Amy Ch. 05

byParis Waterman©

The time flew by as Uncle John and Amy discussed her real father from their respective viewpoints. Amy sat spellbound, as John painted a picture of a man she'd never known. He had been athletic, very knowledgeable, and one of the most sought after men in town by the ladies. He'd married her mother when he was twenty-one, six months after graduating from Syracuse. Her mother had been eighteen. He died two weeks after Amy was born.

Her step-father had settled into the role of husband and father two years later, and became a successful small town businessman. Uncle John, on the other hand, had headed for New York City after graduating college and returned only once, when Amy was about eight.

"This city has been very kind to me," he said somberly, looking at her and then refilling her wineglass.

"Oh, I hope it will be good to me too," Amy said wistfully, running her hand through her hair.

"I'm sure it will. You're beautiful, young and talented." He smiled, "The Big Apple lays at your feet awaiting your command."

Amy began giggling and couldn't stop. John saw she was getting tipsy and took her wineglass to the bar, and emptied it. Eve stuck her head through the doorway to announce that dinner was almost ready, and that she could hold off serving for another twenty minutes if necessary.

John thanked her and turned back to Amy, who was still giggling. Behind him he heard Eve start to giggle as well. Women, he thought to himself as the doorbell rang.

"That must be Mona. I'll get it Eve."

John glanced over at Amy who was struggling to compose herself just before opening the door. "You two get control of yourselves," he said, and laughed aloud as he reached the door.

"Johnny!" A petite blonde screamed as he opened the door and hurled herself into his arms. Before John could react further, her legs were wrapped around his thighs revealing the tops of her stockings and her garter belt straps.

"What the..." he began, but was muffled by the blonde who was raining kisses on his face.

"Mona! Damn it! Cut it out!" he said, recovering his composure.

Amy noted there was no trace of anger in his voice. "We have company this evening. My niece..."

"Whew Johnny," she cooed, unwinding her body from his. "You are one hot stud muffin!"

Mona rolled her eyes, and for the first time took Amy in. Amy was positive Mona had groped her uncle's groin, but couldn't bring herself to believe it. Mona glanced around the room and smiled, as Amy rose from her chair to greet her.

"Hello! You must be the wonderful visitor Johnny's been bragging about."

She tugged her tight dress downward, and made directly for Amy. She hugged her tightly to her generous bosom and as they separated, Amy noted the heavy makeup covering her face, and the dramatic cleavage revealed for all to see.

"Amy," John began, "this is Mona Lott. She lives in the building."

"Just two floors down honey, I'm there for you if ya need me. Well, most of the time any ways."

Amy had been startled by the woman's entrance and said, "That was a wonderful entrance Miss Lott... very impressive."

"Impressive? Naw..." she paused and smiled winningly at everyone. "Now these are impressive," she bellowed, hefting her Dolly Partonesque breasts up, and giving them a squeeze."

"Mona..." John started to say, but Mona roared on. "These tits are real. No silicone here, baby. Feel 'em for yourself.

"Mona!" John yelled, trying to restore a semblance of decorum for his niece.

Eve chose that moment to peek out from the kitchen to see what was going on, and was impressed by the movie star clasping her breasts.

Awed, but not frightened, Amy backed away as she studied Mona. Her blonde hair was worn in a carefully crafted style, small ringlets that framed a pretty face. She was within a few pounds of her ideal weight and had a figure that Amy knew would cause men to stop in their tracks, and would bring out the greenest of envy in women. Mona's abundant breasts dominated her figure, but when one got past them - granted it would take a while - one discovered a pair of long, smooth, tan hued legs that stretched out from beneath that skin-tight sheath loosely called a dress.

Mona was an actress - of sorts. She had two legitimate screen credits on her resume, but the twenty-three X-rated films that had followed them was where she had garnered her so-called fame.

Amy had no idea of this, but just the fact that she was in the room with a movie star put her in awe. She took a second reading of Miss Lott, and was surprised to find that in the faint light of the setting sun she was able to make out the silver dollar sized areola around Mona's nipples. Amy couldn't help but compare them to the smallness of her own.

Mona approached Amy again, "C'mere kiddo," she said, and leaned forward to kiss her. The kiss planted on Amy's soft lips was like that one would give a sister; a light peck denoting tenderness and affection. But then Mona hugged her tightly and Amy felt those gigantic breasts mashing into her own, and almost panicked. Only her skill as an aspiring actress helped her from creating what she fleetingly thought would have been a "scene."

