Hi all this is my first submitted story so feedback and pointers are most welcome. Hope you enjoy.

It's hard now to look back on who I used to be and accept that we're the same person. I know a lot of people could say that but whereas they have most likely changed gradually with age the alterations to my life happened suddenly, unexpectedly and all due to a strange twist of fate in an otherwise uneventful life.

It was the penultimate year of my degree, a year I was spending in a biotech company gaining 'valuable work experience.' I had it all going for me, at 6' tall and broad I'd spent the first two years of university studying, playing rugby and adding notches to my bed post. Everything was going well and my placement was drawing to an end after the completion of that year's exams.

The company I was working for had me running tests on a new pesticide they were developing. It was supposed to be the next big money spinner. A retro-viral sterilisation treatment for rats. I forget the details but the basic premise was that bait would be doped with the virus and thus infect the rats. In males it'd insert some very specific, and very female, pieces of DNA. This would apparently make their oestrogen production go into overdrive and stop them producing sperm. It all seemed very clean and clever, but no one had realised its full potential.

Carrying the tray containing samples of this wonder material back to the fridge I was all set for an evening training for the upcoming game before hitting the local for a few beers. I used to wonder what would have happened if I'd paid more attention, noticed the pool of water from the leaking sink before I set foot in it. It's hard to picture who I might have been had my feet not gone from under me right then. Landing on my back I cried out in pain as I hit my head on the damp floor, the tray had slipped from my hands, it's contents spilling out. Vials smashed on the floor around me, a few loosing their contents onto my lab coat where they left faint orange stains. One, losing its lid mid flight, emptied itself into my gaping mouth.

I lay there, crying out for help as I struggled to spit any material out. From the corner of my eye I could see the lab tech making hurried phone calls before she told me to stay where I was and that help was on the way. It could have been minutes or hours, I felt queasy and more than a little embarrassed, lying there in a puddle of water surrounded by broken glass. Eventually a group came in biohazard suits, even though I was expecting it the sight sent a bolt of dread through me, surely it couldn't be that bad? The stuff was designed for rats wasn't it?

'You alright son?' one of them said, kneeling at my side. As I mumbled my response I felt him rolling up my sleeve before tying something tight around my arm.

'Wha..what are you doing?'

'Just a light sedation, until we can get an idea of the damage,' came the matter of fact reply as I felt the sharp pain of a needle injecting me with yet more foreign material. My last memory was of the group around me, suited as if I'd spilt smallpox, lifting me onto a stretcher.


My next memories were of groggily coming to, my eyes opened to give me a view of a strip light bedecked ceiling that wouldn't focus. I tried calling out for help, lifting my arms, nothing would move. The next I knew there was a man, stood over me, shining a light into first one eye and then the next.

'She's definitely coming round, make the call, he's going to want to be here,' was all he said before striding from the room, a nurse scurrying after him. What had he meant 'she'? It had to be a slip of the tongue, there's no way he could have mistaken me for a girl. Was there?

Laying there my eyes strayed from the gleaming white ceiling, I turned my head to watch the door and felt hair brush my cheek. How long had I been out? It seemed like an eternity as I lay there immobile. Stupidly my biggest concern was whether my accident had affected my grade for the year. If only I'd known.

Eventually the door opened and the doctor returned accompanied by a middle aged man in a suit. 'And you're sure she's functioning normally?'

'All the indicators read normal for someone her size.' The man in the suit looked me over, his eyes seemed to linger on my chest.

'Unstrap her,' he whispered looking straight at me, 'and how is our patient?'

I started to answer, opening my mouth to spill out all the questions I had. Where was I? How long? But the voice that came out wasn't mine, it was too high, too quiet, too....girly. I felt the last of the tension go as the final strap was released. With a look from the suit the doctor left and I heard the lock click.

'I'm sure you have questions, but please, I think first it'd be easier to show you exactly what you're facing.' I stared at him and reached out for the hand he offered, pulling me to my feet as I swung off the bed. Everything seemed wrong, my hand looked small, too slim and light. I glanced up at him as we walked, up at him! He couldn't have been much over 5'6'' and I was looking up! He led me to a corner of the room and motioned forwards. 'Please, keep calm.'

