Amy Ch. 02

byParis Waterman©

They'd left the party early, staying long enough to have several drinks and to mingle with their classmates for the last time. Now, in the confines of Darren's Buick LeSabere, Amy looked at Darren contemplatively. He was tall, 6'2" and had the muscular physique of an all-star football player, which he was. His curly dark brown hair, including a beard and Fu Manchu mustache, framed a very handsome young face as he maneuvered the Buick into a darkened parking space and shut off the engine. The radio stayed on, playing a series of Prince's hits. Amy shifted her body, closer to him. Darren's arm went around her shoulder.

After a few preliminary non-tongue kisses, Darren wriggled and squirmed until he joined Amy on the passenger side.

"Do I have to get you home early? Like before two?" He asked quietly.

"No rush," Amy replied. "My Mom's asleep by now and it's my last night before leaving for New York."

"Yeah," Darren sighed. And I'm off to Syracuse in two weeks. Will I ever see you again?"

"Of course you will silly, for sure I'll send you tickets to see me on Broadway."

He groaned.

"And for sure I'll be home to visit; maybe you'll be here too. Like summer vacation."

She allowed her eyes to drink in his handsome features and smugly reassured herself that he was the best looking stud in school, and she had him eating out of her hand. Amy recalled the looks that Shannon and Terry had given her when she went out to dance with Darren earlier. He hadn't looked at either of them, and Terry's tits were almost hanging out of her gown. She smiled inwardly, and reached out to caress Darren's face, thinking, I'll bet that when Shannon left with Jackie Simmons, she couldn't wait to put out for him.

Amy knew Darren was getting hard now because he was squirming more than ever, and with a studied casualness, she brought her face mere inches from his and then kissed him passionately. As their tongues danced in a familiar, comfortable pattern, she reveled in past memories with him. Junior year, their first date, and the furtive way he'd cupped her left breast. Homecoming Queen Night, after the football game which he'd scored four touchdowns in routing their arch rival Quincy High. She had touched his penis as the car pulled up to her house, and then gaily ran up the steps and closed the door in his face. He's so easy to control, she thought, still in the midst of a torrid kiss.

Moments later, Darren ended the kiss, and leaned back slightly, staring at her face as if for perhaps the last time. He observed the gloss on her swollen lips and committed it to memory. He sighed, and as if she had read his mind, she kissed him again, wetting his lips with her spittle, pressing her breasts hard against him; sucking on his upper lip; then his tongue was probing, thrusting and parrying on a pace with hers.

Amy was thinking that all this was about to end, and was overcome by a loneliness that surprised her and caused her to moan. At the sound of Amy's moan, Darren misinterpreted it for something else, and his hand moved without any hesitation swiftly to the scoop neckline of Amy's dress, and down into the tight confines of her bra.

Amy was momentarily confused. Her mind had been elsewhere, but the electric tingle that surged though her as his fingers caressed the flesh of her breast for the first time, brought her quickly back to reality. Frightened somewhat, but more excited than anything else, she realized that she was on automatic pilot in that part of her was moaning no, another screaming yes.

Now her mind was racing. She knew she could control him, but did she want to? Did she really want to stop him from going any further?

She reached a decision. Here, hidden in the evening moonlight, no one would ever know what she thought or what actually happened, and so she relaxed. Her hand went to the top of his head. His hair was soft and full and seemed to beckon her fingers to comb through and cling to.

Amy found herself breathing harder and faster.

Darren was staring down into her cleavage, smiled then licked his lips, which were suddenly very dry.

Amy leaned forward with her arms pinning her breasts together, trapping his hand on her breast.

"Amy," he croaked. "Please?"

She moaned in reply, and Darren took that for approval to go on, and his hand slid around under her gown until his fingernails touched the edge of her nipple and found it erect and buoyant to his touch. Darren still retained the presence of mind to distract her by running his moist tongue across her outer ear only to hear her moan aloud in a voice that seemed strangely detached.

Indeed, Amy wondered if it were hers. Am I letting him do this, or is he in control now? she wondered, then decided she really didn't care. Shannon and Terry told me they were getting laid tonight, the least I can do is to let Darren touch me a little and maybe, just maybe I'll do something nasty to him in return.