And so it was that Mona was able to kiss her again. Catching Amy off guard, this time there was an added passion, and when Amy felt the press of Mona's tongue against her lips she unconsciously opened her mouth to receive it. Instantly regretting her mistake, Amy pulled away, but a jolt of pleasurable electricity surged through her system confusing the young girl. Adding to the confusion was the fact that Mona's hand had brushed against Amy's breast through the thin material of her blouse and sent another rush of emotion through the girl.

Amy felt herself beginning to blush with embarrassment. Or was it embarrassment, she wondered.

Trying to contain the dynamic Miss Lott, John quickly offered her a drink.

"Great, vodka and tonic, please," she said, and flounced upon the couch. Amy caught a quick view of her crotch, and flushed.

John prepared the drink and a period of normalcy followed. Amy, partly recovered, asked Mona about her career, being careful not to ask about any particular film, since she had no idea what Mona had appeared in.

"Did you find it difficult getting started in film roles, Miss Lott?" Amy asked.

"No," Mona replied and then frowned. A moment later, a smile lit up her face, and she followed up with, "At least not after I brought new life to Sy Rothstein's limp dick."

"Mona!" John roared, as his hand involuntarily slapped his thigh in exasperation.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, waving her hand at John. Then, turning to address Amy, she said, "But surely you've heard of the casting couch?"

"Err, yes, I have," Amy said with a small frown. "But does everyone have to do that to get a part?"

"Does a bear shit in the woods?" Mona replied, ignoring Uncle John's frantic signals.

John interrupted before Mona could continue. "Eve? I think we're ready. Can you serve us now?"

"Si, Mr. Prentice. Please be seated in the dining room. I will refresh your drinks and serve the food."

"Thank you Eve," he said with even more than the usual gratitude as he guided Mona and Amy to the dining room, and held their seats out for them.

The meal consisted of Veal Marsala, with a side dish of pasta, and of course more wine for Amy and John, and two more vodka tonics for Mona. Amy was slightly bombed, not having had the benefit of partying as some of her classmates had done, and managed to understand only half of what was said as the meal progressed.

John was already kicking himself for inviting the crass actress to dinner on Amy's first night, but had wanted to impress Amy with a real, live actress.

Eve fluttered all around them, serving and removing dishes, replenishing drinks, as delighted as Amy to be in the presence of a genuine movie star.

As desert was being served, Amy asked the question that John had hoped she wouldn't, but knew she would. "So, Mona..." she began, speaking slowly because everything around her was hazy. "Exactly what movies have you made?"

"Glad ya asked," Mona said, her voice a little slurred after several Vodka tonics. "I finished Big Dick Harding last week."

"Oh," Amy replied, puzzled by the strange title. The wine working to keep her mind slightly muddled. "And when will it open?"

"It opens tomorrow."

"Tomorrow?" Amy said, incredulously.

Eve stood close by, entranced by this fabulous star. John remained silent, waiting for the inevitable.

"Sure. It's a video. They're all videos these days. Film takes time. Got to edit, got to have one take after another. But with video, the director can view a scene immediately. Shoot two or three versions of a scene, then splice enough together for a finished product in hours."

"Oh," Amy said, speaking slowly for fear her words were beginning to slur. "Television movies, right?"

"Only on pay-per-view, baby," and Mona rested her hand on Amy's thigh. "X-rated shit is what I make."

Amy's jaw fell open.

John put his hands over his eyes.

Eve squeezed her sharply conical breasts just as Mona looked directly at her and smiled.

"X-rated?" Amy gasped, squirming away from the suddenly extremely hot hand.

"Yeah," Mona said, arching her eyebrows, "not that T and A stuff. No, no, no." Mona dabbed at her mouth with her napkin. "The old in and out, with close ups galore."

She opened her purse and withdrew a small mirror, turned it toward her, and touching a wandering ringlet said, "I'm known throughout the industry as the best there is at giving head, and that's a fact Jack."

Amy knew she was gawking at the actress, but couldn't do anything about it. She was stunned by this revelation.

Barely smiling, Mona took out a tube of lipstick and carefully painted her mouth. Pleased with the result, she dropped the lipstick back in her purse and as if it were the most normal thing in the world, said, "Eve?"

