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Amor Fabula


They had a nice night out -- really nice. It started off simple enough; he came to pick her up. The first time meeting in the flesh; after months of phone calls and thousands, literally, of text messages between them. There was this shy, awkward silence that was rather endearing but...their feelings were just as strong.

....just as they figured it would be. Magnetism, strong and undeniable as he pulled her against his body leaned against his dark blue truck. She looked up at him eyes wide, he smiled down at her -- her heart skipped a beat too many. That's surely why her legs wobbled and she fell into him, her skin started to shine with sweat.

Damn. They haven't even started the date yet!

"Well?" He said. "Well, Indeed." She replied. They remained frozen against each other, just getting used to the feel of their bodies meshed together...with clothes on. She blushed under the caramel tones of her skin, this amused him...greatly. She could already feel the lump starting to form in his pants. There was a considerable height difference; She was close to six feet tall...he was six feet and five inches. Enough to curl her body back and have her flush even further. He brushed a large, pale thumb over the plush of her glossed lips.

"Mm. They look even better in person..." I'm not going to make it through the night, if this keeps up. Her thoughts rushed and she inhaled, her nostrils flared as she took in a breath. He chuckled and let her up; it took a moment to find her footing.

"Uhm. So! Shall we?" She managed to stutter out, straightening her shirt and checking her skirt for wrinkles. Anything to give her a moment to recuperate, her heart thundered in her chest. A deep inhale and she tilted her head up to him, offering her most dazzling smile. He looked down at her again, like he was fighting a smirk; teasing her because her arousal and discomfort were so plain to see. He opened the door for her, "After you, my dear."

Her eyes narrowed at him as her smile stiffened, irritation, "Such a gentleman..." She spoke between clenched teeth, just a hint of venom. She was sure to keep her ass out of his range as she slipped inside. He closed the door and the long moment it took him to get in the car, she cursed his name ...a lot. They drove in eerie silence to their destination -- a concert. The music was nice; the club was dark and packed, forcing them to squeeze together. He stood behind her as she leaned against the railing. Letting the sounds of the artist, he introduced her to; fill the air with his deep, folk and lovelorn sound. His hands were on her shoulders, and then slid down her back until they sank into the curve of her waist. He held her there; the motion so eerily familiar, it gave her pause. His fingers sank into the meaty portion and she felt a sound rise in her throat, it had her straightening against him. His hands moved around her stomach and pulled her back against him. She could feel everything, the hard-on that had been in formation since he picked her up and the strong beat of his heart against the back of her head. He leaned his head down, nudging hers to the side so he could nibble along that spot between her neck and shoulder. Nuzzling against her ear, finally taking the lower lobe between his teeth, sucking soft then hard.

Wet. She was so fucking extremely, very, very uncomfortably ....wet between her legs. The music was drowned out by the sounds of him feasting on her flesh. That was until she heard moaning. Wanton, slutty, whorish sounds...like someone getting that late night just dessert.

Oh...it was her.

She took a deep breath and turned around in his arms, as if that would deter him, her hands against his chest. Flustered, flushed and moist to the point of sweating; she licked those full lips of his and she could swear...he got harder. He got his hands right where he wanted them all night; on the luscious rounded peaks of her ass...he squeezed and pulled their lower halves together. He growled down at her as their faces came into close proximity. She couldn't help it as the tip of her tongue darted out with a warning glide. He pushed her against the railing, she had to curl back again -- he enjoyed it. It did something to the testosterone in him, he leaned down- the brush against her lips was not hesitant. He demanded her response; he would accept no less than surrender. His hands were still full of her ass as he palmed and pulled her against the hard outline of his cock through his jeans. Melting, she was melting and no longer solid; he stole her breath in that kiss.

How could this be? How long had they been kissing?!

Finally, eternity stretched out before he let her go. Their lips both were shimmering from saliva and tongue swipes, nibbles. She could feel the throb of her clit pulsating with her heart. The set had ended with the sound of applause; they joined in...even though their eyes were locked on each other.

He was bold his fingers brushing underneath her breasts as he leaned into her, he was going to kiss her again -- and she was going to flood her panties. "You ready to go..?" His voice was low, vibrating the air and her senses.

"Mhmm..." Licking the remnants of the kiss off her lips, "We were going to dinner, right?" A brow arched as she questioned whether the plan was still on. The look in his eyes said he wanted something else. "Sure, dinner." He wore a dark shirt over his jeans, so that cock outline was well hidden. His hands were possessive as he took her arm and lead them through the throng of people.

Dinner....laughter that awkward silence disappeared under jokes and innuendo. They were back...in his truck heading to his hotel. Nervous, she leaned against the window and watched the skyline of the Queen City rush by in lights and the people on the streets. They were in the parking garage; she didn't wait for him to come around for her. She needed that moment to compose herself....he came around the side anyway and offered his hand.

She took it with a smile...

You know how they say time is relevant? The thing that is so great, the moments move by quick. But those other moments, the ones that you wish would hurry and move along? How they last an eternity.

Like that elevator ride to the fifth fucking floor? Yea, too long...way, way, WAY too long. Do you know why it was too long? Because he could have easily...fucked her in that elevator. That's how slow this brand new, recently opened hotel elevator was moving. They each took up their own section of the elevator, but the magnetic pull was working...they finally relented to their own gravity and started too drifted toward each other.