"Yes, oh please yes." She groaned in order to signal her lowered resistance.

Darren nuzzled her neck, and as Amy groaned with delight, she moved her head allowing him better access. He lick-kissed his way from her ear to the hollow of her shoulder then back up again, in time to her quiet moans. All the while teasing that nipple, feeling it grow turgid under his fingers. She was breathing faster, now, murmuring unintelligible words.

His hand moved across the curve of her breast, and Amy asked him to stop for just a moment, and he sighed, signaling defeat. He'd been expecting this. They'd never gone this far before. And so he couldn't believe what he heard next.

"No, I don't want you to stop. I really like what you're doing. I need to open my dress or we'll tear it." She said, revealing her sexual anxiety to both of them.

"Sure," he responded quickly, as he pulled back from her, his hopes soaring. Quickly Amy loosened the back of her dress, undid the hidden bra beneath it. Her breasts surged free, and Darren cupped one in his large hand and kissed the stiff nipple.

"Ummmmm," he moaned.

"Do you like them,' Amy asked, confident in her body, but still fearful of rejection. He'd never gotten this far before and she had nothing to measure a man's liking for her breasts, except for the countless stares she'd received over the last four years.

"They're wonderful Amy. And so are you," he said gently, and with one arm he drew her to him, leaving the other free to roam up and down her side, trailing over her lap and down her thigh to her knee and up again, lightly brushing against her breast, then squeezing it hard.

Amy moaned.

"Did I hurt you?" Darren inquired with genuine concern.

"No. No, it felt fine. I like it. Please... do it some more."


She responded hazily. "Ummm?" She'd just convinced herself to touch him there, and her arm halted in mid-movement.

"Let's get into the back seat. We can be more comfy there." Darren said, and she found his voice tinged with a sexy huskiness that was irresistible.

"Mmm, okay," she murmured, and crawled gracefully over the seat, and in the process provided Darren with a clear view of her thong-pantied crotch. Without any delay, he vaulted over the seat and onto her, causing both to laugh with a combination of lust and youthful embarrassment.

As he straightened himself out, Amy's searching hand found him, and cautiously applied light pressure along the side of his cock. It jerked in response to her touch, and she heard him groan. Amy felt almost giddy with power, and as she continued to slowly caress him, she noticed a wet spot forming on his crotch and smiled to herself. I did that, she thought intuitively. I did that.

"Oh, God," he groaned.

"What?" Amy asked, knowing the answer.

"I... I'm so sorry Amy."

"What is it Darren?"

"I... umm, came when you touched me like that."

She had never heard him sound so sad before, and wanted desperately to comfort him.

"Well... it'll get hard again won't it?"

"We're not finished? You're not angry?"

"No you big dufus, come here and take this," she said, holding her breast out to him.

He found her nipple, and his mouth closed on it, sucking it ever so gently.

"Darren?" She said dreamily, while his lips provided her with a gratifying delight that was much more than she had anticipated. Why, she told herself, this is almost as nice as when I touch myself down there.

"Hmm," he murmured, not wanting to leave her tit.

"Will you be getting hard soon?" She asked, wanting to touch his silken shaft once more.

I hope it does, she thought, how can it be so hard and yet so delicate to the touch? Her mind raced ahead, Shannon took Casey Farrell in her mouth last month, at least that's what she told Tina, and she said it was nasty, filthy nasty, when he came, but before then it was wonderful. I wonder if I should...

Her reverie was aborted at this point, as Darren released her breast for an instant, he replied, "Oh yeah. Soon, very soon. Just keep on like that.


"Maybe what?"

"Maybe... you could play with it some?" And he resumed his licking and sucking.

Amy thought about his request, but didn't act upon it.

I can't believe I'm doing this, Darren told himself. But, it feels too good to stop.

For her part, Amy moaned contentedly at the wonderful feeling surging through her breast. And she recalled the wonderful feeling of his thingy, earlier, and then it was still in the confines of his pants. With a zest that surprised her, Amy carefully searched for Darren's zipper, and finding it, carefully pulled it down, and pried his cock out. She found herself amazed at its soft, pliant quality, and silky texture which came as a very pleasant surprise. Amy suddenly found herself living her earlier reverie as a strong desire to take him in her mouth formed, and she had to call on all her willpower to fight the urge to do it.

