tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmy and the Doctor Ch. 01-04

Amy and the Doctor Ch. 01-04


Part 1: Naked in School

The teacher said, "Amy, it's your turn to come up to the front of the class and read your report."

I reluctantly picked up the report from my desk and slowly walked to the front of the classroom. I nervously raised my report, but when I saw all the eyes of my classmates upon me, I was unable to speak. An eighteen-year-old senior in high school shouldn't be this deathly shy, but a severe lack of self-confidence pretty much destroyed all of my social skills.

Even though I've been told that I have a really cute face, I've never been on a date or kissed a boy. I have a couple of close friends, but most of the kids in school don't even know I exist. However, the popular girls know me very well because they love to bully me. One of those girls is Tiffany, the captain of the cheerleaders, and she was in the classroom staring right at me.

The teacher said, "Amy, either read your report or you'll fail this assignment."

I said, "I'm trying Mrs. Ashford, but I have trouble talking in front of people."

Mrs. Ashford said, "If I knew of a way to cure your shyness, I'd share it with you, but unfortunately I don't."

Then Tiffany blurted out, "I heard that if you read your report in your underwear, you won't be nervous."

Mrs. Ashford said, "No, Tiffany. I believe the saying is...if you picture your audience in their underwear, you won't be nervous."

Tiffany countered, "This isn't a saying. There's documentation on the Internet confirming that addressing a crowd in your underwear helps you overcome shyness."

Some of my other classmates quickly chimed in and said that they'd read it, too. Madison, who is one of Tiffany's followers, added that the top teachers in the country were using this method with great success even though she knew the idea was completely fabricated by Tiffany. Unfortunately for me, my classmates were very convincing and Mrs. Ashford bought into Tiffany's stupid suggestion.

My heart began racing when Mrs. Ashford said, "Well, if it's on the Internet, it must be true."

I pleaded, "No, Mrs. Ashford. Please don't listen to Tiffany. She's making it up!"

Tiffany confidently said, "If you don't believe me Mrs. Ashford, you should look it up for yourself."

Mrs. Ashford turned to Tiffany and said, "The class is only an hour long. We don't have time to look it up. You're a good student and captain of the cheerleaders, so if you say it's true, then I believe you," and then Mrs. Ashford looked at me and said, "Amy, please remove your clothes."

I shrieked, "Remove my clothes? Here? In the classroom? In front of the boys...and everybody?"

Mrs. Ashford said, "Yes Amy, take off your clothes. Tiffany was nice enough find a solution to your problem so the least you can do is give her solution a chance. Now hurry up and take off your clothes. We don't have all day."

I whimpered, "But...but Mrs. Ashford, I can't take my clothes off in front of the class. Please don't make me take my clothes off."

Mrs. Ashford sternly demanded, "Quit your whining and strip! The class is waiting Amy."

When I refused to budge, Tiffany offered, "Amy looks like she needs some assistance. Should we help her?"

Mrs. Ashford gave Tiffany an approving nod, so Tiffany, along with two big football players named Chip and Doug, walked up to the front of the classroom.

I pleaded, "Please Mrs. Ashford, don't let them pull my clothes off in front of everybody," but Mrs. Ashford said, "I'm sorry Amy. You've wasted enough of our time. Now we have to take matters into our own hands."

Chip held my hips while Doug grabbed my wrists and lifted my arms up over my head. Once I was immobilized, Tiffany looked at me with a mischievous grin and pushed my T-shirt up. Doug let go of my wrists one at a time so that Tiffany could get my T-shirt off, but then he grabbed my wrists again and continued holding my arms up in the air.

Tiffany stepped aside so that everyone in the classroom could see my bra. My sandy brown hair is only shoulder length, but Tiffany brushed it back to make sure that everybody had an unobstructed view of my little white bra. Luckily I wasn't wearing a see-through bra, so my nipples were hidden. However, it was still humiliating to lose my shirt in front of all my classmates.

My breasts are only medium sized, but the bra sort of pushed my boobies together. It created the illusion that I had a lot of cleavage to offer, which the boys really seemed to enjoy. I'm also a petite girl, only five feet tall, so I don't know why it took two football players to hold onto me. Regardless, Doug continued holding my arms up while Chip hung onto my waist.

Tiffany said with an arrogant tone, "Now it's time to pull your pants down!"

