Amy Ch. 07

byParis Waterman©

Meanwhile, Eve hadn't remained idle. On seeing the red welts she had left on Mona's behind, she was almost overcome by guilt and remorse, and gently began caressing them before laying a series of kisses along the still stinging crimson steaks. This subtle treatment left Mona only seconds away from a giant climax, but John, having put Amy from his mind for the present, decided to intervene, and turned off the vibrator, forcing her orgasm to recede for a moment.

Mona's hands waved futilely in the air as she belatedly realized what had happened, and she expelled a lungful of air and what began as a husky sigh wound up as a throaty wail.

Eve picked up on Mona's need, and quickly moved back to her cunt, leaning in and renewing her earlier kissing, licking and sucking. John looked on for a minute or so, and then placed a small vibrator in Eve's hand. Instinctively Eve knew where it was going, but before inserting it, she turned the other vibrator, still embedded in Mona's cunt up a notch.

As Mona writhed on the carpet, Eve jammed the second vibrator into her ass, and turned that one to the same speed as the first. That did it for Mona.

She erupted in a gigantic climax. Throughout the first several waves, Eve continued to flick her tongue across Mona's throbbing clit. Mona's hands held Eve's head to her now swamp of a pussy, and Eve's face was covered in her love secretions from her chin to her eyes.

"Eve!" John said, but she was too absorbed in what she was doing to Mona to hear him.

"Eve," He shouted, and grasped her shoulder.

Amy couldn't believe her eyes as she watched Mona gyrating on the carpet groaning with pleasure, and suddenly found herself reaching her own long-delayed orgasm, forcing her to sink to the floor because her legs would no longer support her.

A glassy-eyed Eve turned to face John, "Huh?" she blurted, not comprehending what was happening, even though she was responsible for Mona's orgasm. Had she really brought this woman to this point?

Then she realized that Mr. Prentice… was talking to her… no he was shouting at her.

"Wha?" she asked, puzzled.

"Take the thing out of her ass," he told her, speaking clearly and distinctly so she would comprehend.

She reached out, took the cord and tugged on it several times before the vibrator popped from Mona's rectum. John then handed Eve the large threaded dildo and said, "Here, use this on her."

Without comment, Eve accepted the dildo, and inserted it into Mona's rectum. Mona offered no resistance as she was still in the thralls of her orgasm, and made it easier for Eve to work it in.

Amy, using the arm of the loveseat, forced herself upright again, and although still trembling from the impact of her long overdue orgasm, looked out into the living room to watch the dildo going into Mona's ass.

It's unbelievably huge, she thought and winced, thinking of how it must feel going into such a small hole. I haven't even had a dick in me yet, only my finger and the handle of my hairbrush, that thing must be incredibly painful.'

John motioned to Eve, indicating that she take the vibrator from Mona's pussy and put in into her own. By this point, Eve was functioning on auto-pilot and did as instructed. Still it was her own decision to turn the vibrator on to its highest speed, and in mere seconds she too was shaking uncontrollably.

Amy opened the door wider, and saw her uncle kneeling next to the women, taking hold of the dildo in Mona's ass, and after threading it in to its fullest, slowly back it out and then in several times until convinced Mona was opened sufficiently to do as he wanted.

What he wanted was to ram it into her at breakneck speed. Mona arched her back trying to escape the huge phallus within her, but her lust made her give in and ask him to, "Do me! Really do me!"

All the while her hand covered her cunt as she worked her fingers into it and over her clit, seeking to repeat the colossal sensations that had just begun to recede.

Uncle John, tired of jamming the dildo into her and eased off. He also began caressing Mona's right breast, causing her to moan with undeniable pleasure at his touch. After a time he moved to the nipple, pinching it between his fingers, and inflicting a pleasurable pain throughout her system.

"Jesus, YES!" she screamed, and Amy shook with pleasure at the thought of having her own nipple squeezed like that, only to realize that nothing was stopping her from doing it herself. Taking a nipple in each hand, she pinched them. It felt good. And when she increased the pressure she discovered that it felt even better. Soon one hand had abandoned a nipple to drop down and stir the gushy juices flowing from her pussy.

Dizzy with newly discovered lust, it took Amy several minutes before she thought to look in on the others. When she did, she found that Uncle John was now devoting himself to Eve, kissing her throat while she held the buzzing vibrator fixed within her vaginal walls.

