tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmy and the Doctor Ch. 10-14

Amy and the Doctor Ch. 10-14


It was well past noon and I was still lying in bed with my T-shirt up above my breasts and my panties down around my ankles. After my mom caught me furiously pumping my finger in and out of my tight young pussy, I was too embarrassed to get up and face her. Then I heard the front door open and close. Assuming that my mother left our mobile home to run an errand, I finally dragged myself out of bed.

I kicked off my panties and pulled my short T-shirt down. When I looked in the mirror, I saw that half of my light brown pussy hair was showing in front and I could feel that half of my smooth firm butt was hanging out in back. I could also see my pert pink nipples poking out in front of the pale blue T-shirt, but I was home alone so I really didn't care.

I headed for the kitchen to make myself something to eat, but when I passed by the living room window, I saw a disturbing sight. My mom didn't actually go anywhere. She merely ventured out to retrieve the mail. The disturbing part was that my mom was still wearing her nightgown and she wasn't wearing anything underneath it!

Even though the nightgown went down to her knees, it was still very revealing because it was made of a pink see-through material. It also had spaghetti straps and a deep V-neck that showed plenty of cleavage. My mother's round rosy nipples were visible through the thin fabric and her light brown bush was prominently displayed through the veil thin material below.

As I watched my mother prancing around half naked in broad daylight, I asked myself, "Why is she checking the mail? There's no mail on Sunday!"

Then I saw Mr. Grover approaching from across the street and I wanted to yell out, "Quick mom, turn around. Mr. Grover is coming and he'll see you in your nightgown."

Unfortunately, Mr. Grover said hello to my mother before could I even open the door. At first I thought my mom was embarrassed, but as it turned out my exhibitionist mother didn't seem to care at all. She apologized to Mr. Grover for the way she was dressed, but her nervous smile didn't fool me.

While my mom apologized to Mr. Grover, she emphasized what she was apologizing for. She pointed out how her nipples showed through the top of her flimsy nightgown and she drew attention to the way her hairy triangle was visible beneath the sheer material. My mom even demonstrated how easily the spaghetti straps can fall down, and then she bent over and shook her top, nearly exposing her bare breasts to the man in the process.

I was certain that my mother was actually enjoying the way Mr. Grover was shamelessly gawking at her. While Mr. Grover sipped from his can of beer and exchanged small talk with my mom, he frequently glanced down at my mom's full firm breasts and neatly trimmed bush, which were easy see as the sunlight shined through my mother's practically transparent gown.

Due to an unexpected teenaged pregnancy, my mom is very young for having an eighteen year old daughter. I've always felt that my mother is beautiful and she has a great body. Many people have even commented that my thirty-four year old mom actually looks more like a sister to me than a mother. I guess that's why she loves to flaunt it.

When Mrs. Grover saw her husband talking to my mother, she came out to join them by the mailbox. Mrs. Grover was carrying a couple of beers and she was wearing a short white T-shirt with "Bad Girl" written across the front of it. From the way her medium-sized breasts bounced around as she crossed the street, it was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. Mrs. Grover handed my mother a beer so it appeared that they were going to stand outside and party for a while.

Mr. Grover is in his mid-forties, but his wife, Gloria, is only thirty years old. She's a hair stylist and they've only been married for a few months. I didn't know much about her, but I quickly discovered that the stunning brunette shared my mom's zest for exhibitionism.

It was obvious that Mrs. Grover wanted to compete with my mother for Mr. Grover's attention because Mrs. Grover's small T-shirt stopped right at the bottom of her pleasure place. I was curious as to whether or not she was wearing anything underneath it. I figured the shirt was riding too high on her thighs for shorts, so the question was whether she was wearing panties or going commando in public.

Soon a car went by and blew Mrs. Grover's short T-shirt up, exposing a pair of black G-string style panties to the occupant of the car. I would have expected Mrs. Grover to feel embarrassed and quickly push her T-shirt down. However, when the driver beeped his horn, both Mrs. Grover and my mother shamelessly waved to the man.

First I looked at Mrs. Grover, who was standing outside drinking a beer and clad in only a small white T-shirt with a black G-string. Then I looked at my mother, who was also drinking a beer, and she was dressed in a see-through nightgown with nothing on underneath it. Since I have such a fear of showing my body in public, it was hard for me to watch the two women standing on the side of the street wearing practically nothing at all.