I turned my head, staring into the mirror but the person staring back wasn't me. Long brunette hair flowed down past the reflection's shoulders, its full lips open in surprise. The rise in the front of the surgical gown hinted at breasts, full and firm with small sharp rises where the chill air was stirring the nipples. I raised my hand and saw the action mirrored in front of me. My fingers brushed past the lips, my lips, before stroking my hair, pulling it over my shoulder.

'What is this shit?' I snapped as the man stood calmly next to me, 'is this some sick joke?'

'No, this is the result of the compound you so carelessly spilt.' I watched as he moved behind me, the hairs on my arms standing up with the unease. 'As you can see,' he whispered reaching for the tie on my gown, 'the external change is quite complete.' As it fell to the floor my eyes followed it, watching it reveal my breasts, sloping to hard pink nipples, falling to reveal my flat stomach swelling out to the curve of my hips. As it passed them I gasped, the empty cleft where my cock had been bared for the room to see. I stared, dumbstruck.

'H-how did this happen?'

'You saved us a lot in law suits. The compound worked, animal studies had gone well, but it seems in a hman body, well. You can see the effects for yourself.' All the while he was pacing, eyeing me up and down, there was something predatory in his gaze that made me feel uneasy.

'Can..can I?' I asked in what I supposed was my new voice, indicating the discarded surgical gown at my feet. He nodded and sat, his legs crossed.

'Please, have a seat,' he said, motioning to the chair next to his at a desk littered with papers. His briefcase sat on top of them. 'Despite the fact you're unexpected voluntary self testing has saved us from embarrassment and potential ruin it has threw up several problems.'

I could feel the anger rising in me, the shock giving way to something I felt I could control. 'What the fuck do you mean fucking voluntary!' I screamed into his face, 'I want to ring my parents! Do they even know what's happened?' He just sat there, calm and staring at me, I suddenly realised that if he wanted he could probably over power me. I was a, well, a girl. My head was spinning as I slumped back and shut my mouth. I was feeling more and more scared of this man in front of me.

'Please, try and maintain some lady like decorum, and you should know ladies don't sit like that.' I looked down and hastily closed my legs, crossing my arms on my chest. 'Better. Now as I was saying. The company had invested quite a lot of time and money in that product, it's now unsellable for its previous use. But we think this development offers us a new line of investigation, in which you are central.' I just stared at him, so cold and aloof, my life was upside down and this guy wouldn't even acknowledge it. 'I should inform you, you're parents think you died in a fire in that lab. It cost us quite a lot in compensation and our safety record was shot but there you have it. We believe you're worth it.'

'What do you mean dead?' I stammered, I could feel tears welling in my eyes. What the fuck was wrong with me.

'You were under for almost a year.' That long? I couldn't process it, a whole year missed? He didn't seem to notice my anguish. 'You're valuable to us now. As such we're taking responsibility for your care. You'll undergo a period of counselling and adjustment before we release you. Under certain conditions.'

'Counselling? Adjustment? What're you on about?'

'Well, we intend to help you adjust to your new...shall we say role in society.' A grin curled his mouth as he spoke. 'We've secured you a place at a different university and we'll of course provide you with an allowance for your time. But you are ours now. We'll expect things of you.' His eyes lingered on mine as the tears finally began to fall. 'Tissues are next to your bed, you have four months to get this right,' he stated as he stood and walked from the room, leaving me to my tears.


The rest of that day was spent crying on and off. I moved to the bed and sobbed into my pillow. A nurse brought me food, which I couldn't eat, and later a magazine, which I couldn't bring myself to read. As the sun went down and the corridor outside turned dark I sat on the bed, the gown around my knees on which my head was laying.

One stupid accident, just one. And now this, I glanced up and caught sight of a girl with red puffy eyes and a tear streaked face. I wanted to comfort her until I realised it was me reflected in the mirror, at which point the sobbing started again. I'd lost who I was, who I was going to be. My family and friends thought I was dead. What was I going to do?