He spent the next few minutes swapping tongue with Eve, who was definitely responding to his advances with renewed passion.

It was Amy who first noticed that Mona's orgasms had passed, and that she lay spread-eagled on the carpet, waiting patiently for the next item or instrument to fill an orifice.

John was the next to see this, and took immediate action by repositioning the women so that Eve was now on her back, and Mona was going down on her. Both vibrators and the dildo were cast aside.

Mona immediately began to tease Eve's body, trailing kisses with painstaking care between Eve's succulent breasts.

"Umm, don't worry, Eve my love," she hissed between licks, "I'm going to lick and suck and bite those lovely tits of yours until you beg me to stop."

Mona laughed coarsely, and then noticed John's erection protruding from his trousers and said, "Bring that over here, and Eve will gladly take care of your problem."

John shook his head, trying to signal her not to follow that line, hoping she would realize what he was really after. But Mona was otherwise occupied, and glanced up at Eve, who lay there inert with eyes closed.

"Sweetie," Mona crooned, "Wanna give John some head while I do you?"

Eve gradually opened her eyes and noticed John as if for the first time. "Mr. Prentice…" she hesitated. "You… want for me to blow you?"

John knew she was serious but shook his head from side to side. He was pleased at the offer, but wanted things to proceed as they were, girl on girl.

Mona reacted in typical fashion, saying, "Then it's just you and me sweetie," that said, Mona raised Eve's youthful legs and placed them on her shoulders, and then lowered her face into Eve's dark bush. The moment her tongue made contact with Eve's flesh, the Guatemalan girl screamed in ecstasy.

Moments later, Eve recovered enough to stop screaming and start giggling.

"That tickles, Mona!" she cried, "That tickles!"

"Shall I stop?"

"No! No! Go lower!"


"You know… kiss me there."

And slowly, infinitely slower, Mona moved her mouth through the maid's thicket to her moistened cunt. John, still fully dressed except for the fact that he was holding his engorged penis in his right hand, slowly stoked it while Mona busied herself placing the gentlest of kisses on each side of Eve's thighs; always moving tantalizingly closer to the pinkish lips peeking through the black bush at the entrance to her cunt. Then she paused, staring at her prize.

"What? Why do you stop?" Eve asked. The Spanish lilt to her words made for an even higher sexual tension in the room. "Do meeeee!" Eve wailed.

Mona went into high gear, holding Eve's cunt open with her fingers, she delved inside with her tongue. The room was silent except for the quiet sounds of the licking and sucking sounds she made as she ate out Eve's cunt. Both moaned quietly, but then Eve responded, shrieking, "Madre Mia!" as Mona shifted her attention to her clitoris, and at the same time reached up to toy with a hardened nipple. Eve's sexual excitement caused her to lose all her inhibitions

"OH, JESUS, HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! Yes, that's it, that's it, oh, oh, do it, do it!"

John was holding his rock hard organ in his hand wondering where to put it first.

"Oh, Mona, Mona, Mona… please fuck me! Suck me, lick me, oh, eat me, eat me!"

To add to the spice, Mona ran her middle finger inside Eve's honey sweet cunt, then added a second and then a third as Eve rocketed into her climax, thrashing her head from side to side while her ass rose and fell repeatedly as she began to come.

"I'm coming! I'm coming!"

"I'm gonna come for you, here! Here it comes!"

Mona raised her head to watch Eve's expressions as she came. Mona was indeed a girl who loved her work. When Eve came back to earth, Mona moved up, bringing her mouth to Eve's, and they kissed gently, savoring the varied tastes the kiss offered. Then they lay side by side, holding each other tightly.

John decided to wait before becoming an active participant. It wasn't long before Mona's face was thoroughly lodged in Eve's bushy cunt again, her left foot crossed over her right ankle, as her body stretched out on the carpet. John moved in, fingering Mona's cunt, quickly added three more as her gash widened under his attack. Mona never relented from her devouring of Eve's succulent juices, although her hips began to swerve from side to side keeping pace with John's fingering.

Both women were constantly moaning now, enthralled with a totally consuming yearning for more, more, more satisfaction.

Eve's breathing took on a heavier tone and at the same time, Mona noted that Eve's juices had developed a somewhat different taste. Earlier it had varied between sweet and salty. Now it was decidedly tangy. Mona laughed to herself, thinking she loved both flavors, and would take all this young Hispanic girl could give her. Eve's body was now totally in tune with Mona's tongue; moving her hips to the rhythm of Mona's tongue.