"Yes, madam?" Eve who was standing several feet away, preparing to serve coffee halted as she responded.

"Do you go to the movies often?"

Amy had managed to recover her wits, and was about jump in and join the conversation, but John's hand lightly touched her arm signaling her not to say anything.

"Sure I do," Eve said without hesitating.

"Do you like Hector Martinez?"

A very animated Eve responded, "My God yes!" Hurriedly she placed the tray down and covered her breasts with her hands.

Amy was puzzled, never having heard of Hector Martinez, but a quick glance at her Uncle's face, told her to remain out of the conversation.

"Have you seen him in "Man or Bull?"

"That is..." Eve faltered.

"His most recent work," Mona interrupted, then speaking slowly she finished the sentence. "It's considered to be an X-rated film because he... well, Eve... Hector exposes himself in it and... he's very well endowed. Do you understand what I mean?"

A confused Eve replied weakly, "Si,"

Amy had turned pale. 'Where was this going,' she wondered, and glanced at her Uncle for reassurance. John shrugged as if to say, "I didn't know any of this before now." But a second later he had a bemused smile on his face as he made up his mind to go with the flow having concluded that it was too late to stop Mona now.

Being a careful man, he took turns watching Eve's reaction, and then Amy's. He knew what Mona was up to.

Mona continued talking.

"I know, I know. For years Hector was a star in Mexican romantic films. But he never made any real money. Then Hovis Singer, the infamous porno producer, offered him a sum he couldn't refuse. The catch was Hector had to wave his schlong around and then stick it in every bitch in the film, including yours truly."

Simultaneously, Amy and Eve blurted, "Oh, my God!"

Amy's mind was picturing a huge organ waving wildly out of control. While Eve was imagining Hector carrying her into a palatial bedroom.

"I have a copy here in my purse. Would you girls like to see it?"

"Yes!" Eve shouted.

"No!" Amy gasped.

"John," Mona smiled, "how do you vote?"

"I abstain," he said, and for the first time that evening he looked somewhat nervous.

"Well I brought the damn thing so I vote for showing it. That's two to one." She said, reaching into her purse and extracting a tape she handed to Eve.

"Can you work the VCR?"

"Oh, Si," Eve said, and looked to John for guidance and permission. John waved his hands in surrender and Eve promptly turned the giant screen television on and inserted the tape.

In order to intervene, or moderate anything, or anyone out of control, John made sure he sat next to Amy.

Mona made sure she sat very close to Eve.

"This is a very good film, by the way," Mona said to John as she kicked off her shoes. She leaned closer to Eve and said, "It's very romantic too, you'll see. And that Hector... Oh, my God, that Hector!"

Eve shuddered against her. "Oh yes... Hector!"

They sat side by side for a few minutes until Mona made her first appearance in the movie.

"That's you!" Eve yelled, pointing at the TV, as Mona walked into another woman's dressing room and kissed her.

"Doesn't that look nice?'' asked Mona, leaning close to Eve, "The woman looks like she's really enjoying it. Wouldn't you like someone to kiss you like that?"

"Miss Mona, you mean you want to kiss me like that?" Eve asked. Her nervousness was evident to John and Amy.

"Mona," John began.

Mona laughed, interrupting him. "Yes, just like that, kind of acting along with the movie. Would you like me to kiss you?"

John decided to remain quite and glanced sheepishly at Amy, who was getting a post-graduate course in the world of show business whether she wanted one or not.

"I..." was as far as Eve got before Mona reached out, tipped Eve's head up, and covered her mouth with hers.

Amy clutched John's knee. She'd heard, but had never seen anything like this before. John's hand covered hers, telling her he would protect her from what was to follow.

Eve closed her eyes, and moved into Mona's arms; compressing her breasts against Mona's and slowly returning the kiss.

Mona kissed her way down Eve's neck, running her tongue across the recesses of her throat to the soft flesh of her collarbone. Amy watched as they kissed, saw how their mouths opened and their tongues swirled together. Listened to the soft sucking sounds they made as they explored one other's mouth.

Then Mona ended the kiss, holding her tongue out, and Amy felt herself grow wet watching Eve's tongue blindly searching the air before making contact with Mona's again. The two women stroked tongue tip to tongue tip and when they finally parted, a thin string of saliva stretched out forming a delicate bridge between them before breaking apart.

Everyone in the room was now turned on.