Watching the two women became simply unbearable when I saw Mrs. Grover lift her T-shirt and begin talking about how tiny her panties were. It appeared that Mrs. Grover was explaining to my mother how she had to trim her pussy hair very short in order to wear the skimpy G-string. Then, to emphasize her point, Mrs. Grover boldly pulled her panties all the way down to her knees. She wanted to show my mom how she had just finished shaving her pussy so nice and clean. Mrs. Grover even asked my mother to feel how smooth it was.

When my mom accepted and reached down to put her hand between Mrs. Grover's legs, I said to myself, "That's all I can take. These women give trailer park girls a bad name!"

I went into the kitchen and ate a bowl of cereal. When I was finished, I put my bowl in the dishwasher and headed for my bedroom to get dressed. Then I heard a car door slam and I couldn't help peeking outside to see what was going on. When I cracked open the front door, I saw Doctor Hefferton's car in the driveway. What I didn't see was my mom right there on the doorstep. She quickly grabbed my wrists and pulled me outside.

My mom excitedly said, "We're going over to the Grover's house right now. Gloria is going to style her sister's hair, so she offered to cut and style our hair, too...for free!"

As the door to our trailer closed behind me, I yelped, "I can't go over there. I don't have any pants on. I don't even have any panties on!"

My mom responded, "That's okay. It's just Mr. Grover and Doctor Hefferton, and they've already seen you naked."

As my mom dragged me into the street, I attempted to explain that displaying my body to the men was not okay with me. Unfortunately, I couldn't put up much of a fight because I was too busy trying to pull my shirt down and cover my pussy. Then I spied those neighborhood boys riding their bikes down the street. I figured it was better to be half naked in Mrs. Grover's trailer than to be half naked in front of the boys. We hurried into the Grover's mobile home, but I soon learned that when I'm in public with Doctor Hefferton, hiding my nude body is not an option!

Amy and the Doctor - Part 11 by Mindy Sparks

When my mother and I arrived at the Grover's mobile home, Mrs. Grover graciously greeted us at the door and ushered us into the kitchen. Mr. Grover and Doctor Hefferton were seated at the kitchen table and as I entered the room, their eyes became glued to my short T-shirt. Since I was naked underneath the shirt, I held it down in an attempt to hide my light brown bush from the men. I took a seat at the table with the men, but my hands were in my lap as I continued tugging on my short T-shirt.

Doctor Hefferton pointed to my hands and asked, "What are you trying to hide down there, Amy?"

I began to blush and Mr. Grover added, "You don't have to be embarrassed around us. After all, we've already seen you naked."

That statement made my face turn crimson red, but I was really mortified when Mrs. Grover said, "I heard you had quite a day yesterday. You were naked in a convenience store and naked in a crowded parking lot. Then you went for a nude car ride and ended up in front of your own trailer without any clothes on. That would have been too much nudity for me...and I'm a girl that likes showing off! Since you're terrified of being naked in public, it must have been pretty horrific for you."

I said, "It was extremely horrific!"

Doctor Hefferton commented, "And I heard you had another one of your naked-in-pubic nightmares, too."

I started to say, "Yeah...no thanks to you," but my mom jumped in and said, "Yes she did and this time she ended up masturbating until she gave herself an orgasm. It was so cute watching Amy push her finger in and out of her little pussy. Her T-shirt was up over her breasts and her panties were down around her ankles, and she was just going to town on that little beaver of hers. Amy was even pulling on her nipples while she masturbated."

Mrs. Grover said, "Oh Amy, it sounds like you were just adorable! I wish I could have been there to see it."

The expressions on the men's faces showed that they wished they could have seen it, too, which really embarrassed me.

Feeling humiliated, I covered my face and mumbled, "Can't I have any secrets?"

Mr. Grover laughed and answered, "Not when you're naked in public!"

Sensing my discomfort, Mrs. Grover diverted, "Well, enough about Amy. We should get started on your hair, Debra."

My mom said, "Okay," and then she stepped in front of the kitchen sink.

Mrs. Grover asked, "Do you need another beer Doctor Hefferton?"

Doctor Hefferton replied, "Yes I could use one, and please call me Bob."

