tagTransgender & CrossdressersBeing a Woman Must Be Easy

Being a Woman Must Be Easy



I'm startled awake by my alarm. It's time to get ready for work again. My head hurts from all the drinking I did last night. No luck picking up a girl this time around, unfortunately. It's so much effort to get a girl to come home just to mess around. I really don't get it. If I were a girl, I'd be totally in to that. I know I'm a decent-looking guy, so I don't know why it's so much effort. Nonetheless, it's time to get ready.

Crawling my way out of bed, I make my way to the shower and turn it on. I clean myself from head to toe and go through my usual morning process. Brush my teeth. Shave. The usual.

Finished with everything for the morning, I grab a cup of coffee, hop in the car, and head to work. I work for a science lab. I'm still somewhat low-level, being out of college only a few years back and still not considered entirely tenured at the company. We're doing research on different genetic enhancements. I've been working on growing human body parts on rats, presumably to be used for transplants to humans eventually. Not particularly exciting research, but definitely important in its own right.

Arriving at work, I pass the receptionist and wave 'hi' as I always do. She's a cute, short brunette with a great body. Just my type, but she barely seems to bat an eye at me. Maybe I'm just not anything special?

I get to my work space and my boss comes over for the usual morning banter. She and I get along quite well, though she's married and has a few years on me. She's still quite attractive, though, and if she were single, I would definitely consider her.

"You look a little out of sorts this morning. Up late drinking again?"

I blush. "Yeah.. Sorry. I had a little more than I'd planned."

"Struck out again?"

"Yeah, unfortunately. I don't really understand why. I bet it's a lot easier being a woman. Having tons of guys always hitting on you. Not putting in any effort."

"Easier? You really think that? It's not always the best having guys all over you. There are a lot of creeps out there. They're the worst. Especially when they won't leave you alone."

"I guess. But you're married. Don't they see the ring and back away?"

"No. I mean, sometimes, but often times not. It's awful."

"I doubt that. I still think it would be a lot easier being a woman."

"I bet you couldn't last a week as one!"

"Heh, I bet you're wrong, but that's a tough bet to make, considering there's no way to follow it through. Plus, I'm not in to guys, so I'm not so sure that would work out for me!"

"Well, alright. Hold on though; I've got something to help you with that hangover. I'll be right back."

She came back a few minutes later with a fruit drink of some sort. I began to drink it. It was actually quite tasty.

"What is this?" I asked.

"As I said, it's to help with your hangover. I've got a bunch more of it. It's just a juice, but I've found it works really nicely for hangovers. Why, do you like it? You can have some whenever you want." A smile came across her face from ear to ear.

"I may take you up on that."

I could already feel the hangover going away. At the same time, I felt a pain shoot through my stomach, but I didn't think much of it. It must be a cramp or my stomach still being upset from the previous night.

I worked my way through the rest of the day, feeling much better. Before leaving, I had to hit the bathroom. I went to sit down and noticed my testicles were pulled close to my body. It must be colder in here than I was aware of. I did my thing and stopped back at my desk before leaving.

Just as I'm about to leave, my boss stops by and gives me her number.

"Call if you need anything, okay?"

I nod my head. I'm not sure why she's giving me her number now, all of a sudden, but it seems nice of her.

I arrive home and notice myself in the mirror. My hair is getting long already. I thought I just got a haircut, but I guess I'll need to get in for another one soon. It also seems I've put on a little weight. I'll cook light tonight. I stay in for the rest of the evening and get to bed early. Another pain shoots through my stomach. Maybe I should get that looked at? But I'm sure I'm fine for now.

The next morning, I head for my usual routine. My hair seems to be growing incredibly fast. It's odd, but sometimes that can happen to me. I also notice that my testicles are still tight up against my body. It's strange because I really didn't think it was all that cold. And I've REALLY got to do something about this weight I'm putting on. It's starting to show in my chest. I get through showering and get ready to shave, but notice that hasn't really grown in at all. "I guess that's where all the hair on my head is coming from!" I joke with myself.

I get in to work and my boss stops by again.

"How are you feeling this morning? Did you go out last night?"

"Oh, no, I just stayed in. I'm feeling fine, other than some odd pains in my stomach. And, of course, I'm tired."

