh"

My body released in a shuddering orgasm. I cried out as I thrust upward meeting her desperate plunges, my cum rocking me as it shot out of me feeling like ropes she was drawing out of me with her amazingly sensuous body. She was entirely lost in the sensation, her body bucking wildly, her gasping and cries ringing in my ears, doubling my pleasure. She rode her orgasm out to its fullest extent, rocking her body on mine, little moans escaping her lips as she slowed, seeming unwilling to let the moment go.

"Ohhhh baby, that was amazingly good," she moaned as her movements finally slowed.

She looked down at me, studying me. "I just had the orgasm of my life with a virgin dressed in my lingerie!"

She laid back down on me and kissed me, long and lazy and gentle. "Perfect!" She pronounced.

She rolled off me and we laid there for a while, kissing and caressing. She peppered me with questions about me and my life. Part of me felt ridiculous lying there dressed in pink lacy satin, part of me was loving it. Loving being here with her, loving what she was bringing out in me.

Finally she said, "We have got to do this again, but I've got to eat and shower and get back to work for six."

She hopped out of bed and stretched. She was mussed and disheveled but she was pure goddess in my eyes. She noticed me watching her, and turned and studied me again for a moment. "You might well be the sexiest thing I ever had in my bed!"

With that she headed for the bathroom. "And you are no virgin now!" she added, with a smirk.

I listened to her pee and flush. Then her head appeared in the archway, grinning.

"You can stay while I'm gone, if you want. Then we could play some more when I get home... If you want!"

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by plsirron07/25/17

Sexy story!
Make up?
I enjoy getting felt up while wearing women's clothing. Having my hard cok rubbed throug panties is exotic. I like my nipple teases though a bra.
More please.
Maybe use a straponmore...

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