Amy glanced down and saw the bulge in her Uncle's pants. She noted with some surprise that his hand was high on her thigh. Amy hadn't felt a thing, being so deeply engrossed in watching the two women, but said nothing. In fact, she realized somewhat belatedly that she welcomed his touch, and wondered where this was all headed.

Mona became bolder, "Let me help you undress," she said softly to the Hispanic beauty, telling Amy all she needed to know about the direction the evening was taking.

Eve, surprised to find herself so aroused, grew a little adventurous too. A quick glance at John, who nodded, convinced her that he wanted her to continue. She stood up and turned, presenting her back to Mona.

John stood too, and moving to the TV, shut the porno off.

"One show at a time," he said to Amy, giving her a wane smile as he rejoined her, placing his hand even higher on her thigh. Amy trembled when he gave it a slight squeeze, but responded in kind, moving her hand along his leg, but stopped short of touching his bulging erection.

Wow, Amy thought, what with last night and tonight my life has taken a huge turn. All that time I spent avoiding sexual contact and now I'm surrounded by it. If things get much hotter I'll be squeezing Uncle John's thingy, and wouldn't that create a wild scene?

Meanwhile, Mona continued her in house seduction, unzipping the young maid's uniform and easing it down her back. Both Eve's smooth, dusky skin and the thin bra strap that stretched across her back were revealed.

Amy took a deep breath as Mona leaned forward and kissed the black fabric of the bra, then placed kisses above it as far as she could reach.

Eve moaned as she felt Mona's lips on her back, and Mona, reading the pleasure in her voice, slid her hands down Eve's body, drawing her hands together to caress Eve's buttocks through her uniform. Again Eve moaned at her touch, uttering soft wanton phrases in her native tongue.

Mona bent, and grasped the hem of Eve's uniform, lifting it, and then rolling it in her hands as she moved it up Eve's body, revealing her black pantyhose and the black satin panties under them. Then, still holding the rumpled material in her hands, Mona pulled it up and over Eve's head, and casually tossed it aside.

Even with her dark complexion, Amy could see the flush of embarrassment on Eve's face as her body was revealed to everyone. Now she knelt on the sofa clad only in her black bra and panties. Yet Amy knew that the young Guatemalan wanted this to happen. Had she thought otherwise she would have intervened and probably brought the evening to an end. Instead, she chose to be the voyeur, and merely gasped with excitement when Mona ran her tongue up Eve's back, imagining it was her being seduced, rather than Eve.

Uncle John must have read Amy's mind, for his hand dropped into her lap and covered her mons; pressing his palm firmly against it. Amy shuddered at the thrill of it all.

Amy knew full well where her uncle's hand was, but reasoned she had clothing between her pussy and his hand. Besides, she was captivated in watching the two women on the sofa; specifically, the sheen of saliva Mona left as the actress licked her way up Eve's back.

That's so hot, she thought, and shuddered involuntarily as Uncle John's middle finger idly traced the fissure between her cunt. I can't believe this is happening, she thought. Am I willing to sacrifice my virginity my first night in New York?

She was stunned by the answer. She wanted him to finger her – right there in front of the others. She wanted him to mount her and fuck her. She wanted desperately to show Mona that she could seduce a man as well as Mona was seducing Eve.

But she remained still, for wanting was one thing, acting upon one's feelings was another, and truth be told, Amy was more entranced by Mona's seduction of Eve than her uncle's attempt to seduce her.

Eve's body was now trembling under the delicate touches of Mona's hands as they repeatedly caressed her. Amy watched as Eve's bra fluttered to the floor, revealing a pair of delightfully pert, pear shaped breasts, with excited tips that quivered as they stood jutting out proudly about an inch.

"Look at these lovely nipples," Mona cried out, cupping a breast so the others had a clear view.

An extremely embarrassed Eve covered her eyes.

Mona wrapped her lips around the entire areola, then painted a path across it with her tongue.

Amy let out a long sigh just as Mona's lips closed hard on Eve's nipple. A similar sigh erupted from Eve, as she felt the warm, wetness engulf her stiff nipple, summoning back the memory of Juanita's touch so long ago on the farm where she grew up. The memory quickly faded in the face of reality and the knowledge that Juanita was a rank amateur next to Mona.

Amy and John looked on, fascinated by the view provided to them by the two willing, wanton women. Mona took her time, knowing the more excited Eve became the better her chances of completing her seduction.

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