"That's normal," she said with another big smile, "Here's some more of that juice you like, if that would help you wake up."

I did enjoy it, so I'm happy to accept the drink from her.

A few hours later, I start to get a little horny. I can feel my penis rubbing against the inside of my boxer briefs. It seems more sensitive than usual, so I sneak my way in to the bathroom to take care of myself. I make my way in to a stall and sit down. When I pull out my penis, I notice my testicles are even closer to my body than before. I almost can't tell they're there anymore. My penis also seems smaller, but I figure it's just an illusion or something. This all seems unusual, but I don't think it's the time to worry about it. I lift my shirt a little to get it out of the way and it rubs against my nipples. I cringe a little from the feeling. It's as though I've become more sensitive in some areas of my body.

As I grab my hard cock with my right hand, I grab my, now larger than before, chest and nipple with the other. (I really need to get to the gym!) I begin to play with myself and it feels more intense than I've ever felt before. It's incredibly good. I cum after only a few seconds and it gets all over my stomach. I quickly clean up and make my way back out of the bathroom.

My boss is standing there as I exit.

"Oh, you're filling out nicely already!"

I blush, thinking she's noticed the weight I've put on.

"Oh, it's nothing to be embarrassed of! You look good. Come meet me at the mall after work. We can get you some clothes that fit you a little better."

I'm so embarrassed, but I do seem to need some more comfortable clothes. I accept the offer.

Later that day, I arrive at the mall. My boss is already there waiting.

"Alright, let's find you something attractive to show off what you've got! But first, I brought you another one of my drinks I know you like so much!"

What I've got? I'm gaining weight. I didn't think that was something to 'show off.' I thought we would be finding something to cover me up, but Melody (my boss) has always had a good fashion sense, so I figure I can trust her. I take the drink and chug it. I was a bit thirsty and these drinks are irresistible.

"Let's start with lingerie!"

Melody kisses me on the cheek and takes my hand. She's leading me down the hall towards a women's underwear store. I thought we were looking for clothes for me, but I wasn't going to complain if we were picking out underwear for her! I've always been a little bit in to her anyway.

Arriving in the store, Melody starts picking out some very attractive bras and panties. She asks me which ones I like. I see a few that I find exceptionally cute and point them out. She digs for some sizes and walks me to the back where the fitting rooms are. She hands them to me and tells me to see what fits. My look of confusion must be amusing her because she's giggling now.

"You still don't know what's going on?"

I shake my head, clueless.

"Did you think you were just gaining weight or something? I've been feeding you those drinks to change you! You said it would be easier to be a woman. I want you to see what it's really like!"

"Are you saying that those drinks are somehow changing my body? That I'm transforming in to a woman? That doesn't make any sense! That's not even possible! And if it is, I'll just stop drinking that juice!"

"We work in a genetics lab, sweetie. You think we haven't created something that works on humans yet? We just don't tell everyone about it. It's still in the test stages. And even if you stop drinking the juice now, it's still too late. It will slow down the change, but it will still happen. You're better off drinking more of it, so you don't keep getting those stomach cramps and you can finish the transformation faster. Just go try on the underwear and you'll see!"

I hesitate for a moment, sigh, and then step in to a dressing room. I take off my shirt and look down at my chest. It seems to have grown even more since the last time I looked. I can actually feel the weight on me. I hold one of the bras up to my chest and realize it actually does seem to fit. I put it on. 32C. It fits perfectly. This really is strange. I look in the mirror and notice my face. It seems to have much softer features than I remembered. My hair has grown out quite a bit as well. I guess I don't have much of a choice in this matter.

Alright, I've got the bra on and need to try on the underwear next. The bra has a cute flower pattern with a lace trim. I seem to have a pair of panties here that matches. I take off my pants and notice that my scrotum has completely disappeared and my penis has shrunk significantly to no more than 2 inches. It's really strange to look at, but I slip on the panties and they fit perfectly over me. They're actually quite comfortable.

I step out of the fitting room to show myself to Melody. For the first time, I notice I'm actually looking up at her a little bit. She's not wearing heels, so I guess this formula has made me shrink a little as well.

"You look adorable. So, we know your size now. Let's pick out a few more and we'll get going! Leave those ones on. This is all on me." She winks at me and I head back in to put my clothes back on.