Tiffany began by raising each of my legs and removing my sandals. Then she held up one of my legs by my ankle and dragged her long red fingernails up and down the sole of my bare foot. My body twitched in agony as Tiffany tortured me relentlessly by tickling my foot.

Tiffany giggled and said, "I think it's so cute when a helpless girl gets tickled!"

Mrs. Ashford sternly said, "Amy is not a play-toy for your amusement, Tiffany. You have a job to do, so do it!"

Tiffany meekly replied, "Yes, Mrs. Ashford," and released my foot.

After removing my sandals, Tiffany kneeled down in front of me, reached up and unzipped my pants. Then she unbuttoned my jeans so that they hung open in front of me. Before continuing, Tiffany moved aside to make sure that she was not blocking anyone's view. She wanted everyone in the classroom to watch me lose my pants.

Then a guy yelled out, "Look, I can see her pussy hair!"

Tiffany added, "Well, you sure can," and then Tiffany began combing her long red fingernails through the little patch of girl-fur that was exposed above the elastic waistband of my skimpy white cotton panties.

I was mortified as the football players held me in place while the rest of the class watched Tiffany play with the little bit of pussy hair that had escaped from my skimpy undies. Then Mrs. Ashford urged Tiffany to continue with the task at hand, so Tiffany moved her hands to my sides and placed her thumbs deep into the waistband of my tight jeans. As Tiffany ever so slowly slid my pants down, I sensed that something was terribly wrong. Unfortunately, it wasn't until my pants reached mid-thigh before I figured out what Tiffany was doing to me, right in front of all my classmates.

I began screaming, "Stop Tiffany, stop! You're pulling my panties down, too," but Tiffany didn't bother to stop until my pants were completely removed from my legs.

Then Tiffany saw my little undies entangled within my jeans and she sarcastically said, "Oh dear, Amy. You were right. I did accidentally pull your underpants off," and then she giggled as she stepped back so that everyone in the classroom could see my light brown pussy hair.

I was mortified. All I had on was my little bra and I was being held in front of the class with my neatly trimmed hairy triangle out in the open for everyone to see.

Thankfully, Mrs. Ashford came to my rescue and said, "Tiffany, please put Amy's panties back on her immediately."

Tiffany said, "But Mrs. Ashford, if giving a presentation in your underwear is an effective cure for shyness, then wouldn't it be twice as effective if she gave her presentation in the nude?"

Mrs. Ashford sat there for a while pondering the question as she stared at my nearly naked body. Unfortunately, the entire class was staring at my nearly naked body, too. While Mrs. Ashford took her time making a decision, my smooth legs, soft pussy hair and flat tummy remained exposed for all of my classmates to carefully examine. I was totally humiliated and I thought that things couldn't get any worse, but they did.

After what seemed like forever, Mrs. Ashford finally replied, "Well, I suppose you're right, Tiffany. Go ahead and remove Amy's bra, too."

I was still held tight by Chip and Doug as I begged, "No, Tiffany. Please don't take my bra off. I'll be completely naked," but everyone else in the classroom started yelling, "Yes! Go for it," so Tiffany gave me an evil grin and unhooked my bra.

She slipped my bra off and I was now totally nude in front of the entire class. I could feel the eyes of my classmates scanning every inch of my soft tanned skin as I was held in place and forced to let them study my bare body. It was truly the most embarrassing moment of my life!

Tiffany reached out, squeezed my full firm breasts and said, "Wow, they're even bigger than I thought they'd be."

Next Tiffany tweaked my nipples and said, "You've got some nice pink puffies, too!"

Tiffany began making soft circles with her fingertips over my delicate pink nipples, which really embarrassed me because she giggled and said, "Look everybody. Amy must like it when I touch her titties because her nipples are poking out nice and hard," and then Tiffany stepped aside, pointed at my nipples and emphasized, "See?"

Everyone sat in silence for a moment, gazing at my bare breasts and hard nipples, and then one of the guys in the class yelled, "Touch her pussy!"

Tiffany looked me in the eyes, smiled, and then she began sliding her hand down the front of my bare body. Her fingers softly caressed my flat tummy before pausing momentarily to gently tickle my belly-button. Finally, Tiffany's fingers reached the light brown curly hair between my legs.