Later, she promised herself, later.

"Christ, Amy, I can't believe you're touching me," Darren said, his voice cracking as he imagined things that seemed impossible only minutes earlier.

"It's so cute, your little thingy is darling. I never thought it would be like this, I... I thought it'd be long and hard."

"Keep that up and it will be," he laughed weakly. Then inspired by Amy's boldness, his fingers walked across her belly, found her center and pressed in. Darren could feel the scratchy lace of her panties and beyond it, the hot heat of her mound. He put his thumb over her clit and pressed gently.

Amy convulsed, and squeezed his cock.

"OH!" She cried out while writhing with pleasure. Darren was the first to touch her there! Fearing to say the words themselves, she laughed giddily, hoping to encourage him to go further.

"I can't stop touching you," he whispered, before licking her distended nipple once again.

"So don't stop," she sighed, feeling relaxed in his arms, except that her grip around his cock grew firmer as his member swelled in her grip. "You're making me all wet," she murmured in his ear, and found herself surprised to be telling him this, oh, so private intimacy.

"Just getting even," he whispered in her ear, before tonguing her lobe.

"I can't believe this..." Amy sighed. "It's so... fun."

"This is the greatest night of my life Amy," he said, and groaned as she squeezed his cock once, and then began to slowly masturbate him.

"Is this... is this the way?"

"Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!"

They kissed -- her hand kept up its slow, but steady pumping. She felt flushed from head to toe. The heat was upon her.

"Kiss me again," she pleaded, stretching her body against him, still grasping him tightly. He kissed her again.

"That feels wonderful," she said in a bright voice, "There's nothing like kissing."

"Especially when you're lucky enough to kiss lips like yours," Darren added.

"Thank you," she giggled, with the compliment, and brought him into another kiss.

Darren moved his hands over her ribcage. The feeling Amy got from his hands sent shudders through her body. She began to whimper, and her body shook. Darren felt the sharpness of her teeth biting into his shoulder.

"Are you cold Amy?" A suddenly sensitive Darren asked, suppressing a groan.

She fell slack, and rolled her head softly on his shoulder, and kissed the bite mark  then stared out the window at the moon peeking between the trees. It filtered into the backseat providing sufficient light for them to see one another.

"On the contrary," she replied. "I'm awfully hot. Can't you feel it?"

"Oh, yeah... I'm there. I'm feelin' it for sure. I'm not dreaming." Darren's hand trembled, and found her.

"Oh, my God," Amy gasped, realizing Darren was rubbing her soft, pink labia through the satin of her thonged panties. She was so hot, and she was sure her panties were soaked. She couldn't understand how turned on she was just from kissing. Well, not just kissing, she reminded herself. I am jerking him off, and he's playing with my puss-puss.

Darren pushed her panties to one side, and slid a solitary finger into her. He was surprised with the ease of its penetration, for it slipped in up to the first knuckle. He'd never done this before. Amy's was the first pussy he'd ever touched. He'd never even seen one other than in pictures and X-rated movies. He hadn't really seen hers yet, but he sure as hell was touching it.

"Uh-uh," she said, seizing his hand and holding it still. "I'm a virgin, Darren. Go in too far and you might break my hymen."

"Can't I touch you there?"

"Sure, just don't go poking around in there. You were just in as far as I want you to be." She shifted her hips, and closed the opening between her legs.

A strange but pleasant feeling swept over her at that moment, causing her to relax and allow her thighs to part enough for his hand, or to be precise, his finger to resume its exploration. And when his thumb accidentally brushed over her now extended clit, she had a mini-orgasm.

That wonderful thrill prompted Amy to move forward in her newly desired quest for sexual satisfaction. "Why don't you kiss me there, and I'll kiss your thingy?"

My God! Did I really say that? She asked herself a second later.

"Deal," he said quickly, he'd thought it was over.

"Wait, wait just a second," she said, and a strange huskiness entered her tone. Amy raised her hips, pulled her thong down to her lower thighs. Darren anxious to help, tugged them past her calves and released them when they were dangling from her right ankle.

Then, taking a deep breath, Darren changed his position so that his face was between her legs, and his legs lay alongside her head.