Mona may have had her head braced in order to maintain eating Eve out, but the lower portion of her body was jerking and bouncing around from the influence of John's fist which had finally gotten into her cunt and was driving her crazy as it opened, well partially opened anyway, and then closed.

Suddenly, Eve grabbed Mona's blonde hair and mashed her face into her pussy. Then she was squeezing her own breasts so hard that her fingers went white. Mona retaliated by clamping her teeth on Eve's clit and applying a hard pressure, but knowing the sensitivity of that sweet, sweet, nubbin, did not bite hard enough to cause pain, only an almost intolerable pleasure.

Eve was lost.

She was screaming and bucking, as one climax after another convulsed through her for about a two minute period.

John, witnessing the force of Eve's climax, eased his hand from Mona's battered cunt and sat back on his haunches to wait Eve's orgasms out.

And as Eve slowly came down from the clouds and returned to a more blissful earth than she'd ever known before, Mona licked and kissed her nipples, her throat, and on reaching her face, gave her a long passionate kiss, from which both could taste of the other's love juices. The kiss ended with both girls moaning delightedly in each other's arms.

John found the combined smell emanating from their respective pussies to be more than he could handle and sank his tongue into Mona's ass and caused the porno star to become aroused all over again.

"Christ, but do I love a good fucking!" she cried out, and moved her ass to the rhythm of his mouth against it.

When Mona trailed her fingers lightly over Eve's breast, the Guatemalan girl shivered and moaned "OHMYGOD!" and both women were off again. This time Mona picked up the long dildo, and after slapping Eve on the butt to signal her that she wanted to stick it into her, hissed at her, "You're gonna love this, baby!"

Dutifully, Eve presented her ass to Mona, and the porno star, after thoroughly lubing the instrument, began to work it up Eve's receptive rear. The young maid was so relaxed from her orgasm that she hardly felt anything abnormal in her rectum.

Both women's bodies were covered with sweat. The only thought Eve had was that she had never Ever felt this good before and that she hoped it would last forever, but knew it wouldn't.

Then Eve heard Mona talking to her.

"What, Miss Mona?" What you say?"

Mona kissed her gently on the lips and Eve sucked back hard. Reluctantly, Mona pried her mouth from Eve's and said, "It looks like you're ready to come again. Would you do me a great favor, and come on my face?"

"It would please me to please you so," Eve replied.

Mona lowered her body so that Eve could straddle her face, which she quickly did. John, always one to help out, took control of the instrument in Eve's rear, rocking it back and forth.

Then Mona's tongue ignited Eve's pussy, and she was off, moaning and grunting as her orgasm hit. John, not to be left out, rammed the dildo halfway into the young girl's rectum.

"UGH!" Eve bleated like a sheep, then sighed contentedly as Mona devoured her twat once more.

With the fourth thrust of the dildo into her ass, Eve came and couldn't stop coming. She was not sure where her climax was originating, and didn't care, all she knew was that she was coming on Mona's face and that made her happy.

A very distraught Amy closed the door, unable to look on any longer. I've seen too damn much for one day, she told herself, and threw her beautiful body on the bed and fell asleep thinking of Darren and his sweet kisses. But as her dreams took over, it was Uncle John's mouth that replaced Darren's, and his incredibly hot cock that she was swallowing deeper and deeper into her throat. She slept the rest of the night, dreaming of having orgasms with Mona and Eve, and of course, Uncle John.

But the activity in the living room continued unabated. Eve began whimpering, and Mona exclaimed, "John, she needs your cock now."

"Eve, you want me to fuck you?"

"Oh yes, Mr. Prentice… I mean Mr. John…. Oh, I don't know what I mean, but yes!"

Gently he lifted her to the sofa, pushed her legs back to her shoulders and after nipping at each succulent breast said, "Mona, go on, you put it in, guide my cock into her."

Mona wasted no time in placing the head of John's dick at Eve's slit, and he eased into her, fucking her slowly at first, but as the inexorable pressure of her pussy increased it's pressure on his glans, he moved faster, filling up her vaginal walls and pushing them aside.

Eve groaned incoherently, although there was a part of her insides that were screaming out beautiful, beautiful, his penis is beautiful!