There was silence in the classroom as Tiffany slowly raked her long red fingernails through my exposed pussy hair. I assumed that Tiffany's goal was to playfully humiliate me, but I started getting extremely nervous because each time Tiffany's hand made a downward motion, her fingers reached further between my legs. My body shuttered when her fingertip finally made contact with my pleasure place. Tiffany managed to elevate my humiliation to an even higher level by splitting my pink pussy lips with her finger and rubbing back and forth. She even massaged my little clitty, which sent chills of delight throughout my body.

Then Tiffany looked up at me and loudly stated, "You must really like this because you sure are getting wet down here, Amy!"

My face turned crimson red because now the whole class knew that Tiffany was actually getting me excited. I took a deep breath the next time Tiffany reached between my legs because it appeared that she intended to slide her finger into my wet waiting pussy.

However, Mrs. Ashford stopped her by commanding, "That's enough, Tiffany. Everybody take a seat and let Amy get up on the desk so she can read her report."

I squealed, "Up on the desk! Why do I have to get up on the desk?"

Mrs. Ashford said, "Because you're short and I want to make sure everyone can see you. Do you need Chip and Doug to help you get up there?"

Not wanting those guys touching my naked body again, I quickly said, "No, I can do it myself."

I turned away from the class and placed one knee up on the desk while my other foot remained flat on the floor. This put me in an awkward position because I was bent over with my butt sticking out and my legs spread. I looked over my shoulder and saw the boy in the front row gawking at me. A wave of humiliation flowed through my body because I knew that the boy could see everything I had to offer.

Pulling myself up onto the desk left me elevated on my hands and knees at the front of the classroom with my bare ass pointed right at my classmates. In my vulnerable position, they could even see my pink pussy lips from behind. There were snickers and catcalls from both the guys and the girls as I finally rose to my feet and faced the class.

I put one hand over my hairy triangle and held my paper in front of my breasts, but Mrs. Ashford said, "Hold your paper up higher and put your free hand at your side."

From the expression on her face, Mrs. Ashford looked like she was enjoying the sight of my nude body just as much as my classmates were. My medium sized breasts, puffy pink nipples and sandy brown bush were now all completely exposed to everyone in the classroom, but I still couldn't speak. I kept thinking about the boy in the front row that was looking right up between my legs and gawking at my bare pussy lips.

Mrs. Ashford said to me, "Class ends in a minute. If you don't finish your report, we'll have to do this again tomorrow."

Then I looked to my left and noticed that the door leading to the hallway was wide open. I was so nervous that my paper started shaking, which made it even harder for me to read. Unfortunately, I only managed to mumble two sentences before the bell rang. In no time, the hallway filled with students and my classmates quickly crowded around the desk, making it impossible for me to get down.

There were guys all around me. As I stood on the desk directly in front of them, my bare butt and light brown pussy hair were right at their eye level. It allowed the boys to thoroughly examine the most private and intimate places on my young tight body.

More students began filing into the room for the next class as a crowd gathered in the hallway to get a glimpse of me standing there naked on the desk at the front of the classroom. The boys started touching my bare flesh, tickling my butt crack and running their fingers through the soft curly hair between my legs, and I was powerless to stop them. I looked to Mrs. Ashford for help, but she just sat back and smiled as if she was amused by the whole situation. Tiffany was standing next to Mrs. Ashford and she had a look of superiority on her face as she watched me suffer the humiliation of being naked in school.

I panicked and started screaming, "Mom! Mom! Help me mom! Please help me mom!"

My bedroom light came on and my mom rushed into my room. I threw my blanket off and my thin T-shirt was drenched with my cold sweat. My mom sat on my bed and put her arm around me.

She asked, "Another one of those dreams, huh?"

I said, "It wasn't a dream. It was a nightmare!"

She said, "Are you sure? It looks like you were dreaming about boys. Your nipples are poking out and there's a wet spot on your underpants."

I blushed and said, "Stop it, mom. You're embarrassing me!"

My mom hugged me and crawled into my bed next to me. We cuddled until I fell asleep in the safety of my mother's arms.

Before I left for school the following day, my mom suggested that I talk to someone about my nightmares. I was totally against the idea, but my mom insisted. My mom has always been very good to me so I decided to honor her wishes and talk to a therapist.