After picking out a few undergarments to wear, the two of us start to head out of the shop. I notice a couple guys looking at me. I'm blushing a little. I'm not used to this kind of attention! I have to admit, though, I kind of like it. I can also feel an odd sensation in my panties, though I'm not sure what it is.

"Can I have another one of those drinks?" I ask Melody. "I might as well speed this along. Hiding it isn't going to work, right?"

"Of course! It's not so bad, right? You do look cute, after all!"

We make our way to the next shop. A fashionable girl's clothing shop. Melody and I pick out some dresses, skirts, and tops for me. A gentleman who works there approaches and asks if we could use some help. He's cute, so I giggle a little and tell him we're doing fine on our own, thank you.

"Could I at least get your number?" He asks. "I'm Jason, by the way."

I don't know what to say! Melody is looking at me with a smile and nodding. I guess he is pretty attractive, so I don't see why not.

"I'm... uhh... Nikki." It was the first name that came to mind. "Here, just don't lose it!" I smile and tell him my number as he adds it to his phone.

As he walks away, I look at Melody and she laughs. "Look how well you're doing... Nikki!"

"It was the first name that came to mind!"

"It's yours now!"

Once I'm in the fitting room to try on the clothes we've picked out, I start to undress again and realize what that feeling was earlier. My panties are wet! Pulling them down, I notice my scrotum is gone completely and my penis has shrunk to less than an inch! There's actually a crease where my balls used to be and it's soaked! Touching it, I quiver a little from the feeling. It seems so tender.

After putting on the first dress, I look at myself in the mirror of the fitting room. I don't recognize the woman staring back at me! She's about 5' 4", has long, brown hair, soft, girlish features throughout her face, a 32C chest, a round butt with wide hips, and no resemblance of a man whatsoever! I'm gorgeous! I've never had a girl this cute in my entire life! This could be kind of fun...

I step out with some different clothes on and twirl around for Melody. She and I are having a great time.

After trying on a few items of clothing, she comes in the dressing room. She says she wants to 'help me try on the rest.' Once in the room, she takes off the dress I have on and slips her fingers in to my panties. I whip my head around and lock eyes with her in panic. I'm not in to girls! This is gay! Wait... What am I thinking? I'm so confused! I've always been in to girls and Melody was always my type! I've always dreamed of this, but it feels so wrong! But before I can argue, her fingers are rubbing along the insides of my legs. I'm getting more and more wet by the second and I can feel her fingertips against what used to be my penis. I guess it's my clit now? I'm quivering in excitement, confusion, and pleasure all at once. As I open my mouth to moan, she sticks her tongue inside mine and then slips her fingers inside the hole that must have recently formed. It's the best feeling I've ever felt! It's like burning and pleasure at the same time. I can't control myself anymore and my whole body begins to convulse. My first female orgasm!

"How was that, darling?"

I don't know what to say. I just blush again.

"Come on, let's get out of here."

Melody pays for my clothes and we leave the mall with me in a whole new outfit. I look adorable! This is kind of fun!

I join Melody in her car for the ride home. She's invited me over for dinner. I figure there, we can at least talk about what's happening to me.

In the car, Melody begins telling me all about how this project to transform a man in to a woman began. I'm trying to pay attention, but I'm so intrigued by my new body. My fingers are starting to wander and I'm starting to get wet again. My left hand is caressing my breasts and my right slides its way in to my panties. Melody must have noticed because she's stopped talking and is watching me now. I close my eyes and lean back a little. I allow my right hand to find its way to my clitoris and begin to massage it. The feeling is unlike any I've felt before. My fingers move faster and faster around the sensitive spot and I begin to tense up. My heartbeat is increasing and I start to make noises that I can't control. My voice is a higher pitch than it used to be and the sounds I'm making just get me more turned on. I finally reach a climax and my crotch thrusts forward a little, outside of my control. I moan louder than I ever have before. What an incredible experience! I never knew a female orgasm was this good!

Finally finishing up, I take note of the smirk on Melody's face. "How was that?" she asks.

I'm beat red from embarrassment, but I respond, "The best I've ever had..."

"Good, I'm glad you're having fun. Save a little for later though!"