I bit my lip and looked up, the only light came from the lamp above my bed. The chart under it simply read Jane Doe, I couldn't help but let out a bitter laugh as I caught sight of it in the mirror before my eyes travelled to my own reflection. This time I stared at it, almost accusingly before sliding off the bed and padding across the cold floor towards the full length mirror.

Again I took in my new appearance. The old me would have thought I was attractive, someone to pursue on a night out in the hopes of bedding. I raised my hands and felt over my face, brushing my long hair out of my eyes. Despite the redness and the other changes they still sparkled the same blue. My nose had changed, my whole face, becoming more tapered, daintier with prominent cheek bones and full soft lips. My hands followed my hair before stroking down my sides, taking in the way my waist curved in before filling out at the hips.

Biting my lip I reached up and pulled the gown over my head exposing my alabaster thighs and stomach before what I had to accept were my breasts were yet again exposed to the cold air of the room. I stared at my reflection, running my hands down over my chest. My breasts were full and firm and I felt my hard, pink nipples drag across my palms sending small jolts of pleasure.

Closing my eyes I ran my hands down, slowly over my stomach before I felt it begin to slope inwards. I couldn't help but stop, it seemed that if I did this then I had to accept what had happened as real. Steeling myself I drew in a breath before continuing, sliding a hand between my legs. It seemed wrong reaching down there and not feeling my cock and balls but I carried on until my fingers reached my hairless pussy, feeling over my lips into my unexplored depths.

Opening my eyes I couldn't marry the image in my head to how I saw myself. It was like watching porn, my mind told me I should be aroused so my hand started working, rubbing the small bud of my clit but nothing came of it. Maybe it's because I knew this attractive young woman was me I thought, so I started thinking about other girls. The cute and eager redhead on my course, some glamour model bimbo I'd seen in magazines but neither worked. I ran through images and fantasies of every woman I could think of, my actions becoming more earnest but still nothing. Screaming in frustration I stormed back to the bed and threw myself down.

I tossed and turned for a bit, unable to scratch the itch I'd caused. As I lay there nonchalantly toying with myself I suddenly thought of my old rugby team and that was when it happened. My fingers became slick and I pulled them away in shock, staring and the clear fluid shimmering on my fingertips. Oh god, they'd taken my sex and my sexuality, I felt disgusted, ashamed, I'd known the guys I was seeing in my head for years but now, now I saw them differently and it was scaring me.

Crossing my arms I desperately tried to clear my head, to think of anything but what I had been thinking of. Yet every time my attention slipped all I could see were all those toned, muscular bodies. Stripping out of their shirts, their shorts, stepping into the showers laughing at some joke or another. Almost without realising my hand glided back down as my legs parted. My fingers found the now hard nub of my swollen clit as I pictured them, washing themselves, especially their cocks. As I rubbed faster I felt warmth growing between my legs and I couldn't bare to stop.

Gasping I pictured the pretty brunette I'd seen in the mirror, pictured her in the showers surrounded by the team, eagerly dropping to her knees as the water washed over her, reaching out to take the now hard pricks in her slender hands. They were pawing at her, pinching her nipples as she kissed and sucked the teams rock hard members. I could feel my climax building as I imagined her sucking them into her mouth, one after the other as one guy moved behind her and positioned his cock at the entrance to her soaking wet pussy just as I reached my hand lower and discovered my own burning hole. Gingerly sliding my middle finger in I pushed myself over the edge, my back arching and thighs clenching shut on my hand as I moaned 'yeah fuck me,' into the silence of my room.

It was the most intense pleasure I'd ever felt, it coursed through my body, making the gentle breeze of the air con hit my electrified skin like a thousand volts. I never wanted to come down. As the warmth of my pleasure dissipated and the fantasy faded I suddenly pulled my hands back and rolled onto my side sighing. I couldn't believe what I'd just done but in a way I felt relieved, that itch had gone. I thought back, shame creeping up on me, I couldn't remember ever thinking a man was attractive, especially not one I knew but now this. One accident and it seemed like I was losing who I had always been. I should have been picturing myself as the one fucking the girl, not as the girl being fucked.

My head was a mess as I cried myself to a fitful sleep, my dreams full of hard masculine bodies.

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