Mrs. Grover opened the refrigerator and bent over to grab a beer from the bottom shelf. When she bent over, her short T-shirt rode up and the men could see that fabulous toned ass of hers. Mrs. Grover was still wearing her G-string, but the string got swallowed up inside her butt crack so it appeared as if she wasn't wearing any panties at all. I couldn't believe that Mrs. Grover had just met Doctor Hefferton a few minutes ago and she was already displaying her nearly naked ass to him!

My mom was leaning over the kitchen sink and Mrs. Grover bent over to wash my mom's hair. It was easy to see my mom's bare butt through the super sheer material of her nightgown, and once again Mrs. Grover's nearly naked ass was showing, too. Everyone appeared to loosen up as the beer continued to flow and Doctor Hefferton began comparing the women's butts.

That prompted Mr. Grover to declare, "My wife has the best butt in the trailer park," and then he hooked his finger around his wife's G-string and pulled it down.

Mrs. Grover yelled, "Dennis! Stop that," and then she bent down to pull her panties up.

She bent over with her legs straight and pointed her bare ass right at the men, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Then she pulled the G-string up and went back to washing my mom's hair. As Mrs. Grover bent over the sink, Doctor Hefferton motioned for Mr. Grover to pull the G-string down again. He obliged, but this time Mrs. Grover didn't pull her panties back up.

Mrs. Grover simply scooped the tiny G-string up with her toe and said, "If you want my G-string so bad, then you can have it," and then she kicked the G-string in Doctor Hefferton's direction.

The men laughed as Mrs. Grover returned to the sink. Then she bent over to rinse my mother's hair, but when her short T-shirt rode up this time, her totally bare butt was put on view for the men to enjoy. Mr. Grover appeared proud of his wife's fine ass while Doctor Hefferton carefully studied every inch of it. Then Mrs. Grover finished washing my mom's hair and the two women stepped over to a tall bar stool positioned next to the kitchen table.

As my mom stood in front of the bar stool, the sunlight from the window shined right through her see-through nightgown. The veil-thin material of the gown practically provided the men with an unobstructed view of my mom's full firm breasts and neatly-trimmed bush. It was obvious that the men were gawking at my mom's state of undress, but she just stood there and boldly let them look.

Mrs. Grover spread her hair tools out across the kitchen table, and then my mom finally took a seat on the tall bar stool. When Mrs. Grover reached up to begin trimming my mother's hair, her short T-shirt rode up with her arms. The men, especially Doctor Hefferton, were on the edge of their seats anticipating the moment when Mrs. Grover would have to reach all the way up, forcing her to expose her pussy to the men.

Little by little Mrs. Grover's hands climbed upward as she snipped my mother's hair. The hem of her short T-shirt slowly followed as it rose up higher and higher in front of her. Mrs. Grover was well aware of what was about to happen and she couldn't help smiling about it. Then Mrs. Grover finally reached all the way up to cut the top of my mother's hair causing her T-shirt to lift up above her pussy.

Doctor Hefferton gasped when he saw Mrs. Grover's pretty pussy. I guess he didn't expect to see such a smooth clean-shaven pussy. Doctor Hefferton almost looked shocked by the sight of her bald beaver. Mrs. Grover chuckled when she saw Doctor Hefferton's eyes popping out of his head and it distracted her so much that she dropped her comb.

Before Mrs. Grover bent over to retrieve the comb, she made sure her legs were slightly spread apart. Then she slowly bent over with her legs straight. Mrs. Grover had to bend over so far that her pretty pink pussy lips were visible from behind. Mrs. Grover remained in that position for a while, giving the men a nice long look at her bare ass and silky smooth snatch. Then she stood up and looked over her shoulder. Mrs. Grover flashed a big smile at the men before moving next to my mom and finishing her hair.

As my mom stood up to leave the chair, the front door opened and Mrs. Grover's sister entered. Unfortunately for me, her sister was followed by her husband and son.

I muttered, "Oh great...there's more men here to look at me."

Doctor Hefferton leaned over and said, "You should embrace this moment. It's good therapy for you."

I wanted to tell Doctor Hefferton where he could shove his therapy, but I bit my tongue and concentrated on holding my short T-shirt down to protect my bare pussy.

Mrs. Grover introduced the new arrivals as Bill and Linda Parker, and their son's name was Brian. My mom reached out and shook the man's hand, as if it was no big deal to meet someone for the first time while wearing a see-through nightgown. My mom shook the man's hand so hard that the spaghetti strap on her nightgown slid down her arm and one of her boobs popped out right in front of them. My mom even acted as if she didn't realize her boob was exposed as she continued shaking the man's hand, causing her firm breast to bounce in the process.