Soon her moans were commingled with John's, and his hips pistoned faster. Incoherent sounds came from her throat. Her long black hair was flying from side to side and sweat streamed from her forehead as she squirmed and twisted – humping up to meet his thrusting prick as it pummeled into her. She felt his balls thwacking into her flanks with a repetitious dull slapping sound, and loved this sensation as much as any other.

Mona rose up, and stood next to the fornicating couple, knowing that the evening was coming to an end. She waited until Eve was starting to come from John's fuck and pushed her forefinger into his rectum. John exploded into Eve, the heat from his seed cascading over her vaginal walls triggered yet another orgasm to the Guatemalan maid.

John lay gasping on top of her until Mona helped him to his feet. He embraced both of them, kissed them both passionately in turn, and then bid them goodnight, as he turned and went to his bedroom.

However, he did not tell them to leave.

Mona waited patiently for Eve to revive from her frantic fuck with John.

She was surprised at the first words out of Eve's mouth, "Mona are you what they say, a lesbian?"

Caught off guard by the question, all Mona could do was laugh.

"I make a joke?" Eve asked, a somber expression on her face.

"No, no. You didn't make a joke. You… well I didn't expect that question at this point, I mean after all we've been through this evening and all."

Eve's face remained serious; she nodded at Mona's words, but clearly awaited a more comprehensive answer.

"Umm, I'm what they call bi-sexual. That is I like both men and women."

Eve's face lit up at this and a wide smile formed on her very attractive face.

"Si! And I too like both men and women. Too love them… I mean to make love with them. Like we did tonight, yes? So am I a lesbian?"

"No," Mona replied. "That is, not if you want a man as much as you want a woman. Seeing Eve's confusion, Mona determined to make herself clear.

"To be bi-sexual means that sometimes you are happy to be with a woman and sometimes you are happy to be with a man, and sometimes you are happy to be with both a man and a woman."

"Yes, yes, I comprende… I understand!" Eve was beaming at her. "So I am bi-sexual, eh?"

"I would say yes, definitely bi-sexual."

The two women hugged and then kissed each other tenderly and with gentle affection. The kiss moved into a more heated zone a minute or so later and when it ended, Mona went to John's toy box and selected a strap-on dildo.

As she slowly put it on, Eve began to giggle. "It ess bigger than Mr. Prentice's, huh, Miss Mona?"

"Yes it is. Now as a bi-sexual I must tell you that I love having a man's cock inside me; I love being full of his come and the feel of it dripping down my thighs. But if a man isn't available, well then, this toy can be a girl's best friend."

"You gonna put it in me?" Eve asked, licking her lips. There was no apprehension in her eyes, but a close look informed Mona that there was a flicker of pure unadulterated longing there.

"No," Mona said quietly as she loosened the belt. "You are going to put this on and fuck me."

"Ohhh!" Eve said and her eyes sparkled at the idea.

As Eve strapped the belt on, laughing giddily as the dildo flopped this way and that from her motions, Mona asked, "Have you decided which hole to put it in?"

Clearly she hadn't. "Umm, no, Miss Mona."

"Front," Mona pointed to her cunt, "Or, back." At this Mona turned around and leaned forward, presenting her ass for Eve's inspection.

"I think…" she paused for a second, "The back, yes, your ass. It is a delightful looking ass and I have already tasted your pussy, so I think I fuck you back there." Eve laughed, and shook the dildo with her hand. "I fuck the ass, yes."

"Come here then," Mona said, and when Eve was beside her, Mona applied a generous dose of lubricant to the dildo, and then a large dollop was slapped upon her ass. "Work some of that in with your finger, Eve."

"Mmmm, " Mona groaned as the finger slipped inside her rectum.

"I thought it would be tighter there," Eve said simply.

"John opened it a little. He used a couple fingers on me earlier. Perhaps you should try to get a couple in there now as well."

Eve was surprised at the ease with which her fingers were accepted by Mona's asshole. It took a little over a minute, but Mona's rectum soon gaped open and Eve was positive the dildo would fit with no trouble. She left her partner to go into the kitchen and wash the lubricant from her hands. As she walked seductively back into the living room, the phony cock bounced around in front of her body.

Mona giggled, bent over, and grabbed her ankles. "Can you see the target?"

Eve had to giggle at this for the target was certainly highly visible and for a moment Eve wanted to do nothing more than kiss it and suck on it, but the idea of her fucking this woman with a cock won out and she positioned herself directly behind Mona and whispered, "Here it comes!"

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