Just as she finishes saying that, my phone begins to ring. It's a number I don't recognize, but I pick it up anyway. It turns out to be Jason!

"Invite him for dinner," Melody whispers.

I do as she says and give Jason the address. My heart begins to flutter a bit. It seems that the formula has changed not only my body, but my feelings, too! I'm actually attracted to Jason and I'm completely ok with it! I'm actually kind of excited for my first experience spending time with a man.

We arrive at Melody's house and when inside, her husband comes to greet us. His name is Lance and he's a tall, (I think he's tall, anyway. I'm not used to my new height.) muscular guy with gorgeous blue eyes and short, dark hair. He gives Melody a kiss and inquires about me. She explains the situation and he seems completely comfortable with it. He gives me a smile and we go inside.

"So, it must be interesting going through that kind of change," says Lance. "I imagine there's a lot of new feelings and thoughts filling your mind right now."

I just nod my head, not quite sure what to say.

"Well, dinner's ready," he says.

Just then, there's a knock on the door. It's Jason! I let him in and he gives me a peck on the cheek. He smells like cologne and the scent alone makes my heart race.

Everyone introduces themselves and we sit down for dinner. The conversation is nice and light-hearted. After dinner, I see Melody wink at Jason. He takes my hand gently and leads me away from the table. He's leading us upstairs and turns around half-way up to give me a kiss on the lips. I close my eyes and let his tongue in to my mouth. His right hand reaches up and grabs my breast. I can feel myself getting wet again.

When he pulls away, he reaches down and picks me up, carrying me the rest of the way upstairs.

Upon reaching the bedroom, Jason sets me down on the bed and lays me back. He begins kissing every inch of my body and it feels better than anything I've ever imagined. He begins to pull up my skirt and gets me in to just my panties and bra. The smile on his face shows how excited he is. I tell him to take off his clothes and he complies. I drop to my knees and take him in my hand. His cock is standing up straight. It's about 7 inches long and a little bigger than my hand can fit around. His hair is trimmed short, which is nice for my first time.

I begin to jerk him off and he sets his hand on my head. I know what he really wants. His hand pushes my head forward and I part my lips. His hard cock begins to invade my mouth. I love the taste of it. I flick my tongue around the head and begin to thrust my head back and forth on it. He keeps his hand on my head and undoes my bra with the other. My breasts fall out and I can feel their weight shifting on my chest as I move.

I feel Jason's hand holding my head with a little more force than before and then begin to feel someone pulling down my panties. It can't be him because he's in front of me! I'm getting a little nervous, but I think I know who it is. I feel a pair of hands holding my ass cheeks and spreading them apart. The person begins to lube up my asshole with his fingers. Before I can react, I hear Lance say, "Just relax, sweetie." His penis starts to penetrate my hole.

I've never been penetrated before and I'm nervous. It burns a little at first, but I have no way of stopping him. I continue to take Jason's package in my mouth as Lance thrusts in to me. After a few moments, it starts to feel fantastic. He starts playing with my chest and I'm loving every second of it.

After a few minutes of my ass being used, I feel Lance's cock start to swell up inside of me. Streams of hot cum begin to hit the inner walls of my ass and I force myself back and forth on him harder. I want all of it inside me. He's moaning a little bit from the pleasure and then pulls his cock out of me.

I'm still playing with Jason's penis when he takes me by the shoulders. He stands me up and kisses me, then lays me down on the bed. I notice Melody in the corner touching herself.

"We should let them be, sweetie," she says to her husband.

"Jason, would you mind them staying?"

Jason shakes his head and I tell them to stay and watch.

He begins to kiss me and caress every section of my body again. His shaft is still hard as a rock, as he hasn't cum yet. He slips on a condom, which wouldn't have crossed my mind. I didn't even consider I might be able to get pregnant! His lips press against mine and I feel the tip of his penis against my soaking wet vagina. He begins to slip inside of me. I can feel every inch of him filling me up. It's a much more intense feeling than I ever received as a man. It's as though every nerve in my body is reacting to him entering me. I feel a little bit of pressure when he gets deeper in to me and it turns to pain for a moment, but he's being gentle, so I'm okay. Once he's past that, he begins to thrust slowly in and out of me.

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