The following evening, my mom found a doctor in a social network on the Internet. There was a picture of the man wearing a lab coat in front of what appeared to be a hospital and that was enough to convince my naïve mother that the man was a legitimate doctor.

I said, "Really, mom...you expect me to talk to a doctor that you found in a social network?"

My mom replied, "I can't ignore the fact that you keep having dreams about being stripped by your classmates, rendering you helplessly naked in school. Besides, the doctor is very good looking!"

Against my better judgment, I agreed to talk to the psychologist. Unfortunately, I had no idea that the doctor was going to make my dreams a reality!

Part 2: My Naked and Humiliated Mother

I love my mother, but she has lower self-worth than I do. My mom has been pushed around by men all her life, beginning with her stepfather. My mother tells stories of how her stepfather spanked her bare bottom for misbehaving as her stepbrothers watched. My mom even received bare-assed spankings while her stepbrothers paraded their friends from school through the house. This made my mom the laughingstock of her high school.

The abuse continued for my mother after she got married. I was the product of a teenaged pregnancy. When my mom was in her twenties, my father began blaming my mother for tying him down and ruining his life. My father never hit my mother, but he sought his revenge by publicly humiliating her, which in my opinion was even worse.

It all started one night when my dad's drinking buddies came over to our trailer home. My dad told my mom to serve his friends their drinks, but she refused. This made my father angry. Then one of my dad's friends said that if his wife stood up to him the way my mother stood up to my father, he would force his wife to serve the drinks topless.

My father got a gleam in his eyes and told my mother to remove her shirt. When she refused, my father demanded that she take her shirt off or he would kick her out of the house. I remember hearing my mother beg him not to make her bare her breasts to his friends, but with the threat of being homeless with a child, my mom gave in and slipped her shirt off. Then my mom removed her bra, but held her hands over her bare breasts in an attempt to hide them from my dad's drinking buddies.

I couldn't resist opening my bedroom door a little bit so I could see what was going on. My dad seemed to really enjoy watching my mom work as a topless waitress. She was red-faced with embarrassment as she tried to hide her bare boobs with one hand while serving drinks with the other. Unfortunately, my mom's breasts were too big for just one hand and they spilled out into the open for everyone to see.

After everybody left, I silently sat in my bedroom and waited to hear what was going to happen next. I expected an argument, but my dad told my mom that he was never so proud of her. He said that my mom made him feel like a king the way she showed off for his friends. It was a thrill for my father to watch his friends get so excited from seeing my mother's perfect breasts. Then my mom and dad disappeared into their bedroom and I heard the bedsprings squeaking for quite a while.

My dad's friends began dropping by every Friday night. My mother appeared to tolerate being a topless waitress in order to make my father happy, but after a while, watching my mother bare her breasts to his drinking buddies didn't thrill my dad as much as it did in the beginning. My father determined that he needed to increase my mother's level of humiliation in order for him to get as excited as he did the first time he watched my mom appear as a topless waitress.

The following Friday night, my dad gave my mom some new bikini bottoms to wear instead of jeans. My mom put them on, but after she looked at herself in the mirror, she told my father that she couldn't go through with it.

My mom said, "You can't expect me to wear these in front of your friends. The front is so small that my pussy hair is peeking out and it barely covers my butt in back. I don't even think I could wear these to the beach."

This infuriated my father and he demanded that my mother wear the bikini bottoms...and only the bikini bottoms when she served drinks. A heated argument ensued, which ended with my mother complying with my father's request. My mom was mortified to be in a room filled with men while wearing practically nothing.

To make matters worse, as my mother had her hands full delivering drinks, the men would untie one side of her string bikini bottoms. On several occasions, my mom flashed part of her butt crack or partially exposed her pussy hair to the men, but she always managed to catch her bikini bottoms before they fell all the way off. My mortified mom looked to my father for help, but my dad just stood in the background with a big smile on his face while offering no assistance at all.

If that wasn't bad enough, after a month or so of watching my mother struggle to keep her bikini bottoms on in a room full of men, my father found something even more revealing for my mother to wear. My dad forced my mom to perform her waitress duties clad only in a pair of tiny see-through panties. The panties were so small that some of her butt crack hung out in back and the material was so sheer that the men could see her hairy triangle showing through the front of the veil-thin panties.

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