Mrs. Grover finally said, "Debra, your tit's showing," and then she reached out and pushed my mom's strap back up.

My mom faked embarrassment, but I knew for a fact that she was just showing off for the handsome man. Mr. Parker acted mature as he only glanced casually at my mom's figure, but Brian outright gawked at my mom's nearly naked body. The boy couldn't take his eyes off my mom as he stared intensely at her titties, hoping they would fall out of her flimsy top again.

Mrs. Parker finally slapped Brian on the side of the head and said, "It's not polite to stare, Brian!"

As Brian turned away in shame, my mom said, "I'm so sorry, Linda. If I'd have known you were bringing your son, I would have worn something more appropriate. Maybe I should put something else on."

Mrs. Parker replied, "No, that's okay. I just don't understand why eighteen year old boys are so obsessed with naked women."

Mr. Grover laughed and said, "Yeah...eighteen year old boys are the only ones obsessed with naked women," and then the rest of the men laughed, too.

As Mr. Parker sat down in the last available kitchen chair, my mom said, "Brian, I have an eighteen year old daughter," and then she turned to me and said, "Amy, come over here and meet Brian."

I shrieked, "Come over there! Mom, you know I don't have any pants on!"

Brian excitedly said, "She doesn't have any pants on?"

My mom smiled and replied, "No, and she doesn't have any panties on either. In fact she's not wearing anything under the little T-shirt she has on so try not to stare at her. She gets embarrassed easily."

Brian's could barely contain himself as he said, "Wow...she's naked under her T-shirt! I mean...um, no, I won't stare, I promise."

Then my mom demanded, "Come on Amy. We're waiting."

I asked, "Do I have to?"

Mrs. Parker said, "There's no point in humiliating the young girl," but my mom countered, "She's not going to be rude and defy me like this. I'll drag her over here if I have to."

When it appeared that my mom was becoming angry with me, I gave in and went over to meet Brian. I nervously stood up and carefully held the front of my shirt down with my left hand while I shook the boys hand with my right. I could feel the cool breeze against my bare butt and I blushed because the men seated behind me had a clear view of my bare ass.

Mrs. Parker said, "Well look at her. She's cute, isn't she Brian?"

Brian mumbled, "Very cute," but I don't think he even looked at my face.

Then I heard Mr. Parker say, "Like mother, like daughter," in reference to my bare behind.

It really embarrassed me so I quickly sat back down in my chair.

Mrs. Parker told Brian, "I know how you hate watching women get their hair done, so you can sit in the living room and watch TV."

Brian replied, "No, that's okay. I don't mind waiting in the kitchen."

Mrs. Parker joked, "You don't mind waiting in the kitchen because Amy's in there, right?"

Brian didn't respond to his mother. He just smiled at me, which made my face turn an even darker shade of red.

My mom looked around the kitchen and said, "There's no chairs left."

Doctor Hefferton said, "That's okay. You can sit right here," and then he pulled my partially dressed mom down on his lap.

Then my mom asked, "But where will Brian sit?"

Brian replied, "Don't worry about me. I'll sit right here on the floor."

Brian knew exactly what he was doing when he took a seat on the floor next to me. The adults in the room were well aware the boy's intentions, too. They could see that Brian had positioned himself perfectly so that he was eye-level to my pussy. It made me feel uncomfortable because I had to be very careful about keeping my pussy hair covered. Doctor Hefferton and my mom sensed my discomfort with the situation, but all they did was smile at me as they opened a couple cans of beer.

Luckily, Mrs. Parker wanted to be the next girl to get her hair done, but I got really nervous when I thought about how I would have to stand up in front of Brian. He was sitting on the floor and he knew that I didn't have anything on underneath my super short T-shirt. Brian was tall and cute, and he was obviously an athlete because of his muscular build. However, that didn't mean I wanted to jump up and flash my naked body at him.

Brian knew that he would be able to see everything I had to offer when I stood up and he couldn't wait for that moment to arrive. Since I was bottomless, there was no way I would be able to hide my butt and bush from the boy, and he kept smiling in my direction to let me know that he was paying close attention to my predicament. I nervously smiled back at Brian, which seemed to excite him even more. The tension between us was growing stronger by the minute because we both knew that I was going to be forced to flash my naked body for him very soon!

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