She moved out quickly, before the doors were even fully opened...she slipped out and into the hallway. He looked at her for a predatory moment, and then oozed out of the elevator himself. He pulled the keycard and they walked down the hallway. Maybe...maybe they'd just...have a drink and talk? Yea! That's it...night cap and conversation. That would be pleasant...

There was the whir and click as the door recognized its key...he pushed inward standing to the side to let her in. Her feet were killing her in those shoes, so she removed them and stepped inside with murmured thanks. It was a nice room in the Uptown area, close enough that if she was called away for an emergency ...wouldn't take long to get there. She heard the click of the door shutting...

....then the click of the lock.

It took less than a minute, seconds even; he had her pressed up against the wall. Her hands above her head, pinned and unable to move. She wasn't a small girl, for her height she was curvy and thick. There was a decent struggle, he leaned his face into hers again...and demanded. He demanded she return the kiss, he demanded her to open her mouth wider as he pressed into her, and he demanded everything. The force of it swept her up...and she gave him everything and more. His hands slid down the satiny fabric of her arms, down to those 46DD's and he squeezed and massaged. Those pert little nipples came to in no time. He kept her pinned to the wall, unable to breathe or move...damn he was hard. He was hard...it must hurt; he was letting her know what he's been holding back all night. There was a growl as teeth came to play in that kiss.

There was another sound...her shirt ripping. He just tore it open as if she didn't need it. His mouth moved along her cheek, to that tortured ear lobe down to the same space he teased and bruised in the dark of the club. Moaning, her hands finally came down to clench in his hair, pressing his mouth and teeth into her flesh. Like a wolf he bared his teeth as he bit down, there would definitely be a mark there in the morning. Her hands finally moved down, reaching in front of him the belt unfastened...the button on his jeans only took a flick of the wrist. There was a pause as she unzipped him, making sure not to catch him. There was a heated moment where their eyes met and he sprang free...hot and heavy in her hands. The pictures on her phone did it no justice; his cock was magnificent in her hands. Her fingers made quick work of getting his pants down. He wanted to lean in and take her mouth again, oh no.

She had been dreaming of this moment, she dropped into a crouch in front of him. Those thick, pink glossed lips wrapped around the head of his cock, he was going to die. He grit his teeth and leaned into the wall, but he wanted to watch. By god, he wanted to watch those dark lips wrapped around his pale cock. He didn't think he could get any harder, but as she pushed forward each time? He near lost his reason, he didn't want to cum in her mouth. He wanted to slather her insides with that mass of cum that suddenly built up to the point his balls were blue.

She gagged, her nose pressed against his abdomen as she pulled him into the tight confines of her throat. He grabbed her by her hair and grit his teeth, a few grunts and he knew that was it. She had him, damn her! "You little bitch, I'm gonna cum!" His voice was almost demonically low and his balls gave up the moment she stuck her finger in his ass. A finger moist from rubbing her pussy while she greedily gobbled him down. She flicked up against his prostate...he more than came. He flooded her face, she had to back away at the sheer force and speed that sticky fluid filled her mouth and throat. Both of his hands were in her hair, and he fucked her face through the most intense orgasm he's had period. Months of phone sex, text messages...online flirting and chats. Talking, talking about what they'd do to each other when they met...

...what they'd do to each other for the rest of their lives. She gagged and choked over his cock, he hissed air between his teeth as he fucked her mouth relentless. He hauled her by her hair and tossed her back against the wall, both of them panting. There were momentary stars in her vision; she licked the last remnant of cum from her mouth. He was on her again; he pulled her skirt up over her ass. He'd spend more time with it later, but for now...he yanked at her panties with such force...the poor things tore. He pulled them down and dropped to his knees in front of her. The one thing she dreaded, he stared at the smooth chocolate skin that glistened and quivered with anticipation. She had so many bad experiences with oral, she wasn't a fan -- he had sworn he would change her mind. He placed a leg over her shoulder so the pink of her pussy was visible. She could feel him breathing, her breasts heaved in her bra. She had nothing to hold on to as he dove in. Maybe it was the anticipation? Maybe it was the severe foreplay that had occurred?

But when he flicked his tongue against her clit, she could feel the moisture slipping out of her pussy. Like she could gush at any moment, when she moaned? He pressed on. Variation between the lips and inside the depths of her pussy. Didn't know what hit her, she reached down and was suddenly riding his face. Crying out as he stabbed his tongue in as deep as he could go, but somehow still stayed in contact with her clit. She was just as ready as he was, leaning forward to smash her pussy in his face as she came in a spill all over him. The wet, lewd sounds echoing in the room. Like taking a bite out of an over ripe piece of fruit, juices dribbled down his mouth as his face moved away. He nibbled his way up her stomach to where her breasts jiggled as she tried to catch her breath. Even though her breasts were large, her nipples were small...and sensitive. She cried out when he sucked the whole of her areola into his greedy mouth.

It was too much; she pushed him away -- panting and glaring. He was stunned at the motion, and then suddenly he growled. Gritting his teeth he grabbed her by that thick, coarse mane of hair. Pulling her into the room and tossing her toward the bed. Now she wore the wide eyed surprise, her skirt caught air and remained above her hip almost shyly covering the swollen lips of her pussy.

She heard the click of the lock on the door. Suddenly there was a sense of foreboding, a sense of finality. That it was all going to come down to this.

He looked angry and flushed; as a big hand reached down to flip the button of his jeans open.

[-To be continued-]

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