She looked at his 'thingy' for a moment; at the knobby tip poking out of her fist; then leaned down and touched her tongue to the hole in the tip, and was surprised by the taste of the fluid leaking from it.

Amy gasped with surprise, as Darren dipped his face into her wet nest, and not knowing exactly what was expected of him, nor what to expect himself, pretended he was in a pie eating contest, and stumbled upon the most assured way of providing pleasure to a woman though eating her out.

When his soft, warm lips descended upon her outer vaginal lips, Amy's pelvis lurched up as if jolted by a cattle prod. Her hips flew upward, almost dislodging Darren's face from her pussy, but he had been holding onto her rear end and managed to maintain his position through the wild writhing and twisting she went through, until she realized what he was doing would only get better and compelled herself to settle down.

Darren, ever concerned with Amy's well being, removed his mouth to ask, "Are you all right? I mean, did I do something terribly wrong?"

Amy had been poised to take his head into her mouth, but paused to answer him, delighted with his apparent concern...

"No darling," she said. It was the first time she had ever used the term with anyone, and realizing it, she paused before rushing on with, "I love what you're doing. Please go on, I really love it. It just... surprised me with how good it felt, and now I want to do you."

With that, she lowered her mouth upon his erection, and sucked on his purplish knob for a moment, watching carefully for his reaction. His long groan told her all she needed to know, and then removing him from between her lips, she left a series of kisses along the side of his cock, amusing herself by following a large purple vein to the base of his cock.

Darren shuddered under her touch, and for the first time Amy knew the real power a woman can hold over a man.

Amy found she was really enjoying this. He was so soft after coming earlier and now he's incredibly hard. What a wonderful thingy, she thought. I really should call it a prick, or a cock, she thought, and not a thingy.

"Mmmm, Darren?" She asked casually, although she was literally on fire down below.


"What do you call it?"


"No, silly, your thingy."

"Oh, I... err, you mean my cock. I call it my cock. But I also call it Henry."

"Henry?" She tried not to, but couldn't suppress a giggle.

"Every guy I know has a pet name for their, um, err, cock."

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh," she said, still giggling, but he noted she hadn't released his Henry.

"Some of my girlfriends have names for their... pussies too." Amy told him.

"Really?" Darren said, filing that tidbit away for the guys. Then with a lust he didn't know he possessed, he spread her labia apart, took a long look to satisfy his curiosity, and began to probe her with his tongue. This must be tongue fucking, he thought, and I like it, I really do, she has a kind of salty taste, but I like it, it's not at all nasty like the guys said it was.

Darren reveled in the sensations resulting from her tongue tickling the underside of his shaft, but was soon lost in the otherwise warm, gentle compression of her mouth on the tip of his cock. She was making it feel as if a lightning bolt was running up his spine. He drew in his breath sharply when her tongue laved upward against his shaft, like a young girl toying with a lollypop.

Amy could smell him – soap and light clean sweat. When she heard his quiet moan of pleasure, she left his cock and responded heedlessly, moving upward, seeking his mouth, mating her tongue with his, nipping at his lip to add pain to the dark excitement pleasuring them, as she tasted herself on his lips and tongue.

Moments later they were back at each other; Amy wrapped her mouth around his cockhead and put pressure on the tip with her tongue inside of her mouth. Her other hand gently cupped his balls.

"Darren," she whispered huskily, "do you like this?" As her tongue brushed against his shaft, and she giggled aloud as his body jerked at her touch. Then Amy opened her mouth and engulfed him.

"Oh, God yes. I'm in heaven!" Darren moaned, then his mouth closed down upon her moistened pussy, and he sucked furiously upon her.

"Oh God, Darren," Amy wailed, removing him from her mouth. "Don't stop whatever your mouth is doing! I need that! Oh, Darren that feels so good!"

Encouraged, Darren tried some new things on her and was rewarded even more by her gyrations and muffled cries as her fellating intensified. He left a trail of moist kisses along her inner thigh, stopping long enough at the particularly tender spot to leave a hickey.

She'll think of me and this moment every time she sees this in New York, he thought, and promptly moved to the other thigh to leave a similar mark. Darren proved to be wrong about this, for Amy, on the following day noticing the twin bruises assumed that she had bumped into something enroute to the Big Apple, and never connected Darren with them at all.

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